"Hope,Love,Peace" I recited happily. I closed my Diary and put it in my Backpack. It was the day of the big assembly for graduating elementary school. I had to read an essay I wrote to the whole 5th grade and all the parents. I was nervous but not as nervous as my sister,Elizebeth,in the 5th grade. She is the shyest one in the 5th grade. She had to read a poem to the whole 5th grade and all the parents. 'Why don't you do it?' asked. 'I'm too shy' Elezibeth would reply. She had to do it because our parents made her.

"Here we go," I said. I walked up to the podium that was waiting for me with a mic.

"Recite: Hope,Love,Peace." I told everyone. They recited it. "I worked hard to achieve this goal." I told everyone. I was getting more confident every time that I spoke.

"Beth" I said. Elezibeth's nickname for me is Beth. She had already walked up stage.