Rory quickly got the movers sorted out, they took all the boxes, assured her they would be placed in her room and ready to be unboxed. They had offered to unpack for her but she wanted to do that herself, thankfully Paris had moved in the day before and was at the dorm waiting. Rory sent off a quick text letting her know that they should with be there within the hour. Hopefully Paris wasn't too harsh with them, she had tipped generously and told them her room mate would be there waiting but to give her a wide birth.

She sat on her bed and looked around, it seemed so bare, most of her books where gone along with all her favourite pictures and clothes. The only thing left for her to take tomorrow was her childhood teddy Bo Bo. She blushed and laughed as she grabbed hold of him inhalinghis scent. He was home, the only male to ever grace her bed and the one comfort she didn't think she would ever grow out of. They had been through everything together, it only felt right he should come along to yale too. She sighed deeply

"so bo bo, we are all packed up, things are definitely changing but I can't help but feel optimistic on what's to come"

She smiled down at the teddy as if it where a child or a friend, kissed his head and got up to go shower, she was meeting her grandpa in an hour, she'd better get a move on.

She pulled into the small car park of the coffee shop she was meeting her grandpa in; they'd been here once before, it was a small place and seemed quiet. Relaxed. It had good coffee, not as good as Luke's but where was?! She got out of her car and saw her grandpa's jaguar already there. She strolled into the cafe and saw him straight away, his face lit up when he saw her and he stood to greet her. He gave her a bear hug pulled back and looked at her, really looked at her, and she saw it in his eyes such pride.

"Look at you Rory, all grown up where has my little girl gone, I'm proud of the beautiful young lady you've become sweetheart"

Rory felt her eyes well up, she was always close with her mom, but no one had a relationship like her and her grandpa. They could talk for hours discussing books, business or even idle gossip; they would laugh at the things they could hear Emily talking on the phone about, usually the latest drama occurring in the DAR. She honestly couldn't have asked for a better grandpa.

" Grandpa thank you, you know how much that means to me, don't say you've brought me here to tell me something bad though gramps, that was very sentimental I only saw you Friday at dinner" she chuckled lightly but meant every word.

Life didn't seem like it would ever recover if anything was to happen to him. Richard laughed a hearty laugh, eyes gleaming with mischief.

"Don't worry sweetheart nothing bad, you know me, fit as a fiddle! there's life in the old dog yet, just seems very surreal that you start Yale tomorrow" he smiled at her and she smiled back just as the waitress came over with 2 cups of coffee and a couple of pastries.

They moved apart and thanked her and proceeded to sit down. They spoke some idle chit chat for a whole whilst they ate there pastries and had their coffee and then Richard cut to the chase.

"So Rory, there are a few things I wanted to share with you, talk to you about and I want you to let me finish before you ask any questions okay"

He was smiling and gave his granddaughter his famous wink. He knew the journalist in her couldn't help but ask questions and he knew what he was about to tell her would raise more questions than he could give answers to, but he didn't want her to go to yale blindsided. He wanted her to be aware of the things that were inevitably going to crop up. He knew she was a planner and needed to give her a heads up without ruining the surprise, he wouldn't change a hair on the head of his granddaughter but he thought it would do her good being out on her own. Maybe even bring her out of her shell a little, take a risk, do something just because she's young. His Yale days where some of the best of his life, he met Emily there all those years ago and they became fast friends with Straub and Francine, when both couples announced they where expecting within 2 months of one another Richard knew then there children would be the best of friends or maybe even lovers as they grew older, he didn't quite expect Rory to make an entrance so soon but he's a firm believer in fate and even when things didn't work out with Chris and Lorelei, there was no blaming or finger pointing, to them there was no scandal, yes his daughter had a daughter out of wedlock at such a young age but it gave them Rory and for that he will always be thankful. When Lorelei left home, Emily was beside herself, but they gave her the room to breathe that she needed to grow and find who she really was, she knew then like she does now they are always a phone call away.

Rory nodded her head to her grandpa's statement, curiosity written all over her face and a look of excitement. Perfect Richard thought, he didn't want his granddaughter worrying and second guessing. He proceeded to talk

"Right Rory as you know you are our heiress, you've taken a double major mostly so your up on what will be needed in the future or I'm sure you would have just taken the journalism major had you not been taking over the family business, that in mind I heard you talking about getting a part time job, I admire that Rory I really do, but it's just not necessary, your taking a double major, that is a lot and you still need to have fun. Most of the other kids you will be at college with will be society kids of some degree, they all lead very different lives and most are quite the handful at this age, rightly or wrongly they know that once college is over life begins, there won't be much time for fun or games and their chance at making decisions for themselves all but disappears. Me and your grandma to a point where like that with your mom, we wanted her to live but know how to also act in society, your mom she was always such a free spirit and this society was not ready for her, they didn't like a strong independent women who took the bull by the horns when she was younger, that's the main reason she ran, I know she will never admit it but I know she felt like she let us down, but she never, we are so blessed to have you Rory, was it a shock yes, was it a scandal no! that being said I have a little something for you"

Richard reached into his suit pocket and pulled out an envelope, he slid it across the table to Rory and nodded his head indicating he wanted her to open it. She took the envelope and took a deep breathe before she opened it and what she pulled out was a black American express card. Her face went from shocked, to happy but finished on guilt and she put her head down and began wringing her hands together. Richard knew what plagued her, she always wanted to make everyone happy, she did not want her mom to be upset. He let it sink it and sat waiting patiently until she looked up again. He was loosing hope she wasn't going too make eye contact but then their eyes locked and she softly spoke, it was barely above a whisper

"Grandpa, thank you so much, I know what this is, I also know it will never get declined, you know I would never take advantage of you and grandma, but if mom sees this after the car incident I just don't know what she will say"

Richard thought for a moment before answering

" Rory, you know that really I'm not actually giving you anything don't you" Rory furrowed her brows and looked at him confused so he continued on "All I have now is yours, or it will be, so you can't really say no to spending what is yours, if your mum could do this for you she would Rory, it gives you chance to just be carefree, go shopping with your friends, buy whatever takes your eye, take the jet and go on a spending spree in London or in an emergency it really doesn't matter Rory because in the end its all yours anyway sweetheart, live whilst your young Ror make the most of yale whilst studying, I know you would never take advantage of anyone Rory let alone me or your grandmother please take it"

She stared at her grandfather for a long time before a smile slowly swept her face, she shut her eyes and sighed this time as if it were a relief, Richard smiled, he placed his hand over hers and squeezed it tightly letting her know he knew what this meant, she didn't need to say it, they often had silent understandings. It was their thing.

"Thank you so much grandpa"

"Your welcome" he said and cleared his throat " There is just one more thing I would like to talk to you about, I can't tell you much because that it part of fun but I want to make you aware, as you know you are a legacy at Yale with both the Hayden and Gilmore name, you don't quite know how me and your pops became such good friends but let me give you the basics, we were both, along with both your grandmas in a what shall I call it , a group, a secret group, maybe even a secret society and every year those of legacy families are also invited to join, its very hush hush but I just wanted you to be prepared that you will be getting the nod Rory, and just remember be ready for anything"

He was grinning like the cat that got the cream and next thing he stood up and said "Right my darling I must be off I'm sure your grandma will be wondering what's keeping me, ill speak to you after you've got settled in"

He kissed his granddaughter and she sat their shell-shocked mouth open, her mind soon caught up with her though and she jumped up after him and caught him just as he was getting into his car.

"grandpa, you can't do that to me, just tell me a little bit more and what did you mean be ready for anything, are they going to jump out and surprise me, will there be Morse code coming through my walls or a carrier pigeon, just give me something" she said without taking a breath.

Her grandpa just smiled even more and simply replied "like I said Rory be ready for anything" and then tapped his nose like the pair of them had done since she was a kid, it was there little secret.

Rory smiled and nodded her head and put her hand up to her grandfather to signal goodbye. She should be worried, anxious or even researching what her grandpa just told her but instead she felt a sense of calm wash over her. Yes she didn't know what it meant, didn't know when it would happen or even how, but she would be ready for anything and she actually felt excited, for the first time in a long time she didn't know what was going to happen, who she would see or even where she would go, but she was okay with that, like her grandpa said, make the most of it, live a little. She smiled to herself and she drove off towards home thinking that tomorrow was a new day and maybe just maybe this life she was living could get even more interesting then she could have ever imagined.