For the Greater Good

Update: 6/22/2020; The Next Chapter is UP! The Chpt 3 is Chpt 2 and 3 In one Chapter!


Okay, so I decided to take down chapter two. I will push my other stories back a bit, so I can fix chapter 2 up. The reason I decided to take it down is to redo the chapter. I am agreeing with a couple of recent reviews, this is a decision I took and decided to go with. So, I will basically put Chpt 2 in chpt 3 in the next update. You guys will notice some changes and they will be prominent changes. So keep your eyes peeled for the next update.

I also need to ask, we all know for a fact that Jiraiya, Tsunade, and even some of the clans in Konoha defected right? Cuz agnar said, "So, naruto gets exiled, and he convinces the sanin to stick around and stay loyal to the shithole. Yeah, gonna pass, that's fucking retarded and so is your Naruto."

Well… I mean if he kept reading, he would have got to where Gamakichi said that. So, this Naruto isn't retarded.

Crywolfseven's Questions:

1. Did taking in all the pieces make him a full-blooded demon somehow? Is that why he gained the bloodline traits and she "adopted" him?

2. Why does he have more Han one pair of wings? In the story, I think that only those who are either angels or fallen angels have extra wings. Except for Vali since he also has an extra pair due to Albion's sacred gear. Is it partly due to his unique reincarnation or do all devils in your story have multiple wings?

3. Why was Jariya so adamant that naruto has to go on a three-year training trip? Why not just have him spend several years training with his teacher why limit it?

4. When Kurama called him the new "nine tails fox" was that just meant as a joke since he has most of Kurama's chakra naturally now or is he actually part kitsune now?

5. Why would naruto be sent to Kuoh and the very school run by Sona and Rias if his adopted mother wanted him to stay away from Rias? That makes zero sense. Now if her plan had been to give Rias a chance to break her marriage contract or something then sure I could get it but if that wasn't her actual goal then there is no reason what so ever to send him there. I mean she made it clear he shouldn't ever get involved in the Pheniox clan politics so if she had meant for him to get involved but just didn't want to say it she is really risking Naruto's life here. Since this will definitely eventually blow up in his face.

TF: Answers

Naruto was turned into a full blooded demon because he absorbed every piece. I think it's reasonable, not only that his Uzumaki vitality and having Kurama's chakra healing abilities. I think it's quite possible for him to be full blooded, but I don't think this is the case here. I'm confident to say that he would only be half.

I maybe should have stated this, but I know for a fact that in the anime. It is stated the more wing you have. Means you were related to one of the previous Lucifers. I've read other stories that had it where the number of wings you had. Determined your power, I don't think it's too farfetched for this idea. Though I decided that because of Naruto's chakra abilities caused a mutation which allowed Naruto to have more wings. Not because of his blood but is associated with his power. Kind of like Kurama's nine tails.

Jiraiya was not that adamant about him training. Though, Jiraiya had some hope or some way Naruto would make it back. Like in the 1st chapter, they are in a civil war against Danzo.

Naruto is technically the new nine tailed demon fox. Kurama's chakra is infused through Naruto's chakra system. It also sits in the sewer mindscape where he can see, Naruto can access the Nine Tails Avatar. Though, he has no reason to do so and needs to practice with Kurama's chakra more.

The reason Naruto went to Kuoh, or specifically. I haven't revealed everything just yet on why Naruto and Houmi went with Kuoh. Houmi did ask Naruto to try to stay out of her family business. One reason is Naruto's Ramen shop was in Kuoh, that's where there was room to buy it. Remember Houmi can be taking large sums of money for no reason. Which is why Naruto going to Kuoh, though part of it was on Naruto. He did want to go there; he wasn't going to get himself involved with Rias on purpose. A part of Naruto does in fact want to help Houmi and her family.

Hello back with another chapter. I was asked to remove Rias and Akeno, people liked Murayama. I understand, but maybe I can change everyone's mind when Rias and Akeno go through their own character development. A guest pointed out a good fact that Rias and Akeno were only good for the bed. I have a way for Rias and Akeno to become loved. I'll show you guys what I mean, but that will happen later. They will definitely still stay the same character, but they will have further character development.