The Truth Comes Out

Characters: Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Agent Weine, Agent Shreck, Billy Hitchcock, Carter Horton

Time-line: After the fire at Val Lewton's house

Synopsis: After the explosion, and interviewing Billy Hitchcock, the FBI and the cops realize that they had it in reverse, resolved to clear his name. They must find a way to keep the rest of the passenger survivor group. And from the plane crash alive, but to do that, they must convince Alex to return to town now.

Warnings: this story has the truth given out half way through the movie after Val Lewton and Terri Cheney are killed in their accidents. And the truth gets revealed as Carter framed Alex for the accident all this time. As this ties up to the second film before the story comes out to their replacements now.

Disclaimers: The movie series doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie company.

Chapter 1: The Fire At Val Lewton's House

"Ms. Lewton hang on." Alex Browning told her as he tried to get the knife and stop the bleeding, just he was about to, she caught his arm. "Him, it was always him, I'm sorry, Alex." she said weakly and his eyes teared up. "No don't leave me, I can't lose you too, just hang on, I'll get help, just hang on." he said, feeling the pain of all the losses then.

Combine with hers then. "It's too late baby, to avenge us, find their stuff." she told him and he nodded to the orders then. "Like my big sister, I love you like a sister, whoever did this and killed the others, they're going to jail, I swear it Val, I swear it." he said as she gripped his hand as he got ready to get it out and apply pressure to it then quickly.

That the explosion from the bottle went off and threw him into the refrigerator then, as he felt a stabbing pain in his arm. Before trying a second time, just as the blast from the stove went off and knocked the oven door open then. As he tried to stay awake from the blow to the back of the head, stunning him then as he looked up in time then finally.

As the jolt landing it directly on the knife and shoving it deeeper into her heart then as that did it. "No, no Ms. Lewton!" he said quickly as he quickly yanked it out, looking at her, before realizing the jolt did enough he just set himself up, before he heard a crash. And looked up then to see the window broken and went to check then, going to the door.

To look as he saw Carter Horton standing there. "What the hell are you doing here?!" he snapped, before seeing a busted bottle and then saw the tank. 'Oh god, get away from the house now!' he thought as he headed back to grab her, before he got stabbed in the arm as the fire started getting worse, as he charged out the door, just as a friend arrived.

"Dude, man what happened exactly?" Billy Hitchock said quickly as he watched his friend, run for it, as the blast knocked them to the ground. Before he tried to get up a second time and his eyes narrowed then, but before he could get further away. Just as the next blast sent something flying at him and hit him in the temple then as he collapsed.

"No, Alex, man wake up!" he said quickly as he grabbed his arm, before looking at his hand then and saw it covered in blood. And as he looked at his jacket and saw the entire section on his right arm soaked and felt his stomach lurch then as it hit him then. "He didn't do this, it wasn't him, he was set up, that this injury suggests a struggle."

"Oh god, this was not him, he got shot or stabbed, someone else did this, hang on man, I can tell this to the cops, rather then duo, as we find out who set you up, I promise." he thought out loud as his friend jerked free and headed into the darkness. And before seeing a familiar jersey jacket run away from where he knew the kitchen door was then.

As around 15 minutes later the fire department arrived and put the fire out quickly. "I saw someone else run away from the house, I think Alex spoke to her, before the house went up, she told him to do something. And he's following orders, but he's hurt right now at the moment, got to check the back door." he said and the fire fighters nodded gently.

Before he checked the propane tank and saw it had been destroyed and nodded, before seeing a packet of matches lying on the ground. 'That's Carter's brand of matches, oh Carter, you out of your god damn mind right now.' he thought as he called out to the officers surrounding the house then, as he saw the window had been broken as well.

"Pay for my trip, pay for my trip, oh my god, Carter you out of your god damn mind right now, alright you're fucked when I get through with you." he snapped, as he sniffed the tank and saw a busted bottle and nodded. "The evidence is in the way this was set up, and it matches what destroyed the plane, I got you now finally, you Dick, you're mine."

"Officer Harrison, I found something here!" he shouted and the team that dealt with Carter Horton the most arrived then. "What you got, son?" he asked and Billy explained that. "The propane was set on fire before exploding, but I found Carter's brand of matches next to it and with it, the window broken." he said and the duo nodded sternly.

"The clues are in the evidence, but Carter's remark to Alex, of 'paying for his trip', rephrase that guys, homicide detective, what's the motive?!" he asked and they nodded in shocked fury at the news. "Oh my god, the little bastard just tried to set him up for murder and tried to kill him, murder/suicide job!" the detective snapped in anger then.

As he picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels and nodded. "Alex doesn't drink or do drugs these brats just him set up for something he would never do. Carter's reaction at the service was a dead giveaway, what if we were listening to the conversation. Did he ever think about that, he's the only one left of his gang." the detective said and he nodded.

"Found something else right now, here's a switchblade, looks like Carter crossed the line between anger and attempted murder as he already killed her." Officer Benson said sternly and Billy nodded as he looked around the house. To see the agents that took the case just arriving then as he ran a hand through his hair, knowing that his opinion now.

Was worth giving to them if it meant his best friend could be exonerated then from this situation. "Yesterday when we all were at the scene, the look on her face when around Carter was that of fear. His tone had a touch of menace right now, acting like a stalker, but he missed killing me when he swerved the car after seeing Alex and Clear now."

"And his reaction had Terri too furious to think straight, to realize that the light never turned red at the time, Alex is innocent. Both of this one and of the others, Carter is the real murderer, Alex could have saved them, if he prevented Murnau from leaving. But he looked sick to his stomach and his temperature was spiking, so someone set him up."

"Carter and his friends caused the accident and Carter is the one killing the others, all thats left is us and Clear." he said and they nodded sternly as they got in there. "Valerie figured it out, it was never Alex, it was Carter." the detective said sternly and he nodded. "She just realized it, the guys grab Alex and it happens anyway, so why is that exactly."

"But the fact that the real murderer was here at the house and she just realized it, as whatever he saw in that vision gets replicated down to the limit." he said and the two officers nodded in agreement as he answered him gently at that remark then. "Yeah that's my opinion to, but you better tell the chief and the others what you just told us."

"As we just swapped suspects." the third officer said and he nodded sternly to that news. "Alex's remark the night of the crash basically said that he knew Carter was drinking and the only trip he was taking. Once the airport calls you, was directly to the hospital, before he said he was sick of his picking on us." he said to him and they nodded sternly then.

"I can hear the remarks for what they are, 'the only trip you're taking is to the damn hospital' to translate that. Said is, 'You're out of your terrority, so you better watch it.'. Followed by 'I wish you were on that plane.', as that translates to, 'You know what a Soc is, white trash with mustangs and madras.'." the detective said sternly and Billy nodded.

"Wait a damn minute, his reaction when Alex mentioned his brand of straight alcohol was he started getting violent and he grabbed him by the arm." Billy said and they nodded. "And only an adult would understand what the initials stand for, as we double check and he's screwed as Weine comes to us and we tell him Carter's record with us at the time."

"Before we re-examine this, as every accident that killed the trio was because he was always within range of the victim and Alex is cleared of suspicion. The kid just shot the metaphorical cop right now, and we're out of time here, Alex never did this. He's trying to have Alex shot on sight, but not a chance now." the officer said sternly at that remark.

"How the chief takes this is anyone's guess, but we knew you guys all your lives, the motive is Carter and his gang are sick of the scrutiny. And wanted out from under it, but trying it backfired so drastically, he's now wanted for murder, manslaughter and arson." the detective said, crossing his arms and he nodded as the other officer said it sternly.

"Young man, you better have a good reason for doing something this cruel to him, because you are being committed, and for murder and conspiracy and sedition." Benson said with a stern growl at this. "I can't believe this we had it in reverse all this time, Alex doesn't drink or take drugs, he was set up." Harrison said and he nodded as he did it.

"Oh my god, what happened in here exactly?" Agent Maxwell Shreck said aloud at this, as he saw a burned line from the computer to the kitchen. And followed it into the kitchen and saw a broken bottle in pieces. "There's a laceration to her neck, and another stab wound directly to the heart." the homicide team leader said and Billy walked in.

"Jake, look at this right now, the supposed theory on the explosion that destroyed the plane was there was central decay in the fuselage leading into the tank. Before it caused a chain reaction, but there is no chance of that being proven right now. And as we saw a couple dozen liquor bottles in the carry on luggage, and of 4 of the 287 members."

"Of the flight manifest this was a liquor bottle, there's a couple matches, and the path of the short circuit returns it straight back to stove top, the gas is on. Whoever did this replicated what caused the explosion, and killed her right now." The forensics team leader said, before he saw a set of footprints in the blood and felt his stomach lurch.

"She got hit in the neck, directly at the carotid artery, came in here, but without someone in the house with her, the towel was directly on the knife block. But with her collapsed on the floor, the angle is where the knife stabbed her in the chest. As she tried to grab the towel and the knife hit her in the heart." Shreck said, reading it out and they nodded.

"Aw god, Alex realized that, and possibly got blasted by the explosion destroying the oven at the same time it dropped the door on her." his partner said and Shreck's eyes narrowed. "That's what he was trying to tell us, get us to double check." he snapped and his partner nodded sternly as he answered him then at the remark as he figured it out.

"Whoever just killed her wanted to get him out of the way, we just never figured that out that every time whoever our invisible killer possessed. Whoever it is was in range of the victim, they lose their temper and Alex gets blamed. Our conversation last night only emphasizes that now." he said and before he could answer him, the officer stepped in.

"Uh guys, it gets better." the officer said and he turned and saw blood all over the fridge door and felt his heart take violent jump then. "That can't be what I'm thinking it is, the bottle is in pieces, that looks like he was attacked in trying to save her." the forensic officer said and the chief felt his heart take a violent jump at that possibility as he said it.

"Wait a damn minute right now, though he told us something was up, we let him go, before he possibly realized she was targeted now. And arrived in time to see whoever set the house on fire, get into a fight with whoever did it and got stabbed in the arm. Before that bottle exploded." Shreck said slowly and his partner nodded in agreement then.

"Someone shot the cop, the neighbor calls it in and he caught the murderer red handed and gets stabbed in the process of the damn thing exploding next." Shreck's partner said and he felt his stomach turn over at that. "Whoever just tried to kill him and did kill her was waiting for us to grab him and leave, that's the only way he could have come back."

"Oh god, where did he get hit exactly if that bottle exploded?!" Shreck said as he got a good look and feeling his concern growing by the moment. He realized this was what he was trying to tell them the night before. "Someone replicated the evidence from the explosion and down to limit, but Alex doesn't drink." the detective said and he nodded.

As he checked out the door and saw the skid across another and then saw a hand print sliding across it. "Oh shit, when he got stunned, he slipped and tried to catch himself, but his hand hit that trail and he lost his balance. As his coat is probably drenched in blood, from both this and possibly the blow to whichever limb he took that piece to now."

"Oh god, son, tell me you didn't do this." the chief said in shock as he saw the footprints, before Billy said it. "He didn't, but I just busted the culprit, he was praying no one saw him last night when he was running from the house. But someone did, like I said Sir I saw Alex running, but it wasn't because he was running away as the house exploded."

"But the perp is not Alex at all right now, in fact, Carter just ran out of time, he's trying to get Alex shot on sight. And by you guys and for killing the supposed cop here, this scandal started with his reaction on the plane now." he said and they nodded sternly. "Carter is trying to have him killed to throw us off his trail at the current moment."

"I would call that desperate, but why exactly right now?" the chief said sternly at the news. "What you all decide after he crashed into the power pole on campus and beat the crap out of George and Joey last game season?" he asked and the chief crossed his arms. "That he was never touching another drop of anything resembling alcohol now, finally."

"And until he was over 21." he said and the two agents crossed their arms at that as the officer acting as their parole officer finished that. "And it was the same for his gang, the quartet that were still on the plane." he said and Billy nodded. "So think about it: why would Carter lose it and give a threat, disguised as a warning after he had that vision."

"Before attacking him, though Alex was going to get security to check the damn plane to make sure?" he asked and they nodded sternly. "Because they broke their rehab and were trying to sneak contraband on board that plane." Shreck said slowly as he figured it out and Billy nodded as he broke it down for them as he crossed his arms then firmly.

"Carter stabbed him in the arm, murder/suicide job, his gang is acting the gang of Socs that barely missed killing the narrator and his best friend!" Billy told him and the two agents and the chief nodded in shock to that news. "We're looking at chapter 2 of the nightmare series, our invisible murderer possessed Carter and every time, now."

"That he loses his temper, it's our invisible perp jumps out and kills someone, starting with the crash, he said Alex would pay for his trip, so rephrase that." Billy said and they nodded sternly. "He was going to kill him for getting him kicked off the plane, but he and his friends murdered the manifest now." Shreck said slowly as he felt his anger growing.

"Todd: it's he lost his temper by Alex suggesting he stops drinking and he lost his temper and nearly broke his arm. But that anger lashed out and killed Todd, Terri yesterday, Alex and Clear were talking, he sees him, loses his temper. And nearly causes a pile up that barely misses in killing me, Terri loses her temper, walks into oncoming traffic now."

"And gets hit by that bus, but that anger creates an added backlash, and hits Ms. Lewton, Alex catches him in the act, as he's preparing to destroy the damn propane tank. And Alex realizes that it's going to set the house on fire, goes back to get her out. And he gets stabbed in the arm here." Billy said and the cops nodded sternly and as they got it.

"That's what we were missing now." the chief said slowly and Shreck nodded as he saw the skid mark in the blood and nodded sternly. As he saw the way the skid had slammed into the refrigerator door as he looked at it. 'Where are you, son, what happened?" he thought, looking at it and then saw the glass had blood covering 3/4's of it and nodded.

'We got to find him, he needs medical attention.' he thought as a homicide detective arrived. "Hold up Chief, we got a new motive and just switched targets, it's Carter, he killed her." the detective said sharply and he nodded sternly to that. "Motive, if he was not alone, but his gang was also part of what destroyed the plane two months ago now."

"Because that kid is on thin ice already without adding this to it." he asked as the commissioner walked into the room as well and he explained it. "You're looking at Ford's version to The Fugitive, what happened next. After Gerard started getting suspicious and was guarding the murderer's house?" Billy asked and they crossed their arms then.

"Someone tried to kill him and because he caught them in the damn act." Shreck said sharply as he realized what he was saying. "Yeah that's just what I'm saying, you been hanging around so long, that the perp knows you're close to catching him. So with those words in mind, what did the killer do." he asked him and Shreck crossed his arms then.

"Then that would mean that Horton is playing both Nichols and this character that killed both his wife and the cop. As we're close to figuring it out and he just killed the cop, time is up and Alex is innocent of that charge right now. But the evidence matches the crash, replicated down to the limit." Shreck said with a low growl as he realized it then sternly.

"He realized he had to get them off his trail, but that backfired after Gerard figured it out, no forced entry, his ex friend had the keys the night she was killed. But get them to shoot him on sight by killing a cop, but that also backfired. As Ford handcuffed him to the handrail so they could arrest him." The homicide detective in the room said sternly then.

"He, that's Alex, didn't do it, I just figured it out right now, but Officer Reynolds could you check the switchblade." he said and he nodded as he quickly did it and his eyes narrowed then. "That's Alex's bloodtype." he said and they nodded in shock to that. "That is Carter's switchblade?" Shreck said slowly and he nodded as the second detective said it.

"Alex's blood is on that knife blade and Carter's fingerprints are on that handle, I also found a broken window, and a packet of matches by the tank." he said and Chief David Jordan nodded slowly at the news. "Why would you be standing by that tank young man, if Alex was trying to prevent what killed her?" the first detective said for him slowly then.

"Alex's remarks, if you took it back to when you guys were kids yourselves were paraphrased in a certain book right now." Billy told them and that did it as the chief translated that. "You guys did that play like four months before that trip to Paris and Val was the one who was having it set up." he said and Billy nodded as he said it sternly.

"Yeah so which character did you see him all this time, he and I are the same way, Todd was the third member of our trio?" he asked and the chief crossed his arms. "With his personality he was the narrator himself, but until now his record was clean. He never got in trouble with the law and one situation, like getting involved with the girlfriend."

"And of the Soc that was murdered, destroyed his life and killed two members of his gang, I see what you're saying and you're right. That first remark translates to, once we found out he attacked him in a non prov and learned he was drinking. We were taking in for another detox now, guys." he said and Shreck nodded slowly as he answered him.

"And the other?" he asked and Billy explained that one to him. "He was saying he was sick of him and his gang picking on the three of us, and after that vision. He felt like he was seeing the loss of the entire gang, till the plane explosed for real. And if he wanted to push him and Ms. Lewton was ready to call the chief to the airport and fast now."

"But Carter made a threat to him, after the warning on the plane and that was a warning turned threat, before they attacked him and his friend, and were drinking when doing it. Carter has a problem of not letting things go, no matter how much time goes, it was after we realized he was right, that the punchline hit as Alex told him to lay off the drinking."

"It's because he realized that his actions yesterday at the intersection across from the coffee shop just pointed him as the prime suspect now, but Chief. Carter just exposed himself to the three of you finally, I just figured it out, regarding this. But you're looking at a scandal, conspiracy and sedition, but your original troublemaker lost his mind."

"His trying to get your attention off him and his gang for once, they drugged Alex, before causing a near riot and pile up in the aisle of the plane. But Carter already nearly destroyed the plane anyway, by narrowly missing the tank, that you found in pieces. By nearly knocking it over, but assault and battery, disturbing the peace, open container."

"Public intoxication, starting a near riot on the plane and reckless endangerment, the only thing Alex had on him was the fact his vision caused that type of outburst. Carter's offenses far out weigh his and he realized if you guys checked his carry on luggage. And with you the security he was dead, but his wanting out from your scrutiny backfired."

"And crossed the line finally, Alex is innocent, it was never him, your motive in his case was his previous offenses with you, but anger management. What was he always getting pick up by you for, him and his gang." Billy said to him and he nodded in shock as he went further. "Repeated DUI's." the officer that kept picking him up said and he nodded.

"And his remark to him?" the detective asked and Billy nodded. "Rephrase that, as you heard this repeatedly between their gangs in school at the time. We already did that play two months before the accident at the time, and the vision is just as bad. If not worse then the dreams focused on the narrator's parents." he said and they nodded sternly.

"Damn it, we never checked the camera, to know what happened in the terminal or the black box, but 'Paying for his trip.'. I would rephrase that as he's ready to kill him or beat the crap out of him, because Terri chose to hang around with Alex if this was in reverse." The agent said sternly and Shreck nodded in agreement as they exchanged looks.

"That's what we were missing, Carter gave him a threat, Alex counteracted that threat by telling him if he's that loaded, that he was ending up back in the hospital. And for detox, yet again, before giving him a second threat, which translates to, in our eyes. As the same warning as the threat that Sheldon's best friend gave the narrator's friend."

"And surrogate big brother, who was played by Emilio, same exact thing, and every time these guys are around each other." the chief said and Billy nodded. "Terri started taking our side and after Todd told him to shut up at the time at the airport. Trying to make a joke out of trying to lighten up the mood now, I saw the look on Carter's face then."

"The one that said, 'if it doesn't go, and the cops are arresting me for assault and battery, and being drunk while doing it.'. So he tried to provoke him, in the way that the Soc, the one that ended up dead did, before the narrator threw it back at him. Before Alex made it clear that once you found out that he attacked him in a non prov now."

"You were throwing him in the tank, before Alex redirected it to saying that with us out of town, he'd better watch it, before the entire department, from you to the TSA, even the FBI arrested him now." he said and they nodded slowly at the news. "Horton attacked him in a non prov, when on the plane?" Shreck repeated and Billy nodded sternly then.

"Which is the same god damn pattern no matter how many times that we got to break these guys up. And the little brats tried to frame the narrator for a murder/suicide job, by drugging him..." the chief said sternly to that. "I see what this is, to keep us from arresting him, he provoked him to keep us from realizing he nearly destroyed it now."

"To get out of our scrutiny: your precinct, his football coach, the faculty and your parents, they framed an innocent young man?!" Shreck said in shock and he nodded sternly. "Yeah that is exactly what I'm saying, instead of making it look like he was in drugs, they destroyed the plane themselves, but the clue into how was revealed a month ago."

"He realized he just exposed himself to you at the memorial service, before doing it again yesterday, trying to turn it around and fast. And before you came to question him, regarding the fact he was the one who killed Terri by the bus, and with it. Just barely missed me by causing a car accident, he set him up." he said and they nodded in shock.

"Seeing Carter here, he must have gone to check if he reacted to his remark on his brand of whiskey, needed anyway to end this, but with that injury. It's about to slow him down at the moment, but your perp is your repeat teenage offender chief. Carter lost his mind out of desperation as did his gang, they did it all." Billy said and the chief said it slowly.

"Carter's gang did this?!" The chief said in shock and he nodded. "The evidence was in the carry on luggage, as was his reaction to Alex's remark at the memorial service." he said and they nodded as Shreck said it for him, before he could, Billy said it firmly then. "Carter has a drinking problem, he hates us telling him what to do, right now, Sir."

"But his reaction if you saw him, Terri and Alex, was the clue breaker." he said and the two agents nodded. "He didn't do it, you recall the frame job on The Fugitive?" he asked and they nodded. "Leading them directly to the guy who killed his wife, Gerard started getting suspicious that the guy that killed her shot a cop so they can shoot him on sight."

"But..." he said and Shreck nodded. "We're not going to lethal force with an unarmed teenager right now, and one who was probably injured as well in the fight. Especially if he caught him red handed." he said and his partner nodded in agreement. "Young man if you did this, you're the one being arrested." the man said sternly and Billy nodded then.

"Damn it kid, have you lost your mind finally, if you were thinking straight, how long do you think it would take us to realize you exposed yourself a month later. Just after the accident, by his bringing up your particular brand of alcohol. And we did say drinking was bad for you and the accident only punctuates that." The chief said sternly to that remark.

"I found these outside next to tank, Chief, but Alex was hurt last night, looks like..." Billy said, and turned to find the refrigerator door covered in blood and nodded. "Carter's the one who is jinxed and just to keep you from switching targets. He pulled another frame job, as his attitude at the memorial service was a dead give away to you right now."

"But his reaction yesterday resulted in a near back to back death and realized if you re-examined that situation. Let alone looked at the fact his temper is the fuse you were coming to him to question him." he said and the chief nodded as Billy, passing him the matches, passed them and the forensics officer checked fingerprints and said it sternly.

"Carter Horton, hold on." he said and went to check the tank and came back in. "Carter's fingerprints are all over the tank and the water heater, Alex probably tried to get it. Said it the knife, but was too late and by then his fingerprints and his footprints. They are all over the house, but the evidence is pointed at Carter." he said and they nodded sternly.

"Carter caused the accident in the explosion, though how I don't know, but Terri and now this, it's all Carter, Carter tried to prevent you realizing it was him. But his reaction to Alex dragging up his brand of straight alcohol is the clue breaker. Alex told him to stop drinking and he lost his temper and grabbed him by the arm at the memorial service."

"But if that tells me anything they broke rehab and tried to get your, that's my precinct's attention off them, them and Carter, but off them and on someone else for once. Alex being the said someone that night and if Alex told me what was up now. We could have saved everyone on the plane as your attention is now on them for destroying the plane."

"But Alex tried to prevent it three times to save us and every time Carter sees Alex he loses it and causes another accident or injury here. And Carter is always at the scene, though once I tell the Waggners this, they're going to kill Carter. As Carter and his friends probably drugged him that night." Billy said and they nodded in shock at that news then.

"Carter did this unless..., the blast threw Alex into the wall, and he was barely conscious that Alex was framed with his fingerprints on the knife." The homicide detective said and he nodded in agreement then. "Stove's broken, the liquor bottle is in pieces, the path of the explosion is exactly the same as the accident." the chief said and they nodded firmly.

"Teenage version to The Fugitive and our one armed man is a hotshot who knows we figure it out and he's screwed right now. The Waggners, Terri and now Valerie, Alex tried to prevent it three times and now he really has been framed for murder." the chief said feeling his fury growing every minute as his team crowded around Billy then firmly.

"But why would Carter try this to throw us off?!" Shreck said and Billy crossed his arms then. "Because he doesn't want you switching suspects right now, Alex caught him in the act and they got into a fight. Alex was coming to check on her and ended up in the line of fire, but the blast from the propane tank knocked him to the ground and me with him."

"I arrived in time to see him, but the blast from the tank and the water heater knocked us both to the ground." he said and they nodded. "Checking him over, I saw his jacket arm soaked in blood and a tear the size of switchblade in it. So that told me, he tried to save her and the character that killed her tried to add onto this by killing him."

"We got a frame job here, Chief." Billy said to them and Agent Wesley Weine quickly answered him. "How so exactly?" he asked and Billy ran a hand through his hair. "Whoever set the house on fire, stabbed Alex in the arm, he's hurt, but I think whoever did this killed her and tried to kill him in the process." he said and they nodded in shock.

"You see anything else, if he was here?" Weine asked quickly to that and Billy nodded. "Yeah, he took a blow to the head, a piece shrapnel hit him." he said and they nodded. "He got hit?!" Shreck repeated and he nodded to him. "Yeah, but getting a better look at him last night, that blow to the head on top of us not eating anything whatsoever."

"And since Terri was killed, you could be looking at the situation with the narrator, if he keeps getting hit, with just us next, or worse, and his system is going to crash." he said and they nodded as they exchanged concerned looks at that news then quickly. "Carter's wanted for manslaughter and arson as of this moment, but we have to find Alex."

"If he got hit then..., oh no, he didn't do it, but whoever set the house on fire replicated the path to the explosion right now, Alex was working on this himself. And when she called us up here, he was checking something out right now around the car. But it wasn't the car, if Carter was sneaking around then he was waiting for us to get Alex and leave."

"But her fears of his power of seeing this were her undoing now, but we delayed him and he was too late to save her if the explosion destroyed the stove. Billy what was your coach to him, let alone Murnau?" Weine asked and he sighed. "The coach was a spec ops officer before he retired, but he spent a few years training him for preparation."

"Just to get into the academy, but they were close, he saw him as another father, Murnau was a friend of the family, but our town is tightly knit. The coach and Murnau, let alone Mrs. Hammond were his favorite teachers, but his entire gang were on the plane. That's including George, but he and the Waggners have been friends since preschool now."

"Were it not for Carter he might have been able to prevent the accident, but whatever caused this or at the very least, if Carter did it, he lost it finally." he said and they nodded. "I also got a slight stench of what smelled like whiskey off of Carter that night. That the arrest wasn't in the case of Alex, Carter attacked him completely unprovoked."

"Alex was going to tell the coach they had to delay the flight so we could leave at the new time, but he looked sick to his stomach. Like whatever he ate was trying to come back up, Carter on the other hand was acting like he was stoned or drunk. Were it not for Carter's reaction he may have been able to convince us to hold off in leaving now."

"As we double checked and if there were several broken liquor bottles in the carry on luggage, whoever owned those bags was your culprit." he said and they nodded in shocked disbelief. "And of five football players the only one who can shed a bit of light on this is the one that possibly caused the traffic accident that killed Terri yesterday now."

"And barely missed you in the process, Alex realized Todd's accident was an accident, but if not, someone killed her, and framed Alex again. If Alex is innocent then he was trying to prevent this, and someone stabbed him in the arm. And before dropping a match in the propane tank." the chief said and Weine nodded as he crossed his arms then sternly.

"He's reached the point of withdrawing from everyone else, if he never said anything to you, and he's ready to put the real killer behind bars. Todd and the girls are dead, he's been trying to clear his name ever since, trying to run our research for us. He dragged that up last night, before he went to check." Shreck said and he nodded firmly to that.

"Teenage version to The Fugitive now, if he's hurt, he's trying to clear his name and before we find him, but if he got hit. Then he needs immediate medical attention, but he knows he goes to the hospital we could go there and arrest him. This latest loss is the big one right now, he's pulled away from everyone that he's trying to cope, but he's hurt."

"And he doesn't get checked out, and that blow was directly to a vein or artery, he could bleed to death here." he said as he got it then, as he sighed as he thought it over then. 'He's in mourning, all the evidence was there, we just never saw it, Carter did it, all this time it was Carter, Alex is innocent.' he thought as he thought over his reaction then.

The night before. 'I can't, as long am I'm in here, I have no control over making sure we don't lose anyone else, I'm sorry.' he heard the boy's voice repeat and turned away from him to think it over. 'That was no playing god act with us, he was trying to make it clear, the one who was jinxed was Carter, it always was Carter.'

'Carter in range of the Waggner's house, and Todd dies, Carter seeing Alex at the coffee shop, nearly causes a car accident that nearly kills Billy and does kill Terri. Carter in range of Val's house here and we lose her next and Alex gets stabbed in the arm. It was never Alex, he was trying to protect them, each time he was trying to protect them now."

'Yes, but the pain of their losses, Murnau and their coach, his biology teacher and his friends, is one thing and now the trio is too much on top of this. I got to find him and fast, I cared enough to try and figure this out now, but this time. The last of his friends are Clear and Billy, but he finds out and he's going to kill Carter, alright I have to.'

'Get him to come back as only Billy is his last link and Clear is our one chance, but the trio are the ones connected to me. Where are you kiddo, come on, that injury you need adult and medical supervision, but that injury made it clear now finally to us. It's okay kiddo, we get it, but you can't do this alone anymore, you need us for the rest of it.'

'Come on son, don't do this, I know you're in mourning, but if that blow did more damage then we think, you need medical attention. Come on it's okay, it's okay, if you never did it, then you need to be here now.' he thought gently, knowing this just made things even worse, and knowing where this was going to lead at the time then firmly.

'We got to lock down the state right now, because if he's hurt and this heads in the same direction it's going in right now, then the next injury is a big one. But there is no getting out if he's trying to get to the border right now, so he can figure this out. We have jurisdiction in our state, so we lock down every way out of the state until we find him.'

"Not just for medical attention, but if this was correct in what he told me last night, and this situation is solid. Then only he knows which of the four of them are next, if this pattern is mimicking the path of the explosion, he mentioned that to me already. But..., oh god, who was the last in that line, because if he gets hit hard enough right now.'

'His system is going to crash next, a week to two weeks on the run, caused the narrator to lose a lot of weight, shock, concussion and exhaustion. He looks like he hasn't slept in over a month right now, we got to find him and find him fast. And before this puts him in the ICU next for that head injury.' he thought quickly, feeling his concern for him then.

As it started growing then finally. "I think that was her big mistake, if she was next, he was coming to warn her. Though that's true, then after losing Todd and Terri, we had this in reverse, Carter distracted us too long. Alright based on what Alex told me, he was going to tell us we had a big problem yesterday, before Carter had Terri pissed now."

"And enough she didn't see the light had never switched to red yet." he said and they nodded quickly. "She was sick of his putting the blame on Alex, when she knew if he was drinking the night of the accident. We would never take his word over Alex's, if Alex prevented the accident and saved the passenger manifest that night at the time."

"One decision, one remark destroyed his life and Clear was the only thing keeping him together at the time, but if he took a chance in telling us that. And we know he was innocent of all charges right now, loss of George and our friends. The coach, Murnau and our world geography teacher is enough he's trying to hold it together right now."

"For him to prevent the accident, but that vision, he was traumatized enough already without adding this to it. Checking the book that these remarks came from if we were in their time, it hit me finally now." Billy said and passed him the book and he saw the sentences underlined and he closed his eyes in annoyance as he put it together.

"Carter just barely destroyed the plane anyway, if he lost his temper?" the officer with them said and Billy nodded. "Why did he lose his temper in the first place?" Weine asked and Billy thought it over. "Alex said he should lay off the J.D. at the funeral service we had a few weeks ago and he lost his temper." he said and they nodded sternly to that.

"Did you arrive in time for the fight?" he asked and Billy nodded gently. "Yeah I did, what happened was that after the end of that vision, I arrived in time to see the fight. But from the look on Carter's face, he had a panicked look, but his remark to him. It sounded more like a threat then a warning to him." he said and the quartet nodded sternly then.

"Alex never provoked him, no threats, no insults, nothing at all like that?" Shreck asked and he crossed his arms then. "No he never said anything like that, but when he started teasing him, the look on his face then. I saw what looked like a traumatized look in his eyes, just, before he lost control of his temper finally, but his remark to him then."

"I heard that same tone on the movie version to The Outsiders, between the narrator and the guy that tried to kill him, the exchange. Before Emilio said it with a warning tone right before the murder." he said and the officer covered his eyes then. "You guys did that stage play three months ago!" the chief said sharply at that remark as he got it.

"That vision is just as bad if not worse then his having nightmares of his parents accident, and his remark could be phrased, now. The way the narrator finally unloaded all of his anger at his fight with his brother as the final insult. It resulted in the attempted murder/suicide job if his friend hadn't stabbed him." The officer said sternly to that news.

"He thinks Alex busted him, before he even realized he busted him, that attack was a non provocation in Carter's case and he provoked him. Just to get our attention off him and on Alex, Alex never caused the explosion, he's innocent right now." Weine said, reading it out and Billy nodded as he said it slowly as the pieces to this situation came together.

"We saw Carter's reaction at the memorial service, what was that about exactly?" Shreck asked him and he sighed as he said it to him. "Alex told him if he wanted to live to adulthood, then maybe it was time to lay of the whiskey. But that did it as he lashed out and grabbed him by the arm." he said and they nodded sternly as they exchanged looks.

"I know that look Chief, what's wrong exactly?" he added and the man crossed his arms as Weine answered that. "We found 20 broken bottles of alcohol in four of the carry on bags, but inside the compartment we found a shattered bottle. As well as a packet of matches, and a black line leading from a set of light fixtures back to the bottle itself."

"That's what we were missing, he lashed out on them because he and his little friends dragged a few hundred dollars worth of alcohol on the plane. But the alcohol combined with the jet fuel, and the oil and possibly sparked a fire. Billy what was your coach exactly?" Weine said and he quickly answered him as he realized his friend was innocent.

"Wait a second, the carry on luggage was normal cloth, what if their suitcases were made of flame retardant plastic?" he asked and they nodded. "If several bottles survived the explosion and their student I.D.'s were in the bags, we can get him cleared." the detective said sharply and he nodded as he answered Weine's question then quickly.

"Chemistry teacher." he said and that did it then for the trio as that cracked everything he needed to know as Weine said it. "Someone created an improvised bomb here at the time, but he could've been drugged and if he was. Then he was too sick to stop Larry from leaving that night, but dreams or premonitions like this are traumatizing enough."

"And without his provoking him right now and making it worse." he said, feeling his anger growing by the minute. "Mr. Browning had Alex on a tight leash he doesn't drink or screw around with drugs." he said and that did it for the duo. "Was he drenched in sweat when they got him off the plane, son?" the chief asked and he nodded to him then gently.

"Yeah, but he was also burning up, like whatever happened caused his temperature to start spiking." he said and Weine said it firmly. "High body temperature, dilated eyes, cold sweat, did he look like he was sick to his stomach?" he asked and Billy nodded. "Someone spiked whatever he was drinking that night, that's what we were missing."

"Someone drugged him with a hallucinogen, so we don't see this till it's too late, too late now, you little brat, your ass is ours now. We find him and with him the evidence and you're going to jail for this." Shreck said with a stern growl and he nodded in agreement, as he said it firmly to that as he agreed with his partner on his remark then sternly.

"He told me he never took any drugs, but someone tanked whatever he was drinking with a hallucinogen, enhancing the effects of that vision." he said and the chief closed his eyes as he thought it over and his eyes narrowed. "The quintet are sick of being stuck under scrutiny and..." he started to say and the forensics officer said it angrily then.

"Does this look familiar guys?" the officer said and they crossed their arms. "That season 4 episode of Macgyver, it's happening again." the detective said and he nodded. "Carter just framed him for something he would never do, but we knew Alex longer then you have, but he had a clean record, his parents kept him on a tight leash the last 5 years."

"But Carter just destroyed that record." the chief said and he nodded. "Set up, this was a set up, Alex never did it, Carter Horton thought he busted him. Knowing Alex had the security check his stuff in the carry on, and they were being delayed. But the tank, the matches, the alcohol and oil, it created a 200 ton rocket, Alex tried to warn them."

"He said he didn't think it would happen, but with him sick to his stomach, he couldn't head off Murnau from leaving. Simple case of chemistry caused the damn thing to explode and Alex said he saw it go, but what caused it was the piece we never got. And everything that caused the house to explode is replicated and coming from the plane."

"We would've seen it if we checked the names of the quartet that were killed in the explosion, so though they're are gone. The one that can be blamed for this explosion is Carter, unknowing or not he just exposed himself to us. Alex, every time we saw him at the scene, he was checking on the victim." Shreck said and Weine nodded in agreement.

As he pulled the manifest list out and circled 7 names. "Who is Peter Harrison exactly?" he asked them and Billy answered that one. "Maternal uncle, Mrs. Browning's maiden name is Harrison, her brother was the third pilot on the plane. Sharon Parker is the owner of the coffee shop we were at." he told him and they nodded in shock to the news.

"Thomas Dennison and Jamie Taylor are some of Barbara's friends from high school, Jamie's younger brother had the tank. As for the youngest members, on that list, they were his charges when in local babysitting. The little brats killed his baby brothers and sisters, that's including Robby, who was the baby that was with Sharon that night."

"The woman with her was her older sister." The chief added and he nodded as he wrote down relations. "Well now it makes sense in why he's so closed off, he lost at least 30 people he loves by that accident. And he's trying to catch the killer now, but winds up getting hurt in the middle of this rescue attempt." Shreck said and Weine nodded sternly.