For the Greater Good

7/12/2020: Hello back with a quick update and I thought about it and I decided to try it. I know a lot of people don't actually like Koneko. She has a really good relationship with Naruto in this story. The reason I'm okay with Koneko being added is that a person in the review made a logical reason.

It was a guest, I'll also put this in the next chapter in the intro as well.

Before anyone calls Koneko a 'Loli', she isn't. A 'Loli' is a shortened term of 'Lolita' which is specifically a 'promiscuous young girl', a term derived from a novel by the same name, a Loli is literally a little girl, Koneko is an age many countries would consider 'Legal' meaning she isn't a Loli, she's just 'petite'. Koneko is one of my favorite character's personality-wise with only Rias being higher on the list, and that's because Rias has such a 3D personality, she is seductive yet innocent and cheerful, but at the same time has her Tsun-Tsun moments, I mean in the first two episodes she goes from giving Issei a 'come get some' smirk to an innocent smile while proclaiming her intact virginity, and then gets pissy when he ignores her making her one of the most vibrant characters in anime only matched by those like Lucy Heartfilia. Most characters are 1D or 2D, including Koneko, Akeno, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Erza Scarlet, Nami, etc, which makes them boring usually, though Koneko offsets hers by saying minimal words in her stoic tone, which is why I love her, her calling Ravel 'Fried Chicken' is hilarious or her going 'balls' when she was defeated by Sairaorg's Peerage was hilarious. Her character also always meshes well with Naruto almost regardless of how he's portrayed, if he's the canon goofy idiot, the playful prankster, or even the stoic avenger, she can pretty much always compliment his character.

Hello, so I decided to change a few things about this chapter. The reason I decided to change was being unsatisfied with the chapter. I thought I could do better, so hopefully I can do this and pull the reigns on this story. When I mean by that, I mean by slowing it down. Anyways please enjoy the new update. This story is Chapter 2 and 3 combined together. So, everyone can type a review if you so chose to do so. Also, if you have comments about chpt 2 or three. Specify which chapter you had questions or comments about. I will also label where Chapters 2 and 3 starts. Label in your reviews what review is for what chapter. Oh, and also I decided to bring Asia into the harem… I know it's a lot with Murayama, Rias, Akeno, and Asia. My foot is down, that's it no more adding or subtracting.

Last Chapter ( Start of Chapter 2)

Naruto let a sigh out as he leaned his back on the counter with his arms stretched. He looked over as Kurama hopped on the counter, "Nice going kit, I think you got her! She was totally happy when she left, her emotions were everywhere. Though you could have been more specific. She was confused if it was a date or not."

Naruto shook his head, "I said to hang out and not a date on purpose. I still want to see what type a girl she is. It's not easy ya know? I mean I use to like Sakura a lot, but now Murayama Moriko is the girl that I've had on my mind." Naruto smiled when he thought of her, she is a strong girl. Strong mentally and physically, she doesn't take any crap from anyone. She doesn't mind dishing it out if the person deserved it.

Present Day Thursday

Murayama was making her way through the halls of School it was Friday. She was so excited, happy, and on cloud 9. Monday… Monday was the day she was going to hang out with Naruto. They had Kendo off for the day, so he asked her to hangout. Murayama closed her locket gathering anything else she needed to take home. Murayama made her way out her door and towards home! Today, her parents needed her to help paint the house. Otherwise, it would take until Monday to paint. Katase understood and was more than happy to fill in for Murayama. So instead of having to paint today. Her parents agreed to start painting today to Sunday. That way she could be with Naruto Monday. She couldn't wait for the day to see if Naruto had feelings for her.

Time Skip Sunday

Murayama, mother, and father were making their way through town. They went and bought more paint for their house. It was the last pail of paint they needed, Murayama was walking with a skip in her step, "Wow Mura-chan you have it bad; you're falling for this Naruto!"

Murayama blushed, "Y-Yeah I am Kaa-san… he is a cute boy. He definitely a unique person he is different from the rest, he is corny, funny, really kind, gentle, and many other things. He is also strong, smart, helpful, protective, caring, and he can also cook! Not only that he isn't some perv or creep trying to get close to us."

"Tch, yeah that's what you think. Not until I meet this guy myself! I don't know if I like this Naruto guy. Are you sure he isn't some perv?" Murayama's father asked.

"Shin now dear, honey. Let's let Murayama do this, she has been looking for a boyfriend for such a long time now." Mrs. Murayama argued.

"But honey! Shiro, baby understand? I'm not letting some random punk-ass blondie take my little girl from me!" Shin argued back with his wife.

While the two were arguing Murayama was handed a flyer with a weird symbol. A woman black hair and a bat-like outfit gave her a flier. "Take this cutie! This will help grant any wishes or desires you want!" The buxom woman gave her a piece of paper.

Shin and Shiro saw the woman but ignored her because they thought she wasn't that important. Murayama shrugged her shoulders and placed the paper in her pocket. Murayama continued to walk with her arguing parents, she ignored them. She was too focused on what she should wear when hanging out with Naruto, "Wait, if we're hanging out right after school. That means I'll be in my school uniform! Hmm, oh I know! I'll bring a spare change of clothes with me! I'll change before we leave!" Murayama snapped her fingers at the bright idea, "Hey, Kaa-san Tou-chan are you guys okay if I went for a short walk in the park?"

Shin chuckled, "As you wish dear, just make sure you get home before dark. Don't worry about finishing the last of the paint job. We can handle it alright?" Shin could never tell his daughter no; she was his little princess. His little Kendo Warrior.

Murayama waved to them as she skipped forward towards the park. She made her way and sat down on the swings, she gently pushed off and closed her eyes. She began to remember her childhood here. She remembers how she first met Katase here, she found her here and alone. No one wanted to play with Murayama as a kid. Many other kids thought she was weird or a freak. Murayama watched her father practice with a Shinai often. This is where her best friend was made after her taking interest in Kendo.

Though, there is one part of her memory which was fuzzy and hazy. She remembers that there was only one boy who asked to play with her. The weird part about it was that this park was eerily familiar but yet so different. Murayama smiled as she closed her eyes and thought about that memory. She swore to herself since that memory or some dream she had. She doesn't know if it was a dream or not. It felt too real to be a dream, she was roughly ten or eleven years old. She remembers seeing a boy with wild blonde spiky hair. That all she could remember, but she does remember her surroundings. It wasn't this park; it was another park which she didn't know. She remembers how no one would play with that boy. She remembers repaying that debt Katase did for her by playing with her. She remembers playing with that boy for a few hours.

Since that time Murayama has never seen that boy again. She only person she could picture that boy being Naruto. He has that spiky wild blonde hair, but she doesn't remember the whisker marks or the blue eyes. Though, she isn't complaining because this just makes Naruto even cuter.

Murayama shook her head to stop herself from getting sidetracked. She went to leave and went past the red slide she smiled at. Suddenly the world went dark as she looked around confused and scared. Just then a voice spoke up, "Ahahaha just where I wanted you, seems like a better time than never."

Murayama's eyes widen as she saw an attractive young woman with violet eyes having a slender body. She had long silky black hair down to her hips and possessed two black feathered wings, "W-Who are you!?" Murayama backed up slowly as she fell to the ground scared.

The person chuckled and smiled, "The name is Raynare, I'm a fallen angel. I'm also your personal angel of death." Raynare chuckled as she formed a light spear in her hand.

Murayama began to stand up and run away, but she hit an invisible barrier, "W-What is going on!? I-I!"

Raynare giggled, "Well too bad, I thought you would have put up a fight." Raynare threw the light spear at Murayama.

Murayama quickly dodged out of the way, "D-Dammit what is going on! W-WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?" Murayama was a little annoyed and angry at this. What the hell was that!? What is going on!? Murayama had her fight or flight mode kick in since she couldn't flight… well, she fought.

Before Raynare could form another light spear, while also thinking that she was inferior to her. Murayama rushed Raynare as she brought her hand to punch her. Raynare was met with a punch to the face as she stumbled back, "W-What!? How hell did you!" Before Raynare could continue screaming in anger. Murayama brought her right leg around and kicked Raynare in the side, but Raynare caught her kick and growled, "For a lowly human your quite strong but not strong enough!" Raynare pushed her leg away and formed another light spear in her hand. Raynare threw her light spear into Murayama as she fell the ground coughing blood up.

Murayama fell to the ground rolling on her back as she stared at the sky. She looked to her right to see Raynare land on the slide with her legs crossed. She chuckled, "Well, not bad if you would have been taken in by devils. Oh well, you never awakened your sacred dear. Oh well, for your death, if you want to blame anyone. Well, I think you can blame him who gave you the sacred gear. Oh! In a way, if you want to blame someone else for your death. You can say it was that blonde boy with the wild hair. We were originally going to target him, though since he drew us to you… well, you were more important!" Raynare chuckled, "Well your little boyfriend will be joining you soon enough." Raynare began to cackle as she disappeared lowering the barrier.

Murayama laid on the ground angrily, "W-Why? Why was I killed… I had a sacred gear? I should have been saved by a devil!? I died because he gave me the power… and Naruto too? No… No Naruto didn't do this to me, I know he didn't know he was being followed. I believe in him… I-I can't die yet. Naruto… I need to see Naruto again. My Kaa-san… Tou-chan… Katase… and Naruto, I want to see his smile… one last time. " Murayama closed her eyes as she felt herself slipping away until she saw a flash of red light.

Rias saw the dead Murayama on the ground as Rias heard her wish. Rias nodded her head, "I answered your call." Rias summoned eight pawns, "Fighting to survive until your final breath. I commend you." Rias landed on the ground and placed all eight pawns over Murayama, "Before I do anything else do you want me to save you?" Rias could see that Murayama still had some fight in her.

Murayama looked at Rias's blankly as her eyes went dim. Murayama slowly nodded her head, she heard Rias, it was just very hard to respond. Rias nodded her head understanding Murayama's wish, "I call upon the soul who is known as Murayama Moriko! I command thee to come back to the world of the living. You shall serve me as my pawn." A soul could be seen summoned from the circle. As it went back into Murayama's body, "Rejoice, you have been given new life, now serve me for the sake of mine." Rias saw the wounds slowly heal Murayama. Rias took Murayama back to her place to fully heal her, while she had Akeno clean up the pool of blood on the ground.

During the Same Time, Murayama was Attacked

Naruto was working in the ramen shop when he was serving bowls of ramen to his customers. Naruto suddenly froze and felt something off, he looked out the window. He looked towards the park direction, but Naruto didn't know what it was. Though it worried him, Naruto quickly finished up serving the ramen. He quickly shot a text to Murayama, "Hey, I know it's random, but… are you alright?" He sent the text and got a response back quickly.

"Yeah, I'm fine! I'm wrapping up the final coat on the paint in our house!" Murayama seemingly texted Naruto, when it was Rias.

"Oh, I see, well I can't wait for tomorrow!" Naruto sent the texting hoping everything was going according to plan.

"Yep! Can't wait!" Rias used magic to transform and look like Murayama, including the outfit she was wearing. Rias just used magic to finish the paint in Murayama's house, Rias then took a selfie and sent it to Naruto.

Naruto looked at the text and examined it a little bit. Everything didn't seem too off, though the picture seemed weird. Maybe it was because she didn't have her hair in twin tails. The reason Rias sent these fake pictures was to make it look like Murayama was fine. Also, Rias and the rest of her peerage believed that Naruto was a normal human. She wanted to keep him far away from their devil issues as possible. Though it wasn't time yet, she has also had her mind on making him her knight. He was part of the Kendo Club; she has heard of his feats he did during P.E and Kendo.

Naruto was worried as he looked at the photo, it seemed off. He looked at it more and more, the more he looked at it. The more he began to realize that it didn't see like Murayama. She doesn't pose like that; she has sent photos of herself before. She only sends selfies of her smiling, not with the peace sign up to her cheek. Naruto decided to wrap up the shop and leave his clones to continue running the shop.

Naruto walked into his room and walked towards his closet. He found his Shuriken and Kunai pouch. Naruto put on a black tank top with a grey vest over it. He tied his Konoha headband on, he put up a black mask that covered his nose, mouth, and whiskers. He had black arm sleeves that came up to his elbows with grey arm pads. He put on grey pants and puts a fox Anbu mask over his face. Naruto opens his window attaching his shuriken and kunai pouch to his left leg. Naruto takes off jumping off the roofs on high speed to find Murayama. Make sure she is alright, something about that picture didn't seem right.

After some time, Naruto made his way to Murayama's house and landed on the rood. He closed his eyes and sensed throughout the house. He snapped his eyes open, "Why is there fourth chakra signature in there?" Naruto sneakily made his way over to Murayama's room window. He used a bit of magic to unlock it and let himself in. Naruto continued to stay in the shadows and saw Murayama in bed. Naruto saw that she was naked along with Rias. Though, Naruto sensed magic coming from Rias and saw that she was healing Murayama.

Soon Rias shot her eyes open and sat up, she saw the figure in the room, "Who are you? Why are you in this house?"

Naruto used a bit of Kurama's chakra to deepen his voice. Though, not enough for Rias to feel the change in energy, "Who I am is none of your concern, what I must ask if what are you doing with that girl?"

"What I am doing to her is none of your concern. If you continue to threaten me, I'll destroy you. You here are preventing me from healing her properly. No one harms my servants… no one." Rias's eyes were glowing green with a light red aura around her.

Naruto grit his teeth as he relaxed his muscles and stood up, "W-What? Rias made Murayama her servant? W-What the hell is going on?" "What about the girl's parents? What happened?"

Rias let a sigh out, "They are fine, but I do not trust you, what is going on here is none of your concern. Now leave." Rias growled again as she flexes her power on Naruto.

Naruto wasn't affected as he decided to fight fire with fire. Naruto flexed his power which caused Rias to back up in shock, "Don't you dare threaten me, I could trim your little devil wings without any issues. I am far more powerful than you are, don't think that you being the little sister of Sirzechs will stop me. I have no problem wiping you off the face of the earth." Naruto disappeared in a shushin leaving a swirl a leaves where he stood.

Rias sat in the bed in shock, "Who was he? He certainly was strong." Rias called up Akeno and Koneko asking them to come to Murayama's home. She sent them her address, she wanted them to help her watch over Murayama. Rias had a hunch that person might be after what Murayama has within her.

With Naruto

Arrived back in his house, he opened the window and walked in. He took off his gear and slipped his pajamas in. He tightened the grip on his grey vest and threw it at the wall angrily, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Naruto shouted angrily, "I-I don't know what to do!" Naruto began to scratch his head angrily.

"What's wrong kit?" Kurama came in hopping on Naruto's bed.

Naruto sighed falling on his back on his bed, "Murayama… something happened to her when she was out. R-Rias turned her into a devil." Naruto had his forearm over his face.

"O-Oh! Well damn… seems like your screw huh." Kurama let a chuckle out, "Well do you like her?"

Naruto moved his forearm away from his face and brought his hand up to his face, "Well yeah I do, I mean we get along really well. I do like her a lot, but now that Rias took her in as a devil. I-I'm being forced into this whole devil society… Kaa-san asked me to stay out of it. Even Pervy-Sage asked me to do so."

Kurama smirked, "Kit, I know for a fact that Houmi will tell you to follow your heart."

Naruto shot Houmi a text asking if she could come for a moment.

With Houmi

She was currently sitting in her family room alone. Her husband was out doing Clan business and her children were out doing what they want. She got a bing on her phone and saw it was from Naruto, "Kaa-san can you come for a moment. I'm in a pickle." Houmi quickly stood up and told the head butler, "I'm going to the human world for a little bit. I want to check on my peerage and how they are doing." The butler bowed as Houmi left in her magic circle. Houmi had a peerage yes, only Merlin her queen stayed. The rest of her peerage did what they wanted and lived their own lives.

Human World with Naruto

Houmi soon appeared by Naruto as she appeared in his room. She found him with his PJs and had an upset look on his face, "Naru-chan what's wrong?"

Naruto looked up at his surrogated mother and smiled, "Kaa-san, to give you a quick rundown. I've made friends, they're pretty cool. I've joined the Kendo Club in Kuoh and made a really good friend. Her name is Murayama Moriko, one of the leaders in the Kendo Club. I-I like her, she a good friend, Monday I asked her to hang out with me. Though there is a slight issue."

"What could be stopping my Naru-chan from asking out his first girlfriend?" Houmi giggled, she couldn't believe Naruto found someone already. They grow up so fast.

"Something happened to Murayama. Murayama was attacked by something. She was just resurrected by a devil." Naruto frowned.

Houmi smiled, "I'm sure whoever the king is, will allow you to date her. Just keep it on the low that you aren't a devil."

Naruto smiled, "Well that's the issue Kaa-san… Murayama's king is Rias Gremory."

Houmi eyes widen, "I-I see then… that's an issue isn't it." Houmi shook her head and smiled while placing a hand on Naruto's cheek, "That shouldn't stop you from pursuing her then. She might tell you one day that she is a devil. You can tell her too, though one issue is if her master does ask who you are to her. She either might ask her to reveal who she is. The other probability would be to break all ties."

Naruto was a little nervous, "I don't think staying away from the devil's life is going to happen. Though didn't you tell me before that Rias was engaged to your son Riser?"

Houmi nodded her head, "Indeed they are engaged, I know for a fact that Rias doesn't like Riser at all. As a matter of fact, she hates him more than anything, I can even see her disliking you as you are a Phenex now. Though, what will you do?"

Naruto crossed his arms and thought hard, "I-I think I'll wait on telling Rias and her peerage. Though, the only exception I have if Murayama. I will tell her everything once I'm comfortable, being known as a devil. I think I will keep that hidden for a while."

"I understand, Naruto whatever you chose to do. I will always see you as my son, I will always care for you. I'll keep my clan off your back." Houmi placed a kiss on Naruto's cheek as she pulled him into a hug.

"T-Thanks Kaa-san… you've done a lot for me. I hope one day I can make sure that your proud of what I'll do in the future. After all, you give me this chance, I don't want it to go to waste." Naruto lips formed a sincere smile.

"Naruto, ever since I've met you, I can confidently say that I've been proud since the day you came to me. I've been the happiest since then, it's been a good change of pace." Houmi placed her hand on Naruto's head rubbing his hair.

"Yeah, I'm happy to. You've been my mother figure for almost four years now." Naruto sent his infamous foxy grin her way.

"Which brings me to my next question, why did you exactly choose Kuoh? You knew and I knew that Rias and Sona belonged there. Did you choose to go there to eventually help me out one day?" Houmi asked raising an eyebrow; it's a question she has had on her mind for a while.

Naruto scratched his head, "I knew you wanted me to keep a low profile. I knew if you ever needed me for your clan, I'd be right in Kuoh to help you. I knew Rias was there, I was ready to help you if you needed me."

Houmi smiled, "Well I appreciate it, but I think I have everything under control. So far, I'm keeping things civil. Right now, Riser isn't doing anything, I'm hoping he changes. He is my son as well as you, I-I just hope he can change." Houmi stood up and giggled, "Well I'm glad we had our chat, keep me updated on how things are. Let me know if I'm going to be an Obaa-chan anytime soon~!" Houmi chirped as she disappeared in a red circle.

Naruto couldn't help but blush and let out a raspberry, "Oh shoot, I forgot to tell her about Kurama." Naruto took a picture of the sleeping Kurama. He explained who and what he was through his phone. Houmi said, that he was adorable and wanted to snuggle him to death next time. Naruto smirked and thought it be priceless to see this, so he decided to keep this from Kurama.

Next Day

Murayama sat up in her bed groggily, "W-Was that a dream last night?" She held her head and looked at her stomach. She was confused because she was butt naked, she doesn't typically do this unless she had a stressful day. She shrugged her shoulders and stood up until she heard movement in her bed.

She quickly shot out of her bed hiding her body. She watched as none other as the Great Onee-sama of Kuoh was laying her bed. Rias stretched her body and let out a long yawn, "Oh heeeey!" Rias stretched and let out a relieved sigh, "Phew that was a good night sleep, how are you doing?" Rias smiled as if nothing was wrong.

"W-What!? W-Why is Rias Gremory in my house!? What is going on!?" Murayama was confused and bewildered.

Rias smiled, "Please relax, I'll explain everything. Oh, and last night wasn't a dream. I'll explain everything in time. Right now I'll give you the quick run down, I am Rias Gremory… I am a devil and so are you." Rias stood up in all her naked glory as her bat-like wings appear behind her.

Murayama thought one thing, "Wait… does that mean… If I'm a devil… if that is even true. Does that mean I can't be with Naruto?" Murayama had that one question floating in her head. Meanwhile, Rias began to explain what devils were and what Rias did for her.

Murayama took it pretty hard finding out that she is a devil. Now she is a devil? What is going on? How did this happen? Why her? Why is this all happening to her? Murayama couldn't think straight, she wanted to cry. She did, but for some reason, she couldn't. She just stared at the ground, she slowly got dressed thinking over everything. Rias knew it was a lot for the newly reincarnated servant, "I will be at school if you want to talk. Why don't you enjoy your date today with Naruto?" Rias stood up ready to leave.

Murayama smiled, "I-I did want to see him, but what if he doesn't want to be with me? I-I'm a devil, now aren't I? That means I won't be able to." Murayama began to panic in worry and sadness, Naruto might not want to be with her now. She was a devil, and being one would outlive Naruto a million lifetimes.

Rias smiled, "You love Naruto, don't you? If he loves you…" Rias took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She leaned forward and smiled as she tilted her head to the side cutely, " I have no doubt if he loves you for you. He won't care what you are." Rias smiled as gently pulled Murayama into a hug.

Murayama blushed a bit, "Y-Yeah I-I do like Naruto, I just hope that he feels the same."

"Well, you will just have to see." Rias began to dress for along with Murayama, the two were quiet with Murayama being a bit nervous.

"Rias… thank you… for resurrecting me, but I need to know. Why did you save me?" Murayama looked at Rias worried.

Rias stopped for a moment and closed her eyes. She let a deep breath in then out, "Well one thing for sure if you're strong. Even without whatever you were born with, your already strong. I think you would be a valuable asset to my family. I promise you will be treated with respect and cared for. As long as you come when I call you, you are allowed to live the life you want." Rias walked over and pulled Murayama into a hug while patting her head.

Soon Murayama's parents came walking in, "Oh! Rias! Murayama! How was the sleepover!?" Shiro clapped her hands happily.

Rias smiled, "Oh Mrs. Moriko I enjoyed it thank you for everything. With that said I'll get going to school, I'll see you later. I'll have my servants come pick you up tomorrow after Kendo Club." Rias waved goodbye as she left.

"Oh, Rias dear, don't you want breakfast?" Shiro was confused.

"Thanks, but no thanks I have somewhere to be. I'll see you guys later." Rias waved as she went downstairs after they all walked her to the door.

Once she left Murayama got a bing on her phone and it was from Rias, "Oh let you know I put a spell on your parents. I'm sorry, but I needed a way to make it look like we were friends. I know we're going to have to keep your parents out of this. So, let's just keep that on the low from the devil life. I'll see ya around!" Murayama was a bit surprised but whatever works, "Wait… spells? M-Magic is real!?" Murayama's eyes widen in shock, "So she healed be while she was naked… that's not weird."

Murayama was then cut from her thoughts when she heard Naruto, "Yo Murayama how are ya doing? Did you get your painting for your house done?"

"Y-Yeah I did… just uhhh is after school still happening?" Murayama asked hopefully, she still wanted to go out and enjoy herself.

"Well uhhh yeah, of course, we can. I couldn't stop thinking about it all night, I was worried though last night. You weren't… acting like you." Naruto knew exactly what happened, but he wasn't going to push Murayama. A lot has happened he didn't want to throw another major curveball at Murayama.

Murayama quickly went inside and grabbed her school bag. She looked at it and saw that her homework was already done. She sighed and put her stuff away and went out to meet Naruto. She went outside, "Ready to get going?"

"Yeah let's get going." Naruto had his foxy grin appear on his face, "Well let's get this drag of a school day over with." Naruto didn't really want to go to school, but he was okay because he would be with Murayama.

Naruto went through his school day without any issues. Granted Naruto didn't care for any of the school work because it was too damn easy. So, he found it boring unless something made it interesting. During class Naruto saw how out of it Murayama seemed, he had their hangout planned. Though something seemed off with Murayama as if she all wasn't there. Though he did know now that she was a devil.

With that, the day dragged on making it worse. Naruto was fine, but Murayama was on edge. She was contemplating life, so much of it was her asking herself why. Rias brought her back because of her wish or desire to see Naruto again. Murayama was very conflicted because she had no idea on how to bring this up to him. Murayama during class got a text from Rias, "I see how stressed you seemed during school. As your king, you are allowed to tell Naruto what you are and who you're affiliated with. Worst-case scenario if he freaks out, I can cast a hocus pocus spell to make him forget everything. Though if we do that, we make him forget everything about it." Rias knew she wouldn't like the last part. Though it was important to maintain a low profile, the locals learning about devils being real. Even if that happened, it would make Naruto insane. He would then be put into a mental hospital which no one wants.

Murayama let a sigh out at the text, "I-I hope it doesn't have to come to that. If I know Naruto… he won't care what I am. He will stay with my friend… even if we will always be friends." Murayama felt her heart hurt a bit thinking about it like that.

Thankfully the day came to an end with Naruto waiting at the front entrance. He was currently talking to some of his senpais, "So Naruto-kun~! Are you going to be at the Whirlpool Shop!?"
"Can you serve us some of your ramen!" A girl chimed in.

"Yeah, I want to have some too!" Another girl added.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Uhhh well sorry ladies, I already have plans tonight. I'm hanging out with a friend of mine." Naruto had a half-smile on his face.

"Awww who are you hanging out with?" "Yeah, is it he or a she?" "Please tell us, we need to know!" The girls began to rapid-fire questions at him.

"Woah! Woah! No, I'm hanging out with Murayama Moriko, ya know from Kendo." Naruto knew was going to regret this.

"What! Are you dating her!?" "What is she to you!?" "Why not hang out with us instead!? We're just as cute!" The girls continue their rapid questions or comments making Naruto uncomfortable.

Murayama soon came walking out with a different change of clothes. She looked over to see her senpais all over Naruto. She was a little angry that they were trying to get him to do something else. Murayama chuckled to herself as she ran over, "Hey what are you girls doing? It's my time to shine here!" Murayama was able to squeeze her way through. She slipped her arms through Naruto's left arm as she laid her head on his arm. The other girls all began to moan upset, annoyed and sighing. Honestly, Naruto was a lot cuter and cooler than Kiba was. Now he was slipping through their fingers to underclassmen.

Thankfully they got away as Naruto chuckled, "Thanks for saving me there."

Murayama giggled, "Well it seems I had to save the damsel in distress." Murayama felt her heart beating at a faster pace as she felt her face heat up.

Naruto got a look at Murayama as he smiled, "Wow, you look really pretty ya know? It looks good on you without your Kuoh uniform all the time." Murayama was wearing a pink designer jacket. She had a white top with a blue dotted pattern that tied into a blue bow. The white top also showed off a good portion of her cleavage. A brown belt that helps keep up a white skirt with yellow trim on the end of the skirt. To top it all off she had yellow shoes with a pink designer purse.

Murayama blushed, "Well I figured if you had things planned, well I would look different. Then I wouldn't be wearing my Kuoh uniform all the time. Something different." Murayama tilted her head cutely.

"Well, Murayama… you look great in anything." Naruto said smoothly with a smile on his face.

"Geez, why are you always so smooth huh?" Murayama lightly punched his shoulder.

"Hey, why are you hurting me? You're so mean!" Naruto said playfully as Murayama rolled her eyes.

"Come on stop complaining you big baby! Anyways where are we off to first?" Murayama shook her head at Naruto's childless.

"Well, the first thing I had in mind was an escape room?" Naruto smiled cheekily, "I'm sure a couple of geniuses like us can figure this out."

Murayama placed her left hand on her right bicep as her tongue stuck out on the side of her mouth, "Yeah! Let's do this!"

The two began to make their way downtown as they walked and talked. Naruto complained about the homework along with Murayama complaining as well, "Well that's for certain, we can both agree that our classes are boring and too easy." Naruto let out a raspberry as Murayama shot him an annoyed look.

"What do you mean easy, oh wait I forgot I was talking to Albert Einstein bagel over here!" Murayama said this sarcastically while she put both of her hands up and swayed her torso left and right.

"Hey! I'm sorry, just that the subjects get boring. They're too easy, but its always fun to do it over with you." Naruto smiled as he tilted his head smiling at Murayama, "I always got time for you."

Murayama blushed, "I'm glad you feel that way, Come on we're here let's head in!" Murayama pulled Naruto into the Escape Room building.

The two made their way in as Naruto got them zombie package. Their goal was to try to find their way through security, then find the passcode to the lab. They had to try to find the cure before their time was up. They were given three hints; they had an hour to get out and get the cure. Soon they went inside to begin the game.

Hour Later

Naruto and Murayama walk out with Naruto rubbing his hands into his face, "That wanted way more thinking that I thought. I swear I think I left my brain in there."

Murayama giggled, "Oh it wasn't that bad! We made it out, we got the cure!"

Naruto looked at Murayama and with a deadpanned expression, "Murayama… you mean YOU got us out of there and got the cure."

Murayama giggled, "I can't help if I'm the genius of the two of us." Murayama had a smug smirk appear on her face.

Naruto chuckled, "Well Come on you want to go get a bite to eat?"

"Sure! Where do you have in mind?" Murayama tilted her head curiously as she leaned in closer to Naruto.

Naruto felt his heart race a little quicker than normal, though he kept his composure and let a breath out, "Well I was thinking we could."

"If you say Whirlpool Shop, I'm going to make you do a hundred laps around the track during Kendo Club. I'll make you do it shirtless with you carrying me and Katase on your back." Murayama said with a sweet and if you ignore me, I'll kick your ass look.

Naruto shuddered as he was reminded of Tsunade or Sakura when they got angry, "Uhhh then we can go to Smith and Lewinsky!" Naruto knew it would be a lot of money, but hey anything for the girl he likes right!

The two made their way to dinner as they got a table. Naruto ordered a New York Strip along with mashed potatoes and lobster mac and cheese. Murayama got exactly what he ordered the two ate and converse, "Wait so you mean to tell me that your Tou-san trained you in Kendo since you were a kid?"

"Well yeah! I loved it! It was so much fun, beating the crap out of things with my Shinai was fun! I like sparring matches, and to see how strong I've become. I make sure I trained hard enough to stand out. Though… it took a while before I found my true friend." Murayama had a small smile on her face.

Naruto knew he hit a sore spot, "Well… Murayama, I think it's amazing that you take after your Tou-san. You must have been one hell of a girl, well that makes you who you are! Your strong… I like that about ya!"

Murayama smiled, "I'm glad you think that way, as kid I was considered weird because my Tou-san taught me Kendo. It was because I took such a strong interest into it. They saw me as a weirdo, a freak, something." Murayama was cut off when Naruto placed his hand on hers.

"Murayama, well you're not the only one but hey. To me and Katase and your other friends, you are not a weirdo or a freak. It just means you're a lot more talented and stronger than others. If anything, Murayama your my best friend, I don't think that your any of that. Your Murayama… the Kendo Club leader with Katase. The girl who could kick my ass if I pissed you off." Naruto let a chuckle out as Murayama shook her head chuckling at his comedic manner.

"I swear you always try to make me laugh… thank you Naruto. Your always there to pick me up." Murayama smiled as she began to shake, "W-When we're done here… c-can we just go on a walk? Ya know… just you and I? There are somethings I want to talk about." Murayama was worried she was hoped that things went well with Naruto.

"Well of course we can, I'm always willing to talk with ya!" Naruto's foxy grin appear on his face which made Murayama feel at ease. Naruto sensed she was troubled, not only sensed but also saw it on her face. When Murayama was stressed, or nervous Naruto noticed that her bottom lip quivers a little bit.

The two continued dinner with nothing else happening. They continued to talk normally, and converse in other conversation. Murayama began to open up as she talked about her likes. A big part of it was anime. Which surprised Naruto a bit, but she also enjoyed American cartoons. She enjoyed watching them and talking about them. Though not many would talk about it with her, Katase liked some of them, but not all of it. Naruto doesn't watch anime or American cartoons all that much, but he does watch Supernatural. Definitely a good show if he says so himself, he told Murayama about it which piqued her interest.

The two finished up dessert as Naruto paid the bill which wasn't too much of an issue. It helps when he the only one working at the Whirlpool Shop and it's his clones using a transformation jutsu to cover for him. He could always discreetly make shadow clones for him to send them back to the shop. Anyways, they begin their walk with the night being a bit cooler than usual. Naruto noticed that Murayama's jacket wasn't up to snuff for the cooler temp of the night. Naruto took off his Kuoh jacket and wrapped it around Murayama. The two began to walk towards the park. Naruto arrived at the playset and smiled, "Man… this park is literally like the park I had before I moved."

"R-Really? Huh I lived here all my life here… who knows maybe you use to live here or something?" Murayama smiled she thought it would be cool if that spiky blonde hair boy she met at the park was Naruto. Naruto remembers, for some reason he would always hope he could play with someone when he was a kid. Naruto didn't know it, but sometimes his desire to play with others at the park. Those memories were real, and Naruto felt himself being taken back to his memory.

Naruto's Memories 6 Years Old

Six Year Old Naruto curiously made his way through the streets of Konoha. He was nervous, he just wanted to be able to play with other children. Naruto began to make his way through the streets avoiding any and all adult contact. He went to make his way towards the park as he turned his head to see a bunch of eyes staring at him. There were adults for some reason in this alleyway, so he quickly bolted as quick as his little feet could take him. He heard the screams, death threats, name calling, and everything they could think of.

Naruto didn't stop, he didn't slow, he kept running and running. He didn't wait until his little legs couldn't run any longer. Naruto made it to a clearing and got to the park, as he saw the park. He saw other kids his age playing, a smile appeared on his face. His little child mind for a moment forgot who he was. He made his way over to the play area as he met a couple girls. One had brown hair in twin tails and brown eyes. The other girl had salmon colored bob hair cut with salmon colored eyes. Both girls turned to him, "Hey! You want to play with us?" The girl with brown twin tails asked.

Naruto completely forgot about his pursuers and had a grin appear on his face, "Yeah! Of course I do! Let's play!" Naruto quickly ran next to them with a wide grin on his face. Naruto let loose and enjoyed himself that day.

They played tag, hide and seek, house, which Naruto played the husband. Coincidentally the girl with brown hair twin tails. Naruto played with them for hours on end until the sunset. Naruto watched as their parents came to take them home, "Hey you said your name was Naruto right?" The twin-tailed girl asked.

"Uhhh yeah I'm Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto giggled happily, but inside Naruto knew what their parents were going to say. What looks they were going to give him, his only hope was he could see them again.

Before they left Naruto waved them goodbye. Then it surprised him, Naruto saw the parents wave goodbye to him too. Not only that they smiled at him, they didn't have glares on their faces or anything. Naruto was happy, maybe they didn't hate him or anything. Maybe that means he can see them again one day! Naruto quickly turned around to go home or get a bowl of ramen. Once Naruto turned around, he found himself back in the alleyway where he ran away from the mob earlier. He was confused as to where he was. Now everyone was gone, and he was back in Konoha. Naruto was confused by everything, but he doesn't understand everything so. He will see if he can meet them tomorrow or when he is free.

End of Naruto's Memory

Naruto smiled remembering this park, though he never got those girl's names. Murayama herself didn't remember that boy's name Katase didn't remember him at all. Naruto looked at Murayama and felt that she was troubled, "Well what did you want talk about. I'm all ears… and whiskers too." Naruto grin appeared on his face as he moved his cheeks up and down a bit to make his whiskers move.

Murayama giggled at Naruto's little jokes, "Ahaha you mean your cute whiskers, but yeah I do need to tell you something." Murayama sat on the bench and clenched her hands on her thighs. She took a deep breath and let it out, "Naruto, I-I want you to know that I'm happy we're friends. I need to know will you always be my friend. Even if I'm something not h-human."

Naruto smiled as she knew what she meant, "Murayama it's okay, whatever you are. I will always care about you, you're my friend I never abandon my friends. To make things easier for you, Murayama I don't care what you are. I care about you, so you know I'm a devil just like you are." Naruto had three sets of bat devil wings come out of his back.

Murayama's eyes widen, "W-What! Y-You are too!? I-I!" Naruto put his hand on her shoulder to help her relax.

"Murayama… I'm sorry for not being there… when you were killed by. Then Rias resurrected as a devil. I could have saved you if I would have come to you sooner. I know Rias resurrected you, that night I went to your house to check on you to make sure you were alright. That's when I realized you were turned into a devil. I'm sorry for not telling you, I wasn't going to originally tell you to begin with." Naruto gently removed his hand and knelt on the edge of the bench, "To think that you would end up being a devil as well."

Murayama was taken back by the news of Naruto being a devil, "I-I can't believe it you're a devil too, that means we can stay being friends." Murayama looked up at Naruto's face where one of the lamp posts light shined on his face.

"Well its about time that I walk ya home, you ready?" Naruto stood up as he turned his head to her.

Murayama smiled, "Yeah sure, my parents are probably wondering where I am." Murayama stood up as she walked up and looped her arms around Naruto's, "Oh, this is great that means Rias should be okay with you right?"

Naruto had to freeze for a moment, "Huh? I-I uhhh Murayama that's probably not a good idea. I will explain everything one day. Can you promise me that you will tell her that I'm a chakra user." Naruto smiled as he walked up the lamppost and began to walk up on it, "Chakra is essential to even the most basic technique. Through various methods, the most common of which is hand seals, chakra can be controlled and manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as walking on water, exhaling fire, or creating illusions. Chakra is ordinarily not visible to the unaided eye unless it is highly concentrated or manifested in large amounts. Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one's "stamina", are moulded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī, English TV: Mental Energy) is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. These two energies becoming more powerful will in turn make the created chakra more powerful. Therefore, practicing a technique repeatedly will build up experience, increasing one's spiritual energy, and thus allowing more chakra to be created. As a result, the ninja is able to do that same technique with more power. This same cycle applies for physical energy, except the ninja needs to increase their endurance instead. Some unique individuals have substantial potential that enables them to exponentially increase their chakra reserves in a relatively short amount of time." Naruto explained which Murayama had no idea what he was talking about.

"I-I don't understand anything about what you just said." Murayama scratched her head.

Naruto chuckled, "It's okay but tomorrow how about you and I go to Rias and talk to her about this."

"Like I said Naruto I trust you, we can go through this together." Murayama and Naruto began their walk home under the clouds. The two look up to see clouds covering the moon, "Brrrr it's only November."

Naruto smiled, "Hey it's going to snow." Naruto stated as Murayama looked at him strangely.

Just then small clumps of white snow began to fall around Naruto and Murayama. Murayama's eyes widen with a smile on her face. She closed her eyes as she let a deep breath in and out, "I love Christmas Naruto, I love everything about winter. H-How did you know that?"

Naruto smirked, "Well it's a small little trick I picked up. Say it's thanks to a four-legged friend. Well, we'll have to enjoy it together then." Naruto and Murayama began their walk home together with their arms linked together. Naruto felt something between one another, but he didn't advance. They just met so it be too soon if they did so.

They arrived at her house as Murayama put her arms behind her back. She turned her body around and swayed left to right, "Thank you for today… I had a lot of fun." Murayama had a smile form on her lips. Murayama was almost hoping that he would say something about going out. Maybe even leaning in and kissing her, but Naruto actually gave her a hug. He gently moved away and waved to her goodbye.

"See ya tomorrow Murayama." Naruto begins his way home with his hands in his pockets. Once he was about half way home Kurama hopped on his shoulder.

"So how did it go kit?" Kurama mentally asked as he laid on top of Naruto's head.

"Well everything went well, but I think Murayama wanted me to ask her out." Naruto placed both of his hands behind his head.

"I see, taking things nice and slow. How come?" Kurama was rather confused and curious on why Naruto didn't seal the deal.

"Well I didn't think it was time, it felt too rushed. Besides friends right now feels fine, even if we're close. I know she likes linking arms and walking together, which I don't mind that much. Why I wait… well I care about this relationship. As of right now I think it's going well, I think she might be the one, so I want to be with." Naruto realized he was back home by the time he was finished talking.

"Well let's continue on and see where this road takes us. Who knows, you might pick up a harem one day." Kurama chuckled as Naruto rolled his eyes at his comment.

Next Day After School 5:00 pm after Kendo Club

Naruto stood by the girl's locker room waiting for them to come out. Once they came out, he went to go change as well. He slipped into an orange T shirt, black jacket, black and small hints of orange pants. Naruto made his way back as he met up with Murayama, "Hello Murayama you ready to make your way to the ORC room?"

"Yeah, I am I hope Rias is okay with you." Murayama was a little nervous, but Rias seemed like a reasonable person.

They made their way towards the old building. Murayama knocked on the door as Kiba answered it, "Ahhh Murayama… ummm why is Uzumaki-san here?" Kiba said confused.

Murayama smiled, "It's okay Naruto is different he well knowledgeable about the supernatural." She gestured her hand to Naruto.

"What's up devil boy!" Naruto waved to him as he smiled, Murayama shook her head letting a deep sigh out.

Kiba was surprised, "Ummm yeah okay, just this way." Kiba gestured them to follow him as he took them to the second floor.

Kiba knocked on the door as Rias said, "Come in!"

Soon they walked in Naruto rubbed the back of his head feeling a little awkward being there, Murayama spoke up, "H-Hello Rias-sama I wanted to come to get to know you and everyone else. I want to let you know that Naruto… is okay with what happened to me. He also has a few things to say." Koneko's head perked up as she sensed the chakra coming off of Naruto.

Rias smiled happily, "Well a human who isn't afraid of the unknown." "Well we're please have you both here have a seat." Rias sat on the couch and gestured to the one across from her. Naruto and Murayama made their way over and sat down. Naruto squeezed his hand on his thigh, "I've grown up knowing about the supernatural world. I'm not a normal human per-say and your friend over there. Caught first scent of me." Naruto smiled as a layer of red chakra came from his body, "I have the power of the Kyuubi no Yoko. I was born with this power; I was trained in the arts of chakra and born with the chakra of a Kyuubi No Yoko. I was trained in the art of chakra and well soon one-day Senjutsu." Naruto remembers that he should summon Fukasaku one day. Gamakichi said that Naruto still could learn senjutsu and undergo sage training.
Koneko head perked up hearing this from Naruto. This worried her greatly, it even surprised her that he can use chakra. Humans can learn the use it, but they typically are unable to do this, "I see a human who can use chakra, that is certainly a special and unique ability. You know I could have someone like you, would you like to." Before Rias could even offer Naruto to join her peerage, Naruto cuts her off.

"No, no thank you. I do not want to become part of your peerage. I'm not trying to be mean or offend you in any way. Now that Murayama is a devil, since she is new. I can train her; I can help her get stronger. I'd hate myself if I couldn't help her and she got hurt." Naruto sees Murayama as a friend, a comrade, and perhaps someone really important to him one day. Naruto sat on the edge of his seat with his hands folded under his chin and his elbows on his thighs. He gave Rias a glare, "Now I need to know something… don't you lie to me because I know when someone lies to me. I know for a fact; I know some humans can be born with sacred gears. The only reason you saved her, and she was attacked because she had one. Now tell me did you… did you turn her into a devil because she has a sacred gear? Tell me… tell me that you didn't save her because you wanted her for power? I know how devils are. I've been told how you devils are… you only save the people because of their power. Only use for your own needs!" Naruto was beginning to grow agitated and angry. He knew Rias had her ulterior motive; he knew that she was in a marriage proposal. Naruto couldn't sit right with the fact that Rias was going to use Murayama for her power. Naruto also feels like he failed Murayama too, he knew something was off. During work he was going to see if she was alright. However, he decided to shake it off and coughed it up to nothing.

Yes, Naruto blames himself for what happened to Murayama. Believe it or not he does blame himself for her dying then be resurrected as a devil. Naruto would often walk Murayama home, and Naruto knew he wasn't there during that weekend. He just feels that he should have been there sooner, that he should always had a clone watching over her. Naruto wanted to have clones trail her incase she was attacked. Naruto didn't want to do it because it would invade her privacy. Naruto knew that she would tell him that he was an idiot and that none of this was he fault. She was just born with this sacred gear and there was nothing that she could do about it. Naruto knew it wasn't his fault or for him not even knowing. Though, a part of himself blamed himself and he wishes he could change the past.

Rias let a sigh out and smiled, "Well I can't lie now can I? Well yes, I suspect that she does have a sacred gear. Though, her power would be handy for my peerage. I want you to understand that without me, she would still be dead. You should be grateful that I'm even allowing you to be with her. I can easily rid of you right now and wipe your memories of her." Rias's eyes began to glow as a red aura surrounded her body.

Naruto glared at her, "Is that a threat? Murayama is my friend; I would never let anything happen to her. If you come between her and me. I have no problem showing you just how strong I am. I don't do this, and this is way out of character for me. When it comes to the people I care about, the people I consider precious."

"Naruto calm down, I'm sure Rias did this because she needs me. Let's just be happy that she decided to save me. If you think about it, without her, I wouldn't be here." Murayama smiled as she placed her hand on his.

Rias smiled, "Well thank you Murayama, but I want you to understand Naruto. Not everything is power, but if you think about it. Saving her was the best option, otherwise, others would have gone after her. Other devils could have tried to pick her up, other fallen angels could have killed her. Heck maybe even the heaven faction would want her dead or on their side. Please trust me, I'm a good master, I treat my servants like family. I promise that no harm will come to Murayama, I will do everything in my power that doesn't happen." Rias crossed her legs along with her arms under her large ample bosom.

Naruto wanted to know just how strong Rias and her peerage was. There was no way he was going to let anything happen to Murayama, "Rias, I."
"Naruto that's enough." Murayama tightened her grip on his hand. Everyone looked at Murayama with a shocked look on their faces. Naruto was taken back by this, but this was the Murayama he knew. She was strong, "Naruto, it already happened and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm a devil, and Rias saved me regardless of what I have. I'm here, I'm with you, we still get to be friends. I'm with Rias and the others, let's just accept it." Murayama smiled, she knew it was a lot and wondered if Naruto would get upset. She saw this happening, Naruto seemed liked the protective type. This only proved her point which she thought was pretty funny.

Rias continued to speak, "Well now that she is here, let's introduce you to everyone! Let's get to know Murayama and Naruto! Welcome to the Occult Research Club!" Rias tilted her head a bit with a smile on her face. Akeno stood behind her along with Kiba, Koneko was sitting next to Rias eating her sweets with eyes fixated on Naruto.

"Woah, Woah, Woah I said I wasn't joining you." Naruto raised an eyebrow confused.

Rias chuckled, "No not that, your Murayama's boyfriend are you not? You know we're devils and your knowledgeable on the supernatural." Rias put her hand up ready to explain what she meant until Naruto and Murayama spoke up.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! We're not dating!" Naruto put both of his hands up shaking them side to side.

"Y-Yeah! We're just really good friends! It's too soon for that just yet." Murayama quickly added as she was sweating nervously.

Rias shook her head surprised, "Well as I was saying the least I can do is extend my offer to you to join my club! Who knows you said you're strong and you'd do anything to protect Murayama? I'm going to take your word for it. You must be strong; you can most likely back it up. So maybe we can do some sparring now and then?" Rias smiled, "Besides it be a way to keep your skills sharp wouldn't it?" Rias said this while getting up and walking on over to her desk and sat down. She summoned her pieces to a chessboard, her queen, two bishops, two rooks, two knights, and eight pawns. Then herself, the king, "We should see just how powerful you are, you might prove beneficial to help my peerage grow stronger." Rias smirked; she liked that idea a way to help strengthen her peerage. Maybe even persuade Naruto to join, well if he isn't too powerful for her to reincarnate.

"Hmm like a sparring match? It be interesting to see just how powerful you guys are. Then this would allow me to see what you guys need to work on." Naruto liked that idea, a way for him to see their strength. Then he can help them get stronger, he might not have to interfere with Rias and her marriage. That means he would never have to reveal his true self to Rias or anyone else. He can keep his friend relationship with Murayama and live a somewhat normal life, "Yeah… let's do it."

"Alright! That's great! Next week we have off from school we'll do just that! Right now, we celebrate with Murayama joining our club, my peerage, and my family! Then we also celebrate Naruto joining our club too." Rias couldn't be any happier, this could turn out to be a great and beautiful relationship. Yeah, she might be using Naruto and Murayama's relationship to her advantage. She does feel bad about doing it, but it also allowed them to be together. She wants her servants to be happy, it just ended up working out like this.

During this time Naruto and Murayama got to know a bit more about Rias, Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko. They learned that Akeno was the queen, Kiba the knight, and Koneko as Rias's rook. Now Murayama was Aa Rias's eight pawns, and with that, they continued to chat and get to know one another. Naruto learned that Koneko has chakra like he was and was well-tuned to it. Also, with sage chakra as well, but learned that she doesn't want to use it. She didn't go into detail or anything, but Naruto respected her boundaries. Naruto liked the Nekoshou, she was strong but didn't have much of a personality.

The next person Naruto talked to was Kiba, Kiba Yuuto the prince of Kuoh. Nice guy, he seems legit and everything. Though, Naruto could sense a lot of hate and anger from him. He was wearing one hell of a mask, thanks to the nine tails chakra. He could easily sense his emotions, but right now wasn't the time. Though, Kiba was into swordplay which he could prove a good sparring partner.

The next one to meet was Akeno, Akeno Himejima. Very nice girl, very alluring, attractive, and voluptuous body. She was a very nice girl, she seemed very mature and kind. Naruto didn't mind talking to her, he could tell shew as also very intelligent as well. Though, Naruto could also sense something in her. There were a lot of alarm bells going off in his head. That when he also noticed Akeno looking at him strangely. Whatever he learned from Houmi he ended learning from Rias, well everything besides her being engaged to Riser.

With that, they begin to end their club activities. Naruto and Murayama make their trek home, Naruto has his arm around Murayama's shoulder, "Well are you going back to your place?"

Murayama blushed, "Yeah, I'm just adjusting to the change. I-I'm glad though, that you're with me. If you with me then I know I can do this Naruto. I trust ya." Murayama knew she needed Naruto if he isn't there for her. Well, she doesn't know what she'll do, she was just turned into a devil. Now she can face this new world with Naruto together, now she didn't have to cut any ties with him.

Naruto and Murayama said their goodbyes as they began their way home. They continued to walk home quietly with them not saying much. Murayama decided to break the silence, "Naruto… thanks for being there with me. P-promise me that you'll be there with me during all this?"

Naruto shook his head as a grin appeared on his face, "Murayama your insane if you think I'd leave you. You're my friend, I'd never leave you." Naruto pulled her into a hug as Murayama accepted it happily.

Before Murayama went in she asked, "So… then were you reincarnated into a devil?"

Naruto closed his eyes and nodded his head, "Murayama I'll tell you who reincarnated me into a devil some other time. The less people know the less danger the person who turned me, what you need to know. Is that I have my own peerage, I'm the king."

Murayama's eyes widen, "W-Woah does that mean you'll have your own."

Naruto put his hand up to gently stop her, "Yes, I am the king but there is a slight issue. When I was saved from near death, it took all 16 pieces to resurrected me. I am my own peerage." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Devil typically only have one set of wings, however, for me it's a different story. I'll explain more later, but all I ask is that you trust me."

Murayama nodded her head, "Well I do trust you; I have no doubt that you'll protect me."

The two continued walking as Naruto took her back home, she went inside waving goodbye to him. When she went inside Naruto made a clone that began to make alarm seals placed around her house. His chakra throughout the house would know who enters the place. If it was Murayama, her parents, or one of Rias's peerage members. Naruto hasn't mastered it yet, but he can use the Hiraishin to an extent.

Next Day

Naruto got up, dressed, ate, and then brushed his teeth. He got his bag and Kurama hopped on his head. Naruto opened his door and began to make his way to school, he saw his shop being prepped by his clones. Naruto continued his way towards the corner to turn, then all he had to go straight to school, "Naruto!" Naruto heard the voice of a girl who came up behind him wrapping her arms around his neck.

Naruto saw a bundle of brown hair swing in front of his face, "M-Murayama?!" Naruto was surprised as he turned his head to see her smiling and giggling in joy.

Murayama smiled, "Good morning Naruto how are ya doing?" Murayama began walking with Naruto as soon as he caught up to her pace.

Naruto turned his head and had a foxy grin appear on his face, "Well it's been a good morning so far. Well, I must say… it just got better." Naruto and Murayama finally made their way to school.

Murayama giggled, "Well this is a new side, when did you get so smooth? Huh?" Murayama looped her arms through Naruto's left arm.

Naruto smiled, "Well let's head in for class, which reminds me. What do you think of training with me?"

Murayama thought about it, "Well that does sound like a good idea, but there is one thing you need to know." Murayama sent him a playful glare.

"What is that?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"You better not go easy on me, otherwise you'll regret it." Murayama sent him a death glare as Naruto put both of his hands innocently.

Just then the three pervs of Kuoh spoke up, "Dammit! Naruto got Moriko-san to fall for him! That's so unfair man!" Matsuda said angrily.
"Man, why do all the hot and popular guys get the girls!" Motohama began to cry.

"Look! He got Moriko-san she has the biggest bazongas in the Kendo Club! We don't even get to see them anymore because he guards them!" Issei punched his fist into his hand.

"Pervert," Murayama said annoyed as she gave the three dirty looks.

"Come on let's head to class." Naruto gently took her hand as Murayama followed Naruto to class.

Rias was walking towards her class and stopped when she saw Naruto and Murayama talking. Rias could see that they cared deeply for one another. That they had the freedom to love whom they wanted to. Not being tied down by some stupid arranged marriage. Rias had her books up against her chest with her arms holding them up. She bit her lower lip; she couldn't help but feel jealous. Her pawn, Murayama Moriko was really close to Naruto Uzumaki, Rias couldn't help but feel envious. That's why she needs Murayama to get stronger, so she can get out of this mess, "Rias?" Akeno tried to get her friend's attention, "Rias?" Akeno moved her hand in front of Rias's face.

"Uh? W-What?" Rias turned to Akeno, Sona, and Tsubaki looked at them confused.

"Let's go to class." Akeno had a small smile appear on her face. She could tell that Rias was upset, seeing Naruto and Murayama together. She wants that, she wants to be able to fall in love with the man she wants to be with. She wants to get married in Kuoh Japan, but she is unable to do so. All because her family wants her to marry into another family, loveless marriage. Rias shook her head quickly and began to make her way to class with Akeno, Sona, and Tsubaki.

The day went as normal as it was lunch time. Naruto and Murayama went to eat alone together. Murayama was happy enough to make lunch for him, "Well what do you think of it? My Kaa-san taught me what she knew." Murayama was hoping that Naruto loved it, it was her favorite because her mother made it when she wanted it.

"This chicken teriyaki was amazing! You're a really good cook! Maybe I should make some pastries for the two of us?" Naruto continued to eat Murayama's cooking.

"Thanks that means a lot… it was my mother's special. It's my favorite dish she made." Murayama smiled as she remember a bunch of memories of her mother making that dish.

"You two are so adorable together!" Katase opened the door to the roof of the school.

"Oh Katase! What are you doing up here?" Murayama stood up giving her best friend a hug.

Katase looked over at Naruto, " Just checking up my best friend and a possible future boyfriend!" Katase giggled as she turned to Naruto, "You take good care of my Yama-chan!" Katase giggled as Murayama began to blush and puff her cheeks out.

"Hey, I thought you weren't going to tell him about that!" Murayama said with emberassment as Naruto began to chuckle.

"Yama-chan I like it, it's a cute name," Naruto smirked as Murayama's eyes began to hold tears in them as they turned wide and white.

"Mou I don't care for it." Murayama crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks out annoyed.

Soon the group heard the bell ring for class, "Well we should go to class." Naruto packed up their lunches and cleaned up. Murayama, Naruto, and Katase went to class. Naruto and Murayama walked ahead until Katase stopped them for a moment.

Katase skipped over to Naruto before they went to class. Katase got up in his face, "If you break Yama-chan's heart here… I'll rip you a new asshole." Katase said with sweet sickly smile on her face.

"WHAT!?" Naruto backed up a bit at the treat, "I swear from this moment on… woman… are the scariest things on earth." "Understand, that I'd never hurt or do anything to hurt Murayama! I care about her; she is one of my best friends!" Naruto was cut off when Katase placed her finger on his lips to stop him from talking.

"Just kidding." Katase giggled as she stuck her tongue out.

"*Sigh*, jeez I swear I." Naruto let a sigh out as Murayama began to walk towards the class.

"Oh, I wasn't lying." Katase held her shinai in her hand ready to beat the shit out of Naruto.

"O-Oh… I hear you… loud and clear." Naruto was sweating a bit as Katase smiled happily.

"Perfect!" Murayama clapped her hands happily. She had Naruto wrapped around her finger if he hurts Murayama. She'll kill him!

Naruto nervously walked to class as he thought, "Jeez this is such a drag."

"Naruto, I need to know." Katase's tone changed which meant she was serious.

"What is it?" Naruto this time was going to make sure to listen.

"W-Why haven't you asked Murayama out yet, you two really seem to get along. So… why don't you just ask her out already?" Katase had that question floating around in her head for a while now.

"Well it's quite simply, I just want to make sure. Yeah, she and I get a long, but there are a few words I need to hear form her first." Naruto smiled as he looked at Katase, "Don't tell her but I need to hear her say a few words first."

"What are they?" Katase asked confused.

Naruto smiled, "That's for Murayama to find out, once I know she says it." Naruto put his hands in his pockets, "Murayama is strong… smart… and sweet. I know she can figure it out, once she does. I'll tell her that I love her." Naruto sent his foxy grin towards Katase which earned a small blush from her.

Time Skip Next Week Monday

Naruto and Murayama make their way towards Rias's club room. Once they entered Rias and her peerage were in a red glowing circle, "Ah glad to see that you have joined, we're going to teleport to a private forest area. My family owns it, so we can spar there to our heart's content!" Rias clapped her hands excitedly.

Naruto smirked, "Well when we get there the first, we can do is try to help Murayama awaken her sacred gear when we get there." Naruto quickly spun around as he changed into an Anbu outfit he had on when he checked on Murayama and Rias.

"So you were that person who came to Murayama's house." Rias chuckled, "Well the energy you showed us the other day was similar to the one you were using that time."

"Well at that time, Murayama didn't know what I was. You didn't either and I didn't trust you guys." Naruto smirked, "Well let's get this show on the road!" Naruto felt the blood pumping in his body. He was ready to get some action; he was itching for a fight.

Rias walked over and placed a quick kiss on his cheek which he didn't like, "Hey, you might be my master, but don't need Murayama stepped forward placing her arms underneath her chest.

"I need to place a bit of DNA on his body. I also placed a spell that allows him to teleport with us." Rias hand gestured to the Gremory Clean seal on his hand.

Naruto and Murayama stood in Rias's seal as the group teleported to Rias's private forest reserve inside of a house. Rias went over and sat down on the couch, "Alright we got some time, let's go ahead and get Murayama's sacred gear in action! Then we can do some sparring, I'm assuming you want to see where our strengths and weaknesses are at?" Rias sat on a couch

Naruto clapped his hands ready to go, "Yup! Let's get going!" Naruto stood up ready to start training. Naruto stopped and paused for a moment, "Uhhh, so how do we unlock her sacred gear and everything?"

"Well, a small little break down on what a sacred gear is. Maybe you can get a better understanding of it." Rias paused to cross her legs the other way, "The original God of the Bible created the Sacred Gears as part of his system to enact miracles on Earth. It has been stated that certain individuals with Sacred Gears have grown to become very powerful and influential and that a large number of the people who have had their names etched into history, were most likely Sacred Gear possessors. There can be more than one Sacred Gear of the same type such as Blade Blacksmith. Sacred Gears can vary from the common Twice Critical to the rare Sacred Gear Twilight Healing, with the only exception being the Longinus, which are all unique in their way. If a Sacred Gear is removed from the owner, they would die. Only humans or human hybrids can be born with Sacred Gears. Angels and Devils can obtain them by resurrecting a human or human hybrid as one of their own. The Fallen Angels have devised a ceremony to extract and possess a Sacred Gear from the original user. An individual can own more than one Sacred Gear at a time. Now for her to activate it she needs to focus on the strongest part of her body. Then try to unleash power from a certain part of her body." Rias finished with a smile on her face patting herself on her back remembering all this.

Naruto stood there like he lost more than half of his brain cells, "So this sacred gear is in Murayama, just so it's clear. Other beings like angels, fallen angels, and other devils would want her for that right?"

"Correct, but the only difference is other devils would take her for themselves. Granted I did the same, but the only different is I'm a lot more lenient. Others would use Murayama for their own personal gains. I have my reason, but they aren't nefarious, other kings, if they were male, would have put their hands on her. They also would have done many other things which you would not have liked. However, I do allow relationships outside my peerage. Anyways back on topic, Murayama can awaken it when she focuses her power on a certain point of her body," Rias explained while having her pointer finger pointed at the ceiling. Rias clapped her hands together and stood on her two feet, "Alright Murayama give it a try."

"Well, I'll give it a shot." Murayama stood in a stance as she closed her eyes and focused. She focused her strength in her right arm. She began to think of an anime that was in her mind. "There is no merit in taking on the Faux Villain that is worth zero points. But that creates the opportunity… For it to shine brightly… and rise to the surface. Squeeze your buttocks…and yell this inside your heart"."UNITED STATES OF SMASH!" Murayama screamed as she punched forward with her right arm. Suddenly there was a bright red light. A red, armored bracer with yellow accents and a green jewel on top of the palm area.

Naruto thanks to his knowledge of some sacred gears, not all but the main ones. He recognized this one when Murayama's sacred gear shouted, Boost! Naruto eyes widen, "I-I can't believe it, I was only told a bit about sacred gears. Only the ones there were the Longinus…"

"S-She has the." Rias's eyes were wide as Naruto's.

"Boosted Gear… of the Red Dragon Emperor." Naruto and Rias both said at the same time.

Just then it hit Rias, "Murayama did you just say the United States of Smash?" Rias realized that Murayama watched or read the manga for My Hero Academia.

"Uhhh yeah I know… it's a bit embarrassing, but I do like anime." Murayama blushed as she rubbed the back of her head.
"You like anime! I do too! I love My Hero Academia!" Rias squealed as she ran to Murayama's side putting both hands on her shoulders.

Murayama and Rias for the next ten minutes began to blab and talk about anime. Naruto and the others stood there dumbfounded; they couldn't believe just how anime they could talk about. Though they let them have their moment, the two formed a bond in that instant, "Rias can we please focus here? You said you wanted me to gauge your peerage's strength did you not? Well, let's do what we came here to do."

Rias scratched her cheeks sheepishly, "S-Sorry I typically don't let that side of me come out that much. It's rare for others to learn about that, well consider it a treat." Rias was embarrassed as someone other than her peerage found out about her secret.

Naruto facepalmed and shook his head, "Rias I don't care what you like and don't like. Remember I'm just here for Murayama, I'm not here to judge you or anything."

Rias shook her head, "Anyways let's get to the training grounds." Rias stood up as everyone went to go change into something a bit more comfortable.

A bit later everyone, the devil breakfast club of Kuoh went outside to prepare for training. Naruto was made his way over towards three trees. He easily knocked down three trees leaving them as 4ft tall logs. He turned them into stumps and prepared for training. Rias came walking out from the changing room in a purple outfit. Rias made her way over as she had three shiny objects in her hands Rias handed Naruto bells, "So what were the bells for?"

"You'll see in a second." Naruto smiled as the other's came from the changing rooms. Murayama was in her Kendo Gi, Akeno in a shrine maiden outfit, Kiba, and Koneko in their Kuoh uniforms. Naruto smiled as he thought back to team 7 when Kakashi tested them for the first time, "Alright well today is to access your skills and strengths. You see these three bells?" Naruto held up the three bells in his hands, "You guys will have a total of four hours." Naruto asked Rias to also get him a clock. Naruto placed the clock and set the timer for four hours, "Within those four hours you guys need to try to take the bells. Only three of you guys can get the bells since I'm cooking tonight. Only three of you guys are eating dinner while the rest of you, guys will be tied to these posts while watching your friends eat dinner."

Rias and the others looked at Naruto with determination and seriousness. Naruto smirked as he backed up a bit to gain some distance, "Well with that said… if you want any chance at beating me. You better come at me with the intent to kill." Naruto pulled a kunai out ready to fight.

Before he could say anything Kiba appeared in front of him with his sword. Naruto blocked it sending his chakra to the kunai. Naruto quickly moved behind Kiba pinning his arm behind Kiba's back, "I never said start." Naruto chuckled as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Dang it where did he go!" Murayama grunted nervously; she doesn't know just how strong Naruto is. By his stories, he sounded pretty strong, now that he is older. Well, he might be a real challenge or be almost impossible to beat.

"Right here." Naruto appeared right in between Rias, Akeno, and Koneko. Koneko went to strike at him but he caught it with his hand, "Ahh the solar plexus, good idea on where to hit. Though, your too slow." Naruto kicked Koneko away as Akeno fired lighting point-blank at Naruto's face. He quickly dodged and said, "Woah there sparky you could kill someone." Naruto chuckled at the nickname as he brought his knee up into Akeno's stomach. Akeno hunched over in pain as she fell the ground, "You're well attuned to lighting, but you're too weak physically." Naruto turned around to dodge a punch from Murayama, "Well this is interesting." Naruto continued to dodge Murayama's punches.

Then Koneko jumped in going for his temple. Naruto blocked her attacked and pushed her fist into Murayama's. Rias fired a downgraded version of her destruction ball. Naruto punched right through enhancing his fist with chakra, "W-What!?" Rias eyes widen.

Naruto brought his fist up and smiled, "Rias, I said to come at me with the intent to kill." Naruto easily brought his knee up to her face. He did a roundhouse kick sending her flying away. "You lack any and all physical fighting skills." Naruto went forward to a handstand and twisted his lower body around. At the same time Koneko, Murayama, and Akeno stood up. Naruto kicked them in the faces sending them back into the ground. Naruto got back to his feet and quickly brought his hands together. Naruto caught Kiba's blade from cutting him in half, "Woah there this little toothpick could hurt someone." Naruto just twisted his hand to the side snapping the sword in half and kicked Kiba in his stomach sending him into a tree.

Naruto finally got a chance to stand up as he dusted himself off, "Well so far you guys aren't too bad but." Naruto knelt to ties his shoe, at the same time Rias and Akeno fired off a magic attack at Naruto. Their attacks missed Naruto and their attacks hit one another. This resulted in Rias getting electrocuted and Akeno getting hit with Rias's destruction magic. Naruto stood back up to see the groaning Rias and Akeno, "Did I dodge something?" Naruto said with a chuckle.

Koneko stood up ready to fight, "I can still fight." Koneko charged forward to hit Naruto. Naruto effortlessly dodged her attacks without any issues. He even dodged and punched Kiba sending him into the ground again.

Naruto shook his head as he did a knee to Koneko's stomach knocking the wind out of her, "You have a lot to learn, you're strong but you can't do anything if you can't land your punches." Naruto said seriously as Koneko passed out on the ground.

Naruto looked over to see Murayama struggling to fight with her sacred gear gone from her arm. Naruto saw Rias stand up with Akeno as well, "Well aren't you guys durable? I'm surprised you got back up."

Rias let a few breaths out, "I-I will not lose, everyone in my peerage can do this… *huff* *huff* I'm stronger than you think I am." Rias enhanced her body with magic, she was faster and stronger. She went to strike but her punches were that of a brawler.

"Your attacks are sloppy." Naruto dodged her punched and smacked her hand away. Naruto then brought his fist up and punched her across the face. This sent her flying and she fell to the ground again, Naruto had to hold back but he did have to put some effort into this, "There is a lot you need to work on Rias."

Rias stood up as she wiped her lip of blood, "I-I see just help me out here then… training me and my peerage. I'll do anything please just."

Naruto cut her off, "I only ask that you promise to protect Murayama, I'm doing this for her. Though I guess helping friends is another because your friends of Murayama's." Naruto rubbed his temples, "Alright that's enough for today, we're going to continue training later. You guys have a lot to work on, just because I'm your friend Murayama. I'm still going to work you into the ground." Naruto looked at her seriously as Murayama nodded her head understanding what Naruto meant. It still bothered Naruto that Rias wanted Murayama for her power and what she held.

Everyone slowly came walking up listening to Naruto's evaluation. Naruto looked at each one of them, "I want you to all understand that I have a special ability thanks to the chakra I have. I can sense emotions, even deeper emotions hidden away." Naruto looked at them, "If you don't want to get stronger leave now. What I'm about to say is going to touch something you won't like. If you don't want me to train you… leave now. If you can't handle the heat, get out of hell."

Everyone went near Rias and so did Murayama, Rias had a circle appear below them which gradually healed everyone. Naruto stopped her as he made shadow clones that went around using medical ninjutsu to heal everyone. Naruto took the time on his own, with his clones to learn medical ninjutsu. Anyways Naruto looked at them standing in front of them, "If you want to get stronger you're going to listen for what I have to say." They all nodded their heads staying where they are at.

Naruto waved them into the house, they went over and sat in the living room. Naruto looked at Murayama, "Murayama you need to work on getting stronger. Getting your endurance, strength, agility, and other areas up." Naruto waved her over as Murayama frowned as she looked at her hands.

"I-I'm sorry I." Murayama made her way over to Naruto as he placed his finger on her lips.

"It's okay Murayama we can work on that together. I'll help train you and help you. Now I need to address everyone else's issues." Naruto looked over at Koneko, "Koneko… your strong, you have an idea on how to fight. Though your too slow, your attacks are unable to do any type of damage if you can't land your punches. Then there are your family issues Koneko, you were betrayed, and you have your emotions locked away. If you can't agree to let your sister go, then you'll never be able to get stronger. Not only that you must accept who you are, as did I." Naruto knew about Kuroka, it made sense if he knew about the supernatural world. He would know about Kuroka because he did hear about it from Houmi.

Koneko's eyes widen, "H-How do you know about her…" Koneko said with a hint of anger behind her voice.

"Well if I knew about devils and all this, I have ways to get news about devils." Naruto sent Koneko a small smile, "I know you can get through it, the best advice I can give you. Is look underneath the underneath." Naruto walked over and patted Koneko's head. Naruto looked at Kiba as he shook his head, "Well your fast, strong, and very skilled as a swordsman. Though, you're being held back in your training. You can't get stronger until you change your path. Drop your revenge, revenge is a fool's errand, take it from a guy who knows guy a thing or two about revenge." Kiba narrowed his eyes at Naruto angrily.

"You don't know a damn thing on what happened to me! My." Naruto cut Kiba off from talking.

"Prince of Kuoh my ass, Prince of Revenge makes more sense." Naruto shook his head as Kiba growled at him.

"As much as I want Kiba to change, but I won't force him. Giving names to my peerage members is offensive." Rias began to butt in.

Naruto looked at the ceiling and sighed as Rias gave him a, 'Really' look, "Rias you got your issues as well. You're not only lacking in hand to hand combat, but you also need to work on getting stronger yourself. You may be gifted magically, but you're lacking in other combat areas. In all honesty, you haven't been that impressive." Naruto shook his head, "Your piss poor example of what a king should be Rias."
"HEY, I take offense to that!" Rias shouted angrily.

Naruto darted his eyes at her, "Rias you're allowed to be all family-friendly with as much as you want. I'm grateful for that, but if you were to fight anyone. Any other supernatural creatures, they would tear you and your peerage apart." Naruto walked over to Rias with his arms crossed as he looked at Rias directly in the eyes, "You can't continue to treat this club likes it's the breakfast devil club. You need to be training them, getting them stronger. You're lucky I'm here otherwise you and your peerage could have been killed, no matter how strong you believe to think you are." Naruto was angry because Murayama could have been killed if he wasn't here too. She just awakened her sacred gear, so it's not like she had any real combat experience.

Akeno had to stand up to defend Rias, "Naruto, I respect you a lot because of your strength. I think you're taking this too far; Rias has done a lot for us. We owe her our lives for giving us a second chance at life."

Naruto slowly turned his head to Akeno, "Akeno Himejima, I've heard about you… I've heard about the Holy Sword Project, and Kuroka Toujou the big sister of Koneko, or use to be known as Shirone Toujou. I took the liberty into researching who my students were going to be. I might be sounding harsh now, but this is what you guys need. A wake-up call, you need to grow up. You guys aren't normal human high schoolers, and neither am I."

Akeno growled, "You know nothing of what happened to me! I'll always hate him! I'll never forgive him!" Akeno's eyes narrowed at Naruto.

Naruto waved off her killing intent, "Alright little girl… I know you have daddy issues, but you know what you're not the only one. Have you ever asked yourself why he wasn't there? Maybe ask yourself… what prevented him from being there?" Naruto turned his head as he looked at the rest of Rias's peerage.

Murayama was a little annoyed with Naruto's tone. Then again, a lot of it was for her, his reasoning kept coming back to being strong. Protecting her, it was beginning to bother her a little bit, "Naruto can we talk for a moment."

Naruto turned to his head, "Yeah what's up?" He looked at Murayama as he ran his hand through his hair.

The two moved off to the side, "Naruto you need to back off here, I understand that all of this is to protect me." Murayama had her arms crossed.

Naruto let a sigh out, "Murayama I want you to know that I want to make sure you're safe. It's not that I don't care about Rias or the others. They need to get their emotions in check. There are other things out there, I'm doing this to help Rias and her peerage. You as well, I care about you. I don't want to see you get hurt." Naruto was cut off when Murayama put her pointer finger on his mouth.

"Everyone needs time Naruto, to sort their feelings out. You're pushing them too hard; you need to stop. This isn't you, this isn't the Naruto I know and care about. You can't just force people to change so fast."

Naruto let a sigh out as he relaxed, "I see." Naruto makes his way towards everyone and lets a sigh out, "I-I'm sorry… it's just that I'm worried. I'm scared for Murayama's safety and your safety too. Just understand that I've never had anyone like Murayama… I've never had a friend before. I'm not sure on how to act sometimes, I'm typically not so serious all the time." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "I-I guess protecting the people you care about makes you act strangely, though that doesn't mean I won't make your training easy."

Rias nodded her head, "I-I see you're just trying to make sure she is safe. Well to let you know Murayama might end up being stronger than even you. The Red Dragon Emperor is a powerful being, which will make Murayama powerful." Rias raised an eyebrow knowing she was right.

Naruto chuckled, "Well I can't wait to see just how strong she will get." Naruto walked up to Rias as he extended his hand out, "No hard feelings? I just want to make sure Murayama is alright. I'm sure you guys will begin to rub off on me too."

Rias accepted his apology, "I understand you care about her; I can't stay mad at that. Yeah, your right about one thing, I don't train my peerage as hard as I should have. I think your just what we needed as a wake-up call. Thanks." Rias smiled giving Naruto a sultry wink.

Naruto chuckled ignoring Rias's advances, Rias couldn't help but realize how genuine Naruto is. He didn't look at her chest, her figure, or anything. Naruto's mind, was on Murayama, and her eyes were on Rias's eyes, "Well we should all get dinner, shouldn't we?" Murayama suggested.

"Got that covered." Naruto's clone came walking in wearing a chef outfit, "At the dinner table is some ramen bowls for everyone! I made two pots of Miso Pork and BBQ Pork Ramen." Naruto's clone disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"How did you do that?" Rias asked.

"Oh well, it's a jutsu called Shadow Clone Jutsu. The jutsu allows the user to create one or more copies of themselves. The user's chakra is evenly divided between themselves and their clones: creating one clone will give it half the user's chakra, creating two clones will give each a third of the user's chakra, and so on. Depending on how much chakra the user has and how many clones they make, this rapid depletion of their reserves can be dangerous. Because of this, usually, only those of at least jōnin-level can safely use the standard Shadow Clone Technique. The Multiple Shadow Clone Technique – which creates hundreds of clones to the standard version's dozens – is unsafe to the point of being forbidden. Unlike the basic Clone Technique, shadow clones are physically real. They possess the same clothing, damage, and transformations as the user at the time of their creation. Most tools and weaponry are copied when the shadow clones are created, but complicated technology won't be duplicated. Because they are visually identical and possess the same chakra as the user, shadow clones are indistinguishable from their original."

"W-What!? Forbidden? Johnin? What?" Rias looked at Naruto strangely.

"I was raised in a village; few people could use chakra. I was trained in the arts by trusted people, I-I grew up without any parents, so I taught myself a lot." Naruto gave them a light-hearted smile, "I figured you guys earned to know that much about me when I looked into your lives." Naruto looked over to see Koneko still crossed with him.

Naruto chuckled as he handed Koneko a card. She read it and her eyes widen, "All you can eat at Whirlpool deserts for one year." Koneko read what was on the card. Naruto couldn't help but notice that her two tails and ears appeared from her head. Naruto moved to pat her head as Koneko leaned into it. Naruto smiled, "Hehe aren't you a cutie." Koneko heard the comment as she blushed.

Murayama raised an eyebrow, "Well Naruto, didn't know you were into."
"Murayama don't you go there, you know she is adorable. Like a little sister." Naruto rubbed Koneko's head as Koneko began to purr at his touch.

Murayama shook her head approving of his answer, "Good answer." Murayama giggled, she had to admit seeing Koneko purring was adorable.

The group sat down to eat dinner, they all tried to warm noodles from the ramen. The broth of the soup that mixed with the pork and other ingredients, "This is really good." Koneko said blandly with a hint of joy.

"It is good, we should start stopping by Whirlpool more." Rias wa slurping up her noodles happily.

"My, my a very good cook any woman would go after you. Handsome, smart, and a good cook." Akeno giggled staring at Naruto as he looked at Akeno weirdly. This was a strange emotion Naruto was sensing from her. Her emotions were focused on… cheating… or trying to seduce him. Which made him feel uncomfortable, thankfully Murayama put a quick stop to Akeno by placing a kiss on his cheek.
"Sorry Akeno, but no one is allowed to do that to Naruto!" Murayama wrapped her arms around Naruto's arm.

"Well, that just gives me more of a reason to make him cheat on you." Akeno licked her lips sultry manner locking eyes with Naruto.

"Ummm sorry Akeno not interested, besides Murayama is well my friend. I'm interested in you so there is no reason." Naruto said sternly looking at Akeno little annoyed with how she is trying to go at him.

Rias shook her head, "Listen up." Rias slammed her hand on the table to get everyone's attention, "We have one week without school to train. After we get back into school, we will continue training with Naruto. We will continually train with Naruto and continue our studies and pacts as normal. Any questions?"
"Nope Bucho." They all replied quickly.

"Well, will continue helping us Naruto?" Rias looked at him hopefully, "I can easily send money towards your business to help expand if."

Naruto put his hand up to stop her, "Not needed, if I'm going to expand, I want to do it on my own. Besides, I'm doing this to help Murayama, but now that we have some time to get to know one another. I have no problem with helping you guys, we're friends, aren't we?" Naruto gave them all a foxy grin while rubbing the back of his head.

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Next-Day (Tuesday)

Throughout the day everyone had normal training getting the feel. Everyone was preparing for dinner and washing up. Everyone came walking out and sat at the dinner table. Though something was off because Rias was distracted. Rias couldn't help but continue looking at Naruto, he was kind, gentle, sweet, and sincere. He didn't lie he said everything straight because he cares. He seemed so familiar but yet so different. Rias swore she has met him before but she couldn't put her finger on it. Naruto went into the kitchen to continue cooking; Rias went back to pondering about Naruto. She remembers a hazy memory as well. It had to be when she was about six or seven years old. It was when she found out that she was going to be married off to a boy name Riser when she was older.

Flashback Rias 7 Years Old

She remembers how frustrated and angry she was. She locked herself in her father's library, she sat in his big reading chair curled up. She had tears staining her cheeks with her red cheeks and her eyes feeling puffy. She continued to wipe her tears as she sat at chair and tried to calm down. All she wanted was to live a normal life, this makes her want to escape this world and go to the human world.

Rias lifted her head up as she wiped the rest of her tears. Rias got out of the seat as she heard her parents behind the door. They decided to leave her alone and leave Rias be, to allow her to be. Rias looked around her father's library, which she hasn't ever really looked around before. She got off the chair and decided to read some books. She had nothing else better to do, she walked over and looked at the shelves. Then something caught her eye, she walked over and saw a framed weapon. It didn't make much sense to her and saw wording on it which made no sense.

She took off the glass top and picked up the weapon in hand. She went over and sat by a the desk in her father's library. She wondered where this place came from… she thought, wherever this came from. It might be able to take her there… maybe away from all this? Maybe away from all this crap she has to live through. She quickly got off the chair and ran over to the book shelves again. She flew up and went through the different letters of the alphabet. She pulled out a book from T section.

Rias flew back over and sat at the desk with the weapon in hand. She licked her finger and flipped through the book. She came to the section that said, 'Teleportation'. She looked through the subsection that came to 'Teleportation to Where an Item Came from'. Rias smiled as she looked through the ingredients which required the object needed and magic. She just had to form the right magic sigils to teleport. Thankfully she was already well attuned to magic and knows destruction magic.

Rias began drawing the sigils in mid air which made a circle with inversed triangles on top of one another. The weapon floated in midair, Rias continue the spell by using her family teleportation spell. Like that there was a flash of red as she disappeared with the weapon falling to the ground in the Library. Though the writing on the weapon were gone from the handle of the weapon.

The New World

Rias looked around confused as she found herself in a forest like area. Though in the distance she saw a playground. There was a red slide and everything, she made her way over towards the park. She smiled when she saw other kids playing on the set. Then a boy came running up, "Hey! What's your name? You want to play with us!? We're playing Ninja!" A boy with wild spiky blonde hair waved to her. Though the memory was hazy as Rias was unable to make out any facial descriptions or his eyes.

All she remembers is playing Ninja with them for a while. She was with other kids, but one stuck out. She had brown hair in twin tails. When the kids were talking, they said, "Rias… Rias? Hello? Rias? Earth to Rias?"

End of Memory

Rias snapped too out of her trance as she shook her head, "Ugh? Uhh what?" Rias saw that Akeno was waving her hand in front of her face.

"You okay? You were spacing out again?" Akeno looked at her king confused.

"Oh…just thinking of some old memories." Rias smiled as she started to look at the ground. Rias remembered the rest of the day; at the end she was teleported back to her home. She completely forgot all about Riser and the marriage. She was angry that she was back as she grabbed the weapon on the ground. She tried the spell again, but it didn't work. Rias went over towards the book again and read it again. It wouldn't work, and she didn't know why. Rias looked at the weapon and realized the writing on it. It was gone, she didn't know why, and it confused her. Then the book said, 'The weapon must have the wilder's signature writing on it. Even if it cannot be removed, this spell uses up that power to conduct the spell. It's a onetime use'.

"Well we all have those every now and then. I got plenty of them, so far the recent ones have been happy." Naruto smiled as he walked over carrying New York steaks for everyone, "This I learned from a friend of mine. He taught me everything he was taught from his chef." Naruto placed the meal down in front of everyone, "Let's make more together." Naruto wanted to be friends with everyone, but he needed trust. He needs to get to know everyone, he needs to be able to trust them. Naruto didn't mind making a few friends along the way.

Everyone began to dig in and eat, "Wow its really good, how long did it take you to learn this?" Rias asked impressed with his cooking.

"Well it took me about a couple hours, and on how to do it. Well, I have my ways. You will learn in time." Naruto cut his steak and ate a few pieces, "How was everyone's training? Was it satisfactory?"

Jus then a voice spoke up, "The training you put my partner through… very impressive in just one day. You were finally able to help her communicate with me." The voice of the Red Dragon Emperor spoke up.

"Yes, yes, I know Ddraig, but Murayama did it also herself. Murayama is strong and is willing to get strong on her own. I'm proud of her, I'm also proud of the progress everyone else is making." Naruto took a sip of wine that Rias had in the house in storage, "Everyone is progressing smoothly, Koneko your moves are becoming smoother and are flowing easier. Your punches are even more precise. However, you need to accept who you are Koneko. Use your chakra… use the chakra to protect Rias." Naruto sent Koneko and small smile, "Your strong Koneko, very strong I know you can do it." Koneko couldn't help but blush and nod 'thank you'.

Naruto then turned to Kiba, "Kiba your getting faster, but you also need to smoothen your swings. You follow through enough, but you need to learn let it flow. All your bubbled up hatred and anger is causing your moves to be choppy." Kiba nodded his head not saying anything, it was hard and trying to change was going to be difficult.

"How did I do~?" Akeno giggled as she remembered the amount of training Naruto put her through. Her muscles were sore from the gravity weights and the constant sparring. Naruto was teaching her basic martial arts.

"Akeno you and Rias are getting, there but you are far doing better. It's a long road ahead for you guys, but it won't be easy. Let's keep training and you guys will get stronger, I believe in you guys." Naruto smiled as he looked at the group in front of him.

Murayama cheered, "Yeah I know we can do it! The stronger we all get the better we'll all be! We'll help Rias be the top devil there is!" Murayama felt happy, she was hanging out with Naruto, Rias, and the rest of her peerage. She was a devil yes, but that didn't mean she had to break ties with Naruto. Everything was going well, Murayama was glad everything so far has turned out well.

Time Skip 3 Days later (Friday)

Naruto stood in front of everyone tired from their training. He clapped his hands satisfied with everyone's work. Even Naruto was sweating since he was wearing two hundred time earth's gravity. Akeno, Rias, Murayama, Koneko, and Kiba were all sweating heavily after an entire day of running. Naruto had them run through the forest while he ran with them, he would throw fire balls at them to make them dodge. Yeah that was another thing he was having them work on was also dodging, "N-Naruto *huff* I understand *huff* your helping us *huff* *Gasp* get stronger this. This might be too *huff* much!" Rias bent over and put her hands on her knees.

Then Naruto had corrected her posture, "Nope don't do that." Naruto put his right hand on her back, then took his left hand and put both of her hands behind her head, "This will help you breathe better." Rias couldn't help but blush at his touch. This irked Murayama a little bit, but it didn't bother her too much.

Akeno saw this and smirked, "Hey Naruto~! Can you help me do that too? My arms are sore and I'm having a hard time." Akeno tried to lift her arms, Naruto unknowingly fell for her trap. Well that's what everyone thought as he clearly saw through her motives. Hello… he can sense people's emotions. Naruto did the same for her but avoided touching her breasts like he did for Rias. He helped fixed her posture to help her breath better, though Akeno did prove a point by showing off her bigger chest.

Naruto shook his head, "Alright with your conditioning is done. Let's go ahead and finish today off with some strength training." Naruto stood up ready to begin, but he scratched the top of his head, "Maybe after an hour or two of rest." Naruto chuckled as he saw them begin walking back to the house.

Naruto has had them going through rigorous training to help them get stronger. Rias and Akeno have been working on hand to hand. The two have grown stronger, but still have a lot to learn. Rias needs to learn to let her body flow and fight without too much thinking. Akeno also needs to do the same, but also needs to let go. Akeno needs to forgive her father so she can move on and fight with a clear mind. She also needs to accept who she is, or she will never be at her full potential. Same with Kiba and Koneko, Kiba is an excellent swordsman. He needs to work on his emotions and stop going for revenge. He needed to find a different path to follow, otherwise the path he is walking down. The path will lead to his own destruction and inevitably his death. Koneko is strong and cares for others, but has a hard time opening up to others. That isn't an issue since its like any other person. Though her issue is like Akeno, she needs to look under the underneath. She needs to forgive her sister, move on, and accept who and what she is.

So far for their training, Kiba has been sparring with Naruto. Kiba has been honing his swordsmanship skills while teaching Naruto. Naruto proved to be a fast learner and became a good challenge for him. Though Kiba continued his lessons with Naruto to help him improve. Even Kiba believed that Naruto surpassed him within the matter of days.

Koneko has been getting stronger, faster, and smarter with Naruto's teachings. Naruto was beginning to teach Koneko in the ways of a Ninja instead of a brawler. He taught her some taijutsu moves, he began to also train with Fukasaku. Naruto was beginning to pick up on Frog Kata. Naruto was taught a different version that didn't require him to master Sage Mode. It wasn't as strong, but still effective. Naruto was still learning to master sage mode with Fukasaku, but learning it wasn't easy. Naruto was even able to teach Koneko some senjutsu chakra.

Flash Back Day Ago

Naruto was training with Koneko, "Alright Koneko, I've been doing some training with a sage as of lately. Well actually yesterday when I left everyone with Shadow Clones. That's besides the points, we're going to begin training together in Senjutsu Chakra."

Koneko's eyes widen, "N-Naruto-sempai I'm worried about this, Kuroka she." Koneko didn't want Naruto to go mad.

Naruto shook his head, "Koneko, like I said before whatever you heard about Kuroka is false. I keep trying to tell you, look underneath the underneath. Now let's begin training to use it, do you have a way to absorb Senjutsu chakra?"

Koneko rubbed the back of her head and sighed as two white tails appear on her head. Then two white tails appeared from her back. Koneko said, "I-I'm part Nekoshou, I can absorb and sense senjutsu chakra in this form." Koneko said nervously.

Naruto smiled bent over and rubbed her head, "Koneko please know that your fine, I'll protect you. You're like a little sister." Naruto sat down on the ground as he crossed his legs. Koneko sat in front of him with her legs crossed like Naruto did, "Now slowly draw in nature chakra, I'll do it first." Naruto smiled as he closed his eyes and focused. He remembered Fukasaku's words to him, "The gatherer must remain absolutely still in order to be one with nature and balance the natural energy with their own physical and spiritual energies. If the user puts too little natural energy into using senjutsu, the technique will not work. Conversely, if too much natural energy is taken in, their body will turn to stone forever; humans will also be transformed into whichever animal's school the senjutsu was learned from." Naruto has been training with Fukasaku since he began to school. He has been training with them after school when he has free time. He practiced absorbing Nature energy at a natural steady pace.

Koneko watched as she could see the Nature Energy flowing into him. She was surprised at how calm and easily the chakra went into him. She saw orange pigment around his eyes, his irises dilated to yellow eye with a black horizontal pattern in the middle. Naruto has already completed this form originally with Fukasaku, "I-I can't believe it… the nature energy throughout your body… is at one with you." Koneko couldn't help but feel her ear twitch at Naruto's presence.

Naruto smiled as he slowly opened his eyes, "Alright well why don't we get you started." Just then Naruto sensed that Koneko was surprised and scared, "Koneko just draw in a little bit and keep calm. I know you can do this, Senjutsu chakra doesn't make you go crazy. If anything, you absorb too much you turn into a statue of a cat." Naruto chuckled at the last point.

Koneko didn't feel any better at the last part. Though she could tell that he wasn't lying to her or anything. Koneko had a small smile form on her lips, "T-Thank you Naruto-senpai." Koneko began to absorb the nature energy as she felt she was getting stronger. Soon she finished up at full strength as she didn't feel bad or crazy. Koneko stood up as she looked at her hands, she had tears running down her face, "I-I don't feel crazy or anything! I-I feel fine… I feel."

"Like yourself?" Naruto spoke up as he walked up putting his hand on her head while rubbing her head.

Koneko couldn't lie to herself, Naruto gives good head rubs, "Y-Yeah I do, I'm glad that I can do this. Now I can repay Rias with my life by serving her, helping her defeat him." Koneko looked at her hand open, she then closed it into a fist. Naruto knew who it was, Koneko was talking about Riser.

"Well I'm sure you'll serve her well Koneko. Now… let's get some sparring in, let's see just how strong you really are." Naruto got into his Frog Kata stance with Koneko in her stance.

Koneko felt like she could let go of her sister. Now that she saw Naruto using Senjutsu chakra without going insane. Koneko wondered did her sister really go crazy? Koneko wanted to see her sister again, she had questions. Koneko shook her head as she prepared to fight, "I trust you to help me get stronger Naruto-senpai… Naruto-sensei."

Naruto's mouth formed a smirk, "Well Koneko you don't have to call me Sensei. We're friends are we not?"

Koneko smiled as she felt happy, for once she felt like she could trust someone else. Koneko mumbled, "Too bad your already taken… I kinda like you."

"What?" Naruto tilted his head confused.

"I like having you as my teacher" Koneko quickly replied, she already kinda figured that Naruto wouldn't be into her. It was probably because of her figure or her age, Naruto was at least four year older than she was.
"Well don't disappoint!" Naruto and Koneko charged at one another as they began to exchange flurries of kicks and punches.

End of Flashback

Naruto walked over and sat on top of a log that he had cut down. He was originally going to tie them to the post but that never happened. He chuckled as he remembered himself there. He looked up at the sun, it was only three O'clock and still had the rest of the day. Soon someone sat next to him, "What are you still doing here? Aren't you hungry?" Naruto turned his head to find Murayama right next to him.

Naruto looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and smiled, "I-I just thinking ya know just how this is coming full circle. You guys over the week have grown on me… it's like I'm taking on my own team… Team 7."

Murayama knew this of been from his past as she smiled, "Naruto… thanks… thanks for helping me get stronger."

Naruto turned to her and raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean? Of course, I'd help you, your my best friend. I'd never abandon my friend I protect those I care about."

Murayama smiled as she nodded her head, "Yeah you and Katase are my best friends too. Well now, I think Rias is beginning rub off on me. She isn't what I expected of a devil, not only that Rias is a very kind master. I'm just glad… because I can continue being here with you." Murayama was hoping Naruto would get some of these hints she was dropping. She was hoping that she would get the hint that she liked him.

Naruto ran his hand through his hair as the breeze began to pick up around the two, "Well this world is full of magic and surprises. We'll get through this together Murayama, you… me… Rias and the others."

Inside the House

Rias saw from the window that Naruto and Murayama were happily talking together, "I wonder what it's like to love someone. To love someone you can freely chose… you think I'll get that chance."

Akeno smiled, "Of course you will, once we beat Riser. I'm sure you'll find someone Rias, ya know you might be able to steal Naruto from."

Rias stopped her there, "Naruto clearly has something for Murayama and so does she. I wouldn't be a fair King or friend if I did that to her." Rias admit that she was jealous of how close Naruto and Murayama are. Naruto isn't that bad of a guy after all, he may have blonde hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks on his face. Many people thought he was a delinquent, then again it was from the guys. It was the girls who thought Naruto was the prince and handsome guy of the school. All the girls loved him, charming, caring, good looking to the boot.

Akeno nodded her head, "Yeah, what can you do fate has a way of pulling us together. To think that he is trying to deal with our own personal problems. Not only that, but its strange."

"How he knows so much about us, what's going on with us. Not only that he talks as if he has experienced what we have before. Naruto has already helped Koneko… she is the toughest shell out of all of us." Rias turned her head as she looked at Koneko who came walking up slowly.

Koneko walked up slowly said a small tint of pink staining her cheeks, "I won't lie, ramen boy has his perks. He certainly knows how to talk and help sort out other people's feelings. Though it's interesting on how he knew how to talk to me about my sister. To look underneath the underneath, I-I'm still trying to understand what he meant by that. All I know is to look more into what my Nee-san did."

Kiba came walking up to also voice his opinion, "Naruto is strong… far stronger than I could have ever imagined. He is a interesting guy too definitely didn't expect this much from him."

Rias smiled as she walked over and placed a hand on her knight's cheek, "Kiba, I know you can do it, your strong. Do things at your own pace, but I know you can do it." Rias removed her hand as she turned to Akeno and Koneko, "Naruto has been doing his best for us, helping us get stronger and stronger every day. I'm sure he will become a powerful ally, I'm sure we'll need his aid one day."

Soon the door opened with Naruto sighing, "Come on don't be like that Mura-chan I'm doing my best here. I need to make sure everyone is getting stronger, I know my training methods are insane. I think everyone can handle me for a while on a full out spar! I'll put on more gravity weight if need be!" Naruto argued.

Murayama rubbed the temples of her head, "Naruto your salve driver when it comes to training, we don't have the boundless stamina you Uzumaki's have!" Murayama knew about Naruto's heritage of the Uzumaki clan.

"Uzumaki? You seem to chalk this up to be a clan? I wasn't aware of this?" Rias raised an eyebrow.

"Ops, sorry Naruto, I didn't mean to." Murayama forgot that Rias didn't know everything about Naruto.

Naruto chuckled, "It's okay she was going to find out one day, but the village I came from. I was one of two remaining Uzumakis left, the only other Uzumaki was my mother, but she died when I was born."

Rias frowned, "I'm sorry to hear that, but I bet she was an amazing woman." Rias walked over and sat on the couch relaxing her muscles from the workout.

"Yeah, we Uzumakis were known for our boundless stamina, our powerful chakra, nearly unlimited about of chakra, and well something else." Naruto smiled as he chuckled, "My parents were amazing, I learned my father was the leader of the village, and my mom was really strong and ferocious woman."

"What did your mother look like?" Murayama asked curiously.

Naruto smiled, "Maybe a story for another time." Naruto looked over towards the kitchen as his clone came walking out, "Hey grub is on the table and ready to go!" Once his clone was done it poofed out of existence.

Time Skip Week Later Saturday

Naruto was out to get supplies he needed for the ramen shop. He looked his shoulder to see the park as it was a nice day out. He sent his clone to take the ingredients back to his ramen shop. He decided to take a walk through the park. It had to be about 75 out with a nice cool breeze blowing through his hair. Naruto looked over to see a person confused and lost. Naruto walked over as he tapped her shoulder, not only that he recognized that she was Italian. Thanks to Houmi and Merlin teaching him other languages he first spoke in Japanese, "Hello there? you need help with anything?"

The girl turned around as she smiled, "Oh hello there! Y-Yes if you would be so kind, could you please point me in the right direction to the church. As you can see, I'm kinda lost." She is a young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair flows all the way down to her back, with split bangs over her forehead and a single strand sticking out from the top and sloping backward. attire consisted of a dark teal nun outfit with light blue accents, a white veil over her head with light blue accents, a brown satchel slung on her right hip, and brown boots with black straps in an X-shaped pattern. She also wore a silver cross necklace around her neck.

In Japanese Naruto asked, "Are you Italian by any chance?" Naruto asked while raising an eyebrow.

The girl's head perked up as she changed to Italian, "Oh yes please! I-I do it's easier for me since I'm just started learning Japanese, I'm a bit new to it as you can see."

Naruto smiled as he changed his tongue to Italian as well, "That's okay, but your Japanese is good. Anyways I can help you out if you want, the name is Naruto Uzumaki." He stuck his hand out with a smile on his face.

The girl shook his hand with a small blush on her face, "The name is Asia Argento, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Asia, that's a beautiful name. Where can I show you to?" Naruto began to walk with Asia.

"Oh, yes I'm here to get to the church that is here. As you can see, I'm not from around here. I was hoping you could show me the way." Asia tilted her head cutely.

"Oh, yeah not a problem! I'd be happy to, just follow me this way." Naruto sent his foxy grin her way as she smiled along with him.

"God bless you, you're such a good and kind soul! Thank you." Asia sent him a polite bow as she giggled.

Naruto felt the sharp pain in his head, but then heard a boy crying off on the side. Before he could move Asia already made her way over, "Oh it's okay, you need to be strong. You're a big boy, big boys don't cry." Asia said kindly as she extended her hands out. Then Naruto noticed the two rings on her hands as they began to glow. Twilight Healing takes the appearance of two silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring. She was healing the boy's bruise with ease as the boy smiled and thanked her.

Naruto felt his body run cold as his body also tightened, she had a sacred gear it was clear what she had. Twilight healing. Once she was done and stood up and the boy walked away. Naruto quickly turned her around and placed his hands on her shoulders. He took a deep breath and looked at her seriously, "Asia, I need to know something. This church your going to… tell me who are you supposed to meet up with and who?" Naruto knew about the possibility of the rogue priests and fallen angels as well. If Murayama was harmed by a fallen angel, there would most likely be a rogue priest as a possibility.

Asia was confused as she said, "Well I'm supposed to meet up with a priest named Freed Sellzen. Then a being named Raynare, but I don't know what you mean by this." Asia knew what was going on, but there was nothing she could do. She was casted out, the church called her a witch, a heretic, and many more names. She didn't want to drag this innocent boy into all this, but something was telling her he knew about the supernatural.

Naruto sighed, "Sorry Asia, but I cannot let you go to them. They're bad people, but I need to know why a nun like you were going to see bad people?" Naruto needed to know why she wasn't guarded by the heaven faction better.

"W-Well it's a lot you see, I was casted out. I-I healed a devil that's why." Asia was a little uncomfortable telling Naruto this, she didn't know him. She was nervous on what she might do to him.

Naruto gently let her go, "Asia I won't hurt you; I promise. I cannot let you go to them, if anything they might try to hurt you or use you." Naruto has heard abut the witch that was casted out of church.

Asia was a little taken back by this and surprised, "W-What!? How do you know all this? I-I don't know."

Naruto smiled, "Asia, I know you might not think much of me. I can help you, just please trust me on this."

Asia was very cautious about trusting Naruto, though she felt that he had a good heart. Asia bit her lip and nodded her head, "Alright I trust you, but I need to know what are you?"

Naruto smiled, "If it gets you to trust me, I'm a devil and a chakra user. I swear I'm not a bad devil, I have friends who care about me. I'll give you a job, a place to stay, so just give me a chance. I know how devils sound like, but I'm not that. You can decided to do, you can do what you want." Naruto sent a smile her way trying to prove that he wasn't a bad devil.

Asia weighed her options and if Naruto was telling the truth. Asia nodded her head, "Alright then what is Freed Sellzen then? I heard he was just a priest who hunts devils and."

Naruto shook his head, "Come with me to my ramen shop, I'll tell you everything. I'll give you food, a place to stay, a job, and protection." Naruto put his hand on her head rubbing it, "That's a promise, and I never go back on my promises."

Naruto and Asia made their way towards his ramen shop where he whipped up a bowl of ramen for her. Once he was done, he brought it over to a patiently waiting Asia. He sat it down for her as she gave grace and began to eat. Asia smiled as she ate the ramen, "Its delicious thank you." Asia said cutely as she looked at Naruto.

Naruto was happy to see her liking the meal, "I'm glad you like it, so is there anything you want to know?"

Asia put her finger to her lip, "Well I'm curious why are you helping me if you're a devil?"

Naruto smiled, "I may be a devil, but I'm not heartless. I'm sure you can understand that you were casted out of the church. You don't have anywhere to go; I know for a fact that others, like fallen angels and certain other devils, would want you for your power." Naruto was concerned for Asia's safety.

"W-What do you mean? My gift I was given? You say that they would try to take it away?" Asia asked nervously, she was worried that others might try to come hurt him.

"Yes, I think others will try to do so. Though, I know I can protect you and maybe give you a shot at a normal life. Though I might life a separate life than you do, but I think you could live normally as a high school girl." Naruto sent Asia a sincere smile towards Asia's way.

Asia couldn't help but blush, granted she was a nun. Now she was free of that and could live a life she could get. Though Asia liked the idea of that, and Naruto was offering that to her. Maybe a life that she always dreamt of… family of her own. She was really forced to be a nun because of her power. Which meant she couldn't do anything to have a child, "S-So… I was told to go to Freed… what is he?"

Naruto took a deep breath and let a sigh out, "From what I was told Freed wasn't a good person by any means. Freed is a psychopath and a battle maniac, he preferred violence over logic, spoke in a vulgar manner, and was somewhat insane. He killed monsters and Devils just for the sake of his own pleasure, and also had no qualms about murdering humans. Freed was also shown to be a pervert, as he has threatened and raped other nuns. He works with Fallen Angels and I have no doubt he asked them to have sex with him." Naruto said aggressively, "Freed isn't a priest or what you think he is, he is a monster. I don't know where he is, but if you were sent here to help him. Well I'm going to stop him before he hurts anyone."

Asia nodded her head with what he told her about Freed. Asia twirled her food with her chopsticks, "I-I just want to thank you for doing this. W-Why though… why take in a random stranger like me?"

Naruto ran his hand through his hair as he let a sigh out, "Well the reason I decided to help you was the opportunity. You still have the possibility to stay away from all this, the supernatural world. You can choose to do what you want with your life. Someone helped me and gave me a new chance at life. I want to do the same for you, it's like everything is coming full circle. Now you can do what you want."

Asia slowly put her chopsticks down and smiled with a tear running down her cheek. She placed her hands over her heart, "T-Thank you for this Naruto… I don't know how I can repay your."

Naruto reached over and placed his hand on her head, "You don't have to repay me that way. If you want to repay me back or anything. You can do that by living the life you want, so tell me what do you want to do? I'll give you money, a home or anything. You can choose where you want to go, I'll give you seals to help protect you from angels, fallen angels, and devils." Naruto sat back in his seat happy and ready to help Asia. It felt right to help her, to help her live a life she wants.

Asia closed her eyes and began to think on what she wants to do. Maybe the family part can stay a secret for now, "T-Then I want to stay here… let me stay here with you. I can work with you, live with you, I can be protected by you. I-I want to be a devil… so I can be with you. I'm human so I won't live forever, then I can."

Naruto put his hand up to stop her, "Asia understand that I appreciate what you're trying to do. I want you to know that I have feelings for someone else." Naruto's eyes found it interesting to stare at the table.

Asia didn't let her face falter or anything, "T-that's alright with me we can stay being friends. Though at least let me work here and maybe I can go to the school here?"

Naruto nodded his head, "Alright well I got spare room in my place and I can get you job here as a waiter."

Asia clapped happily, granted she was upset learning that Naruto had feelings for someone. Though, that didn't mean she had to give up. Who knows maybe she will still get a chance to be with Naruto, "Thank you very much!" Asia gave Naruto a slight bow happily.

Time Skip Monday After School

"I can't believe this is happening, explain to me why you brought her here?" Rias couldn't believe what she was seeing right now.

"Come on! She isn't part of the church anymore! I was able to get her out of it, yes some might be after her. Though I warded her clothing from angels, fallen angels, and devils. I can remove the warding from devils if I so chose so." Naruto put his hands in his pockets proudly because he came up with the warding. He can selectively choose who he wards them from, "So… I was hoping she could make some friends." Naruto sent her a smile.

Murayama wasn't very happy with Naruto going this far for another girl. Though she would expect him to do this because of his personality. Murayama smiled as she walked up, "Well, hello there Asia, I'm Murayama Naruto's friend it's a pleasure to meet you." Murayama extended her hand to shake Asia's.

Asia smiles, "It's a pleasure to met you too, I'm grateful that Naruto introduced me to you all." Asia nodded her happily, "I hope we can all be really good friends." Asia bowed to them.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he closed his right eye, "As you can see, Asia might have told me a little dream of hers. Asia has a love of agricultural work as she often does gardening and planting. So, a dream of her is to do gardening one day with her friends." Naruto smiled as he looked at Asia, Naruto saw a lot of himself in Asia. He could see and sense that there was a lot of abandonment in her life.

Murayama couldn't help but feel jealous that Naruto was going through all this trouble for her. Did she mess up? Did she let him slip through her fingers when she should have made her move? Rias thought about it though having a previous member of the church in the school, "Then what do we do about the fallen angels that were after her?"

Naruto smiled as he walked over and placed his hand upon Asia's head. Asia enjoyed having Naruto pet her head, Murayama puffed her cheeks out, and Koneko stared at Asia with a blank stare, "That's my hand… I'm supposed to be getting the head rubs… no one else." Koneko thought to herself with a monotone voice, "Don't worry if it makes you feel better, I've been keeping tabs on them. So far, they haven't made a move since I removed Asia from the playing board. They won't touch her, if they dare do so I'll eliminate them regardless of the faction."

Rias had to give props for Naruto to go such lengths for another person. A person who he hardly knew, Rias remembers Naruto saying that he could sense emotions. If Naruto believed that Asia was good people, she had no reason to say that Asia wasn't. Rias wondered to herself what the fallen angels were after, "Asia might I ask what the fallen angel wanted of you?"

"Oh… well Naruto-san said that he recognized my sacred gear. He warned me where I was being told to go, since then he has been looking out for me. He gave me food, shelter, a job, school, and hopefully friends. He said you guys were devils and that you guys were good devils and could be trusted." Asia smiled as she looked at Naruto and then to Rias. Asia was excited, "So, I was hoping I could enroll here and become a student. I was hoping to live a life Naruto-san wanted me to."

"Please no need to add -San to my name Asia. You can just call me Naruto we're all friends now aren't we?" Naruto gave Asia a thumbs up, but then he got a bing on his phone. He looked at it and scratched his head, "Darn it one of my clones disappeared because they burned themselves. I also need to repair the stove. Idiots I swear they can't do anything with out me." Naruto left the room as everyone began laughing.

"Does he realize he just." Kiba had a sweat drop appear on the top of his head.

"Yes, he just called himself a idiot… pretty funny." Koneko couldn't help but let a chuckle out.

Murayama shook her head with a grin on her face, "I can't believe him sometimes." Murayama wondered if Naruto still liked her, if he even still had feelings for her.

"Well he certainly is one of a kind, isn't he?" Akeno though his little disputes with his clones were cute.

"Well if that's all I got some Kendo practice to get to. Katase told me they were going to have a sparring session today with everyone. Naruto will meet up with us later." Murayama waved to Asia, "See ya around Asia! I hope you join our school!"

"Bye Murayama-san!" Asia said cutely with a wave, Rias and Akeno both chuckled they had to admit that Asian's innocent aura she brings with made her too cute to pass up on teasing.

"So, Asia what do you think of Naruto?" Rias asked with a smirk.

"W-What? Naruto I-I mean he is really kind. I owe a lot to him; he is trying to do his best to help me." Asia thoughts wandered over to Naruto as a smile appeared on her face unknowing to her.

"You know what we mean! The way you look at him, you're not the only one who is looking at Naruto like that!" Rias giggled.

"Murayama also has the hots for Naruto as well, for a nun you quickly changed in the ways you believe." Akeno sent a sultry wink towards Asia as she blushed.

"Well I mean I wish I could be with him." Asia looked down at her hands nervously, "The issue is I'm still human, there is no way I could be with him. You guys are devils, you live forever. I'm just a human." Asia looks at her hands when they were fidgeting.

Rias and Akeno raised an eyebrow, "You said… you guys are devils, you live forever."

Asia tilted her head, "Yeah? You guys are devils? Are you not?"

Rias and Akeno couldn't believe what they were hearing, "W-We are devils there is no doubt about that. I can assure you that you will be happy attending this school. Which reminds me… you know there might be a way for you to be with Naruto if you so choose to challenge Murayama."

Asia liked the idea of being with Naruto forever too, but it was hard if he liked someone else, "Asia did you know devil's practice polygamy?" Akeno had a hidden giggle behind her sentence.

"W-What? R-really?" Asia was taken back by this, "Y-You saying the only way to be with Naruto is to practice that? Then to be a devil?"

Rias shook her head, "Polygamy is common, but also uncommon. I know Naruto wouldn't like this but I am offering you a way to be with him possibly. Enlighten me what sacred gear do you have?"

Asia held up her hand, "I have twilight healing." Asia smiled happily, "I feel like I was given this gift by god."

Rias nodded her head, "A bishop would work just fine for you, so what do you say. Do you want to join me and become a devil? I would give you free roam to love whom you want. If you decide to be with Naruto, I have no problem with that." Rias summoned a bishop in her hand.

Asia closed her eyes and thought about, she smiled. She was already shunned by the church and wanted for her power from the fallen angel. She wants to be useful to her new friends, for Naruto, and for herself. She had a choice to choose what she wanted to do with her life. Naruto wanted to help her get a new a life and live it the way she wants. Asia opens her eyes and looks sternly at Rias with a smile adoring her face.

Later That Night

Rias sat in her chair and let a sigh out, "So… Naruto is a devil what do you know. Makes me wonder what clan he is from."

"Well he did say Uzumaki… I know that isn't a devil clan. Maybe he is just from one of the side clans." Akeno added.

"Well think about it, then why would have he been so secretive of it. He didn't even tell us right away he was a devil. I wonder why… makes me wonder what his real motives are. He would know about my marriage with Riser. Do you think he is after me?" Rias asked as she raised an eyebrow. She wondered if Naruto would be after her of her status.

Akeno closed her eyes and thought, "Actually I'd say no, I say he wanted to keep his profile on the low, so he appeared human. Though he can keep his demonic power hidden and hidden well. Though I am surprised that he didn't right out tell us."

"He is close to Murayama before he was with us. So, I don't think he even meant to end up being with us. Then it makes us wonder, do you think he was after Murayama for power? If he has pieces for a peerage… why didn't he make her his queen or knight?" Rias looked out the window confused, "I don't get it… none of this is making any sense."

"Your right it doesn't but it begs the question, is he after you and your status? Is he just trying to live a normal life?" Akeno put her finger to her lip, "The only way he would have access to this much information is to come from some clan of some sort of even if his family were servants of a clan."

Rias smiled, "Naruto is our friend, he would with hold information such as that for a reason. I have no doubt he has no ill will towards us. Besides remember how protective he was of Murayama… I bet he was trying to keep her away from us. So, I don't think he was after my status as the Gremory Heir or anything." Rias knew Naruto better, he was kind, smart, adoring, and protective. Rias saw how he interacted with the others, he treated everyone respectfully.

Naruto was strict and stern, he made sure everyone got the appropriate training they needed. He helped Koneko work through her emotions and how she thought about her sister. He has been trying to help Akeno, Kiba, and herself work through their emotions and trauma. Then it dawned on Rias, they know almost little to nothing about Naruto's past. All they know is he can use chakra, came from a Uzumaki Clan, and he was human. Well not anymore if Asia just told them that he was a devil. So, what was Naruto doing? What was his true motives? Nothing about this making sense it was like he was playing both side of the board at the same time.

That Same Night

Naruto made sure at the end of the day to help make sure Asia moved in to his spare room in his house. Naruto made sure he put the warding up and put up the security seals around the perimeter of the house. Naruto was in his Anbu outfit as he took off in the night making it towards the abandon Church out in the forest.

Naruto made his way inside without alerting the enemy of his presence. Naruto was in the dark and shadows as he oversaw the group. There had to be about twenty rogue priests, Freed Sellzen, Fallen Angel Raynare, and her hooligans. There were two girls, one was a girl with blonde hair styled into twin tails and blue eyes. She wore a Gothic Lolita attire, which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She also wore a large black bow on top of her hair. Her name was Mittelt, the woman next to her was Kalwarner. Kalawarner was a tall and buxom woman with brown eyes and long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye. Her attire consisted of a maroon, trench coat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trench coat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck.

The one male was Dohnaseek, Dohnaseek was a middle-aged-looking man with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His attire consisted of a pale gray trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora, "Wait what do you mean you lost her!?" Dohnaseek yelled at Freed.

"Well I'm sorry your royal angel highness! Some damn whipper snapper got him before we could! I don't know where she went?" Freed shouted.

"Well how could you lose her!? Blonde hair, green eyes, and wears a god damn nun outfit!" Mittelt shouted.

"It's pathetic to think that you were such a renown Priest. You disgusting pig." Kalwarner said looking the other way away from Freed.

"Shut your god damn pretty little mouth you stupid fallen angel slut! I outta kill you and have my way with you right now! I'm trying to do what I can!" Freed shouted.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!" Raynare screamed annoyed listening to all their bickering, "You can't find him Freed and neither can I! She has been warded from us somehow and some way! I don't know how! I also learned that Murayama girl is still alive! She was resurrected as a devil thanks to Rias Gremory." Raynare growled, "She is being trained and protected by some mysterious person. We don't know who or what he is."

"Then why don't you ask me yourself." Naruto said while using Kurama's chakra to change his voice.

Everyone turned on guard ready to fight as they saw the Anbu person. They could only make out his spiky blonde hair and glowing red eyes with black slits down the middle, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!" Raynare screamed at Naruto.

"I'm here to give you an ultimatum." Naruto glared at them with a three pronged kunai in hand, "Stop what your doing and leave, go back to Azazel and continue listening to him! I don't know what Kokabeil wants. Whatever it is he is crazy and insane, otherwise. I'll stop you all here and now. I'm far more powerful than any of you guys." Naruto flexed his power which forced Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalwarner to buckle under Naruto's power. Dohnaseek and Freed were more threatened by Naruto's power. Naruto had five sets of devil wings to appear out of his back. Naruto used his magic to conceal the flames of the Phenex clan, "Tell anyone about me, I'll hunt you down and kill you." Naruto growled at them everyone stayed put but Freed.


Naruto said nothing as he simply dodged the bullets and blocked Freed's swings. Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalwarner were too overpowered by Naruto's power. They couldn't help but submit to his power and unable to go against him. Naruto grabbed Freed by his throat lifting him in the air. Naruto simply took his three pronged kunai and cut the ligaments in his forearms. Freed dropped his sword and gun on the ground, "Let this be an example if you dare threaten or try to go near either one of them." Naruto used his chakra strength to crush Freed's airway and squeezed his juggler inside of his throat. Naruto let go letting his body hit the floor, "Last Warning." Naruto glared at the rest of the rogue priests.

Then all gripped their swords ready to attack, but before they could move a muscles. Naruto snapped his fingers as they fell to the floor. Raynare, Mittelt, Kalwarner, and Dohnaseek watched as the priests fell to the ground turned to ashes. Naruto was able to somewhat copy Rias's ability of destruction, not to the very same power. No, Naruto took it too a different position. Naruto learned to use magic not just as spell, but as an extension of his thoughts. Naruto has trained his magic enough to where he can mentally materialize, alter, and use his mind to alter the world around him with magic. Naruto took what he understood of atoms, molecules, and everything that was in the world. Naruto was able to easily cast a spell that can kill anyone or anything with a snap of his fingers. It was like ripping apart a human in an instant. Naruto looked at them and said, "Last and only warning… stay… away… from my friends. I will kill all of you if you dare try to do so." Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving the fallen angels in shock.

Naruto appeared back in his house a bit out of breath. This new spell he came up with was a new one, it incorporated not only atom splitting magic, but also incinerating it into ashes. Well incinerating atoms into nothingness. Naruto changed and went to bed as he placed his hands behind his head. Kurama jumped up, "How did it go kit?"

Naruto smiled, "They won't be bothering us anymore. I got them to keep their mouth's shut, otherwise they would be next." Naruto closed his eyes to fall asleep for the night.

Kurama chuckled, "Cruel, but hey in this world you don't have much of a choice. Either killed, be killed, or someone you care about get's killed." Kurama laid on top of Naruto's chest and fell asleep.

Naruto stared at the ceiling as he closed his eyes, "No one… no one will ever hurt Asia or Murayama again. Hell, maybe even Rias and the others… they aren't that bad I like them as friends." Naruto eyes looked at the sleeping Kurama on his chest.

Asia was up as she went to get a glass of water. She overheard Naruto say that no one would hurt her or Murayama again. Asia smiled as she remembered what Rias told him, "I know I might be sounding like I'm selling this to you. I in a way asking you to join for my own benefit. This way you can get a chance to help Naruto and be with him. It's your choice to join me and be my bishop. You are free to do as you wish, remember Naruto said you could live the life you want." Asia smiled happily knowing that those fallen angels won't bother her anymore. That she was safe, but it bothered her. She didn't want Naruto always protecting her, granted she will never be able to fight. Though, if he were to ever get hurt then she will be able to heal him. She wants to be able to watch out and help Naruto too. Maybe… just maybe she might be able to get Naruto for herself. It was selfish yes, but she can do what she wants now. She isn't bound by god, yes, she will still love him and always believe in him. She is just being given this option to be truly happy, Naruto was giving her that.

Time Skip Next Day 'Current Day of the Week, Thursday'

It was a few days since Naruto introduced Asia to everyone. Asia and Murayama hit it off really well with the two getting along really well. Murayama loved chatting with Asia, the two worked on homework and got along. Naruto and Murayama finished up with Kendo practice, they made their way towards the ORC room, "Your training with me is showing Murayama. You're much faster than you were before. You are able to keep up with me in a duel now! I can't wait to see just how far you can get!"

Murayama giggled with a blush on her face, "I-I can't wait to get stronger, I know Rias appreciate this a lot ya know."

Naruto nodded his head, "Alright well let's head to the ORC I heard that you been doing pacts? How are you doing on that?"

Murayama couldn't help but feel all giddy, "I've been doing really well actually! I got about seven now in the past month!"

"That's great Murayama, I'm proud of you. Keep it up, your doing a great job." Naruto put his arm around her shoulder.

Murayama asked nervously, "N-Naruto I need to know something, d-do you at all have feelings towards Asia?" This has been bothering Murayama for a while now. Yes, she saw Asia as a friend, as a matter of fact a best friend. She got along with her and Katase together.

"Uhhh you mean Asia? I-I uhh no not really, I mean she my friend and all. I-I don't see her that way." Naruto let out a awkward chuckle, Naruto had feelings for Murayama at the moment. He likes Asia, but he doesn't have those type of feelings for her, "She is almost like a little sister that I never had. You see I never really had much family while growing up." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

Murayama had a small smile appear on her lips, "O-Oh I see then." The two made their way to the ORC as they see Asia sitting there with Rias, Akeno, Koneko, and Kiba.

Naruto smiled, "Yo what's up everyone." Naruto lifts his hand up in the air to say hi like Kakashi use to do.

Rias smiled, "Well everything has been well, we all did your training requirements like you told us to. There is one more thing… Asia do you want to tell him?"

Naruto was confused until Asia stepped forward nervously as she was fidgeting her hands in front of her, "N-Naruto I don't want you to be upset. I chose to do this… I wanted to do this… so I asked Rias I-I mean Bucho to turn me into a devil."

Rias shook her head, "Rias is fine Asia don't worry about the formalities."

Naruto was a little surprised, but he couldn't be mad he said that she could live the life she wants. Naruto walked up placing a hand on Asia's head, "Asia if this is what you wanted… then I'm happy for you." Asia couldn't help but smile at Naruto being happy for her.

Then Rias closed her eyes and let a sigh out, "Naruto we need to know something I also want you to know something."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Yeah what is it?"

Rias smiled, "Naruto we trust you, we're friends so we need to know something." Rias crossed her legs on the couch with her hands on her knees.

"I know what you want to know. Yes, I am a devil." Naruto raised an eyebrow; he already knew their suspicions.

Rias was surprised on how easily and willing he was to admit this. This caught, Koneko's and Kiba's attention surprising them, "So how are you a devil? What's your story? If I remember correctly, you know a lot about us. We almost know little to nothing about you."

Naruto nodded his head smiling, "T-There are a few things I'll talk about, but about who I am. What my past was I cannot say or tell because it's sensitive. We've known one another for about two weeks now. Well everything I can tell is, I'm from a village hidden in the leaves. My Kaa-san was a devil and my Tou-san was a human. I was given an evil piece set by my Kaa-san, but you see at a young age. I was attacked and almost died as, my Kaa-san used the evil piece set she was given. I was saved, but my power was so massive that I absorbed the entire evil piece set." Naruto held his hand out as orange red evil pieces hovered around his body.

Rias nodded her head accepting the response, "I will not pry too much, but I must ask why you waited to tell us that you were a devil?"

Naruto scratched his cheek, "In all honesty I wanted to live a normal human life as much as possible. Though, once Murayama became your pawn… well that was thrown out the window. I figured well, I could stay by her side and be her friend. Well… I ended up making more friends than I asked for." Naruto gestures his hands to them, "Besides the little sister or Sirzechs? I mean messing with you would be a death sentence wouldn't it?"

Rias chuckled, "Well he can be a little overprotective, but that's what family is for." Rias stood up with her hands on her hips, "I must thank you for doing this for me and my peerage. Training us up and helping me get stronger, Naruto there is one more reason why I need Murayama's and Asia's power."

Naruto nodded his head, "Rias, I already know but is Asia and Murayama ready to know?" Naruto asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Rias nodded her head as she got Murayama's and Asia's attention, "Asia… Murayama there is something you need to know. It is part of my reason and also not entirely my part reasoning for reincarnating you as my servants." Rias closed her eyes and let a sigh out. It hurts every time for her to think about it or even talk about it, "As you guys know I am the daughter and second child of the Gremory Family. I became the heir after my brother, Sirzechs, became the Satan Lucifer, losing his right as heir to the house. After being announced as the heiress of the Gremory Clan, I was eventually placed into engagement with Riser Phenex. I was forced into this marriage; I do not love that man and I never will." Rias closed her eyes as she let a breath out and opened her eyes for the rest to see.

Murayama asked, "So you need us to help you with your marriage? How do we help?" Murayama asked seriously.

"W-What? Your okay with this? I had a selfish reason for it though." Rias was a bit taken back by Murayama's response.

Murayama closed her eyes and nodded her head, "I'm not happy about the request, but I cannot complain Rias. You're my friend, with that I'm okay doing it for you. So, yeah I forgive you for this." Murayama smiled, "I can't stay mad, anyone could have picked me up. Anyone could have made me their pawn. I'm grateful that you allowed me to continue being friends with Naruto."

Rias knew Murayama's true feelings as she nodded her head, "Thank you for being okay with this, Asia are you okay?"

Asia nodded her head, "I willing joined you Rias, I don't mind what I have to do. If I can get stronger to continue helping you and Naruto. Well that's all I want, we're all friends now. Granted we can only knew each other for a little while, well I'm happy to be with you all now. It's truly a blessing by Go- OW!" Asia began nursing her head as she got hit with a headache.

"Well that's one thing our new sister has to learn. Devil's can't pray or even say even say his name." Rias chuckled, "It's okay Asia, you'll fit in just fine." Rias walked over and rubbed her head.

Naruto clicked his teeth, it only be a matter of time before he was found out that he was a Phenex, "Well with that said, how do you plan on getting out of this contract?"

Rias smiled, "Well I'm hoping to get into a rating match, maybe I can win that way. With your training, me and my peerage might be able to fight him and beat him. That way I can win my freedom on my own." Rias squeezed her fist with a smile on her face.

"I see, so you need continued training." Naruto had grin appear on his face, Naruto put his hand on his chin, "I say there is about a few more weeks of training I can provide for you all."

"What do you mean a few weeks of training?" Rias raised an eyebrow confused.

Naruto smirked, "Rias, each and everyone of you guys are growing stronger and stronger the more you train. However, understand that you guys fight and train differently. So, with the new strengths you gain, you continue growing stronger on your own."

Murayama smiled, "So, we have to figure out or own way to train and get stronger." Murayama thought to herself, "If I'm really growing this strong this quick. That means I'll be able to protect the people I consider precious. I'll be able to stand by Naruto's side and say that I'm at equal strength that he is at."

Time Skip Month Later

Naruto and his devil breakfast club continue their schooling as usual. However, the only difference is Naruto and Murayama continue going to Kendo. Honing their swordsmanship skills together to become as strong as they could be. Naruto continued to train Rias and her peerage. They grew stronger and stronger every day and every week. Rias and Akeno improved their hand to hand, Kiba improved his swordsmanship along with Murayama. Koneko learns to use Senjutsu chakra during combat and use it as an extension of her body. Asia learned from hand to hand moves and counters. She learned to use her opponents body weight against them to hurt them without throwing a punch. Naruto had Asia work on her stamina, endurance, and agility. She can dodge, run, and last longer than normally. Her magic, she can cast her healing from a range. Murayama grew as well; Murayama was strong she could keep up with Naruto in a spar for a solid hour without tiering. She could go up to twenty boosts without having to reset or transfer her power. Yes, she learned that her wielder was named Ddraig and also newly acquired a new ability with her boosted gear.

Over the course of the month Naruto better learned to use Senjutsu chakra outside of sage mode. Naruto has grown much stronger than he was along with Rias and her peerage. Since Naruto dealt with Freed and his Rogue Exorcists. The Fallen Angel have halted their advancement and hasn't bothered Rias or anyone else.

Long story short everyone went through some intense training, because they were all lacking. Still they all had more room to grow, Rias needs to work on going with her gut. She needs to learn that fighting is nothing more than her breathing every day. Her moves need to be smooth, fast, powerful, and she needs to be able to adjust when she needed to. For Akeno, she was in the same boat as Rias. Though her one issue is accepting who she is, if she can't do that, she will never reach her true potential. Kiba is already strong as he was before and improved a lot, but his issue is dealing with his revenge. No matter how much Naruto has tried to tell him to let it go. He still couldn't bring himself to do so. Out of everyone, Murayama, Asia, and Koneko are the ones who have grow the most.

Koneko from the original trio has grown the most. She has learned to accept who and what she was and to forgive her sister. She has learned that there is more to what her sister did than she knew. Koneko wielded Senjutsu chakra like she was breathing, her moves and creativity while fighting was impressive. This even gave Naruto a run for his money, the two could spar for hours on end. Though, the one issue Koneko still has is speed, but she makes up for it with Senjutsu chakra.

Asia has grown a lot to, she has been a lot more determined to get stronger. She accepted that she would never be a fighter and just be a medic. She learned that it was important for medics to never get injured. So she focused on dodging, running, endurance, countering, anything that she thought of on how to survive in a fight. A little more than a month of training, Asia has improved greatly. Not only her she improved, but her feelings towards Naruto also grew. Asia worked with Naruto on Fridays and weekends when they were free of school. Asia during this time also grew close to Murayama, Rias, Koneko, and Akeno.

Naruto did try to reach out to Kiba, but Kiba was a loner like Sasuke was. Though Kiba still enjoyed Naruto's company when it wasn't devil business. Anyways getting sidetracked here, now on to Murayama Moriko. Where do I stat? Well she has picked up many different training areas from everyone. She trained with Rias and Akeno in magic, and increasing her power and reserves. She trained with Koneko to get better at close quarters combat. She learned more about the body and what the weaknesses were. When training with Asia, she got her endurance up, agility, stamina, and dodging up. If he power takes time to charge up, she is going to be able to stay out of harms way if she can.

When they did have their days off, they would meet up at parks, zoos, or the aquarium. They would go shopping at the mall, or it be a girl's day out. Naruto would offer them ramen when they felt like it, Naruto grew to really like everyone. They were like the Rookie 11, but smaller and more devilish. Naruto has learned a lot about everyone else. Naruto learned that Kiba had a secret hobby for collecting knives. It made sense since he was a swordsman, but in Kiba's spare time he was a bladesmith. Akeno enjoyed S&M… a little too much, and learned that Akeno enjoyed the T.V show Supernatural. Which is kinda ironic since the Supernatural world is real, there isn't a Sam, Dean, and a talking dog. (A/N: Yes, I am referring to the ScoobyNatural episode. Please tell me people know who I'm referring to about the Talking Dog. Not Scooby a different character). Asia also enjoyed reading mystery books during her free time. Koneko liked watching boxing matches on T.V or wrestling. Rias was something Naruto didn't expect, she was into anime… I mean not just into anime. She was a Japanophile, obsessed with anything and all anything related to Japan or the culture. Now Murayama, Naruto knew everything about Murayama. To her foods, to her favorite movies, books, colors, or even T.V show.

End of the Summary of the Month Training

Naruto was wrapping up the Whirlpool Bowl for the day with Asia and Murayama. Yea, Murayama would work from time to time for extra cash when she needed it. Asia went to go change and get comfy for the weekend. Naruto was left with Murayama cleaning the place up, "So how has your training coming along?"

Murayama let a raspberry out, "I've been getting stronger with you but I think I've hit a brick wall."

"I see, what seems to be the problem?" Naruto asked curiously.

"It's not about what's the problem Murayama. It's the problem your looking for." Ddraig spoke up.

"What do you mean by that?" Murayama scratched her head, "You have told me that same lie for the past week!? I don't get it!?"

Naruto shook his head as he put the broom on the side, "Murayama tell me this, why did you want to get stronger?"

Murayama thought about it, "Well I mean I get to stay with you since Rias was okay with it. Then to help Rias get out of her marriage contract of course."

Naruto shook his head, "Murayama step away from it for a moment. Discarding the reason for helping Rias and her marriage contract. Why DO YOU want to get stronger? What's your goal? What do you want in life?"

Murayama went to speak, but she came to a halt. She thought about it and tapped her finger on her bottom lip, "I-I know I want to get stronger." Murayama's thoughts traveled over to Rias, but then to Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Kiba, and Naruto. Murayama knows just how more powerful Naruto is compared to her, it was as if she was always looking at Naruto's back. In this supernatural world, Rias or the others could get hurt. Murayama had an imaginary lightbulb appear above her head.

Just then Naruto grabbed it cutting Murayama out from her thinking. Naruto took it and made a clone to stand on his shoulders. Murayama looked at Naruto confused and bewildered by what he just did. Naruto's clone unscrewed out a light bulb in the ceiling, and the real Naruto handed his clone the one he took from Murayama. Once he screw the lightbulb in it turned on as if it was a real one, "Sorry about that, I had to changed that light. Sorry, I had to unscrew your… light bulb."

Murayama deadpanned at Naruto breaking one of the walls, "Anyways, the reason I need to get stronger is for everyone." Murayama's lips formed a sweet smile, "I want to get stronger so I can keep Rias and the others safe. Then I want to be able to stand by your side and help you fight Naruto. So, then you don't have to worry about me when we fight together."

Naruto looked at Murayama as a grin formed on his face, "T-Thanks a noble motivation to get stronger Murayama. I'm proud of how far you've come, you've improved so much. You proved time and time again just how determined you are." Naruto motion for her to sit on a chair as he sat next to her. Naruto was on Murayama's right side; Naruto placed his left hand on her right shoulder. Naruto leaned in close to her, "Those are the words I've been waiting for Murayama. I know you have feelings for me. I do too, I wanted to make sure you were strong enough for this world. That you had the right motive, you had the right mindset for this world. I can safely say that I am ready, I'm ready to give us a try if you want." Naruto leaned in a gently placed a kiss on Murayama's cheek.

Murayama couldn't believe her ears, "W-Wait Naruto you mean." Murayama's hands went up to her cheek where Naruto placed her kiss, "You've had feelings for me… all this time we've known one another?"

Naruto scratched his cheek, "Yeah I did, I was hoping for a normal relationship. Though once you become a devil. I didn't want my emotions or feelings to prevent you from getting stronger. I wanted you to find the motive to get stronger." Naruto thinks about his own ideals and beliefs, "To be able to grow stronger and be stronger for yourself for the people you care about."

Murayama understood, "So if I had a goal, I'd have motive to get stronger. Now that I've been through the training and now, I believe in myself. I have a reason; I want to protect the people I care about." Murayama brought her hands to her chest as she closed her eyes. A smile appeared on her face as she opened them and looked up to meet Naruto's eyes. Murayama felt her heartbeat quicken like it has never have before.

Naruto ran his hands through his hair as he quoted an old man he cared for, "A wise old man once told me, "Everyone lives and fights to protect what they believe in. However, there is a precious person who would die for and fight until their very last breath. That man told me, 'Even if we are not related by blood, those of the village like these are, to me, my most precious, most important… family." Naruto remembered Hiruzen's words.

Murayama smiled, "Just how I fight and get stronger to protect Rias and everyone else. How I want to get stronger to stand side by side with you." Murayama looped her right arm through Naruto's left arm. She rested her head on his shoulder with a blush on her face, "So your saying that you… your finally ready to try dating me?" Murayama let out a small giggle, she was hopeful about what Naruto was going to say.

Naruto stood up and smiled, "Well now that's a weird way to put it." Naruto scratched his cheek, "Put it this way, the reason I wanted to wait was because you were turned into a devil. Otherwise, I wouldn't have waited this long. I wanted you to find the reason to be strong, then help you move along. Until I knew you were ready for the world you were thrown into. I knew I had to wait until you were strong enough." Naruto waved his hand over for her to follow him. The two walked outside and Naruto carried her up to the roof of the house.

Asia so happened to be changing and in her Pjs. She saw movement outside her window as she opened it and looked up. It was dark out with the stars out with the moon. Asia had a frown appear on her face. Though she also smiled because she wanted Naruto to be happy, she really did. Maybe… maybe Naruto and Murayama are okay with her seeing Naruto one day. Rias did tell her that polygamy was common throughout devils.

Naruto sat on the roof along with Murayama and smiled, "Murayama before all this happen, I was happy when I met you. To think we ended up becoming this close to one another. Now that your ready to face this world, I'm ready to stand by your side." Naruto looked into Murayama's eyes and leaned in closer to her.

Murayama blushed as her eyes darted from left to right and then in Naruto's eyes, "Naruto… I love you. I want to stand by your side, I want to protect you, Rias, and the others."

"Murayama Moriko." Naruto moved his face where he was just inches from her face, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Murayama pursed her lips, then her lips formed into a smiled, "Yes, I want to Naruto. I love you."

"I do too." Naruto leaned in as the two connected their lips together.

"C-Can I maybe spend the night?" Murayama said after they pulled their lips from being together. She then leaned herself in Naruto's chest as his arms wrapped around her body.

"S-Sure why not." Naruto smiled as he picked her up bridal style and took her to his room. Naruto went to his room with her as he handed her some of his spare clothes, "They might be a bit big, but I think you can handle it."

"Thank you." Murayama left to go change in his bathroom. She soon came walking back wearing an orange shirt with a red spiral in the middle. She also had black shorts on, "Wow these are comfy."

Naruto was earing the exact same thing, "Ahaha well I say they fit you quite well!" Naruto went to go leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Murayama asked confused.

"Oh… well I mean your going to spend the night here. I figured you would." Naruto was stopped when Murayama grabbed his hand.

"Y-You can stay with me in the bed… I know you won't do anything pervy. I trust you." Murayama said cutely while also blushing.

"O-Oh okay." Naruto was dragged back into his room and on the bed. He found himself with Murayama in his arms when they went to bed.

Next Day After School

Naruto was walking on his own to school. He finished up at the Whirlpool Bowl, he had a shift to run. Then he had to fix the sink and washing machine. Kendo Club is being suspended for a while since the season is over. Everyone was getting a break from it until the spring comes around to start it back up. Asia and Murayama went to school together, they had an emergency meeting with Rias. Naruto didn't know what was going on, but he decided to go on his own. Naruto had his right hand in his pocket, his left hand holding his book bag draped over his shoulder. Naruto began to remember the times he spent Murayama and everyone.

Naruto remembers some of the memories with everyone. Like how one time he accidentally broke the cookies and sweets Koneko kept in her pocket. Naruto felt so bad and Koneko stopped talking to him for a full four days. To get her to forgive him, and start talking to him again. He offered a all you can eat sweets from his shop for ten years. Which then Koneko accepted those terms and procced to allow him to pet her when she wanted it. A little weird she requested more rubbing from him. Who was he to complain, Koneko was like a little sister to him.

With him and Kiba, they got a long really well. They were just friends that trained together. They were rivals, sparring partners, friends, and maybe even best friends. Naruto understood Kiba's pain, Kiba told Naruto about his past. Naruto stopped asking Kiba to face his revenge and throw it away. Instead he told him to sort his feelings out when the time came. To come talk to him or anyone else he trusted in his friend group. Communication is the best medicine.

Asia was a good story; she was like a sister to him. Though it was weird for him to put it as like his sister was weird. He knew how Asia felt and just turning Asia down like that would be harsh and mean. For what he did for her, she was doing her very best to repay him. If only, only if Murayama was okay with multiple wives or girlfriends. He wouldn't mind trying it, he already talked to Kurama and Houmi about it. Though, if she doesn't like the idea, he will support her all the way.

Akeno was fricken nutjob, well a nutjob when it came to her S&M. Her being a sadist was something he didn't want to be a part of. Anyways learning about Akeno wasn't easy, but she didn't say too much. He didn't push her, but he did learn that was a sincere and smart girl. She took a lot of pride in being Rias's friend. She is close to Rias and supports her in every way she can. Though, he father was a issue he needs to work with, but he decided to leave it at that. Told her that he was more than willing to continue helping her when she needed it.

Now, for Rias. Well that's the issue, Naruto knew that his. Naruto means it as quote on quote, 'Big Step Brother Riser' was visiting today when Rias was wrapping up her club activities today. He was here to take Rias back to the underworld to get married. Today was the day to see if Rias and her peerage will grow a new found hate. All that Naruto hopes is Rias is okay with him continuing to date Murayama. Granted they just started, but he hoped that Rias won't be too mad that he lied to her all this time. Rias isn't that bad of a person, she is genuinely sweet, caring, loving, and a lot of fun to be around. She cares for everyone in her peerage and does the best for them.

Naruto sensed Riser's presence in the club room. Naruto made his way towards the building and entered, before he entered. Naruto heard Rias yelling at Riser to stop touching her. Then Naruto heard Riser talking like a perv as complimented Akeno, Asia, Koneko, and then Murayama. Saying that Akeno, Murayama, and Asia were cute and had a good figure. Koneko was cute, pure, and ripe for the taking. Naruto soon opened the door as everyone turned their head to look at Naruto. Naruto recognized Riser as soon as he saw him. Riser is a tall and handsome young man in his early 20's with short blond hair and dark blue eyes. His outfit consists of a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned (just one button short), giving a slight view to his chest. Naruto turned to the other woman in the room, "Who are you?"

"I am Riser Phe." Riser was cut off by Naruto.

"I'm not talking about you Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm talking to the silver haired woman." Naruto turned his attention to the silver haired woman.

"I am Grayfia Lucifuge, queen of Sirzechs Lucifer." Grayfia is a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and silver eyes. Grayfia was wearing a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory.

"Ah I see." Naruto finally turned his attention to the seething Riser. Naruto let a sigh out as he walked over and patted Koneko on her head. Naruto looked at Murayama, "How is everything? You've handled everything?"

Murayama rubbed her cheek where a bruise was, "Y-Yeah I'm fine."

Naruto frowned, "Who did this to you?"

"H-Her." Murayama looked at Riser's bomb queen.

Naruto sighed, "I'd appreciate it if you kept your servants on a leash, Riser." Naruto glared at him as Riser let a chuckle out.

"Ahahaha who is this? Rias is this another piece of yours?" Riser chuckled looking at the delinquent looking boy.

Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "That's no way to talk to your new little brother now is it?" Naruto eyes narrowed as everyone's eyes widen. Naruto had one pairs of flaming bat wings appear out of his back. Everyone stared at him in shock along with Grayfia, Rias, and Riser. Naruto said nothing as he had his hands in his pockets.

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