This is just a random story idea I got. PG for some content, I don't want any one getting ideas. Didn't know what genre to put it under, so I hope Drama is fine.

Yami: What do you mean "Domino High Shooting'?!

Me: I mean exactly what it says

Yami: Does someone die?

Me: *shifty eyes*


Me: *To Yugi* Has he had his medication today?

Yugi: Nope

Me: Figures.


~*Yami POV*~

It had started off as a normal day, but ended as one we all thought must be a dream. I had come into school as usual, with my friends, and my hikari, and had been discussing Duel Monsters. Normal. When the bell had rung, we had all trudged across the ground to get to our first class; History. Yugi had been talking about something, I can't remember what, when we reached our History class. Our History teacher was always really strict; so our conversation couldn't continue.

However, about ten minutes after our class had started, and Teach was rambling on about something, a note was passed to me by Yugi to be passed to Joey. On it was written 'Joey, do you want to have a practice duel after school?' I smiled. Joey would be pleased - he always loved duelling Yugi. I passed it on, and watched Joey grin as he read it. Looking across to Yugi, Yugi raised an eyebrow, and Joey nodded. It was something to look forward to, for all of us. Anyway, during history class, the door opened and one of the seventh form students walked in. He was holding a black bag, and we wondered what he could be here for. I remembered that I had heard his name before - his name was Brad, and there were rumours going around the school that both him and his friend Louie were mentally unstable.

Brad pulled out a gun from the black bag he had been carrying. We all froze. Was this some sort of joke? But then we heard screams from further up the hall, and Brad pulled the trigger. He hit out history teacher in the leg, and our Teach collapsed.

We were all still frozen with fear and Brad turned and looked at our class.

"The gym. Move."

We all got up slowly, and walked towards the gym. Louie was there, holding a gun and making sure no one ran for it. In about 20 minutes, the entire school was in the gym. Louie shot the roof to gain attention and silence.

"After we have spoken, we will let you go. But be warned. The school is locked. You cannot get out, and this will become a game for us." He shot at the roof two more times, and five more gun holders walked in. "This is becoming a game for us.the one with the highest score will win. We will let you go, and will escort you back to your first lesson class, and then we will give you ten minutes, to run wherever you want in the school. Certain rooms have been targeted. When the bell rings, you may go. When the second bell rings, the game begins, and we come after you."

By this time, some people had started to cry. Téa was crying, and Tristan had his arm around her. Joey was stunned, and was staring at the floor. Seto had his head on his knees. Yugi was looking thoughtful, and Ryou had his eyes closed and was breathing slowly; I think he might have been trying to calm himself down. Bakura's eyes met mine, and he gave a slightly worried look. As for me, I was scared and worried. I didn't want to die, after getting separated from Yugi, the same for Bakura, both our lives had taken a definite upturn. We were independent. I didn't want to die, not now, not today. Everyone in the gym shared that thought, I think. The seven gunmen escorted the classes - one took us back to our history classroom. Our teacher was gone, and we hoped he had gone for help. When our gunman had left, we all started to whisper quietly to each other. The first bell rang, and all of us ran for the door.

We stayed together, the eight of us. Bakura had an idea to hide in a science lab, upstairs.

It was full of good hiding places. It was surprisingly deserted, upstairs. We guessed most people had gone to one of the bigger rooms, with the idea that the shooters wouldn't go for the most obvious room. We split into two groups: Me, Yugi, Joey and Tristan went to the science room A3, and Téa, Seto, Ryou and Bakura went into the science room A4.

The science room we were in was deserted, apart from us. The second bell rang. We all split up, running to different places. Tristan and Joey hid behind one of the benches, one that was solid, where all the chemicals were kept. I jumped up onto the wall benches beside a tall cupboard, so I was hidden by the cupboard, but was off the ground. Yugi was about to hide when one of the gunmen entered the room.

"Hey! This room has been marked, Midget. You're dead. You the only one?"

Yugi took a deep breath and fought to keep his face truthful. "Yes. I'm the only one here. My friends ran to a different room. I didn't see which way they went."

The shooter grinned. "So my score is one."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yugi: Oh great. So I'm gonna die?

Me: Maybe, maybe not..

Yugi: *turns to readers* OK, I want to find out if I live or die. If you review, then the mighty Pharaohess might put up the next chapter!