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Summary: This is a pretty simple idea to follow! This is what the show Inu Yasha would have been like if Usaera and myself had written the script for it! This is our take on the show, doing what we want, when we want with the characters, along with those we create! Don't worry, mostly all the characters will appear, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and some other will be in here, they just may be introduced in slightly different ways.

The story starts out with Inu Yasha and Kagome looking for the Shikon Jewel, it is still in one piece at this point, but the clumsy Kagome lost it….. Now.. enjoy!

Episode 1: Jewel Hunt

            Inu Yasha raced through the woods with Kagome on his back. "Well,

            you sense anything yet? Or have you fallen asleep back there?" Inu

            Yasha said heatedly. She sighed heavily," No I haven't, and for your

            information its you who should get some sleep, always ordering me

            around, yelling at me. Just who do you think you are anyway?!" Inu

            Yasha came to a sudden stop in the middle of the woods and then

            dropped her off his back and then spun around to face her. "Listen

            here, Stupid. I've got ya around only cause you're good at findin'

            the jewel! And we wouldn't be out here ALL NIGHT if you hadn't lost

            it in the first place!" he yelled. She narrowed her eyes and crossed

            her arms," My name is Ka-go-me!! Not stupid! Not Girl!" Her form

            turned briskly and closed her eyes."...And if you don't say it you

            won't get my help!"

                Inu Yasha stopped for a second, blinking as he

            watched her walk away. His ears twitched slightly before he quickly

            caught up with her.  "Yeah, well, it's not like your much help any

            way. Besides, where're you gonna go? It's not like you've got

            somethin' better to do, sides botherin' me." he huffed beside her.

            His arms were crossed and he was looking in the opposite direction

            of her.  The necklace the old priestess so wrongly placed around his

            neck, clanked noisily on his chest. She crossed her arms and stomped

            her foot. "Well if I'm so useless! Then you won't care if I just go

            home!" With that she glanced at him through the corner of her eye,

            and stormed off in the opposite direction. Inu Yasha's ears followed

            her. He stood motionless for a moment before he gritted his teeth

            and then turned swiftly around. "Wait you stupid girl! Who said you

            could go HOME?! You haven't found my jewel yet!" he ran up along

            side her, but feeling he was too close, slowed some and tried to

            keep his distance. He didn't want it to appear like he was following

            her. "I'm TALKIN' here! Are you listenin' or what?!" he yelled at


                  She huffed faintly and kept walking, intent on ignoring the

            half demon following her. But her feet suddenly stopped. She could

            sense the Jewel, but something was wrong, it was moving around them.

            No, now it was right behind them. Kagome turned slowly, and her eyes

            grew large with fear upon seeing the jewel's new master. It was a

            large demon, resembling a T-rex with red skin and eight glowing

            eyes. Its teeth were abnormally long and jagged spins ran all over

            its back only to end in a spiked ball at the end of its tail. She

            could see the Jewel's light glowing in its belly.

            "In..Inu..yash..a" her voice shook as she pointed a trembling finger

            behind him. "I...found the je..wel.." But Inu Yasha smelt it as it

            approached and spun around dramatically to meet it. His hair was the

            last to spin completely around as he stood in a fighting pose, his

            claws ready. "What the hell are you supposed to be?" he said, trying

            to be humorous and sarcastic. A smug smirk played on his face. The

            demon roared into his face, saliva and decaying meat flung from his

            unhinged jowls. "I see you've already eaten. You reek of the foul

            stench of fresh human blood!" he said bringing up an arm slightly to

            shield himself from the putrid smell.

               He took a step back and then

            looked over his shoulder. "Hey, YOU!" he yelled at Kagome. "Get

            outta here right now!" he yelled to her. At that moment the huge,

            spiked tail of the demon whipped around, aimed at Inu Yasha's

            mid-section. Inu Yasha flew back and upwards, flipping into a

            near-by tree, barely missing the attack. The earth was torn open by

            the force. "I said get outta here, stupid!" he yelled. Kagome

            nodded, and was running before his second sentence was even

            finished. The Demon, not being the brightest of demons, lost track

            of Inuyasha after his fast retreat. It's ocular vision panned

            around before falling on the only thing moving, Kagome. It launched

            itself towards her running fast. It let loose a roar that made the

            trees and earth shake. Kagome turned, hearing the roar, but in the

            instant she caught sight of her pursuer, a tree root gripped her

            toe, sending her flat into the ground. She rolled over only to be

            staring up at the demon. "INU YASHA!!!!"

            Inu Yasha's face flushed

            with fear. He took off as fast as he could. The demon was in

            mid-swing of his tail attack when Inu Yasha arrived. He had only

            enough time to push Kagome out of the way, before he was dealt the

            full force of the attack and was sent head-first into a near-by

            tree. The tree was reduced to splinters and the half-demon lay

            amongst the debris. "You...still... breathin', you

            stupid...girl...?" he managed to say as he struggled to regain his


           Kagome groaned, having rolled a rough, good distance away

            when he pushed her aside. "Yea..h.." she murmured, not sure if she

            was answering him, or talking to herself. When she turned the demon

            was standing over her again, rancid saliva dripping from its parted

            jaws onto her. Kagome began frantically feeling the ground around

            her, searching for anything she could use as a weapon. her fingers

            circled around something and she brought it to her face, a stick,

            'You have got to be kidding me!' The demon opened its mouth wide

            and roared, her hair whipping back, 'well, here it goes.' She jabbed

            the stick into its mouth vertically, holding his jaws open in a

            cliché manner, "HAH! Take tha-" before she could finish rejoicing,

            it simply closed its mouth, snapping the 'twig' in half and eating

            it. ' why did I think that would work?'

            Inu Yasha was on his

            feet at this time, he held his shoulder and rotated it as he walked

            towards the beast. 'Give you one thing...she's got spunk to say the

            least...' he thought as he approached the demon from behind. "That's

            the trouble with unfinished business..." he said as he pulled the

            demon back by his tail and swung him around. "'s got a tendency

            to show up when ya lest expect it!" he said and let go of the

            demon's tail, sending it head first into an apple tree. "How do ya

            like them apples?" he said smugly. The demon lay impelled by the

            tree. "Time to finish this!" he said, a dark smirk played on his

            face. He then jumped into the air, bringing his hand up and back.

            "Iron Reverse Soul Stealer!" he cried as he brought down his hand. A

            ring of energy formed, spun towards the demon and then tore the

            demon in half.

                Inu Yasha then stood in the mist of the carnage and

            searched for the jewel. The crimson covered treasure was quickly

            found and his held it in his blood soaked hand.  A look of dark

            triumph filled his features as he looked upon the jewel. "At last!

            My dreams'll be realized!" he said with unbridled happiness and

            cocky triumph that only he could achieve. Kagome gingerly walked

            over to him and crossed her arms, "Who said YOU get the Jewel


                Inu Yasha gripped the jewel tightly in his fist as he

            looked at Kagome through flattened brow. "And how'd you suppose your

            gonna manage to take it from me?" he asked sarcastically. She

            cleared her throat placing her hands on her hips, "Sit Boy!" Inu

            Yasha managed a look of utter surprise before he was sent headfirst

            into the carnage and mud. The only thing sticking out was the hand

            that held the jewel. She easily took it from his twitching hand. She

            looked down, seeing he was blowing bubbles in the puddle of blood

            and guts he was submerged in.

                Her voice began painfully innocent

            sounding, "Hey, you ok?" Inu Yasha pulled his head out of the waste

            and looked at her, only his narrowed, gleaming eyes could be seen.

            "Do I LOOK okay to you?!" he cried, his voice cracking slightly.

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