As Veronica was now sitting down on the couch Billy started talking . " Do you want something to snack on ?, maybe something to drink ?" He asked curiously. She nodded her head yes . " Alright what would you like ?" He asked . " hmmmm do you have nachos ?and a lemon water please and thank you ." Veronica replied . "Yes and yes I can make nachos ." He said as he smiled so with that he went to the kitchen got some nacho looking chips out and then made the cheese sauce and put sour cream with it as well then got the lemon water and carried it out then placed it on the table . " Here you go enjoy ." He said . I then smiled . " Thanks ." Veronica replied as she took a nacho and dipped it into the sour cream then ate it he did the same as well since he had some . Later he had asked her something . " So how are they are they good ?" He asked. "Yes indeed they are ." she replied after eating one. "Good to hear ." He said as he smiled .

He started laughing at the funny part on the tv and so did Veronica while she had ate a nacho dipped in cheese dip . He couldn't help laughing and neither could she .