Sapphira Starlett - Victor of the 25th Hunger Games

Sapphira could hardly believe that after eleven days straight of being on edge, all it took was three slashes of her naginata for her to win it all. Once she pushed the boy from 8 to the ground, she couldn't help but doubt that it truly was all over. Compared to everything else she'd been through, even just earlier that day with what she dubbed the "sex-tacular stabbage," seemed way more intense than her final kill. But she couldn't complain, right? She had wanted to be a star forever, and it appeared she finally was one, even if the single moment that projected her into stardom was lackluster. As Sapphira exited the elevator that took her out of the arena, people were lined down the hallway, begging to talk to her or photograph her.

"No cameras please," She fast-walked by the paparazzi, amazed at how natural being famous came to her, "But I can't wait to talk to you dolls later!"

The hallway led to a room where her stylist Tigris was waiting for her.

"Congratulations, Sapphira!" Tigris clapped and beamed as she entered the room, "I always knew you would be able to do it."

"Your support means the world to me, darling!" Sapphira went to hug her, "Now I am in dire need of some work. I look like a mess."

Sapphira hadn't seen much of herself in the arena, just the occasional reflection of her face in ponds or windows, so it wasn't until she got into the elevator, that she realized how god-awful she looked. Her hair was ratty and the bags under her eyes were huge, not to mention she desperately needed to shave her legs and armpits. The boys were given hormones so they wouldn't grow more hair, but the hormones the girls were given only served to stop menstruation. Sapphira hopped in the bath and closed her eyes, the first time she'd been able to do so without fearing her life in days, and was almost able to relax, but alas she was disrupted with horrific images of her kills. She reckoned the images would flicker through her head for a while, since the experience was so fresh in her head, and she hoped they'd subside as time passed, so it was an overall pleasant bath.

When she exited the tub, Tigris was there to shave her, and then apply makeup and comb her hair. She'd forgotten how beautiful she looked when she was all done up properly. She put on a beautiful silver pantsuit and prepared for her first public appearance as Victor when she was stopped by a lady with long brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Sapphira?" The lady's voice was unsettlingly high, like a siren, "I just wanted to say congratulations!"

"Thank you?" Sapphira said, perplexed as to who this random lady thought she was and why she thought she was important enough to stop her, since she looked busy, "Who are you exactly?"

"Livia Cardew." She extended her hand, "District 6 Escort and Head Gamemaker Snow's fiancé!"

"Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you then!" Sapphira's tone switched immediately, "Give my best to your husband!"

"Oh I will," Livia said, "By the way, I was rooting for you all along!"

"Why thank you–"

"But!" Livia cut her off, "My dear Coryo was all for Summer and then you killed her which was so awkward because he couldn't let Logan win since he's a criminal and then he'd be executed regardless of his victory which wouldn't be very fun, but congratulations!"

"I really appreciate that," Sapphira stuttered, "But I really need to go now."

She ran off. She had a feeling that she wasn't supposed to have heard what Livia had just said about Logan. She figured some of her fellow competitors would be criminals, but she was under the impression that winning would clear their records. That would make a lot of sense yet Sapphira was apparently the only one who thought that. Perhaps that was why the finale was so easy. They were just forced into the center to fight, and it was a situation in which Sapphira was almost certain to win. She couldn't help but groan at the fact that her stardom was obtained only to guarantee future entertainment, but perhaps being a star was about making compromises and doing the best with any situation. If one thing was for sure, it was that Sapphira was extralled to find out what being a star meant, and this was only the beginning.

Coriolanus Snow - Head Gamemaker

Coriolanus took great pride as he walked down the streets of the Capitol, a few weeks after the finale, and still heard people talking about how much they loved the Games and were excited for the videotape capturing them would be coming out soon. That's right, Coriolanus had secured a deal with District 1 that would allow the footage of the Games to be released to anyone who could afford a tape. It was the best way to maintain the legacy of what he kept hearing be described as "the best Games in Panem history," and he was excited to see how they held up over the years, especially since Coriolanus had decided this was his last year of being Head Gamemaker. He'd gone out with a bang, and he knew he could never top what he did, so he figured it was time for him to hand the position over to a fresh new leader. Obviously, that wasn't the only reason he was stepping down, as he had a secret plan that would allow him to become President, which was all but guaranteed to work, especially now after the success of the 25th Games.

"Thank you for meeting with me today," Coriolanus was invited into a meeting with President Ravenstil, "I have to ask, what was the purpose of us meeting?"

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a successful period of time as Head Gamemaker!" He said, "While I'm disappointed that you're stepping down, I'm excited to see what you do next for our fair country!"

Little did the poor President know, he wouldn't get the privilege of seeing what Coriolanus would do next.

"Would you like anything to eat?" Coriolanus asked.

"Could I get some grapes?" The President replied, "My vision isn't very good as of late, and I'd get some myself but I'm not sure that I'd be able to find–"

"It's alright." Coriolanus said, "I'll get them."

Coriolanus walked out of the room and into his office's kitchen. He looked through the cabinets, pretending to be searching for grapes, then looked over his shoulder to ensure nobody was coming when he slipped a bushel of Nightlock, a poisonous berry, into the bowl from his satchel.

"Here you go!" Coriolanus handed the President the bowl that would eventually lead to his demise, "I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your support during my time as Head Gamemaker."

It was true that Coriolanus was appreciative of him, hence why he was feeling almost guilty over what he was doing, but unfortunately that was what it would take if he wanted to fall on top.

"You're welco–" President Ravenstil fell out of his seat and onto the ground with a large THUMP. Coriolanus looked away as he slowly closed his eyes before wiping his face with a napkin. He took the remaining berries and put them in the garbage compactor, before running into the hallway screaming, "Somebody help! I think the President is dead!"


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