"Whoa. Why am I here? I must have fainted." Harry says confused. "There is a necklace on this platform and the charm on the necklace is an hourglass." Harry says picking up the necklace. Harry watches the sand go in and out and in and out. He does that four times. In a flash, Harry disappears in thin air. "Huff huff huff."

Harry wakes up panting. "Woah, what a dream." Harry checks the clock. It reads 7:00 am. "Huh, no Quidditch I guess." "Hey, what about that secret opening room? I am going to go back tonight!" Harry had once thought, but that thought got pushed down very fast.

"There is no secret opening or room!" Hermione and Ocean keep telling Harry, and Ron keeps saying stuff like "Your mental Harry." And Beth just keeps her distance. I don't know what I am supposed to do. I believe him, and don't at the same time.

"Harry, I don't think there's a secret room. You must be going mad, or crazy, or mental!" Lavender Brown keeps telling him.

"I swear I saw it!" Harry keeps telling Lavender.

"Wow man! Your crazy! That's crazy I mean!" Semus Finnigan keeps telling Harry.

"So you believe me?" Harry asks.

"No. That's just insane. I like the secret room/ secret opening story!" Semus told him.

"Your going mental." Dean Thomas keeps telling Harry.

"No I'm not!" Harry roars.

After 1 month of this, Harry decides it's time to go to Professor Dumbledore, and he drags me with him.

"Cherry Slugs! Acid Pops! Uhh I don't know!" Harry tries to guess the password. Then, it hits him. "LEMON DROP!"

The stone gargoyle jumps to the side. We go up the spiral staircase.


"Yes Harry? Oh goodie! Danielle's here to! What a treat!" Dumbledore is exited. Let me get something real quick. Uh, POPPY! Please sit down while your waiting. POPPY!"

Dumbledore returns with a big tray full of eclairs.

"Hermione and Ocean wouldn't like this would they?" Dumbledore asks.

"Yeah. Cuz-" I start, but Harry roughly stuffs an eclair into my mouth.

"Because, they started this thing called S.P.E.W?"

"Yes!" I choke.

"Good. Now swallow this please?" Dumbledore hands me a glass of Coca Cola. I do, and I stop choking.

"CHOCOLATE!" Dumbledore waves his wand. Then, there's a tiny CRACK At my feet. I scream.



"Dobby?" Dumbledore leans over his desk to look.

"Sorry Albus Dumbledore, but Dobby had to give Harry Potter and Danielle Dennison their socks that I made for them." Dobby says.

"It's ok Dobby." Dumbledore says.

"Thanks Dobby!" "Harry and I say together.

"So, what again did you come for?" Dumbeldore asks looking through his half- moon spectacles.

"I wanted to tell you that there is an opening in one of the Quidditch guideposts, and inside of it is a platform and on the platform is a hourglass looking necklace." Harry states running out of breath. "And on top of that, everyone that I have told, thinks that I have gone completely insane!"

" It is a time turner young Harry, if you think that the opening is real, promise me that you will not go back."

"I solemnly swear"

"Same goes for you too miss Danielle."

"Yes headmaster."

Harry and I stand up to leave

"What if I have to go by it for Quidditch?"

The words are out of Harry's mouth before he can stop them.

"Except that." Dumbledore says.

We leave.

"Did you notice the pattern of these socks?" I ask. "They look like little doors, and on the other, a pair of doorknobs."

"I have Broomsticks, and snitches." Harry says. "How did Dobby know I played Quidditch?"

"I would trade you for these." I say, holding out the socks that have the doors and door knobs.

"Fine." Harry holds out his, and I hold out mine, and it's a quick trade.

"These don't look like doors and door knobs Dani" Harry says. "I dunno. Let's ask Ocean and Hermione."

We quickly walked up the marble staircase.

"Pig Snout Pig Snout!" Harry pleads.

"If you insist." Says the Fat Lady with a yawn. We clamber through the portrait hole.

"I+F= IF Susan. Don't you understand?" My classmate Parvati was saying, I guess her little sister. Padma was in Ravenclaw.

"Dean! THIS is soccer!" An unidentified voice scource. Then, I relized it was from our dormitory, and that was Semus's voice, trying to explain to Dean what soccer is.

"Ocean! Hermione!" Harry yells. They come rushing down. They are weirdly dressed. They are wearing aprons, and their hair and face and hands are covered in flour.

"What were you guys doing?" I ask.

"Helping out Dobby and his house-elf friends." Ocean replies.

"Anyway, can you tell us what these are?" Harry asks.

"Tiny little...uhhh...Oceania's...and uhhh…...tiny little Gaia's?!" Hermione gasps. "He got your's mixed up with Oceania's!"

"DOBBY!" Harry bellows.

No one hears. He's lucky.

"Yes Harry Potter?" Dobby asks.

"Did you make socks for miss Oceania Granger?" Harry asks.

"Yes sir! I have Miss Danielle Dennison's true socks. Give Dobby the Oceania and Gaia's socks. Please forgive Dobby."

"We will Dobby." I say then… "OUCH! MY LEG IS HURTING!"

"MY SCAR IS TOO!" Harry yells.

Hermione, Ocean, Beth, and Dobby are silent with suprise.

"Huh. That's weird." Hermione says. "Are you guys sure that your not twins or siblings?"

"Hermione we never discused us being siblings!" Beth says. "And no! We are definetly NOT siblings!"

"You sure?" Ocean asks.

"Yes!" Beth says. My leg, and Harry's scar stops hurting.

"I just had a cramp." I say. "If we were siblings, wouldn't somewhere on Beth be hurting at that exact same moment too?"

"Good point." Ocean says.

"Well, sorta something is weird… I think we MIGHT be related...NO HARRY I SAID MAYBE" I yell after I state my scentance. Harry had started to yell at me.



Harry stops yelling, then starts back up.

"WELL IF YOU THINK SOMETHINGS FISHY THEN-" And he just keeps yelling. 'Then this is blah blah blah' and 'this is blah blah blah'. I eventually storm up the spiral stairs and then fall asleep.

In the morning, I tell Hermione and Ocean and Beth and Harry something.

"I had this really strange dream! I thought that …" Pause. "WAS ATTACKED BY A GIANT BASILISK THAT HAD SLITHERED OUTTA THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS!" Pause. "How did I know what that thing was called? AND HOW IN THE WORLD DID I KNOW WHAT THE CHAMBER WAS CALLED?!" I yell.

"Did I hear my Dad's name?" Ron was awake. We go outta the portrait hole.

"FIRST MUGGLE-BORNS THEN BLOOD TRAITORS WEASLEY!" Malfoy roars while he, Crabbe, Goyle, and Oceania laughs loudly. Ron runs up to Malfoy.

"Your next Malfoy…" Ron says then rushes outta the castle. We find him later and on the way up to the castle…

"Hey! Come to watch it too? Father's really happy about it.." Malfoy and his friends and Oceania were giggling.

"YOU FILITHY DIRTY COCKROACH!" Hermione yells. She yelled. Loudly. "YOU DIRTY-"


"Slap Malfoy if he does something to annoy you." I whisper to Hermione.

She turns to leave as he laughs then she turns around and-

SMACK! She had slapped him with all the strength she could muster. Malfoy staggered. Hermione had slapped him.


"We should leave." Oceania says and throws a death glare at me.

How did she know that I told Hermione to do that? I wonder.