Okay don't fight me, I made an error in my older works in this series. The only death in modern au is Adam's. I didn't even kill Edgar and Tui so fight me. I had to alter a lot in the planning of these works, but I'm not going back and fixing parts. Please enjoy what happened around Ryuuji's part in the timeline! :3c


"Grandma? It's me, Allen, Alma is with me too. Can we come in?" Speaking up as he knocked on the thick wood of the door, he felt as his hand was grabbed carefully, smiling despite his fidgeting. He knew it had been a while since he had last seen his grandmother, but he couldn't make many excuses that were worth the attempt other than blaming his hectic senior year of highschool.

"Oh it's so nice to see you Allen! It's been so long, look at how much you've grown." Being pulled into a hug by the older woman he's known his entire life, he used his free arm to hug her back before he felt the other being released from its hold.

"I missed you too grandma Kat, I wish I had more time to come visit you, but with it being my last year of school I'm really busy." Feeling his grandmother let go of him, he smiled back as the lightly greying woman smiled at him, her hazel gaze moving to Alma who had taken a few steps back. Oh surely he knew he wasn't getting away without a hug.

"You too Alma, come on." Pulling Alma closer by his wrist, he couldn't help the sound he made when he was pulled into another hug. Being let go of again, he watched as Katerina moved to re-enter her home, tugging at the sleeves of the sweater he was 'borrowing' from Alma. "Come on inside, it's a little chilly out here. Would you like some tea?" Blinking a little, he felt his hand being taken again.

"Could I get water instead please?" Waiting a moment for his grandma to leave the room with a nod, he pulled the front door closed behind him, leading Alma over to the couches to sit. He could tell that he was visibly nervous, and the fact that he felt a warm hand on his leg that was meant to calm him down proved how obvious it was. Being handed his cup of water, he took a sip of the beverage as Alma was handed a cup of tea. Spending a few minutes in comfortable silence, he rested his shoulder against Alma as he took a breath, setting his cup on one of the coasters on the coffee table. Might as well get it over with.

"We actually came over to give you some news, and I really didn't want to just say it over the phone." Pausing for a second, he tried to not think about the mess of an explanation he had made a week ago in front of his dad and uncle. That was an absolute mess, so was when he told Alma but then again he wasn't the one to say it out loud. "Mrs Katerina D. Campbell you are going to be a great grandma." He could feel his cheeks warm up as he spoke, picking up his glass again and using it to partially hide his face.

"And I thought you said that you were busy with school, Allen. Does your father know about this?" Nodding his head a little, he let out a breath, glad that this was going better than the times before.

"We told him and Nea last week, they didn't take the news so well at first. It took a little while for the information to set in." Hearing his grandmother start laughing softly, he finally relaxed where he sat.

"I don't doubt that, I still remember how Nea reacted when Mana brought you home. He was silent for about three seconds before he started freaking out, and he barely left his room the first three days you were here." Laughing a little, he felt better about how telling his father had gone. "So how long until I can brag to my friends about my great grandchild?" Hearing Alma start choking on his tea beside him, he rubbed his boyfriend's back carefully as he set his water back down.

"Well we can't stop you from telling people about it, but it'll be at least another seven months before they're here." Holding his hands up as he tried to push back the blush from his cheeks, he moved both of his hands back into his lap. "If I've been keeping track of the days properly I should be about seven weeks along. Dad and Nea have already offered to help me move my things to Alma's place after I graduate." Keeping the conversation going, he barely realized how dark it was getting outside the window. It wasn't until the large grandfather clock chimed for nine that he realized how tired he was.

"I should see you both off now, it was nice seeing you both again. Come on by anytime, my door is always open." Standing by the door after helping take the empty cups into the kitchen, he was pulled back into a hug.

"We'll try grandma Kat, and if anything you'll see us when I graduate in a few weeks, but I'll be sure to try coming by before then, trust me." Stepping back a little, he smiled as Alma walked into the hug, not trying to run like he had earlier.

"It was nice seeing you again, Mrs. ." Hearing Katerina click her tongue, he tried to hold back his laughter as the older woman sent his boyfriend a scolding look.

"Oh please, Mrs. was my mother, if you want to be formal call me Katerina. But you're my grandson too, Alma, so don't worry if you address me as Allen does. He may have been poorly influenced by his uncle, but he's a sweetheart like his father where it counts." Watching the two smile, he waved one last time before he was led to the car they had come in.

"Mother? May we come in?" Hearing as his dad called through the door, he felt as his coat was tugged at and fixed, both of his arms already occupied with holding the sleeping bundle that was barely a day old. He was still exhausted and his hips ached badly from the night before, but he wouldn't change a thing about it all. Well, maybe when Alma almost broke his leg, but that wasn't too bad.

"Is he still asleep?" Nodding silently, he pressed one of his fingers against his mouth to shush his fiance. He didn't want their son waking up and crying, especially since he had just gotten the boy to fall asleep an hour ago.

"Yes he is, please keep your voice down." His throat was still sore, but he wouldn't keep his attention on that. Hearing the door open, he briefly saw his grandmother wrapped in her sweater from the edge of his vision before he was walked into the large home.

"I wasn't expecting visitors today, please excuse the mess." Silently watching as Mana, Nea and Alma helped grab the spools of yarn off the floor, he was careful as he shifted the newborn that laid in his arms so he could grab a bundle of seafoam yarn that had rolled and hit his foot. It was still odd to him that he could see his feet now.

"It's fine, grandma Kat. It's not like we warned you we were coming by. Why do you have so much yarn out anyway?" Handing the yarn off to Alma who put it back into the basket that had been knocked over just before they got there, he felt the baby shifting in his arms, glancing down and smiling as the boy settled again. The commotion must've disturbed him.

"I was just trying to finish a few projects before the baby came, I do have a few things done though." Smiling as he heard the words, he couldn't wait till the older woman noticed. The room was quiet for a few moments as the rest of the yarn was untangled and picked up from the floor, able to watch as Katerina searched for knit and sewn clothes and objects.

"Well you may not have to wait to see him with what you made." Watching as his grandmother sent Alma a look, he tried not to laugh as she turned to finally look at him. Moving his empty hand to gesture to his sleeping son, he felt his sleeve slip down and move the hospital band that was attached to his wrist.

"Why didn't any of you say something sooner?!" Hearing the laughter as they all watched her drop the fabric she had been holding to come over to him, he felt the top of his arm being grabbed and himself being led to the couch to sit.

"They wanted to see how long it took for you to notice. We decided to stop by on the way home from the hospital so you could meet him. Grandma Kat, meet Ryuuji Karma." Offering to hand his son over to the only maternal figure that he's had in his entire life, he made sure that the little baby was still asleep before relaxing against the back of the couch. He closed his eyes for a moment as his arms rested on his legs, able to feel and peeking one of his eyes open as a kiss was pressed to his forehead. He really was tired.

"You're real lucky, mum. Allen hasn't let anyone other than Alma and the doctors hold the baby since he was born, I'm a little jealous. He even scared off the four nurses who tried to take Ryuuji to the nursery so he could sleep last night." Turning red in the face, he tried to pull the collar of his jacket up to hide his burning cheeks.

"Says the one who dropped his nephew on his head at a month old. I'm your twin and I wouldn't trust you to hold Ryuuji until he's older, Nea." He couldn't help how he snorted, covering his mouth and nose to try and muffle the sound. Hearing more laughter from the room, he tried to calm himself down before he jumped, startled by the newborn crying all of the sudden. He was glad when he was handed his son back, instantly moving to shush the crying boy.

The group of them stayed there for a while longer, talking softly and getting help with putting and fixing the handmade clothing on his baby. He was even sure he saw Alma sharing pictures of their two week old niece with Katerina, his grandmother saying something about making the small girl a blanket and hat as well. He didn't really remember what time they had decided to head home, only remembering how he was practically carried back to his uncle's car and buckled in next to the carseat.