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3/22/2021 (11:45pm) Guest: This is pretty bad your forcing him to meet to many characters at once and then having him now stuff that should otherwise be hidden and then when he literally has the powers of the kyuubi and all 16 devil pieces you make him give up so he can be locked away it's infuriating how inconsistent you are is naruto suppose to help them get better or actually be a character with a significant role cause ever time he's about to help them that fucking shitty girl comes in and says "stop" and he's all "ok" like is naruto going to be badass or not because you give him all this power and he dies shit with it

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Hello! I'm back with another chapter! I don't know how long it will take me to write this chapter, but I'll try to get it out soon as I can. By the title of this chapter, ya'll can figure out what's going on. Anyways, some bumps, twists, and turns for Naruto on his journey through the elemental nations. Don't worry, I'm not forgetting Rias or anyone, they're currently undergoing some rigorous training! I want to change them up a bit, but not too much where they completely destroy the DxD universe… ops I said too much!

Last Chapter

While the next day rolled around Naruto and Temari spent the day talking as well. They didn't realize it, but it was like a small date they went on. Naruto got up and made breakfast for himself, Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro, "Woah this is delicious! You can cook way better than any of us can!" Kankuro chowed down on the cinnamon rolls Naruto made which Temari began to take more too. Naruto continued to eat the breakfast burritos he learned to make thanks to Merlin.

"This is mighty impressive; any lady would be lucky to get you." Gaara mentioned stoically which no one noticed, but Temari had a tint of pink stain her cheeks. However, she quickly shook her head getting rid of such thoughts out of her head.

"Well thanks, Gaara, I already got some pretty ladies waiting for me at home." Naruto let a chuckle out as Kankuro grunted.

"Lucky bastard." Kankuro said with jealousy hearing Naruto had more than one girl.

This Chapter

Naruto sat up in his bed rubbing his eyes. He looked down to see his bed bare and empty, places where warm bodies should be, "I kinda miss everyone sleeping with me. I feel colder alone." "What about me brat? Forget I can go where you go?" Kurama said annoyingly within Naruto's seal, "Mah, mah you don't count furball." Naruto yawned standing up wearing a white baggy t-shirt and a pair of blue boxers. Which he simply slipped on his pj shorts and went to use the bathroom. Naruto went to tun the doorknob until he stopped, "Temari is in there isn't she, I DO NOT feel like being on the end of her fan." Naruto turned around and began to walk towards the kitchen.

He went to the fridge and opened it taking out some eggs, sausage, bacon, and grabbed some biscuits from the cabinet. He turned around and saw three people sitting at the island counter. He narrowed his eyes at them, "Morning Naruto!" Temari waved at him with a smile on her face.

"Morning." Gaara said with his monotone voice.

"Hey what are you cooking there chef!" Kankuro said with a bright grin plastered on his face.

Naruto simply turned to grab a couple of pans and placed some butter on the two pans. Broke some eggs and placed them into a bowl which he also grabbed from a cabinet. Naruto smiled, "I know how about some breakfast burritos." Naruto turned back to the fridge but forgot they didn't have chorizo and soft taco shells here, "That sucks you don't have chorizo nor soft taco shells."

"Chorizo? Soft Taco shells?" Temari raised an eyebrow a little confused by the new words.

"I'll make it, it only takes a few minutes longer." Naruto created a few shadow clones as they began to work on the soft taco shells while he created the chorizo, "The soft taco shells as easy to make, combine flour, salt, and baking powder. Cut in some vegetable oil, mix in warm water, and knead it into a soft, supple dough ball. Then, just pluck off a portion for each tortilla. The recipe should yield about 16 taco-sized shells or depending on how big you want the shell to be." The three sand siblings looked at Naruto his clones making the dough. The nice thing about gaining the Rinnegan it allowed Naruto to manipulate all five elements pretty well. Also, having magic also helps cook the soft taco shells quicker. Since he also is better with fire magic than he is with fire chakra. He did just obtain Rinnegan so his affinity over all the elements isn't that amazing, "The chorizo isn't too difficult either, thin sausage containing almost any mixture of meat, fat, or even cartilage, smoked rather than fresh. Chorizo is a mixture of chopped pork meat, pork fat, salt, whole pepper grains, cinnamon, achiote, and other spices, which produce its characteristic deep red color. Maybe the smoking aspect is a little hard to do. However, I'm sure I can do it pretty easily with magic using runes." Naruto hasn't had much practice using runes, but it had to work similarly to Fuinjutsu right? He'd have to look more into it when he got back, but thanks to magic in general. Specifically devil magic, as long as he puts his mind to it, his magic can do just about anything.

It took a few minutes, but Naruto had everything cooking which was amazing the three-sand sibling's mouth water. Once Naruto was done, he took the bacon and broke it up. Naruto took the scrambled eggs, chorizo, and cut up bacon, and place it into large size tortilla rolls. Naruto then wrapped the four burritos up and placed them on plates handing it to them, "Dig in and I hope you three enjoy!" Naruto sat down to the left of Temari, to her right was Gaara and then Kankuro respectively.

The three sand siblings looked at the lump of food on their plates. Naruto looked at them as they had a perplexed look on their faces, "Umm… Naruto how are we supposed to eat this? I'm pretty sure chopsticks won't work." Gaara asked poking it with said utensil.

"Like this!" Naruto grabbed it both with two hands taking a bite! Naruto smiled at his perfection… okay, it didn't even taste like the real thing. It was good it had a good flavor, but it was missing a bit more oomph to it! Also, not like their ingredients are the level of the ones in Rias's world.

Kankuro, Gaara, and Temari follow suit copying Naruto taking bites of the burrito. Before Naruto could ask how they liked it, Naruto was forced to pull back for a moment. That was because Kankuro's eyes turned into a shiny black as tears ran down his cheeks, "THIS IS SOOO GOOOD!"

Gaara was actually showing more facial expressions than he normally looked, "Wait is Gaara TRYING TO SMLE!?" Naruto said to himself shocked, Gaara's pleasured look on his face looked like the insane, murder-happy guy he met during the Chunin exams, "YES THIS IS SO GOOD! I COULD MURDER SOMEONE!" Gaara had more of an oomph to it than he normally does.

"Wow, this is delicious!" Temari smiled as she placed a hand on her cheek cherishing every bite she took. (A/N: I could do a Food Wars thing… foodgasm?) Naruto deadpanned as he saw weird sparkles in the air and the three seemingly in a trance-like state.

Naruto sighed and decided to continue eating, thankfully the three came to their senses as they began to eat their breakfast, "I swear Naruto you should stay! I could eat like this every day!" Kankuro began to shove his face with food.

There was a slam on the table "Naruto!" Gaara shouted with the other two siblings turning their heads to Gaara. Gaara walked around the counter and made eye contact with Naruto as he leaned over the counter. He then pointed at his sister Temari with his finger being mere inches from her nose. Temari even moved her face back a bit confused by her little brother's actions, "Temari." Gaara said not even turning his head to look at her.

"Y-Yeah?" Naruto was a little confused with what Gaara was trying to say.

"Naruto…. Marry Temari." Gaara said blatantly which made Naruto's eyes widen looking at Gaara like he was insane. The room went so quiet you could hear Madara's and Hashirama's ghostly screams beginning their fight with one another.

"WHAT!?" Naruto and Temari both screamed in unison with their cheeks turning red.

"Hey not a bad idea Gaara, he's a good cook. Man, we'd eat like kings if he was here." Kankuro crossed his arms nodding his head understanding Gaara's alternative motives.

"WHAT!? Do you two even know what you're saying!? You're going to give your sister to me!? Just like that!? No, me and her dating, or even getting a chance to get to know one another!? What's next the honeymoon!?" Naruto facepalmed not understanding Gaara's reasoning for what he just said. Naruto stood up and sighed he decided to drop it, "Temari I'll see you at the gates in an hour." Naruto left not understanding Gaara's demand.

"What the hell Gaara!? I'm going to be on a mission with him for a while!? Why did you have to make it weird between us!?" Temari shot an annoyed look at her little brother. Temari stood up finishing her meal quickly and stormed off to her room to prepare.

Kankuro did have to ask, "So…. Why did you even propose that? Let alone say that? I expected her to hit you. Kage or not Gaara, you're playing with lava here."

Gaara closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest. He smirked turning to leave, "I have a strong feeling the two will like one another. I know Naruto, he isn't that kind of person to do anything to hurt Temari. I doubt it, but if he does manage to hurt her feelings." Gaara turned his head to Kankuro with his cold aura around him as he said, "I'll kill him." Gaara then lost the killing intent towards his statement because he knows Naruto won't hurt Temari. He had a really strong hunch that the two were going to like one another.

TF: Foreshadowing anyone? Lol! Bet no one saw this coming lol.


Naruto made his way at the entrance being greeted by the Wind Daimyo, "AH! Naruto-kun! It's great to see you! I'm glad you're here and decided to come do this mission! I appreciate it!" The Wind Daimyo gave Naruto a slight bow.

"Hey no biggie Jiji-san! Glad to help out, say though with all your guards here." Naruto noticed that his guards were glaring at him, "I think they're mad." Naruto let a low nervous chuckle out.

"Oh, don't mind them! I find the name endearing, great to be able to talk to someone so easily. I also like to bellyache about work with someone normally sometimes too!" The Wind Daimyo began to chuckle which made Naruto laugh as well.

He was going to like him!

Naruto waited, soon Temari came in and reported, "I'm here for escort tell Daimyo-sama we can go whenever." Temari called out which the guards nodded their heads. The group began to march leaving the front gate of Suna.

About ten minutes of time passed, even if it was only a little time. Out whiskered blonde was already bored as hell and wanted to talk to Temari. He created a small army of six shadow clones who watched the back for him. Naruto jogged up to Temari which made the other guards look where Naruto came from. They knew he was guarding the rear but seeing an army of Naruto's behind them shocked them.

"What are you doing up here!?" Temari looked at Naruto confused at why he wasn't looking at the rear.

"That's why." Naruto pointed as she saw clones of his in the back waving to her.

"Oh…" Temari added as the silence between them lingered a bit. The events that transpired this morning made things seem a little uncomfortable.

"About this morning, don't think about too much in what Gaara said. This is life, we take what it gives us and grab it by the horns. In this case your brother's throat." Naruto chuckled a bit earning a chuckle from Temari as well, "I'm sure he was just teasing, he really seemed to enjoy my food. Don't think about it too much Temari, it isn't that easy to handle someone the likes of me. I can be… rather a handful."

Temari understood where Naruto was going with this, but she did smirk, "What do you mean "Can't handle the likes of you?" I may not be that close to you or know you. Though, I'm quite sure I can keep up with you or handle you with ease thank you very much! Having two helpless little brothers sometimes is bothersome. I'm sure you're no different."

Naruto smirked at the comment which made Temari look at Naruto with a weary look on her face, "Ohohohoho, let me tell you, my dear Temari-chan." Naruto added condescending tone, "You have no idea… at just how unpredictable I can be." Naruto snapped his finger as one of the guards suddenly blew up with a giant cloud of pink.

"BANDITS! BE READY!" Everyone shouted as everyone began to scan the area for danger. Even Temari had out her battle fan ready.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Naruto began to laugh which the smoke dispersed thanks to Temari swinging her fan. Temari deadpanned looking at the guards that guard the Wind Daimyo caked in pink paint, "Have fun getting that out! It'll come off skin… not so much as hair and clothing though." Naruto stuck his tongue out making the guards shake their fists in anger at him.

The Wind Daimyo stuck his head out to see the commotion, when he saw his men new apparel clothing, "Oh… I see you guys got a new set of wardrobes. Well, if you all like the colors I'm not opposing… though you all stick out like sore thumbs." The Wind Daimyo began to giggle and went back into his carriage and blew up with laughter.

"Oh, and uhhh Temari." Naruto shot his head to her snapping his finger as a sudden explosion of sparkles came from the base of her fan and onto her face, "Gotcha!"

Temari clenched her fists and lifted her fan aiming at Naruto, "N-A-R-U-T-O!" Temari screamed out which made Naruto start running while laughing, "GET BACK HERE AND FACE YOU PUNISHMENT LIKE A MAN!"

"YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO CATCH ME THEN FANGIRL!" Naruto yelled out gaining another growl from Temari as she shot a wave of air that split a sand dune in half.

The Wind Daimyo laughed watching the two, "Ahahah! Those two would be a couple good. Ahhh those were the days with my lovely wife!" The Daimyo began to reminiscent his youth, "Oh to be young again." He smiled as he looked at a photo of his late wife who he dearly missed. She isn't dead no, but he was so busy all the time. It made it hard for him to be home with his kids when he wanted to be, "Oh what would I give to be young again with my Hime!"

For the rest of the next thirty minutes, Temari tried to hunt and slice Naruto in half. Granted what Naruto did pissed off most of the guards. However, they did begin to lighten up and began to laugh along with Naruto's prank. He was funny, Temari found herself laughing after some time passed. Naruto knew how to pull a prank or joke without offending someone. It's been a while since he has done so, to be honest, he probably hasn't done once since he was little.

"Alright, we'll stop at this town and rest up. Here is some money as thanks for being a great guard. So please, you're stay is on me." The Daimyo threw a bag of Ryo towards Naruto's and Temari's way. He then walked away as Naruto and Temari both bowed to him with gratitude. Though, when Naruto stood back up, he swore he just saw the Wind Daimyo let a small evil giggle escape his lips. Naruto did narrow his eyes but shrugged it off.

"Well, we probably should go ahead and grab a bite. How about dinner? My treat?" Naruto added while pointing at himself with his thumb.

"Sure! Why not, I'm a bit famished after trying to chase down a certain mischievous blonde." Temari sent him a sly smirk with her fan out ready to hit him.

"Oh, come on don't be like that Temari-chan." Naruto chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his head while waving his hand up and down. He truly didn't want to be on the end of her fan, he already escaped the Shinigami's presence before.

Okay, maybe a couple of times… or three… okay he lost count during his training with Merlin.

The two began to stroll down the street looking around the small village they were in, "Oh hey a ramen stand what do you say!?" Naruto's mouth began to water as he fell into a trance wanting his food for the gods.

"No." Temari put her foot back while also grabbing the back of Naruto's shirt momentarily choking him.

He quickly turned his head and fell to his knees while his hands in a prayer position, "Come on Temari! It's ramen though! Ramen is amazing!"

"I don't care." Temari stated again this time a bit harsher, "We're going to eat somewhere else than a stand. I saw you stop at the ramen for the past two days you been at Suna. You need to eat other things." Temari began to walk towards a Hibachi restaurant.

Naruto saw where they were going as he began to mentally cry, "Huh this chick knows how to put people like you in you're place! I like her already! I'd say you should claim her like the others." Kurama chuckled a bit within the seal, "Oi! I got Murayama, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, and Asia! I'm pretty sure I'm fine as." Naruto was cut from his thoughts as he arrived at the table and sat down next to Temari, "Hibachi huh? I guess it's pretty good… not as good as ramen." Naruto murmured the last part.

Temari had a tick mark appear on her forehead, "HEY! YOU ASKED ME TO DINNER!" Temari shot her head at him with an angry anime face.

"Hey calm down! I'm simply stating my opinion! Jeez, you're scaring me Temari-chan! Your face is like an anime character heroine!" Naruto waved his hands in fear not wanting to be hit.

Temari forgot about her temper as it dropped, she then let a sigh out, "You idiot, I don't even know what anime is." Temari puffed her cheek out turning her head away from him. Naruto dropped his arms confused as he looked at her. He then tilted his head at her, "Just… try to enjoy this?"

Naruto nodded his head, "Hey I was just playing around! No need to get serious Temari!" Naruto patted her back making her tense up. Naruto noticed it and rested her hand on her back, "You okay?"

Temari looked down as Naruto noticed her lip quiver a bit. Naruto could tell some memories flashed over her eyelids, "Y-Yeah… I'm fine." Temari remembered how Shikamaru would wrap his arm around her just how Naruto almost did.

Naruto called over the waiter, "Hey miss, two saucers and a cup of sake please." Naruto called for which the waiter blushed and nodded her head leaving quickly.

The female waiter with black hair blushed, he was good-looking.

"Why did you order Sake?" Temari raised an eyebrow at Naruto a little suspicious.

"You'll get what I mean here soon." Naruto saw the waiter walk over and place the Sake and saucers down, "Thank you." Naruto gave her a hearty smile earning a blush from her.

"Ummm what can I get you two today?" She asked as Naruto gave his order as well at Temari, "Okay, have a good date you two, and a chef will be here shortly." The girl waved at Naruto smiling a bit as Naruto waved back to her.

"Oh, we're not dating, just two Shinobi out on a mission." Naruto added as she nodded her head clearing up the misunderstanding. Naruto didn't blush but Temari was fighting her own blush to stay down. Naruto turned to Temari as he poured her a saucer and them himself, "I don't drink, but I'm pretty sure I can hold my own. I ask you to drink to relax yourself Temari. I wanted to ask you about Shikamaru."

Temari's eyes widen as she then turned her head to the side. She didn't know what to say as she stayed silent for a few moments. She curled her lips and gently closed her mouth as if she was going to bite her lip. She hesitated about telling others about her 'romantic life' since it was nonexistent at this point. Temari then took a deep breath and let it out as she took a swig of sake. Naruto took one as well, "It was a little after you disappeared… at least from what you told us. Then what we were told from Hokage-sama and the others. Shikamaru and I promised to find you one day, I knew I wanted to. I wanted to thank you for helping Gaara… you helped me get my little brother back." Temari said with a smile as Naruto poured her and himself another. The chef came in and began to cook their meals which the two then paused and watched the show. Naruto didn't have to say anything as he turned to the chef allowing Temari to sort her thoughts out. With the drink, it helped her relax and enjoy herself, if anything Temari probably felt more at ease and herself with Naruto than Shikamaru.

After a while the two began to eat their meals together with the chef bowing and leaving, "He and I got along pretty well, he was lazy, and I motivated him to do things. We were polar opposites, but like they say. Opposites attract… or at least I thought, that was until I saw that Yamanaka girl with him." Temari said with an annoyed look on her face which Naruto put the Sake off to the side. He could see and feel that Temari was reaching her limit.

"Seems you guys got off really well, what gave in?" Naruto asked curiously which Temari remained silent for a moment.

"Well, we got along pretty well, some weird moments here and there. But nothing unusual though, he got busy with missions and so did I. Then I went to go see him after I sent a letter… that's when he didn't respond. I was going anyway so I was going to stop by to see how he was doing. That's when I saw that Yamanaka girl on arm hugging him. It was actually not too long ago; I got another letter from him… specifically last night." Temari added in which Naruto listened making sure he gave Temari his full attention.

"I see then." Naruto saw that they finished their meals, Naruto placed his money on the counter. While also internally crying at the bill, he and Temari made their way towards the hotel, "Once we get our rooms set up, let's talk about it then. I'll place up some privacy seals." Naruto said as he and Temari walked towards the hotel which Temari. The two were quiet as Naruto walked up to the front desk, "Two rooms with a single bed in each." Naruto took out the money the Wind Daimyo gave them.

The woman at the front desk bowed, "I'm sorry Shinobi-san but we're pretty booked up. We only have a room with a single bed. However, it can fit two people on one bed."

"Oh… that's fine I guess." Naruto paid the lady at the front desk as she handed him the keys. Naruto turned back to Temari, "Uhhh slight issue."

"What is it?" Temari askws with a small smile adorning her lips.

"Well, a good thing the bed are good enough to fit two people. However, the beds are only good enough to fit two people." Naruto said the second part with less enthusiasm, mainly because there was only one room.

"What?" Temari cocked her head to the side confused.

"You'll see what I mean." Naruto looked at the wood piece that was connected to the key it said, '2B3' "Floor two, room b3" Naruto and Temari walked up the stairs and found the room pretty quickly.

When they got to the room Temari noticed the one key in his hand, "Ooooo I get what you're saying now." Temari had a tint of pink stain her cheeks as the two walked in.

"You want to take a shower first?" Naruto asked as he opened the door to the bathroom.

"Y-Yeah sure." Temari nervously walked into the bathroom and closed it. Naruto went over towards the bed and laid down while placing both hands behind his head. He closed his eyes and waited for Temari to finish up, "Y-You better not come in here… and peek on me! I sweat I'll bash your head in!"

"I won't." Naruto spoke quickly, he wouldn't do that even if he wanted to.

Temari found herself in the shower as she thought about her current situation with Shikamaru. Temari couldn't help but let a few tears run down her cheeks. She let a few cries out and hoped the running water drowned out the sound. The shower made sure to wash away her tear marks that ran down her cheeks. Shikamaru's letter was simple, easy-going, and was sorry he was to her. It still wasn't easy though, at least for Temari. Temari gathered herself and quickly finished her shower, she turned the water off and dried herself off. Temari quickly changed putting a blue T-shirt on with a pair of tan shorts. She walked out, "Your turn."

Naruto nodded his head as he got off the bed. He went to go into the bathroom, "I'll be done shortly." Naruto did do what he said and came out soon wearing a black T-Shirt and shorts. Naruto saw Temari with her head hung low. He sat down next to Temari and placed an arm over her shoulder, "You don't have to say anything, don't tell me you didn't or weren't. I heard you crying in the shower. Even if it was a little, it's okay to let your emotions out sometimes." Naruto made a few hand seals placing up the privacy barrier and silencing seals.

Temari began to shake a bit and tremble, granted her and Shikamaru never officially became a couple or anything. They kept it more on the quiet side, but even still. Temari spent a lot of her time with him and saw him as often as she could. She really thought Shikamaru was a person she could really end up liking. In the end, she still is a girl, her world was shattered finding out that Shikamaru liked someone else, "Well… he said last night that he was sorry. He didn't know how to approach me about this. He's been with Ino for a while and Ino was supposed to talk to me about this. However, I left before she could say anything to me."

"I see then, well I knew Shikamaru would do something like this. Though, at least he could personally tell you." Naruto pulled Temari towards him more allowing her to lean on his body. Temari didn't resist allowing Naruto to hold her tightly.

"Yea… it's still a bit hard to come to terms with knowing a guy you liked. Ended up with someone else, he didn't even know how to tell you he liked someone else." Temari slowly sat back up from leaning on Naruto.

"It is life Temari, but there are plenty of more guys out there. I'm sure any guy would be lucky to have you. I know I would be." Naruto gently rubbed Temari's back as she looked up at him with a surprised look on her face.

She blushed looking back down at the ground, "You really think so?" Temari began to twiddle her thumbs around one another.

"Well yeah why do you ask?" Naruto raised an eyebrow confused which he could only see Temari blushing further.

"Oh… no reason." Temari felt her heart skip a beat as she had a smile appear on her face.

Naruto was glad to see that Temari's attitude change, "Well it seems we got some feelings sorted out. Let's head to bed, shall we?" Naruto stood up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Temari went in at the same time to brush her teeth with Narto. Naruto did so with a goofy grin adorning his face.

"Wats with zhe funny gwrin on your face!" Temari said in between her strokes of her toothbrush.

"I down't know! Never bruzshed my teeth with someone before!" Naruto couldn't help but giggle a bit, Temari made funny looks when she brushed her teeth. Naruto spits and rinsed his mouth and toothbrush off, "You make funny faces when you brush your teeth."

Temari blushed and flinched at the comment, "Wat? S-Shuddaup!" Temari quickly spat out the toothpaste and rinsed her mouth and brush off. She quickly turned to leave and hopped into bed.

Naruto made his way out and saw Temari in bed, he walked past the bed and took a seat in the chair. Naruto closed his eyes preparing to fall asleep, "Night, Temari." Naruto said out which earned no response. He opened an eye to see if she was already fast asleep, boy was he wrong.

Temari stood there right in front of him with her hands on her hips. She had an upset look on her face, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Uhhh sleeping on the chair?" Naruto raised an eyebrow confused, but he then saw a blush appearing on Temari's cheeks.

"G-Get in the bed you dummy!" Temari walked over grabbing Naruto's hand dragging him off his chair. Once they made their way towards the bed Temari stopped for a moment, "Y-You said earlier… any guy would be lucky to be with me, right?" Temari looked at the ground not knowing what more to say. She felt her heartbeat quicken and her body heat rise to new levels she never thought could reach.

"Oh, yes, I did." Naruto finally got the hint and figured out why Temari was acting so weird, "Well I can see why you seem so flustered; you're acting like a total Tsundere. When I introduce you to Rias and the others. You can ask her what that is." Naruto laid down with Temari following suit but with a brighter blush appearing on her face. Temari was facing away from Naruto as they slept in the same bed. However, she felt a shift in the bed and found Naruto hovering above her. He wasn't touching her, wasn't trying to pull her into a hug or cuddle he simply had a smile on his face, "Love isn't easy to come, you just let it happen. Love comes to you; you can't find it. So, depending on how things go and how you feel about me." Naruto leaned in closer which Temari didn't resist nor say no, "Maybe we can give "us" a chance?" Naruto placed a gentle kiss on Temari's cheek.

Temari felt lighting shoot through her body as she shuddered at the touch from Naruto. It felt good, warm, welcoming, and he was being super understandable. Temari herself couldn't believe it has only been a few days. It's been years since they've seen one another, they were almost like strangers since they didn't know one another. However, for some reason, Naruto seemed like she's known him her entire life, "Yeah… I would like that." Temari said out as she covered her mouth realizing what she said. She meant to say that in her head!

Naruto chuckled a bit which Temari shot him a dirty look. Naruto put his hands up in defense, "Easy there Temari, you're straightforward. That's fine, I can't wait to see where this will take us." Naruto snaked his left arm underneath Temari and his other hand over her. He gently pulled her into a hug to sleep, "Are you okay sleeping like this?" Temari just silently nodded her head staying quiet. Temari herself didn't know what it was, it was the frustration of a guy leaving her for someone else. Her being tired of being alone and not having a guy to care about. Someone other than her brothers could be around and be herself, "We'll take our time together, there is no rush." Naruto added which Temari silently nodded her head, sleep quickly claim her. Naruto felt Temari's troubling emotions disappear allowing her to relax. Naruto smile down at the Suna Shinobi and allowed sleep to claim him.

With Rias and the Other

"Then the two fell asleep together in bed." Kurama said with a happy look on his face as Rias's rubbed his ears and scratched his neck.

"I see." Rias said with a smile on her face.

"Ara, how cute, it seems Kitsune-kun found another addition to the harem." Akeno said with a giggle, she didn't mind personally. No one in the matter of fact, if anything they figured Naruto might pick up a girl or two.

"I wonder what Naruto did to make Temari fall for him?" Asia asked curiously which Kurama spoke up.

"Some guy named Shikamaru or whatever use to see her. He didn't know how to tell her he had something else for some Ino girl. Ino was supposed to talk to Temari the day she came but left before they had the chance. You know I honestly don't know what the issues are. You have a mate, and you mate, simple as that." Kurama added which a slight bonk on the head caused him to flinch courtesy of Rias.

"Mate is more than a mate Kurama. Naruto has us, we've been completely fine with him having more than one girl. He's a wonderful guy, who wouldn't want to be with him?" Rias scolded Kurama making him growl, "Besides male foxes' mate with theirs for life, once they die the female continue on. Am I right or what?" Rias said with a condescending tone causing Kurama to growl back at her. He mumbled something about stupid redheads.

"Well, I think that's great, Naruto is really great at making others happy. I'm sure he will do the same for this Temari girl." Asia added with an excited tone, she was really excited to meet her.

"Yeah, I'll say I wonder how many more he will pick up." Murayama did let a low sigh out, "Though I do wish he was here, I miss sleeping in bed with him." Murayama puffed her cheeks out saying that Temari was lucky to have Naruto to herself.

"Ara, or do you just want to ride his might little Naruto-kun yourself?" Akeno added with a teasing grin.

Murayama blushed, "S-Shut up!" Murayama pointed her finger at Akeno, "It's not like you want to ride him either!"

Akeno nodded her head, "I won't argue with you on that one, but making him cheat on you guys makes it a lot more interesting."

"Can't cheat if we're okay with it." Koneko added in while eating her sweets that Naruto baked for her before he left, "The more there are, its going to be one hoe down thrown down."

"Did you just call us hoes?" Rias and the other looked a Koneko surprised by her words.

Koneko put her two fingers up making a peace sign as she continued to eat her sweets, "I think it's sweet in what Naruto is doing for Temari. That's our Naruto isn't it?" Asia said with a small giggle with a smile soon adorning her face.

"Well with that out of the way how is everyone's training go far?" Rias looked at her servants wondering how their training has been.

"Well, it's very helpful, learning to wield lighting in so many different ways." Akeno blushed at the idea of how she can punish her foes.

"Guy-sensei is weird but learning strong fist and the eight inner gates is super helpful." Koneko stated as she then bites into a cookie.

"Yugao-sensei and Hatake-sensei are really great with swords. It's been a very fruitful training arc." Kiba added nodding his head which made some of the girls look at Kiba, "What?"

"You said training arc… have you been holding out on us Kiba!?" Rias looked at Kiba wondering if he watched anime.

Kiba held his head, "Well… I dwelled in some; you guys talk about so many non-stop." Kiba rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.
"Learning from Sakura, Tsunade-sama, and Shizune has been very helpful. They've taught me a lot about the human body. I'm even able to directly repair organs if I ever needed to. I can even reattach severed limbs." Asia said the last part a little nervously, it was a little gory but it was part of the life they were in.

"I've been training with a lot of people! Tsunade-sama has been teaching me how to infuse magic into my punches. Along with Guy-sensei teaching me strong fist, I feel like the two go hand in hand for me." Murayama punched her fist into the palm of her hand. Murayama has been enjoying her training so far.

"I would agree too partner, I say coming here has been bountiful for everyone here." Ddraig complimented on Murayama's hard work.

"Stop it you stupid dragon." Murayama said with a giddy smile on her face, it's not every day you're complemented by a dragon.

"That's great to hear, I've also been working hard on my strength of my magic. Though I think I need Nii-sama's input or even Kaa-sama's. I understand the functionalities of it with it destroying everything to the cellular level." Rias crossed her arms under her chest, "I'm not too sure on how to even strengthen my attack with it."

"If I may." Kakashi said while leaning up against the wall making everyone jump, "Well that's one thing we all need to work on. You need to learn to sense other people's presence better. As for you, if you're looking into Ninjutsu which I'm assuming in your terms magic. Akeno and I worked on lighting it aren't too hard to manipulate your attacks. Instead of trying to strengthen your magic, work on your moves, refine them. Make them even more destructive, make it where they take up less magic and the charge time." Kakashi put his hands in his pockets and walked towards the middle of the room, "I know magic takes a bit to charge up like ninjutsu. However, learn to get the timing down right. You'll keep your opponent on the defensive while taking up little to nothing of your reserves."

"I see, well you were Naruto's sensei maybe there is still a lot for us to learn." Rias added hoping she could learn new things in this world. This would only benefit her once they got back and she participated in rating games.

"Well let's head outside, I get a certain test to see where your strengths and weaknesses are at." Kakashi pulled out an orange book and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Buchou." Koneko looked up to Rias which everyone turned their head to.

"Yes, Koneko." Rias knew what was coming.

"Isn't that the exact same orange book you and Akeno-senpai read?" Koneko glared at Rias which Rias began to sweat nervously.

"Wait what are those books?" Murayama looked at them confused.

"Ara, it's indulging in adult reading Murayama!" Akeno giggled herself, she knew of the books. Created by the one and only Ero-Sennin.

"You keep doing that, I'll indulge in the real thing." Murayama shot back making Akeno shut up entirely, Akeno did NOT appreciate that.

"You better watch out Murayama, otherwise I'll have to punish my kouhai." Akeno said with a sickly-sweet smile making everyone in the room shuddered.

"Okay, no need to have a boob measuring competition. Let's go outside, Kakashi is waiting for us." Rias was glad to have met Jiraiya, his writing was pure genius. For a pervert, he really did know how to write literature.

With Naruto Next Morning

Naruto opened his eyes as the sun rays crept through a crack of the curtain. He also felt a weight on his chest and found himself on his back. He looked down and found a mop of yellow, blonde hair that belonged to Temari. That made Naruto remember last night about him and Temari. If she really did develop feelings for her. Naruto also found out that he was also shirtless for whatever reason. He also found out that Temari didn't have anything on either. Naruto was used to this, but he did want to know why his shirt off, "Why is my shirt off, not that I care but… wait could Temari be a devil and not even know it?" "You really are an idiot, devils don't exist in the Elemental Nations. Seriously!?" Kurama grumbled in Naruto's head, "Oi! Shut up! You never know!" Naruto decided to wait until it was really time to get up. Temari was just sleeping on his chest using his chest as a pillow. Her arms intertwined with Naruto's arms as well, he could even feel her well-developed chest on his, "Hmmm I'd say a bit bigger than Asia, but smaller than Murayama's." Naruto thought to himself hearing laughter from his tenant, "Oi you pervy fox shut up! Not like you don't think these things either!" Naruto let a huff out as he let a sigh out. He moved his hand placing it on Temari's shoulder, "Hey Temari… Temari time to get up."

"Ugh." Temari moaned annoyed, "Five more minutes." Temari grumbled out but Naruto continues to gently shake her. Temari moved as she sat up annoyed at whoever or whatever woke her up, "Tch I don't want to get up yet you." Temari finally opened her eyes, but once she did they snapped wide open, "Oh! OH! Naruto!" She blushed, "Sorry, I didn't mean to sleep on you."

"Hey, no biggie, I found it comfortable." Naruto reached over and grabbed the covers wrapping them around Temari. This confused Temari, not that she minded, "Not that I mind… but I do need to ask. Do you sleep strip?"

… "WHAT?!" Temari looked down in the covers to see her shirt was missing, "Oh Kami! I'm sorry! I must have done it accidentally! W-When I sleep, I don't use pillow casings! So… I must have took your shirt off." Temari blushed as she forgot about everything. She looked up to see Naruto chuckling listening to her explanation… without a shirt, on, "Holy crap you could grind meat on that!" Temari couldn't help but blush at Naruto's body, much more toned than Shikamaru's.

"Hey, I don't mind, though I suggest we should begin getting ready. We probably have to finish escorting the Wind Daimyo today. Then we're on bodyguard for a while, so I say we get a move on." Naruto walked over and grabbed his fishnet mesh placing it over his head and putting it on. Along with his shirt and Shinobi gear, "What do you say? We can take this time to get to know one another better eh?" Naruto walked towards the bed extending a hand out to help her out of bed.

"Y-Yeah sure." Temari forgot about herself dropping the cover and accepting Naruto's hand pulling her out of bed. She then also felt a breeze below her waist, thank the sage of six paths she was wearing panties, but still. Temari's cheeks turned bright red, she wanted to yell pervert and more, but she couldn't. Whatever it was, it felt like she could trust him not to be a pervert about it. Naruto was NOT going to tell Temari that the other girls sleep naked. It was just her at the moment, he was sure she'd be appreciative that he didn't bring that up.

"Hey, no need to be so embarrassed Temari, not like I'll go shouting to the world you wear yellow bird panties… my little Nojiko." Naruto winked at her placing the keys to the room on the table, "Come on I'll meet you outside for breakfast." (A/N: (ノジコ, Nojiko) is Yellow Bunting, that is a yellow bird species native to Japan. I figured it be a neat nickname for her rather than the Sand Flower or something like that. Something a bit more personal for Naruto and Temari).

Temari smiled as she grabbed her clothes and gear. She placed her fan on her back, she smiled, "I'm his little Nojiko." Temari giggled at the cute nickname while placing a hand on her cheek. Temari grabbed the keys and head out the door locking it in the process. She made her way towards the front desk with Naruto standing there. She handed the keys to the front desk and the two left. They went outside to find the Wind Daimyo and his other guards ready to go.

"Alright, we're all rested up let's go!" Naruto shouted out with a big grin on his face.

The others began to walk and Temari paused for a moment and smile internally. When she was with Naruto, he just washed away all the issues in her world. He even helped her scrub away her worries. Shikamaru was the past, Naruto is her future, "Maybe this new world of his won't be all that. Maybe I should ask him more about him being part devil." Temari really didn't want to leave the Elemental Nations and stay close to family. However, Naruto made her happy, if things panned out the way they are going now. Naruto might just end up being someone really dear and important to her in life.

A/N: Alright that's it! So, yes this chapter is a little on the shorter side. Do not worry! As much as I would like to continue this journey. I actually want to draw this in, two chapters or just romance is fine and character building. Now Shikamaru didn't entirely tell Temari how he felt and didn't know how to go about it. Honestly, him saying it would be troublesome would be in his nature. Honestly, I think Ino and Shikamaru works. This leaves Temari for Naruto. Now I didn't forget about Konan either, but in all seriousness, that's probably it. For Naruto, he already has so many more girls for him to meet. I guess the way I'm handling this story is going to allow the pairings like this to work. As I didn't think the story would get to this many girls. I just kinda worked out like that, I'll be leaving more room for Naruto's peerage. Now in regards to adding Female Gilgamesh, and some of these other characters. I DON'T think I'm going to dwell on that idea. I'm going to keep in DxD once the Naruto Shippuden arc is done. We still got Xenovia, Yasaka, Rossweisse, Kuroka, and a few more to meet. Now I don't know much about Hero in regards to the manga. So, hopefully, season 5 comes out soon. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed it!

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