Pharaohess's Note: I've seen so many poems about what Sam sees is happening
to Frodo in Mordor, so I decided to do one about what Frodo sees is
happening to himself.

I'm dying - I can feel it inside
Each day the forces of Light and Dark collide
And inside my heart, where hope is no more,
There is always a feeling of death and war.
Sam can see the change in my eyes,
I'm sick of the Ring, the bloodshed, the lies.
I want it to be over more than ever.
But it is a task I must endeavour.
Every breath my soul becomes more daunted,
And my mind becomes more haunted
And in every way I'm losing grip
And in every way I'm starting to slip.
The pain in my shoulder hurts me more,
And I feel forever at Death's door
I know destiny rests on my fulfilling the quest,
And that is what I must try to do best.
Everyday the Ring becomes more my Master,
And I wish this quest would be done faster,
But the Ring is growing forever intense
And I am keeping it at my own expense.
Sam is a loyal friend - he is always there,
Even after the Ring is mine to bear,
And he is still a friend, even when I say a sudden thing,
But he knows the thing I say is not myself, but the Ring.
Sam is the only one who reminds me who I used to be,
Without him I would have succumbed to be me
Each day, in my mind I beg for relief,
But all I get is more hurt and grief.
As Mt Doom grows ever nearer,
The love I hold for my friends grows ever dearer
And I know there is a chance I will not survive the final ordeal
No matter what I do or how I feel.
As I stand at the base of the peak,
And try to escape the eye - the Ring it seeks
And I begin the climb to the fire
I know that this rock will be my funeral pyre.
And as I stand, a though crosses my mind,
As the Ring starts to take me in a full bind,
Why not take the Ring? I hold it now,
And I could throw down Sauron somehow.
This thought becomes more and more great
And I think to myself the time is now! Why wait?
And so I stand and claim the Ring for my own,
But after I do something knocks me down onto the stone.
A fight ensures, we both want the Ring,
We struggle and hit over so small a thing,
But in the end, my opponent prevails,
And I look down at my now nine nails.
But as he dances, he moves closer to the chasm,
Hopping and dancing as if in some wild spasm,
But then leaps to far, and falls down to the flame,
And there is the end of that deadly game.
I have lost a finger, but not my life,
As I had feared when I was overcome with strife,
And so finally to Sauron, the debt is repaid,
And in Mt Doom the Ring is unmade.
And in a moment, I am me once more,
Now I am again at light's door,
The darkness has gone, light prevailed,
And through it all I do not fail!
But that is a lie, as I know,
I have a finger missing to show,
Because I gave into all the dark,
When not even Sam was my bright spark.
But now it is over, I can again rest
The hurt is gone, no pain in my chest,
Sam and I are heroes, or so the people say,
The Pheriannath who gave light its day.

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Everyone has the right to judge this to his or her own standards. Hope you
enjoyed it!

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