Jessie Cast

Main Cast

Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott

Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross

Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross

Peyton List as Emma Ross

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross

Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram Winkle

Recurring Cast

Tony Galya as Tony Chicolini

K.C. Undercover Cast

Main Cast

Zendaya as K.C. Cooper

Veronica Dunne as Marisa Miller (video call only)

Kamil McFadden as Ernie Cooper

Trinitee Stokes as Judy Cooper

Tammy Townsend as Kira Cooper

Kadeem Hardison as Craig Cooper

Villain Cast

Carolyn Hennesy as Rhoda Chesterfield (Jessie)

Francois Chau as Zane Willis (K.C. Undercover)

"Kids can you come here?" Kira asked.

"What is it mom?" K.C. asked.

"I didn't do nothing." Judy said.

"You guys aren't in trouble." Craig says.

"Since you guys defeated Zane, we're going on vacation to Manhattan New York City." Kira said.

"Really?" Ernie asked.

"Yes. We leave in a few hours." Craig said.

"I've always wanted to see New York." K.C. says.

"Who hasn't?" Ernie asked.

"Where will we be staying?" Judy asked.

"At this penthouse." Craig says.

"That's where Morgan and Christina Ross live." K.C. said.

"We know. I contacted them and they said we can stay with their kids and nanny." Kira said.

"Well this is going to be fun." K.C. says.

We now cut to the penthouse

"So we're having company come over from Virginia?" Bertram asked.

"Yes. Morgan and Christina said they can stay here during their vacation." Jessie replied.

"Bertram can you try to be nice?" Emma asked.

"Let's just hope Chesterbitch doesn't scare them away." Zuri says.

"Zuri language." Jessie says.

"She is one." Emma said.

"Maybe she got it from her mama." Luke said.

"That was clever brother." Ravi says.

Ravi and Luke high five each other

"When will they arrive?" Bertram asked.

"In a few hours." Jessie replied.

The Cooper family are now driving on the road

"New York is going to be so much fun." Judy said.

"It's nice to take some time off." Kira says.

"I brought our weapons with us. Just in case." K.C. says.

"You never know when someone is out to get us." Ernie said.

"Good thinking." Craig said.

"How much longer until we arrive?" Judy asked.

"We should be arriving in 2 hours." Kira replied.

"Can you pull over? I have to pee." Ernie said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Chesterfield and Zane Willis are planning vengeance

"Has the Cooper family arrived yet?" Mrs. Chesterfield asked.

"No not yet. They should be arriving here soon." Zane says.

"And when they arrive here at the Ross family penthouse, that's when we strike." Mrs. Chesterfield said.

"Exactly." Zane said.

They start laughing evily. Meanwhile, the Cooper family have arrived

"We're here." Craig said.

"Finally." K.C. says.

"Hi I'm Tony. I guess you're the Cooper family?" Tony asked.

"Yes. I'm Kira. This is my husband Craig, my son Ernie, and my daughters K.C. and Judy." Kira said.

"Excellent. You guys have a nice stay." Tony said.

They go up to the Ross family apartment

"Okay kids Tony said they're here so everyone behave. I'm talking to you Luke." Jessie says.

"Whatever." Luke said.

The Cooper family comes in the elevator

"Hi." Kira says.

"Hi. I'm Jessie." Jessie said.

"Thanks for letting us stay here for a few says." K.C. says.

"No problem." Jessie said.

"Just don't make a mess." Bertram says.

"Is he the cranky butler?" Judy asked.

"Yes." Emma said.

"Hey you're cute." Ernie says.

"How old are you?" Emma asked.

"17." Ernie said.

"He's 15." K.C. says.

"Well I'm older and I have a boyfriend." Emma said.

"Dang it." Ernie said.

"I'm Luke. This is my bro Ravi." Luke says.

"Sup." Ravi says.

"Hi I'm K.C." K.C. said.

"We've heard about you guys. You're so awesome. Is she really a robot?" Zuri asked.

"Yes." Judy says.

"Prove it." Zuri said.

"Your full name is Zuri Zenobia Ross and you had an imaginary friend named Millie the Mermaid." Judy said.

"Wow she is a robot." Zuri says.

Zane and Chesterfield barge in

"Hello urchins." Mrs. Chesterfield says.

"Zane?!" K.C. yells.

"Hello K.C." Zane says.

"I thought we defeated you?" Judy said.

"Well after you punks defeated me I moved to New York and teamed up with this girl." Zane said.

"And we're here to take you down." Mrs. Chesterfield said.

"Over our dead bodies!" K.C. says.

"I'm going to kick your ass." Emma said.

"You are going down!" Jessie said.

"I like to see you guys try." Zane says.

They start attacking

"Take this you sons of bitches!" Zuri says.

"You didn't tell me she's strong." Zane said.

"You never asked." Mrs. Chesterfield said.

"Ha looks like you two are getting your butts wiped." Craig says.

"Judy zap them out." Kira said.

"On it." Judy says.

"Judy I am warning you. If you get anywhere near me I swear I will..." Zane says but he gets zapped by Judy.

"You're next." Judy said.

"No no please I'm..." Mrs. Chesterfield says as she gets zapped down.

"Now to send you punks to jail." Judy says.

"Send them far away." Bertram says.

Judy sends them to a jail all the way in Wisconsin

"Where'd you send them?" Jessie asked.

"All the way to Wisconsin." Judy said.

"Dang that's very far from here." Ravi says.

"He's the smart one." Luke said.

"Zane really wants us gone." Kira said.

"Well now he can rot in jail." Ernie says.

"Same with Chesterfield." Emma said.

K.C.'s phone rings

"Oh it's Marisa. She wants to video Marisa." K.C. says.

"How's New York? Did you meet the Ross kids?" Marisa asked.

"Yes." K.C. said.

"Hi." Emma said.

"Hello." Zuri says.

"Sup." Luke said.

"Kon'nichiwa." Ravi says in Japanese.

"You would not believe what just happened." K.C. said.

"What happened?" Marisa asked.

"After we defeated Zane he moved here and teamed up with their cranky neighbor Rhoda Chesterfield and they tried to kill us." K.C. says.

"But then Judy defeated them." Zuri said.

"And she thew them to jail in Wisconsin." Jessie says.

"Good. Well I won't take up too much of your time. I'll talk to you water. Bye." Marisa said.

"Bye." K.C. says.

"Well this has been the craziest vacation." Craig said.

"Yeah." Ernie says.

"We've had better." Emma says.

"It's true." Bertram said.

"Bertram you're lazy." Jessie said.

"You're pretty much on vacation all the time." Ravi says.

"Except when our parents are around." Luke added.

"Touché." Bertram replied.

"Alright let's get a picture for Friend Book." Kira says. (Friend Book is a parody of Facebook)

"All of us?" Zuri asked.

"Yes." K.C. said.

Kira sets a timer for 15 seconds and they get in position

"Everyone say vacation." Craig says.

"Vacation!" Everyone says.

The camera flashes

"Wow it looks good." K.C. says.

"Yeah. Even Jessie looks good in it." Zuri said.

"Why would she look bad?" Ernie asked.

"Have you seen her driver's license?" Emma asked.

"It's very bad. It looked like she was growling." Ravi said.

"This was the best vacation ever." K.C. said.

"Yep." Ernie said.

"Yeah it was, wasn't it." Craig added.

"I had so much fun here." Kira said.

"I had fun throwing Zane and that lady into Wisconsin." Judy said.

"I'll bet you did." Zuri says.

"Well we're glad you had fun here." Jessie said.

"New York is fun." Emma says.

"It's one of the most popular states." Bertram replied.

"It is the Big Apple after all." Ravi says.

Luke puts him arm over Ravi

"Yeah I think they know that, buddy." Luke said.

"Oh." Ravi said.

K.C. turns to the viewers

"Best family vacation ever." K.C. says to the viewers.