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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~*Yami's POV *~

I sat, stunned, unmoving, for a great amount of time. Everything around me, the sight, the sounds, faded into darkness and I was left in a mixed feeling of sadness, surprise, helplessness and anger.

The Gods had ignored me! After I pleaded, spoke my heart to them they are going to let Yugi die? My other half, my hikari, my light is going to die because the Gods couldn't be bothered saving him?

No, that wasn't right. It was meant to be this way. Yugi was to go to the Elysian Fields, where he would sit in peace and tranquillity. I couldn't change that. The will of the Gods was impossible to change.

Vaguely, I heard someone calling me. My name was being said by someone, and the darkness was retreating and my vision returning. The waiting room came back into focus, including a very worried group of my friends.

"Yami? Are you ok?"

I didn't have the strength, heart or voice to reply. I just sat, dimly aware of what was being said around me. I heard that Yugi had been moved back to his room, and I immediately stood up and walked back to it.

I couldn't bear the sight of my poor, innocent hikari, lying pale, weak and silent in the bed. His heart monitor was beeping softly. I wondered how long those individual sounds would remain, until it all became one monotone sound.

Everyone sat in silence, until Mokuba fell asleep and Seto took him home. During the next two or so hours everyone slowly left, because they were tired, and because they all knew I wanted to be left alone.

When Bakura had finally left, after it being about ten minutes if only him and me with Yugi, I broke down next to Yugi's bed. I wept and dissolved into memories, thoughts, tears and darkness.

My hikari, the one I was meant to protect, was going to die. My other half. Without him, my life would be shrouded in darkness, and I knew I would probably never smile again. Everything that was always with him: laughter, light, friendship, truth, hope, peace, trust, self-sacrifice, love.all of it would be gone. I would never recover. I would never be able to forget this, this pain, this helplessness, this loss.

I knew I had to try, one last time. I wiped the tears from my eyes, and composed myself,; sitting straight, my hands clasping Yugi's right hand, head bowed.and withdrew my soul to my soul room. Quickly, I left my room and ventured into Yugi's.

It was pitch black. My only light was given by the light that was shining through the doorframe. I searched with my eyes for Yugi, and when that proved pointless, searched with my heart. I let my senses guide me to the middle of the room, where the toe of my boot hit something soft.

It was Yugi, lying on his back on the floor, his left hand on his chest, and his right arm at his side. I dropped to my knees, and lifted Yugi's left hand. His eyes fluttered and slowly opened. He caught sight of my and spoke in a voice merely more than a whisper.


I placed my right hand on his right shoulder and supported him into a sitting position. He slackened and almost fell when I removed my arm, so I kept it there.

"Yami, I'm so sorry."

I blinked, surprised. This was unexpected. Shouldn't I be the one apologizing? For not protecting him? For letting it come to this?

"For what, my hikari?"

"For doing this to everyone. I'm sorry to cause such trouble."

"Don't be stupid." I embraced him, and he weakly lifted one arm to drape around my shoulders. I could feel his heart beating. Every heartbeat was bringing him closer to death.

"It wasn't your fault. It never will be. You must remember that."

"Ok." The reply was weak. "But I am sorry that I had to leave you, Yami. It will be different without you.and I swear, I will wait."

I smiled weakly. "When your world fades to black, look for a tall, kingly man with the head of a hawk. I will give you the Buckle of Carnelian, an Egyptian symbol of protection, and he will recognise you buy it. He is Ra, the Almighty God of Egypt, and will take you to the Elysian Fields, where it is evergreen and peaceful, and you can wait there."

" prayed for me?"

"I did. It was in Egyptian, so only Bakura knows what was said. I don't know how much he told the others."

"What did you say?"

I told Yugi what I had said, this time in English. When I had had finished, he looked at me and quietly said, "Thank you."

He shuddered, and I held him closer. "It's getting hard to breath and move." he murmured quietly.

//Then don't speak, hikari//

/Yes.speaking like this is easier, but still difficult/

//Then don't say too much//

/But I must say this.tell everyone goodbye, and thank you. Thank you for everything. Tell them all to never give up, to always reach higher. And to take the time to look at the smaller things in life/

// I promise I will//

/But most of all, tell yourself to always live life to the full. You may think you'll never laugh or smile, or be happy again without me, but the truth is you will. You must - for me. If you won't live for yourself, live for me/

//I swear I will.//

/The getting heavier./


/I love you, Yami./

//I love you, Yugi. Always will//

/Goodbye, Yami./

He gave a shuddering breath and then went still. A few more seconds and his heart stopped beating against me. I kissed his forehead and lay him on the floor of his soul room. I then quickly ran back to my own room, and grabbed the Buckle of Carnelian from a shelf. I would keep my promise.

I placed the Buckle in his cold hands and placed his hands on his chest. The physical body would never possess the Buckle but the soul would and that was what mattered. When the Buckle was in place I said the prayer to go with it.

"May the blood of Isis, and the powers of Isis, and the enchantments of Isis be powers to protect this mighty one and to guard him from that would do him anything which he abominates."

When that was done, I sat next to his soul and let my tears flow freely. All sorts of memories and thoughts rushed through my head, bought on by my grief. It was never going to be all right without him.

I composed my self again and bought my soul back to the real world. Yugi's heart monitor was making one constant monotone beep so I turned it off to give myself some peace.

I clasped on of Yugi's cold hands and cried. I don't know how long I did. My mind was now blank, and I was on the verge of exhaustion.

I hoped Yugi had found his way to Ra, for I was certain that Ra would obey my last wish. It comforted me somewhat to know Yugi was in caring hands, and that he was in the Elysian Fields. It also comforted me to know that he would probably watch me from the heavens.

I wiped my streaming eyes on my sleeve, and stood up to leave, to find Dr. Kennedy, and to ring the others and tell them what had happened.

I kissed Yugi's cold forehead again, and gave one last message. I knew he would hear it.

//Goodbye, my hikari//


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