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The God of War.

Such a label seemed a stretch when describing humans. Of course there were shinobi whose powers exceeded far those of mortal comprehension, but even he knew that such a moniker was fairy-tale. He'd been taught that when he was a child. During the days of his youth, when shinobi were less moral, the hard hitting lessons taught at the Academy were at times beyond propaganda. Serve your village, swear your heart, die to protect the next generation.

What about him? Did his worth not matter? Was the collective so great that in the end he was but a spoke in the wheel? Why should he not be just as important if his role was vital to the future of the village? It was questions like those which made him stray from the noble path his homeland thrived on. And he began to suspect the tales of old were just that. Tales. Then he met Itachi Uchiha, and he questioned his own strength. The Sharingan was an ability that naturally exceeded far beyond everything he had, and everything he would have. Even his Imperfect Resurrection Method would fall once he took a glance in those dreaded eyes. Then the tales about the God of War, Madara Uchiha, did not seem so fabricated at all. When he summoned the likes of Hashirama Senju and his younger brother, he had to put limiters on their powers so as to control them—that alone was enough to shake the very foundation of the most renowned Hidden Village of the big five.

Big two, he reminded himself as the sounds of battle made it all the way here. Orochimaru stood with his trusted aide, Kabuto Yakushi, and two of his more questionable experiments: Suigetsu Hozuki and Jugo. The former was here because he was threatened, the latter out of his free choice. A fair bit away from them, sat a monster of chakra playing around with a blade the size of a regular man. Kisame Hoshigaki was a true freak of nature. An experiment by the gods themselves as he remembered just how much chakra his former Akatsuki member had.

"How long are we going to just stand here?" Suigetsu complained, sipping on a cup of water. He requested enough nourishments for himself. It wasn't anything the Sannin couldn't grant. He pointed at the former Seven Ninja Swordsman frustratingly. "He's not going anywhere and he's not letting us go anywhere."

Orochimaru chuckled at the boy's words. The supposed second coming of the Zabuza Momochi was more nervous than anything. Nervous at what happened beyond their God given sight. The unrestrained power that was emanating from the abandoned Uchiha outpost. The black flames that danced and waged war. The rain that did nothing to quell down the fire both Uchiha brothers had in them as they fought to their hearts' content. A battle of destiny, one that no one was allowed to partake in, no one was allowed to interfere in. Orochimaru had been planning to take over dear Sasuke's body for some time and the time was drawing near; his body was corroding, but Kabuto's handiwork would keep him up for more days and not to mention, his protégé had a trick up his sleeve. One he'd hidden for years.

"What's wrong, little Suigetsu?" Kisame spoke for him, a toothy grin on his face. "Don't tell me you're scared of what's happening there now. All that bravado you were spewing was just talk after all."

"Shove it, gill-face!" The Hozuki shouted in more obvious manner. "I'm not scared of you, that freak Itachi or anyone!"

"My, my, Suigetsu," Orochimaru delighted in the fear in his eyes, "Does that include me too? Perhaps I should remind you of the days you first spent under my hospitality." The way he gritted his teeth, but unable to speak them gave him great pleasure in knowing the power he held over the boy. He delighted in it.

"Calm down, Suigetsu," Jugo, a great helper in developing his cursed seals, lent a hand to calm the boy's nerves. Too pure of a boy, that one. "It's only a matter of time."

"Yes," Orochimaru seconded that line of thought. "A matter of time before Sasuke fulfills the goal he set out on. Delivering justice for the Uchiha and repaying his debt to me."

"Ever the two-faced snake. Aren't you?" Kisame Hoshigaki laughed once more. This time he stood. Samehada was in his hand. "Regardless of how their fight plays out and which Uchiha lives, I'll be coming for your head, Orochimaru. It's been a long time since you betrayed our ring and that little score on your end needs to be settled."

"Oh? And do you think you can take on all four of us single handedly? I'm not insulting your strength, Kisame. Your intelligence on the other hand…"

Samehada clashed against the earth, cracking it open as the scales sharpened to smaller blades. He then directed it at the young Hozuki clan member. "Tell me, Suigetsu, what do you think about leaving that little snake's side?"

"Huh. Hey, I don't know what you're talking about, but-"

"You said you wanted to reform the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, didn't you?" Kisame craned his neck. "You can reform it with us. In the Akatsuki. No village accords to tie you down. And you can kill without repercussions." That seemed to get the boy's attention.

"Be wary of your choice, Suigetsu," Kabuto, ever the useful hand, spoke on his behalf. "Do not forget who made you stronger. Besides, their little organization is on the run and most likely down on numbers if they're making you an offer. Destroying Hidden Villages does not come without repercussions."

"Oh he's got a tongue slithery as you, Orochimaru." Kisame praised his aide's bristling comments. "You're wrong in one aspect though, glasses. We're not responsible for that particular little chaos, though you are right about not having the same members. Makes me wonder just how much you know about us."

That was certainly news to him. The collection of Tailed Beasts was always the aim for the Akatsuki. For what grand reason, he did not know, nor did he care. In the face of immortality, such conquests held less meaning and going after Hidden Villages directly did not fit their MO. Despite the ring leader of the S-class being someone Orochimaru did not want to face. Not without a Sharingan at least.

"Well, Kisame, if your lot is not going after the Hidden Villages, who else would?" Orochimaru imposed the question. He always was greedy for knowledge and with the shift in dynamics, he knew there was a change in regime coming. His own village was intact, ready to take over and fulfill the void, but who were his enemies? That was more important.

"Who knows. Maybe God decided that he had enough with us shinobi and decided to start a purge."

"You don't need to describe my master that way." He knew the voice. Her voice was all too familiar, however, her look was something he did not expect. Dressed in a seductive outfit, the v-string one piece only barely covered her areolas and nether regions, Guren stood as if she was putting on a show for all the males there. Suigetsu whistled, but everyone else were on guard.

"Guren," Orochimaru greeted his missing accomplice. One who had been missing for years and now returned out of the blue, dressed like an outlandish lady of the night. "You took quite a while to return." He greeted her calmly as possible. There was something wrong going on. She was not a kunoichi who could appear out of thin air and certainly not one skilled enough to avoid his senses or Kisame's for that matter.

She bowed her head a bit and the cleavage of her bountiful breasts was made for distracting enemies. "Orochimaru, you'll have to forgive me, but I'm afraid I can't work for you anymore. I've found a much better position than the one you had to offer."

Her remarks made him a little annoyed. "Oh, and what would that be?"

"Doggy style!" She shouted with glee, cupping her cheeks as the rain finally began to fall and glistened her creamy, fair skinned body. Her hands roamed around and cupped her breasts. "Oh just thinking about that with my master makes me so moist. Even mother nature is getting wet."

"Damn." Suigetsu apparently found her actions more interesting than anything else. This was why he discarded what made him perverse towards human instinct a long time back. "I don't know about you, Kisame senpai, but I want to work for whoever she does given the dress code."

"Ah!" She moaned pinching her nipple over the cloth as she made hand signs and a wall of crystals rose far beyond them cutting off the sight of the battleground where two Uchiha clashed. "My master does not need your kind, and besides, if he liked you, he would've taken you by now."

"Is this some trick of yours, Orochimaru?" Kisame was very much on guard, but spared him a glance. "This is a new low in terms of creativity for someone of your repute."

"My distractions would be more meaningful." Turning his attention back to the woman he knew, who at the moment could not stop touching herself as she rubbed herself more vigorously now, filling the air with her moans, "You mentioned a master, Guren. Who is he?"

His former accomplice removed a hand from the place between her legs and pointed to the heavens. Upwards. It was a distraction of course. An excuse for her to attack from the front, but then something dark and hollow appeared on the ground, swallowing the scantily clad woman whole and disappearing. Whoever her new master was…he knew how to transport people, and he guessed judging by the soundless, no presence awareness raising void that appeared, he was skilled in seals. He had to be.

"Hey, what the fuck? Give her back." Suigetsu might as well have not been there as he angrily flailed around before looking upwards and stopping. "Hey, hey…what the hell is that?" Up in the sky, a literal black hole appeared with wisps of purple shooting out of it. From it emerged a mane of red hair, a square jaw, a thick neck, an upper torso and arms filled with worked out muscles and strong powerful legs. Slowly the man descended from the heavens to the earth and stood with his arms outstretched before he brought them together. The slap echoed far and wide despite the thunder raging above.

"It has been sooooo long since I've seen any of you." The red haired man spoke, a genuine smile on his face. His eyes roamed from Kisame to Kabuto, to his two lackeys and finally to him, where his eyes did not budge from. There was something familiar about this man. Especially those beastly eyes. He'd seen them before. "Hello, my future wallet."

"Who the hell is this guy?" Suigetsu was still the most vocal among them as he brought out his sword.

"Do not rush, Suigetsu," Jugo put his arm up in front of the Hozuki boy. "There's something…strange about him."

"I honestly hope you're not talking about my hair. Cause I just got it conditioned today."

"Hehehehehehe." Kisame laughed as his sentient blade grew larger and seemed to be moving in a way a dog wagged its tail. "Samehada remembers every person whose chakra it fed on, and the last time it got this excited was when we met the Nine Tails brat. Based on what I'm feeling, you're the same person. Aren't you, brat?"

Orochimaru's eyes widened as he remembered where he'd seen those inhuman orbs last. He seemed older, more physically enhanced and his hair changed to resemble more of the traditional Uzumaki he'd met in his lifetime. He couldn't help but smile at the mystery before him. "Naruto Uzumaki. You're alive."

"You know I've heard that so many times, but I'm still not getting of it." He took a huge breath in. "You know, this is the first time I've actually stood out in the rain for a while. Sure there was the time I infiltrated Ame, but I had an umbrella. That's when I found one of the nicest brothels in the world. God bless that blonde woman. Her tits were fat as an Akimichi."

"Not that I don't mind seeing you, Naruto-kun," Orochimaru remembered how the boy was Sasuke's teammate and perhaps the reason why his protégé appeared in such a ragged manner, with his eyes cursed with death. "I would like to know just why you're here."

"I'm here for that." Naruto pointed at Kisame. More specifically his sword which seemed frustrated. "I was honestly just passing buy when I felt something call out to me and then look what I found. Hmm, I should pay the Uchiha brothers a visit too. I'm sure Sasuke will be shitting his pants when he finds out I didn't die."

"Afraid I can't let you do that," Kisame walked towards him, slowly. "Itachi specifically asked no one interfere in their family matter. Besides, wouldn't you rather spend a little time little old me? Our first meeting wasn't exactly pleasant. How about we acquainted properly this time around?"

"You drive a hard bargain, my fish-faced friend, but I accept." He took a stance, a puff of smoke emerged, and a sheathed katana rested in the grip of his left hand. "Might as well get serious from the start, fish-face. The rest of your little boy band members didn't, and it cost them dearly."

Orochimaru and Kisame looked at him with a raised brow. Surely the boy was lying until he reached into his pocket and brought something out. Rings. The rogue Kiri shinobi chuckled a bit. "You've been busy. Don't tell me the little visit Itachi and I gave you drove you to these lengths. Heh. You Leaf shinobi are more shrewd than you let on." The man unleashed the full power of his chakra and despite not being a sensor, he envied the amount he could visibly see pouring out of his former comrade. The bandages of the blade came undone and Samehada came to life, each scale sharp enough to saw through bone and flesh. A set of teeth created to chop down anything in its way.

"Calm down, boy. You'll get what you want soon enough. Now, Kisame. I want to ask you something."

"Go ahead. kid."


"That wasn't a questi-" Orochimaru blinked to make sure he wasn't seeing anything wrong. Naruto Uzumaki was standing behind a very still Kisame Hoshigaki as he rotated the katana around in a circle, the arm with the sheath remained behind his back and Naruto slowly put the sword back in its scabbard as it disappeared with a puff of smoke. A moment after that, Kisame Hoshigaki bled, a thousand cuts appeared all over his body and blood exploded everywhere, staining himself, Kabuto, Suigetsu, but not the Uzumaki. The former rogue ninja's skin, flesh and whatever remained where all over the place.

"My bad. I phrased that wrong. I wanted to say, 'I want to ask you to do something'. What a shame. To die with confusion. Not fitting for a shinobi of your caliber. Don't you think, snakey?" The redhead aimed the question at him and every instinct, every sense, every bit of his soul told Orochimaru to flee. He didn't even see when the boy had moved, much less seen when and how many times he'd cut Kisame into a thousand pieces while picking up his sword. "Woah. Aren't you excited? Hey, Samehada, I'll give you a bit of my chakra. Why don't you change into something more…dangerous?"

The former Sannin felt every bit of skin crawl when the blade in his hand started cackling, laughing, glowing with an eerie red as it extended and thrashed around on the spilled blood, tainting its own skin, feeding on the chopped remains of Kisame, before it violently shook. Twisting and writhing, the sword's laughter grew more ominous as Suigetsu fell on his knees and covered his mouth, Jugo took a step back clutching his head and Kabuto's legs were shaking.

"Lord Orochimaru." It was barely a whisper. "We should leave, but I feel the moment we do, he'll kill us all." The laughter was even louder know, its shriek pitching before the blade turned completely red and changed its shape. Gone was the scaly massive dark bluish blade, in its place was a giant crimson cleaver blade, red and black, flesh filled the blunt side of the with a set of teeth running along that edge with and one eye sentient eye at the hilt.

"Samehada…" Suigetsu spoke, bringing out his sword, shaking as he rushed at the Uzumaki. "Change it back! Bring back the real Samehada!" The sword broke in two the moment it touched Naruto's neck and he held the boy by the collar.

"This is the real Samehada. Don't get angry just because you and your precious NiNjA sWoRdSmEn couldn't bring out its true potential." The blunt side of the blade neared the Hozuki's head, and a tongue emerged from the depths of the teeth as it elongated and wrapped tightly around his neck before boy turned that bit of him into water and broke free. Naruto blinked before smiling. "Woah! That was so cool. What else can you do? Can you turn your whole body into water? Change the density? Raise the temperature? Fuse with a larger body of water for territorial advantage? Here I thought all this time that you were just a blue haired twink. Go ahead, prove me wrong."

"Suigetsu." Orochimaru tried to reel the boy back in. They couldn't afford a fight with someone like him right now. Not when he was this close to his goal. "Retreat. Naruto Uzumaki is a bit too strong for someone like you. Isn't that right, Naruto-kun?"

"That's right. Listen to your Master. Go on, boy. He'll give you a treat." The redhead was goading Suigetsu and judging by the look on his face it was working. He made a motion with his hand, his index finger pointing at Naruto, and then the water bullet fired off with a bang before splashing his face. He sighed. "You disappointing magic carp… You know what? Fuck you. True Wind Release: Pinky Blast." All the Uzumaki did was flick his smallest finger and the sound of winds being shot out like a bomb filled the air as Suigetsu's upper torso flew off, jerking midair and stopping due to his intestines still being attached to his lower half.

"Suigetsu…" Jugo was clutching his head harder than ever. "You monster…You MONSTER!"And the orange haired man's skin turned dark, nature energy flared around him and a manic grin settled in as he charged at Naruto who dashed forward and impaled him with the new form Samehada as Jugo gasped, his blood making the sword redder.

"And just what the hell are you? Natural energy seems to cling to your body, but there's something's wrong with how it works." And then Orochimaru felt something touch his very soul as he was pierced by the gaze of the Sharingan. It twisted and morphed into a spiral with several blades surrounding it. There was a voice in his head, echoing, speaking things he could not understand and then Kusanagi appeared in his hands. He drew his breaths sharply as Samehada was munching around on the remains of his two experiments and Naruto was already standing in front of him, his hand around the unbreakable sword that had delivered the mortal wound to his sensei. His thumb pressed against the apex of the sword and pressed on it with his thumb. The tip broke, falling with a clang as the Uzumaki patiently broke the rest of the blade using just a finger. "You've always been a greedy bastard, haven't you? Chasing power that isn't yours. Switching bodies to gain technique after technique, but it never crossed your mind that one day all that karma would come back and leave you like the husk you are. . Look at you now. Pathetic."

He was not pathetic.


He was not weak. How dare that boy-

"Oh I get it now. You already hit your ceiling, didn't you? The White Snake of Konoha was just another little snake waiting to be skinned. So you fled like the coward that you are. Experimented with things that were not given to you willingly nor trusted to you. You did all this just because… Jiraiya was better than you." Orochimaru felt something inside him wretch hearing those words. The smug look on his face, those red eyes looking down on him, and the laughter that followed mocked every inch of his being. He snapped the hilt of Kusanagi open and from it emerged a white pin with black markings.

"You brought this on yourself." Orochimaru said as he stabbed his neck with the pin and black markings spread out on his body like wildfire. And he fell on the ground clutching his body.

"Lord Orochimaru! You're not stable enough!" Kabuto's concerns were genuine, but they were nothing compared to the continuous laughter that looked down on him. It was getting louder with each second.

"I have enough strength for this!" He felt his neck elongate as the Power of the White Snake enhance him in every way. He grew. Grew more than he ever had. Power exploded from his very being as seven more mighty heads emerged from his body. The great heads of the immortal snake came to life with fury as he towered over the boy who mocked him. From the mouth of the snake he emerged and reveled in his power. The earth shook before his might and he felt a frenzy take him over. This was his true nature. For too long he'd underestimated his own capabilities.

The power of a God coursing through his vein. The Eight Branches were the highest form of power in existence, outside of the Rinnegan. He never used it until it was a last ditch effort. What a coward he'd been all this time. He should've used this to make the young Uchiha bow before him. He would once this was over. All the pieces were in place, but first he had a loudmouth to take care of.

"Woah! I didn't know you could do that! How many points do I get for each head?" He heard the boy shout out. Two heads shot out at him and saw how their heads were cut off in one swoop, but as soon as they were cut, they reformed, devoid of all wounds. Invincible. Unbeatable. Orochimaru reveled over the advantage he head. So far all the boy did was use his sword, unnaturally fast the boy may be, but he had nothing that could destroy him. He could not be destroyed. He was—

"Oi." The whisper came from behind him. In the mouth of the mighty snake, Naruto Uzumaki was sitting right behind him, Samehada no longer in his hands. Instead a sphere of the purest black levitated in his hand, then it changed into a smaller ball of bright, blinding white and he dropped it down the gullet of his gargantuan form. "Regenerate from this." He disappeared and sat down on the ground, arms crossed as he waved at the Sannin to come and get him. Once more two of his heads lunged at the boy, seeking to devour him, but just as they went for him, they were fading, crumbling into dust. The heads were not reforming. Two more heads followed, fading out of existence as three of the other heads jerked, bled, before exploding out of existence, leaving nothing behind. Orochimaru felt something crawl up deep from the core of his form and immediately, shot out of his body. He emerged from the throat of his human form, becoming the White Snake as he fled from whatever was chasing him. As he crashed against the ground and felt the last great head get erased from existence, something was tugging at his tail.

The small ball of glowing white. It clung to as if it were a part of him, and the tail began to disintegrate, disappear as if it was never there to begin with. Faster it crawled up, getting closer and closer to his neck until it stopped and then flew away from him, turning into a black sphere once more. It returned to Naruto who held a bloodied up Kabuto by the collar before throwing his apprentice to him.

"I'll be honest, that was kind of fun. Who would've thought that someone would have the balls to fuse his body with that of a demon's. Brave. Stunning and brave." Faster than he could perceive, Naruto picked him by the mane of hair near his head and help him to eye level. The Mangekyō Sharingan was far more terrifying and illusive than Itachi's had been and that sphere that disappeared into him, it was power beyond his wildest comprehensions. "Listen carefully. I'm going to let you live, but only under certain conditions, and if I find out you didn't do exactly as I said, I'm going to make you my wallet."


He finally had all the power he needed to beat him. Despite making Kirin, part of him knew somehow the traitor would find a way to work his way around it. What he did not expect was to the famed Susanoo so quickly. The Uchiha Tablet spoke of powers that the clan held. The eyes of the gods they were called, their eyes and such was the power before him. The ghost like behemoth of a specter stood in its armored glory, ready to withstand anything and destroy everything.

Sasuke Uchiha answered with his own. It started with a violet hues, before a darker purple emerged and soon enough he had his own avatar of combat standing with him. Toe to toe the former brothers fought, each titan of power equally matched by the other, each strike, each counter, each sword of black flames colliding raining down hellfire on the earth around them. The hideout was long since destroyed, and Sasuke Uchiha for all his gifts and all his powers was finally reaching the limits of his strength.

The upside to all this: so was Itachi.

No longer were the Uchiha covered in shrouds of red and purple, but stood as mortal men, natural enemies as Sasuke rushed forward with his chokuto and attempted to take off the head of the man who'd taken everything from him. His parents. His friends. His kin. His childhood. The brother he used to love. Steel collided against steel, sparks of rage and despair flew from them, and the traitor grabbed him by the arm, slamming him into the ground.

"Sasuke," Itachi's voice was more ragged than he'd ever learned in his life. "You've truly grown strong. You see it now, don't you? The power we Uchiha hold. The endless possibilities of it. If you were just a bit older, I think you would've been stronger than me. After all, you're just like me. Killing your best friend to awaken the Mangekyō."

"Shut up." He kicked the kin slayer off of him and gained his distance, trying to catch his breath. Itachi's red eye was sealed shut, bled dry and no doubt blind based on what he realized from using the Mangekyō himself. Powerful though it was, it did not come without cost, and it was the sole purpose behind which Itachi had done what he did. For his own brother's eyes. To seek the eternal light. "I'm nothing like you."

"Lie to yourself all you want." The Akatsuki member had a cruel smile on his face. "But it won't change what you did. You killed the person closest to you for those eyes. All that for power. How does it feel? How does it feel knowing you took the life of a person who no doubt cared about you just as much as you did about him? Isn't the thrill amazing?"

"You sick bastard." Sasuke's Mangekyō came to life. As did all the rage from the things he'd done since that night. All the actions he'd taken. All the things he'd done. None hit him harder than when he killed Naruto. The only person who actually didn't give a shit about his name, and sought him as a friend in his own strange way. Oddly enough he understood the boy, more than anyone else. Which was why Sasuke hated himself. Taking the life of the only person he considered someone important after losing his entire family. "Everything I've done…all the power I have…all the things I gave up, just to get you for what you did. There's nothing thrilling about it!"

"Scream all you want, we both know you'll take my eyes after this." Itachi was provoking him. "After all, we both want power. More power."

"No. I don't need more. Just enough to kill you. That's all I need." A thousand birds chirped, echoing the truth of his words as he rushed forward using the Mangekyō once more. He was in range. This would be it. Itachi was retreating, but stumbled. Started coughing uncontrollably and shook. Do it. Do it. DO IT! He screamed as his hand burst through the chest of traitor and out his back, buzzing and cleaving as blood shot out from Itachi's back. A crow cawed and Sasuke's left eye immediately burned the crow that'd magically appeared on Itachi's shoulder, in its left socket was another Mangekyō, one of different shape. He'd only made eye contact for a second, but he was sure he'd taken action before it did anything.

He felt two fingers poke against his forehead. A feeling he'd long forgotten. A remind of a time where things were not so cruel. Itachi's left hand, bloodied and stained, fell slowly as Sasuke retracted his arm out of his chest and yet he still stood proudly. Smiling as if he'd won. But that smile…it wasn't…it wasn't supposed to look that way. It wasn't supposed to look so serene. That bastard was not supposed to look happy! He should've been in pain! Crying and screaming for all the wrongs he'd done.

So why?!

Why did that damn traitor look so content?!

"Stop smiling. Stop fucking smiling!" Sasuke screamed as he drove the chokuto through the chest of the traitor and drove it deep against what remained of a wall. Itachi was still breathing, still alive, refusing to die. "You don't get to smile after what you did! I want you to beg for your life! I want you to cry like I did. I want to take your head back to Konoha and show all the ghosts at our home that I killed the one who betrayed them! And after that I'll go after that damned Madara. Both of you will serve as proof the Uchiha are avenged!"

"See you later, Sasu-" He spoke no further as blood began to pour from the sides of his face and then the front part fell on to the ground. Itachi's face…was on the ground with half his brain and the other half falling out of his cut head. The limp body fell, fizzing him with the same blood that rain in his veins and Sasuke rushed back. Genjutsu. He channeled what little chakra he had, but there was no effect. He thought for a second the crow had gotten to him. This was reality. Itachi's face was cut off from the front and his chokuto was gone, no longer attached to the Itachi's body.

"Pretty, pretty good." He heard the voice. It sounded familiar, yet stranger. Deeper, more ominous. Amused. It was right behind him. The tip of the chokuto was aiming right below his chin. "Though I think my sword is more finely forged."

Amaterasu. His left eye hurt a lot, but the black flames lit alight on the hand wielding his weapon and Sasuke craftily snatched back what was his. As he laid his sight upon the intruder, he stood stunned. His hair was different, his build was different, his face no longer had those whisker marks, but it was his face. Of that there was no doubt, and the way he smiled made his very being shiver.

"What's wrong, Sasuke? Cat got your tongue?"

"Naruto." He said the name, not entirely believing who stood in front of him. He was dead. He was sure he was dead. The Uchiha had killed him. In cold blood. Betraying him. This was a ghost. A genjutsu. A curse laid on him the moment he'd made eye contact with the crow.

"That's right. How've you been, best buddy? Wait, let me just take care of this first." He raised his burning hand and swiped his other hand over it, bringing all the black flames into a silvery-white sphere before it got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. The flames that burned anything and everything for seven days and seven nights gone with a flick of his hand. "Much better. So, apart from stabbing people in the chest, what else have you been up to? Got a girlfriend? Found new hobbies other than killing Itachi? Oooooh you got a new haircut. I miss the old bangs in front of the eyes, but not too shabby. Not too shabby at all."

"How are you alive?" Sasuke was still in sheer disbelief. He'd killed him. Killed him so he could have this moment. And now he was back. From the dead. The ghost of his greatest sin. "I killed you."

"You really kind of didn't." Naruto shrugged as he went towards Itachi's face, picking it up and plucking his eyes right out of it before crushing it in his hands. "Don't get me wrong, you ripped my heart apart and all that, but come on you and I both know I don't go down that easily. Unless its pussy eating. Kudos to you for trying though. You got closer than anyone ever did and that includes the rabbit bitch and her toxic ex. God that guy was a pain in the ass. Imagine fighting an Akimichi, but he reduces his size and everything else around him. I got scared when his eyes lined up with my crotch and-"

"You never died." The Uchiha simply couldn't comprehend with that line of thought. All these years he'd been wallowing over, hating himself for mimicking Itachi's actions to gain power, vowing to somehow make up for what he did, and this guy…he was alive. Not only that, but he killed Itachi. Killed Itachi right before he could see the light leave his eyes. "All this time…you were alive."

"That's right! Sorry I couldn't visit you earlier, I was understandably busy with a lot of things. Oh by the way, you want me to chop his head for you?" Naruto poked the corpse with his foot. "I heard that bit about you parading his head like a Neanderthal and all. Not something I'd do, but I understand. Huh, then again I did take his face off after you two had your face…off. I swear that wasn't intentional."

"Why are you here?" It was hard processing all this. Why wasn't Naruto attacking him? Why didn't he want revenge for what he did? Why did he take away his kill? The moment his entire life was building up to.

"I'm here because someone else is watching us right now." Naruto looked at the shrine gates leading to the base and shouted out loud. "Get your ass out here! I know you're hiding!"

Sasuke was annoyed at everything. Itachi's reaction upon being mortally wounded, the way the deathblow given to his former brother didn't come from him, Naruto being alive…somehow and him being reminded of how loud he could be, yelling at nothing. Then a small hole began to appear out of nowhere, and from the hole emerged an Akatsuki member wearing an orange mask. The hole in the mask made him clearly see what was underneath. A Sharingan.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You're-"

"Alive. I know. Yada yada yada, so suprising." Naruto then gestured to the masked man and looked at him. "Sasuke this is…Tobi. He likes to go by Madara, but we all know the real one would never hide all that sass and all that hair. The only time an Uchiha hides his face is when he's got a massive identity issue going on. And boy oh boy, this does guy have issues."

Sasuke redirected his gaze the masked man. 'Madara'. This was the man who helped Itachi slaughter the clan? The Sharingan was proof enough of his lineage, and the bit about him being a fake Madara made more sense. There was no way a founder was still alive in this day and age. His name on the other hand would be more useful. Itachi was dead, mortally wounded by him, but his kill stolen. Still, he could make up for it by going after this guy. The other traitor.

"Sasuke," the man spoke with ill intent, his very voice was poison to his ears. "Do you know the truth about Itachi Uchiha?"

"I don't care." Sasuke rushed forward with his sword, but found his path blocked by another sword. Naruto had a katana in his hand and held him back while still facing the masked man. "Get out of my way, or I'll kill you."

"Like you haven't already tried that." Sasuke blinked as he flew through the air and collided against the wall, pain shooting through his already strained body. Naruto sheathed his sword and the crimson slitted eyes he'd seen years ago paralyzed him in his place. "You don't get to kill him. I've got a more personal gripe against him."

"The hell you do!" The last of his chakra was funneled into the Chidori, extending into his blade. "He and Itachi, they killed my clan together."

"And this guy is the reason why my parents are dead." Naruto dropped a bomb on him. "Yeah, I know who they were, but more importantly I know who you are, Tobi."

"I came here originally for Sasuke." Chains emerged from the hems of his cloak, attached to each hand. "But it looks like I'll be taking you too, Nine Tails."

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki. Son of the Fourth Hokage. Scion of the Uzumaki Clan. But more importantly," Naruto disappeared from view and appeared behind the one known as Tobi as his sword slowly went through the head of the Uchiha. Yet no blood fell, and Naruto was moving the sword around through and around his body. No wounds, no cuts, no change. As if he wasn't there. "I'm the wrecker of your shit. Now get lost, I have something important to discuss with my former teammate."

"You're fast. Maybe even faster than your father, but you should know your AAARGH!" And then man's right arm fell, bleeding profusely as he clutched the stump and Naruto wiped the blood off his blade and walked past him.

"Your little trick won't work on me. Neither will this." Naruto then shot his right arm out as his fist collided into the man's face which formed out of nowhere to his side, as the man clutching his arm behind him disappeared. Sasuke rushed forward with the blade imbued with lightning. His target's mask was broken and no doubt had was reeling from the Uzumaki's blow earlier. Before the blade could reach the betrayer, an iron fist gripped around his arm and halted his momentum. "Didn't I tell you not to interfere?"

"Naruto, this man…" Sasuke looked and realized he was disappearing once more, but the Uzumaki was not budging. "Get back here!"

"Let him run. His time is almost out anyway." Naruto let him go and Sasuke looked at the former blond with anger. He looked much older than he should've been, was stronger too, but he didn't know to what extent. The way his eye color changed along with his hair, something told him it wasn't contact lenses or hair dye. "Go and rest. We'll meet later."

"You killed Itachi. He was mine to finish." Sasuke pointed the blade at his neck. "He was the reason I did everything. I left the village, I went to Orochimaru…I thought I killed you just to get to him. Why did you take that moment from me?"

"Because I can." Naruto walked forward as the blade's pointy end pressed against his neck. "Consider this karma for stabbing me in the chest. Twice. And now if you'll excuse me, I have things to do, people to kill and women to fuck."

"Where's your headband?" Sasuke asked noticing the distinct feature missing. His sign of pride. A sign of someone who was once his equal. In many ways it was who he was.

"I don't need it anymore. Konoha has no purpose for me. Soon it'll be in ashes like Kiri, Suna and Iwa. Speaking of which, I should swap places with the clone I'm sending to Kumo. Can't wait to see the look on the Raikage's face when I show up."

Sasuke Uchiha, again, could not believe what he saw and heard from Naruto Uzumaki. Where was the damned stubborn idiot he considered a friend? Where was the boy swearing to be Hokage? Konoha had no purpose for him? Was this even the same person? Did he know something about the other villages being destroyed?

"I don't know what's going on, but you seem to know a lot more than me right now." Sasuke activated his Sharingan, one last time for the day, as he tried to pierce his mind and instead he found himself standing in the middle of an endless lake. Everywhere around him deep blue water, dark blue clouds almost black and a red sun much closer to the surface than it should be.

"Really, man?" Naruto stood beside him, an arm over his shoulder. "You could've just asked what I was going to do. I'm painfully honest in case you don't remember."

"What the hell happened to you?" Sasuke Uchiha found his face looking annoyed, before it became more…peaceful.

"To put it shortly," Naruto pointed out at the vastness surrounding them, "I found the truth."

"The truth?"

"That's right, Sasuke." He was speaking in riddles, something Naruto would never do. "The answer to the greatest question of our time: how to stop shinobi from killing each other? At first the answer may seem extreme to you, but trust me, when you really think about the solution it doesn't seem so bad."

"When the hell did you start thinking about these things? How are you not having a seizure?" Naruto laughed and scratched the back of his head as he usually did.

"When you died."

"What?" Sasuke blinked, thinking he heard wrong.

"When you died. When Kakashi died. When Sakura died. When I lost it all and ruined everything in the process. Now that I really think about it, it was my fault really. If I'd just been a step quicker. A bit stronger. A bit smarter, maybe none of those horrible things would've lead to this day." Naruto walked around as the ocean around them began to change. Gone was the blue, only red remained and sun turned far darker. "I tried to fix things, man. I really did, but I found myself meeting dead ends, outnumbered, and alone. You know what it's like, don't you? To roam the place you called home only to have no one to talk to? No one to laugh with. Cry. Hell, even fight. Imagine that, but for hundreds and hundreds of years. All alone with nothing but endless power, and no one to share it with, or show off to. And then you realize in the grand scheme of things, you were the one who was played. A piece on a board. Only following the whims of destiny. A vicious cycle connected by the very thing that empowers us, and makes us hungrier for more. The game is the game. It will happen as long as there are those who want to partake. However, you cannot lose if you do not play. I'd given up at one point, but you know me, I found a way. And here we are, at a crossroads at a particular junction that I'm sure no one ever even imagined to take. It wasn't the road I wanted to walk either, but need to with this path if I am to bring balance. To not let the world rot. Nor let its people face extinction. Not again. Never again. Not while I draw breath."

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke grabbed the collar of the taller man. "You're not making any sense. Speak clearly or I'll gut you." With those words he was no longer in the genjutsu but in the rain once more and Kabuto arrived, bloodied, tired and with a giant snake-like head in his arms. A living head, which looked a lot like Orochimaru. Naruto placed a hand on his shoulder and looked him straight in the eye.


"Before you died, you saved my ass. And believe me, I owe you. But things aren't going to go the way you want. Maybe if you didn't stab me so deeply things would be different. Better. We would've had peace in our time. Maybe I wouldn't have to do what I'm going to do. I've no doubt we would've figured out how to deal with the things that would come our way." He sighed looking annoyed. "But it's too late. Right now, I have to do what's necessary. Now, go back to Konoha. We'll meet later."

"What the hell are you talking about?" There was no doubt in his mind this was still Naruto. It sounded wrong, but he could feel this was the same person, but murkier. Twisted. He spoke of things that had never happened. Cryptic with his words. And seeing someone as transparent as Naruto being this vague, it irked him. "I'm not going back to Konoha. Not until I kill Madara. Tobi. Whatever he calls himself."

"You're a bit deaf, aren't you?" Naruto punched him in the gut and Sasuke keeled over, spit and blood emerging from his mouth. He felt his ribs crack from the shockwave of the blow. Immediately, he struck the Uzumaki with his blade but it shattered the moment it collided with the katana in his hand and he was stabbed in the shoulder, nailed to the ground as Naruto stood over him with a foot on his chest. "He's mine to kill. Besides, I've got something special in store for him. You on the other hand, I've got a little job for you and Orochimaru to do."

Sasuke tried to get the sword out of him, but it was useless. It would not budge. It felt heavy, like a boulder pressed on to him. "You're going to pay for this. I'll-"

"Do nothing except what I want you to do." Naruto pulled him up, the sword ripped through his flesh, leaving a chunk of it still pierced into the floor. He shouted in pain when he felt a searing hot finger poke into his gaping wound. "Look at you, Sasuke. Crying like a little baby. Come on, you can handle a little pokey, can't you?" Anger took over and his foot rushed up, looking to kick him where it would hurt the most, but instead he felt his foot swell up the moment it made contact as a numb sensation took over his leg. He was dropped on the ground and Naruto started hitting him with the katana's sheath. His arms, his legs, his back, his head, over and over. It went for a long time and Sasuke did not have the strength to defend himself.

"Foolishness, Sasuke. Foolishness." He stopped, placing a hand on his shoulder as Sasuke felt his flesh, burn before a soothing sensation took over. The pound of flesh he'd lost was back, as if it was never cut in the first place, but the sword still pierced into the ground with the chunks stuck on it spoke differently. Naruto picked it up, whipping the bit of meat off and sheathing it. "Kicking the Magnum Dong will result in your death. Now do what Daddy tells you and heal your wounds. We'll settle the matter soon enough."

"Naruto." The voice was definitely Orochimaru's as the head spoke. "Just what are you getting out of this? What will you gain by doing all this?"

"Something none of you will understand. Now get back to Konoha. Tell the Hokage and all her forces, I'll be arriving in three days." A dark black aberration appeared in front of Naruto and he stepped through. Sasuke closed his eyes. Tired. Frustrated. Annoyed.

"Sasuke," he heard Kabuto's voice as he rested his eyes. They were burning like hell and he really needed to rest. To process everything that just happened. "We need to move."

"Just let me rest." The Uchiha knew how uncharacteristic it sounded, but the truth was the fatigue was hitting him with full force. Naruto…

"Your friend is far too strong for us," Orochimaru spoke, the slithery snake he was, with a wary tone. It reeked of fear. "Even with you at full strength, Sasuke, you wouldn't be able to beat him." He didn't want to listen to such things right now and let sleep take him. He'd deal with what came later.

"Lord Raikage," his right hand told him, casually digging around in his ear, "don't you think this is a bit too much?"

"Of course it's not!" To emphasize his point, he broke table in front of him. Silence. Silent agreement followed from the fifty shinobi in his room. He growled, standing up. "Three Hidden Villages have disappeared completely. Jinchūriki are disappearing and now some good Samaritan wants to meet me while escorting Yugito out of the kindness of his heart? Preposterous! This is a trap if I've ever seen one."

"Lord Raikage is right, even if he sounds paranoid." His assistant, Mabui, didn't need to phrase it like that. "The timing is too convenient. Not to mention, this person Naruto Uzumaki single handedly killed two S rank criminals with ease if Yugito's words are to be believed."

"Bah, I think she's hero worshipping." Atsui, one of the younger brats, spoke with distaste. Apparently the boy was fascinated by the Nibi Jinchūriki and the hint of jealousy was overwhelming. "I bet he just got lucky."

"Still. To get the drop on someone like them you'd have to be very strong or smart. Cool regardless." It was hard to look at Samui's face when her chest was so blatantly better to settle his gaze on.

"How is Bee doing?" Ay asked with annoyance, knowing full well how his brother would try to escape.

"He's been surprisingly cooperative based on today's report." Mabui informed him. He nodded and waited. All the villages were on high alert. Had been since the Incident at Kiri. Unfortunately, his plans there did not go smoothly. Iwa was making moves there and the remnants of Kiri were a persistent bunch. 'Our land' they claimed. Making bold claims without the power to back them up was worthless. While he personally would charge head first into a situation with his raw power, he knew most of his shinobi could not. It was a lesson his father taught him since they were kids. Those with power should learn how their lesser function best and how they function worst.

Right now, he didn't want to meet whatever stranger was knocking on his door. Not alone at least. He believed in his strength enough, but he also believed in the strength of numbers. Worst case scenario: they'd jump on this seemingly well-wisher's ass should he turn out to be all thorns and no rose. The door opened and J informed him Yugito was here along with her guest, her savior. Part of him was relieved when the blonde walked through the door. Now he didn't need to worry about having one less Jinchūriki anymore. The other person though, that made his guard get up more.

His physique was better than him, as much as it pained him to say it, but the Raikage respected strength and even under all the clothes he could tell how hard and diligently the man had worked to build those muscles. In terms of height, perhaps he was an inch or two taller, but his most striking feature was his red hair. Tales of the Uzumaki's features and their prowess were not unheard of in the village, in fact, he remembered his father telling him when he was far younger they tried to 'procure' one from Konoha, but failed.

"Well, this isn't hostile at all." He spoke with a cocky tone. Ay didn't like him already. "Is this really how you greet someone who saved a loyal kunoichi of yours?"

"Given the circumstances, this is the most respect I can give you, Uzumaki," Ay said not even bothering to hide his distaste. The boy shrugged until his eyes fell on Samui. Her chest to be more specific.

"Hamana hamana hamana." The boy said clapping his hands and bowing his head. "Our Lord of Logs who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give me strength in my loins and stray the Lord of Bonks out of my way, for I will squeeze those Mommy Milkers 'till the end of all days. Amen!"

"Enough foolery!" Ay did not have time for such…poetry and the boy sighed, irritated. It was somehow worse than his brother's crap he called art.

"You're no fun. Yugito told me you were quirky. I've been lied to, deceived, and quite possibly bamboozled." Ay felt every muscle on his body twitch. Part of him wanted to simply punch the boy unconscious so he would shut up.

"You're in front of the Raikage. Do us all a favor, pretend to be respectful." Darui's voice was calm, but the silence promised the storm. Instead of tensing, the boy only smiled.

"I know you." The Uzumaki rubbed his chin. "The one they call the Black Panther."

"Shucks," his most elite shinobi shrugged. "You don't have to flatter me-"

"You're weaker than I thought you'd be." A collective chorus of shouts echoed in the room. Ay himself crushed the armrest his right hand was relaxing on. This boy would be taught some manners. The fact that he helped Yugito didn't matter and given how the Jinchūriki wasn't taking his side only showed her consent. She never did speak unless she needed to. "Looks like I've made a lot of people upset, but just hear me out, if you're this upset now, wait till you see this. Nanashi, do the thing."

Ay had had enough of this nonsense and stood to lariat the boy into Sunday when Yugito bowed before she turned completely white and immersed with the floor and disappeared. Blades surrounded him from every angle, Darui at the head of it all. His lightning cloak came to full life as cracks on the floor and wall appeared from the pressure of his chakra. The Raikage didn't know why, but he just didn't like his face. There was something eerily annoying about it. "Where is Yugito? If you value your life, spill."

Naruto Uzumaki slowly reached for his pocket, whistling and gesturing for them to calm down. "Don't worry folks, I just want to show you something. As for Yugito, she's resting. An insatiable one that kitty." His choice of words put them on high alarm, but what he did next made the Raikage pop a nerve vessel. A pair of oval shaped sunglasses hid those eyes of his as he made gestures with his hands. "My rhyme starts riots in mountains. Ninety-six thousand and counting. The harder they come, the harder I go. Loosen up my arms, can I get comfortable?"

The volume in his yell was only matched by the earth shattering blow as he hit the boy with a full powered Lariat making him go through brick, mortar, stone and glass. "After him!" Darui led the charge as Ay picked up the glasses that were knocked off that filthy Uzumaki's face. The smidgen of blood on the glass only fueled his rage as the man hailed as the fastest in all the nations joined the fray. The Uzumaki, true to his heritage, had a sword in his hand and was doing a decent job of fending off his shinobi and kunoichi. Black lightning emerged as Darui fired off jutsu after jutsu, C was preparing to trap him in the genjutsu, the Gold and Silver units were preparing to attack him when red lightning fell from the skies taking out scores of his forces.

As dark winds howled, menacing lightning cracked and ominous thunder bellowed, the red haired man stood alone with blood staining his sword wiping it clean before sheathing it as it disappeared in a puff of smoke. He cracked his neck and yawned. "You know earlier today I came across a giant eight headed snake and despite how quickly it ended, it was entertaining. I thought for sure Kumo would let me play around a bit too. Hmm. Then again, I can always find a way to make things interesting." He made a hand seal he'd learned about from his father and saw a handful of Konoha shinobi attempt.

"Mini Shadow Clone Jutsu." And a hundred puffs of smoke went off around him, producing clones of his, but younger, smaller and looking too excited compared to him. "All right, mini-me's, find every Kumo shinobi you find, break their necks, rip their faces, take off someone's head and shove it up someone else's ass, but keep the kunoichi intact. And do give the chance for some civilians to run away, I've been luring them out for weeks, but some people in this village are just so afraid to leave. All because their Raikage would run a blade across their necks on the slightest bit of suspicion. Talk about authoritarian."

"Boss is right," one of the little bastards said in a cheeky way. "He's been sending clones to every village before we attack and drive away civilians who aren't part of the forces in anyway, but here it's so dumb."

"You're a real pain in the ass, old man!" One of the tiny redheads accused him with a finger. Ay only responded by unleashing all his chakra. "Yeah, yeah, flare out all the chakra you want, you're nothing compared to Great Red over there."

"Chibi," the man bonked his head. "We'll get sued."

"By who?"

"I don't know. Some pervert who writes weird things and then makes the main character's name resemble his as he gets all the chicks."

"That sounds pathetic, boss."

"Chibi, we're named after ramen toppings."

"But I thought we were maelstrom."

"I wish that too, buddy, but hey who said a ramen topping couldn't be the most dangerous thing in the world."

"That's right!" A small redhead, much to Ay's surprise, appeared near C with great speed and with a single kick, lopped his head off with ease. His genjutsu specialist and one of his elite guards, one of his own men, dead by a talkative shrimp of a clone. "We got a good old bowl of Me-so-gonna-kick your-ass ramen for everyone here."

"Except the ladies!"

"I heard you, you damn dirty coomer!"

"Sorry about them." The Raikage's eyes widened as he realized Naruto Uzumaki was no longer in front of him, but was on his side tapping his bicep as a familiar friend would. "They tend to get a bit loquacious. 12 year old me was obnoxiously naïve, loud and overconfident, but I can say the same about you."

His fist aimed for the face of the Uzumaki, but he caught it and the grip of the fingers around his mighty fist felt as if he was being crushed his father's Iron Claw. Still trapped, Ay brought his other arm low, before bursting it up aiming right for his chin, but he was stopped by a lone finger. Then the Uzumaki smiled. He didn't say a word, but the message was clear. You're weak. Without a care, he rammed his forehead against the annoying brat's and heard something crack.

The sound didn't come from the invader's head, but he broke free from his grasp. There was a cut on his head and his blood, and his father's blood before him, stained his skin and stained the grounds. Never had he bled in his life. No shinobi save the Yellow Flash could proclaim to be his equal in speed, no man save for his father could claim to be as stronger if not stronger than him. And now right before him stood someone whose miniature clones were wreaking havoc around his village, decimating his forces and his right hand, Darui; Ay hardened his heart as he watched the fuzzy haired man's blade being used against him, his limbs, his torso, and his head no longer part of him.

It just had to be an Uzumaki.

"Yo, Raikage-chan." The red haired menace called him out. "I just want you to know, old man Bee is alive. I would never kill those I consider my friends. Though I did readjust his line of thinking and boy oh boy, did he have a lot to say about you. Not very nice things either. Quite the control freak of a big brother, aren't you?"

"You lie, boy!" Ay rushed out with a kick, lightning bursting from every inch of his body. He was fast. He was lightning. And then the boy side stepped and pushed him away with his foot. The Raikage gained his footing as he tried to think of how to attack the boy. "He's my brother. He knows I kept him in check only to protect him."

"Protect him?" An eyebrow rose with the smirk. "Or your village from losing the Eight Tails?"

Both of Ay's feet collided against the boy's torso at the accusation and the Uzumaki flew away from the impact. Laughing. He couldn't stop here. He had to keep going. Bursting through the skies with his speed he punched the boy. Kicked him. Rammed him with his shoulder. Drove his knee deep into his temple. Grabbed him and leapt high in the air before throwing him down through the rooftop of the Raikage's tower with his most powerful Liger Bomb. The roof, the top floor and three more stories of it was absolutely demolished by the attack, but the mini clones were still raging below as Ay landed on the ground, surrounded by a horde of them.

"Hey, you shitty old steroid freak! Why did you put Boss' head between your legs?"

"I bet he's just a horny old man."

"Nah, he's insecure. You see the way he's always arming his forces up for a conflict."

"Always going after Uzumaki and rare bloodlines. No wonder everyone hates Kumo."

"Shut up!" His voice made all the fighting stop as all eyes fell on him. "Kumogakure was founded on the backs of people who were shunned and prejudiced against. Especially by you."

"The hell did I do?!" Was the collective shouts of the mini clones. He was buying his forces time and he was glad they understood the message.

"You Uzumaki. You made seals to enslave people. My people." Ay remembered the tales his father told. "You sold us. You treated us like trash. Playthings for your amusement. And you wonder why our village despise the Uzumaki and helped in its destruction. Every Raikage before and after have a solemn duty to hate Uzushio for what it did. And all you will pay the iron price for what you did to us."

"Wow, that's…" One of the mini clones looked at the other. "I kinda feel bad about what we're doing right now."

"Of course we feel bad." Naruto Uzumaki's voice joined the fray and he stood in between the clones, unscathed. "But hate isn't the answer to hate now, is it? I humbly apologize to you for what my ancestors did, but trust me that has nothing to do with the fact that I'll still obliterate your village and every last shinobi in it." All his clones disappeared as he stood alone.

"You think you can just barge in my village, say that and think I'll let you get away with it?"

"Funny, the Tsuchikage and Kazekage said something along those lines, but none of them kept emphasizing on the 'my village' or 'mine' parts so much. Makes me think if all those things Bee said about you were true." He raised his foot and did the same with the other and continued to rise. As if there was an invisible staircase and he kept walking upwards until he sat down. Then his voice echoed across the lands. "To all the remaining shinobi of Kumogakure, you've seen how your Raikage's powers don't work against me. And you've seen what clones of little old me can do to all of you. I will unleash a million clones and they won't be pint sized. This is not a bluff, so I'm giving you a way out. Kill the Raikage and I'll let you live. Side with him, and I'll kill you before you think. You have one minute to decide."

Ay glanced to his left and right with rage and disbelief as what remained of his forces looked at him and the Uzumaki. Darui was dead. As was Cee. Bee was captured, along with Karui and Omoi if they were still alive. Given what he said, Karui was still alive. Mabui and Samui along with nearly every kunoichi was not in sight. Then a man looked at the Raikage, his sword in hand. Then another. And another. A hundred blades looked at him with their sharp gaze. Two hundred. Three hundred. Four hundred and who knew how many more. His men, his soldiers, his people ran at him while the boy in the sky laughed heartily.

"Traitors. You damn traitors!" Ay rushed into the hordes of betrayers. Lightning and strength overwhelming through their numbers. Their necks broke, their heads twisted from front to back, their spines shattered, their necks broke. Blades cut him, but he'd been cut with sharper things. His fists and arms tore through the people who were supposed to follow his orders. A young genin tried to stab him from the back, but Ay instead stabbed him with his own blade.

It'd been sometime since he started his carnage. God knew how many he'd slaughtered by now. How many tried to run, but he didn't let them. Traitors were traitors and there not a shinobi worse than a rogue one. Ay stood breathing hard, his Lightning Cloak still charged up and the blood in his veins hot and raging. All around him were the corpses, broken bodies and unconscious forms of Kumo shinobi. Those who'd survived did so not only because of their strength, but him feeling a bit slack. The Lightning Armor, a secret passed down from one Raikage to the other, took up enormous amounts of chakra in exchange for top speed and overwhelming strength. Fortunately, he had the chakra to back it up.

"Bravo." The supposed praise came with a round of applause and claps. "How does it feel to betray your village?"

"You turned them against the village." One of the shinobi got up, missing an arm and stood with a sword. He looked at the redhead and then at him, holding his sword tighter. Ay hit him with the Lariat making his entire body bend and curl around his arm, dying not too late after. "You forced them to make a choice."

"Not really. You missed a spot by the way." The redhead pointed at a chūnin. He was young. Fifteen, sixteen at most and he looked unscathed for the most part. He too had a sword in hand and looked to be shaking in his boots. "Yo, what's your name?"

"E-Em." His voice was shaky, but the hand that held the weapon was shakier.

"Quite the name you have, Em. Do you have any family in the village?" The boy nodded. "Em, I told all of your comrades to kill the Raikage and I'll let them live, but if they sided with him, I would make sure they don't live. HOWEVER, I did not say I'd harm them if they didn't do anything. Do you want to leave, Em?"


"Do you want to live with your family, Em?"


"Then go." The boy ran like a coward, abandoning him and Ay appeared in front of him.

"Where do you think you're going, traitor?"

"Let the boy go, Em. He wants no part of this bullshit."

"Bullshit?!" Ay's hand clasped around his tiny head and the force crushed his skull. The body fell limp and the hulking brute of a Kage looked at the Uzumaki with murder in his eyes. "You kidnap Bee. Yugito. Several kunoichi. Murder my soldiers and then turn them against me. And you have the gall to label all of this with something like that? I'll kill you."

"Like how you killed all your men?"

"They weren't my men when they went against the Raikage."

"Who is the Raikage?"

"Are you mad, boy?! I am the Raikage."

"Is the Raikage the one who keeps everyone under his control? Make them follow his orders regardless of what they are?" Some of the luckier ones stood up, broken limbs, busted heads and missing eyes. "Or is the Raikage the person who earns the trust of his shinobi? The one they choose to follow. The one who has their back."

"The Raikage is the commander of the forces." Ay punched through the sword and head of a would-be Kage killer. "The shinobi are the ones who should earn his trust. He leads the charge, they follow."

"What happens after they die?"

"If they die, they die. They knew what they signed up for." Ay finally, finally, finished off all the traitors surrounding him. Naruto stood right in front of him as his hair got spikier and Ay powered up all his chakra, building it with the intention of causing mass destruction.

"I'm a fucked up person. I make people do things they don't want to. Here's the thing though, I don't pretend to be something more than I am. Even a genocidal dipshit like me knows that the Kage of a Hidden Village represents the will of the people, their dreams and their lives. And you could've spared so many today, but you didn't. As if they had any chance to kill someone like you. The way I see it, Dictator Ay, you betrayed the village more than all your shinobi did collectively. After all, if all your shinobi stood against you, I'd say you were the one who betrayed the Cloud." His fist collided against the jaw of the loudmouthed brat, but he didn't even budge. He punched once more. Several times more. Chakra, lightning, power all coalesced into blows that would rip flesh from bone, heads from shoulders, arms and legs, yet it did nothing against him. Then he caught the fist. "Trying the same thing over and over won't get you different results. Now, let me show you how the Lightning Cloak is supposed to work."

Red lightning shot out from his body in all directions, but none of it touched him. The bolts being emitted destroyed the ground around them, turning whatever corpses it touched to be set ablaze. Whereas his cloak covered him in a veil of chakra, the Uzumaki's was shooting upwards, power emanating to the heavens and his aura becoming visibly denser. It was cutting through his own chakra forged armor. Precisely cutting through it. Then in an instant he found himself in his chambers once more. In pain. Broken bones. Shattered ribs. Bleeding cuts. No longer on his feet.

He saw it all and couldn't a single thing about it.

He saw the straight right cut his cheek open. Followed by a left that took away his ear and another straight as the cheek on his flesh came apart this time. And then the left side of his skull experienced a hemorrhage as he spun and hit him with the back of his fist. He changed the momentum of his turn midway to kick him in the gut as all of his breakfast came spilling out in a disgusting bile. As he keeled for less than a fraction of a second, the axe-heel kick came from above, cracking the back of his skull as his face collided against the puddle of barf and he reeled back upwards from the blow. His right knee was broken next as the hammer like foot stomped against it. Then the left knee followed and his entire frame was falling. A right hook came as Ay fell down, his body and pride broken, but then he saw the boy's left charging up, filled to the brim with lightning, and it discharged with the power of a million volts as the uppercut obliterated his chin, making his lower jaw get embedded into his upper, several of his teeth crushed into powder and the momentum of being shot upwards from the impact of his iron fist made him swallow it all before he crashed into his office. Where it all started.

The boy stood over him, one foot on his chest. He was looking down on him with disdain. "The shadow that rides the lightning. You couldn't even handle a low powered Lightning God Fist. Imagine what would happen if I used my natural element against you. You'd probably be lying here without limbs and a face. Or a head for that matter. Though, your temper already took that away from you."

"You bastard." Ay spoke through the pain. There was no way it would end for him here. "This isn't over. I can still fight." At those words the boy frowned and grabbed his throat and pulled him up. Chills ran through his entire being when the boy said the exact same words his father told him a long time ago, right after he'd earned his headband and the right to be called a ninja.

"A fight is about who's left standing. Nothing else." Ay simply stared at the redhead as his crimson slitted eyes struck the fear of God in him. He could speak no more and the Uzumaki dropped him. He turned around, not even sparing him a glance as he flew upwards. The rain had stopped, but the red lightning in the sky still flashed and the rumbling thunder of the heavens still echoed. He brought his hands together as if he were in a prayer and the skies above grew even darker. Then a demonic roar filled his ears, the mountains, the clouds, the skies and the earth itself. Crimson bolts of lightning burst from the sky, destroying the heads of several mountain neighboring around the village. A red light began to emerge as the clouds began to part and from the depths of the blackened skies, it came.

A gigantic head fiercer than Bijū he'd seen or heard of. There was wrath written along the lines of its lightning forged face. A giant massive cloud formed beneath the feet of the monstrously muscular titan. Six Taiko drums hung around it in the air, and with the massive hammers in its three-fingered hands, it beat the drums causing loud thunders to boom, shaking the very earth beneath him. More lightning coalesced into its back as the drums were beaten over and over, each time growing larger, brighter, charged with amounts of electricity that would make his own look like a little sparks along the wire. The clouds were converging above it. Spinning like vortices. All of them formed dark spirals in the sky with red lightning and their centers were converging in the direction of the beating drums.

"Ay!" Yet through it all the chaos, the impending doom, the presence of a god, the Uzumaki's voice was the loudest. "I was just going to beat your ass to death, but since I made sure all the other villages got completely annihilated according to the specialties of their Kage, it's only fair I treat you the same. Don't blink or you'll miss it. True Lightning Release: Song of the Thunder God." Thunder echoed in endless repetition as the hammer struck faster than ever, the grounds shook, red lightning shot out in spirals through the drums and aimed right for him. Each of them were the size of a Bijū's head. The whole world came alight. Everything around him was a deep, bright and bloody red. There was no escaping it. No fighting back against it. Unruly Ay realized the futility of it all and the bitter truth hit him.

He'd failed.


He had the power of a God.

He was meant to be the second coming of the closest thing to a God this world had ever known.




His seed wanted to come bursting out. It was raging like a storm in the depth of his loins. White fluid demanding to leak out and cover his manhood, and the hand that helped. Konan patted his head with the her other hand stopped jerking his member. She'd always do this. Always tease and pull and yank and stop at the last moment before finally making him release after a long, sometimes painful period. But for someone whose lower body, barring the place beneath his legs and his rear, was cursed with uselessness, this was about as good as it would ever get for him.

This was something that'd started a little over a year and a half ago. The bluenette entered his chamber, as she always did, and insisted on helping him during one of his sessions. From there, Nagato would find himself ensnared with the way she did things the way she did. She would dress in the most provocative dresses, dance her way around him in a sultry manner, grind against his lap, bury his face in her chest, but never did she let him inside her. He suggested using the Paths of Pain, but she refused giving him a choice: listen to her or go back to his hands. He chose her.

In Konan's own words, she didn't want to do it with him simply because, and this hurt him—a lot—she wouldn't enjoy it. What his friend did was solely to help him. As for herself…he had a suspicion she was seeing someone, but wasn't sure. Most of the time she'd always be here, manage the many egos in the new Akatsuki, attend to the people or train herself. So what he did get from her made him truly…content.

Especially after he let out his load.

At first he would let loose at the slightest of her feminine touches, but he lasted longer now. Until Konan decided he wouldn't. Clad in a leather onesie that hid all her skin, but outlined every bit of her curves, the paper mistress was fluttering her fingers around his hair, tracing his ear and then roaming around his rather frail chest, poking his pale nipples as he felt the surge of pleasurable sensation jolt up.

"Nagato," she whispered hotly in his ear, "what did I say about moving too much?"

"You told me not to." He said, normally as he could, despite trying to muffle down his groans. Her fingers wrapped tight around the bulb of his head and pinched it. This always hurt, but he was used to more pain. He was Pain and oh no she was squeezing his flat, pale skinned bum. Smacking the less than admirable skin of his behind, but he liked it. For someone who never got to experience the touch of the fairer sex, this was more than he could've ever asked for. Yet there was more to come. He was to come.

"Good boy. If you listen well enough, maybe I'll give you a treat." Nagato nodded quickly as he could as the woman giggled a bit. It sent shivers down his spine. She pulled him by his numb legs and she lied down beside him. His prophetic eyes switched from his throbbing, aching penis wanting more to the way she slowly brought down the zipper as she revealed more and more of her cleavage. He watched as she licked her finger, coating it with her spit as it moved to his erect cock, pushing down against his crotch and slowly rubbing it against the underside of it. Up and down, along the length, glazing his penis.

She kept repeating her actions for several minutes, pausing and making each long wait feel like an eternity. Then she shifted, pulling him further along to the edge of the bed where his useless legs dangled like dice and she got down on her knees, her fingers flicked his penis one at a time. Poking at several sides. He wasn't very big, from what he learned, but Konan told him five inches were okay. For him. Then she slapped his penis. Nagato nearly yelped, but held it back. She would stop otherwise. He was willing to sit through the pain, yes pain, to get what he needed. She slapped it again, along the length, on the mushroom head, squeezing it tightly with one hand and slapping the head with the other. Nagato was getting harder at her touches, her jerking got faster and the way it was squeezing down on his penis, he could only imagine this is what it felt like to be inside a woman.

"Look at you," Konan giggled as she stopped her actions and rubbed the spot right under his urethra. "I'd say you were close to cumming. Weren't you?"

"Yes. You're so good at this." Nagato propped himself up on his arms. It was very painful, putting his back into things like this, but the way her eyes glazed over made him want to see her face. She'd always been someone he thought was beautiful, but never saw her that way, until one day she was stretching in a tank-top and shorts, and later her domineering over him with her ways to make him see her as the angel she really was. Still…it always bugged him. How did she know exactly how to touch him? And she'd always give him vague answers. It bothered him. "Konan, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, just let me adjust a bit, sweety." He blushed whenever she called her that. Made him remember his mother. Except his mother didn't wear tight spandex and slowly danced with her buttocks rubbing against his erection, trapping it in between the tight corner of her bum cheeks. "Go on. Ask."

"How…did you come to learn all this?" She cupped her ass cheeks as the tightness around his member increased and she gyrated faster than before, making him reach the cusp of climax before once more she stopped. Nagato gripped the bedsheets out of frustration at being denied his chance to let loose again. Konan tapped her chin before she spoke.

"From someone I met. I've been sleeping with him for more than a year now." Nagato felt agitated. Annoyed at the fact that she was seeing someone. Fucking someone. Someone he didn't know and…his penis was in between her breasts now. She didn't bring them out completely. The zip was still halfway down barely reaching her midriff, but his length snugly fit into the valley of her breasts. "What's wrong? You were saying something."

"You shouldn't-" He gasped when she squeezed her boobs, pressuring his erection from both sides into the pillowy softness. "See anyone-!" She moved them. She moved them! Up and down. It felt so good.

"Shouldn't see anyone?" Konan got up and raised her leg until her the sole of her foot settled on to his dick, pushing it down on his stomach. It was so smooth and soft. How majestically it made him shiver. Then she stepped on him. Hard. He wanted her to do it harder. "Nagato, I don't remember asking for your permission with regards to who I can or can't see. Are you ordering me to stop?"

"No." He almost moaned, fearing she would stop that beautiful sensation. He couldn't make her stop. Not when he was this close. "It's for your safety and ACK!" She did step harder. Oh the pressure of her foot was amazing!

"I'm perfectly capable of holding up on my own. Or… is it that you don't trust me?" Her foot disappeared as did all chances of him being finally granted that sweet release. Nagato tried to get up, but struggled. Konan was already zipping herself up and looked extremely disappointed. He messed up. "The only reason I started doing this was because he suggested to help you."

"Wait. He knows about us? Konan, that's-"

"Do you honestly think I'd fuck anyone knowing who I am? I'm disappointed in you." Konan forced him to wear his pants as she started to walk away.

"Wait." Nagato struggled, trying to get up, trying to reach for her, but instead he fell out of the bed and on to the floor. That stopped her as she was looking down on him before she pulled him up. By his hair; he didn't mind. She sat him on the bed and sighed. Konan was really mad at him. "I'm sorry, but you can't blame me for being worried. Especially if you put yourself at risk like this."

"Just trust me, Nagato. This guy is the real deal." That dreamy look in her made him want to scoff and she noticed, narrowing her eyes. He felt small under her amber gaze. She had more power over him and his decisions since their little…affair started and gave him key advice and intel on minor villages scuffling with each other and ruining each other in the process; funds for the organization rose once Konan began bringing in more lucrative contracts for them. She grabbed his chin. "Listen closely, Nagato, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't a hundred percent sure about my safety. Besides, I use a genjutsu to make sure he doesn't see through my real appearance."

"Still…" It didn't sit right with him. What did this…this guy have he didn't? He answered his own question when it dawned on him. Then Konan's eyes widened. There was a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. It reminded him of the time she used one of his chakra receivers to…massage a little hole of his. Never had he spilled so much as he did that day.

"You should come with me."

Nagato wasn't sure why he so willingly obeyed her words each time. He felt pathetic at times with how she ordered him around, but then…she'd give him a little treat. Her foot. Her mouth. Her breasts. He'd once requested her womanhood, that earned him a spanking he didn't know he needed. Now, here he was, in a hotel room in Ame under the disguise of a genjutsu, as was Konan, while they waited for this man as Konan kept referring to him. Honestly, what could be so great about him that Konan decided to drag him here down from his all-seeing tower? And on that note, who the hell was he to make Konan dress so…provocatively. Clad in small bra that barely contained her breasts and a black thong, Nagato felt his member throbbing beneath his pants. The incomplete session from earlier was bothering him and Konan's current appearance even more.

Then the knock came and Konan looked so…happy. Happy as the days when the Akatsuki didn't comprise of a group of rogue shinobi. When Yahiko was still alive. When Nagato was still…him, not this shell of a human being. Then the man walked in and Nagato realized why she kept referring to him in such a manner. Dark haired, tanned, square jawed, tall, muscular and everything Nagato was not. Physically at least. Konan didn't even hesitate to kiss the man full on his lips as the man kissed back, hungrily, and his hands were groping her rear, fingers working past the thong as Konan moaned loudly. Shamelessly as the man's fingers were already inside her.

He felt angry at how she would never let him touch her with a Path. How she would never kiss him fully on the lips. Always her hand, her foot, (for which he was grateful), occasionally her breasts and her mouth, but never beyond that. And now seeing her like this, so desperate, so hungry, so aroused and being fondled…it made him hard. Many times Nagato imagined Konan being fucked. Usually in his mind he was the one doing it, with a physique and stature and length so impressive, but deep down he knew he could never get that. The gift of the Rinnegan came with a curse and right now, this curse caused him to feel heavily aroused at the sight. His member was twitching, engorged, his eyes trying to record this in his mind.

"You didn't tell me we'd be having a guest." His voice was husky and deep. The strong hands were still very much groping Konan as Nagato met the gaze of his deep red eyes. "Bit of an awkward way to meet, don't you think? Uh….."

"Nagisa." It was the fake name Konan had assigned to him while hers was Kimiko.

"Nanashi." Nagato assumed his name was a lie. The man laughed as he turned Konan around and his hand shifted to her breasts, groping and squeezing them, making those globes of milky mammaries spill out of their tight little confinement. "You're probably wondering about my name. I didn't have parents and the ones at the orphanage took to calling me the nameless wonder since I was good at physical chores. I just took up Nanashi as my name later."

"Oh speak with him later~" Konan was rubbing herself against him like she was a cat and purred at his touches. Her eyes met his own and told him to behave. "Besides, Nagisa here has a medical condition. He can't do it with anyone."

"Well, that's just sad. Don't worry, Nagisa." The man almost effortlessly picked up Konan and threw her on the bed he was sitting on as he pounced on top of her. "I'll make sure you never forget this. I'll fuck her for you and me. I'll be pulling most of the weight, but it's still teamwork. So watch and enjoy."

"Yes!" Konan almost howled out as he took off her bra and thong so quickly. "Watch! And mmmpmphhh~ Enjoy." She was out of the bed and in the man's lap as his pants came undone. Nagato felt…small for the first time in his life. All his power, all his abilities seemed like a terrible trade off for the rather unimpressive he had on his body. This man though, his one was a complete opposite to his: longer, thicker, and the smell of it filled the room before it filled his friend's vagina, as the two began to move in tandem.

"Aren't I a wonderful friend, Nagato? Not getting jealous or angry or upset about you watching me spending my best time with this hunk of a man~" The bluenette's hips never stopped moving as she rocked back and forth on Nanashi's hard shaft, biting her lower lip as her amber eyes stayed locked on him.

"Though I think you might be watching for a while." The woman's voice shifted into one of mockery and disgust, a twisted smile coming to her lips. "You don't mind, do you? Letting me strut my stuff and being this guy's trophy? Do you wish I did this for you?~" Konan smiled brightly as she kept her attention focused on Nagato, playfully and disrespectfully sticking her tongue out at him. "It's perverted and rude to think you still want me to do that stuff with you. You're not my boyfriend. Not with how you are right now."

As if it was somehow wrong for her to be sexy for her friend, the female Akatsuki bounced once again in Nanashi's lap, purposefully keeping a bright and twisted smile on her lips as she kept at it. The girl's ear was bitten by the man, later gently blowing into them as soft blush coming to her cheeks and causing her to giggle.

It was clear that she was treating the two completely different, like polar opposites, especially since she made sure Nagato could see her plump rear end bouncing in this stranger's lap. "I might be coming home much later, Nagisa. Maybe. I'm going to be very busy keeping Nanashi company~" Looking back toward her secret lover, a soft and elated sigh escaped Konan's lips. "I might even stay here permanently. Nanashi offered since he enjoys my company."

"I hope you don't mind, Nagisa. She's such a treat to have around. Maybe we'll find someone else to take care of you."

This was a dingy old withered down shack for all intents and purposes. She wanted to leave the comfort of their tower for this? Leave him for this nameless nobody? Nagato wanted to rip her away from him, but she wanted this. And his hand, his filthy pathetic hand was stroking his member at the sight. He still didn't want her to stay. She should go back home. With him. Right after they were done. He would made it known.

Almost as if she was sensing his thought about his protest with her living here, Konan quickly shook her head and planted a loving kiss on Nanashi's cheek. "He doesn't mind! Not one bit, Nanashi~" The bluenette smirked and looked at him. Her eyes sent the message clear enough and he… shook his head, silently agreeing that he didn't mind. Tears threatened to form, but he was beyond all that, and his cock was egging him on. Getting closer and closer as he watched with stark, hateful admiration at how Konan rode this man.

Happily, the woman started placing kiss after kiss after kiss on Nanashi's cheek. After a moment, though, it became obvious she wasn't stopping, even as she drifted a bit and headed toward the burly man's lips. One soft kiss placed on it lead to a second, and then a third, and then she pushed her tongue into her man's mouth. Her shapely ass never stopped moving during then, taking a breath between kisses. "When… Do… You plan… To cum… Nagisa?" The kisses were slowly getting more aggressive and hungry as she waited on an answer, her amber eyes closed and her arms slowly slipping around the man's neck.

He was concerned for her. Her mind. Her state. That look on her face that made her look like she was drunk on something forbidden and couldn't sober up from. And he…and he…. submissive as ever when it came to Konan was stroking faster and faster. "I-I am going to cum…soon!"

Konan didn't so much as stop her indulgent kisses, seemingly enjoying the taste of Nanashi's lips against her own while gyrating her hips almost violently, at a pace that would no doubt break what sensation he had in his pelvis if was in Nanashi's place. She was possessed. Like she was trying to get him off right in front of him. "That's… That's great, Naga…Nagisa…"

She wasn't even looking at him anymore, not worth her attention, randomly stopping her kisses a moment later before licking a strand of saliva that connected her and Nanashi together, her plump rear end never stopping even though he was slowly reaching for her ass despite Nagato being right there.

"You better cum a lot, Nagato.~ I'm putting on quite a show!~" Shivering in place, the paper user felt the young man's hand firmly grab her plump and perky rear end, fondling it like it was his property. "His hand feels great on my ass… Far better than yours ever will." Of course, the hand on her ass doesn't dare stop her from bouncing in her partner's lap, a shameless and genuine moan leaving her when Nanashi slapped her ass. "He's always liked seeing my ass ripple too.~"

Shuddering at the sight of his favorite person's ass rippling and jiggling from the constant spankings, Nagato couldn't hold it in anymore and his seed came pouring out. Staining the sheets, his hand, his shirt. Even though he was flustered and heartbroken from seeing her treat him like this, something inside of him just couldn't be mad at the woman who he spent nearly every moment of his life with.

"I-came, Kimiko… Can we go now?"

Breaking away from yet another kiss, Konan slowly wiggled her hips, and laughed, mocking his hope before getting out of Nanashi's lap. Standing on her own two feet, the bluenette' hips swayed from side to side almost hypnotically while her amber eyes teasingly fell on Nagato. "Do you remember the first time I have you a handjob? Remember how I told you that I wanted to help you?"

"I do." Nagato didn't want to talk about these things in front of the stranger. Not with this guy lurking behind them with his still hard shaft. What was with the size of it? It made no sense. His whole physique made no sense.

"It was cause this man was fucking my brains out. So, so fucking hard~ And when he heard about you, he decided to take a bit of pity on you. Promising to fuck me hard each time cause I would be helping a friend in need." Licking her lips, the beautiful woman with dark amber brought her finger to her lips like she was shushing him before he could answer. "Don't tell me now that you came, I'm going to leave without having my fill. That's just selfish, Nagisa. Isn't that right, Nanashi?"

"Damn right it is. You're her friend, aren't you?" This man. He was talking down to him like he was his better. He was in a sense, but he was not a ninja. He wasn't burdened with the fate of the world. He grabbed Konan by the back of her hair and pull her close, bending her over as he shoved nearly all of his monstrous cock deep inside her throat. And then he started thrusting into her.


She was choking. Running out of breath. Nagato wanted to do something, but then he watched as Konan's body shivered and quivered. Her entire frame resonated with pleasure, and despite the gagging and his eyes moved to her pussy, watching how those lips he could never touch were spasming. Liquids gushed out of it, spilling all over his face and neck and hair.

Nagato's fingers trembled as he reached for the fluids on his face and saw them. Konan was finally free from his cock, lying down near him on her stomach and smiled with tears trekking down her face, drool pouring out of her mouth. She reached for Nagato's legs and pulled him close.

She let out a soft chuckle, "You see Nagisa? This is what he does to me every time we meet." Swiftly , she raised her buttocks in the air, giving an invite to Nanashi and swaying her hips back and forth. "I love it when he treats me a like a little bitch." The paper controlling woman gently chewed on her lower lip and smiled. "I'm so glad you decided to stick around and watch how a real man fucks me."

Nanashi got behind her and the sound of his cock entering her reached a part of his ears he didn't know existed. A soft cooing sound left her mouth, her eyes locked onto Nagato. Slowly, the woman pushed her buttocks all the way back against his crotch, mewling and moaning, rocking against him while her breasts heaved in motion right before his Rinnegan eyes.

"You love this, don't you, Nagisa? Watching me become so full~ Didn't you always want me to happy?" Her hand shifted from his legs to his member as she began to stroke him with the pace she was being fucked. "I know you do." She started stroking him harder, as Nanashi began fucking her harder, nearly slamming his hips into her rear. "Cause you're going to cum so much more watching me get fucked.~"

She left him and his hardened cock desperate for her touch as Nanashi pulled her away from him for a hungry kiss, raising her into the air before driving nearly all of his cock completely inside her. Even with her lips against the man's, it didnt't stop her from chuckling and closing her eyes. "It's so good isn't it? You get to watch and I get to fuck! So great for both of us."

Nanashi stopped. Raising the young woman and lining his cock with her wet entrance, before he slammed her down, impaling her tight pussy, going into the depth of her womb no doubt. Her amber eyes flashed with pleasure and bliss before they rolled over to the back going completely white as she screamed and howled. "OH GOD! YOUR FAT DICK IS GONNA KILL ME! GOD!"

Her arms reached around the back of Nanashi's neck while the man bit down on her shoulder, almost growling into it as she began bouncing up and down while Nagato watched and kept rubbing his own cock. The thick shaft of Nanashi seemingly disappearing into her snatch as she did all the work. Of course, he knew Nanashi was doing something. But the way she looked and moved, it was like she willingly wanted do all the work, to let her man sit back and just enjoy the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock like he owned it. The speed and ferocity of her bounces almost made it seem like Konan was addicted to the cock she was riding, hot and heavy moans leaving her as she gently bit Nanashi's lip when he pulled her for a kiss. Then she was staring at him again. "Keep watching, Nagisa. You're going to watch as everything we've done together is washed away by this guy's fat dick!~"

"I have a name, you know. Actually, I don't. Eh, what the hell? I'll make you scream it anyway."

Scream she did. Like a banshee. Like a dog howling at the moon. Like a female in heat calling out for mates.. Right in front of Nagato, she placed a happy and hungry kiss on Nanashi's lips, moaning and then she said something. Something he didn't want to hear.

" I love you so fucking much… Your cock is fantastic and a perfect fit for my cunt.~" Lifting her hips up into the air, the fair skinned bluenette did each action as she wanted him to see the cock that vanished into her pussy with each bounce she made.

And he came. Again. Spunk of shame covering his manhood and hands as Konan threw her head back in pure pleasure, screaming out to him. "Nanashi's cock is the best! Cock! Cock! Cock! Cock!" The bluenette began chanting through her moans as the jiggle of her tits and thighs completely dominated the Rinnegan's gaze, becoming more aggressive and needy with each passing moment.

Then, Konan planted a passionate kiss on her partner's lips, a bright and twisted smile on her own. "You got what Nagato didn't. What he'll never have. You have the big dick to make me beg to be bred while he has some…. Some… fucking shriveled up cock. Not to mention, no functioning legs either." This wasn't Konan speaking. It couldn't be. It was just the pleasure of sex. Yes. She would never call him that.

He wanted to leave. Take Konan with him. This had gone far enough. But… Nagato couldn't take his eyes off of his friend's perfect body, watching her cunt get stuffed over and over and over again. Even as the young woman loudly writhed and twisted in her partner's lap. "K-Konan… Don't you think that's a little-"

"Shut up! Just because you came doesn't mean it's over. He hasn't and he's the one putting on a show… Don't you think that's just unfair?~"

"O-Of course I do…"

Starting to drool, the woman's hips start to slowly push down from the top of Nanashi's shaft, slowly forcing more into herself until she finally reached the base. Shuddering and shivering in bliss, wings emerged out from her back to show her happiness at the feeling of his thick dick in her womb once again. Gritting her teeth, Konan came as more of her own juices violently shot out then and there when Nanashi thrusted just once into her, her inner walls clamping down like a vice as she squirted onto his chest. "You're such a good boyfriend, Nanashi…."

Continuing to bounce at a rapid, almost violent, pace, the female Akatsuki looked into her lover's eyes and smiled with a sick and twisted grin. "Breed me." The words were clear, authoritative, and perfectly normal for her to say. It was the Konan he'd come to know over the last one and a half years. "Knock me up. FUCK!" Once again, she started chanting nonstop as her tongue rolled out of her mouth, just as she came once more. The young woman shuddered as her tight cunt simply leaked her own fluid as it coated and glazed the huge cock. Nanashi raised her letting her fall onto the bed as Konan shook on the bed like she was having a stroke.

"Look at her." Nanashi looked at the woman's quivering form, slapping her ass so hard it turned red. Nagato was going to attack the man, but then Konan raised her ass. Wiggling it. Asking for more. "She's a maneater, this one. You're lucky I met her when I did. Otherwise, she would've probably had a stroke from repression."

Konan began crawling towards Nagato, leaning over him, and then pressing down against. He finally felt her breasts on. Squishing her pair against Nagato's torso, crushing him to the mattress and licking her lips in anticipation. "Fucking me, Nanashi. I want him to get a real close look when you breed me."

She gave her plump ass a wiggle, teasing Nanashi and making sure that Nagato didn't get to move. This wasn't fun anymore.

"Fuck me, you donkey dicked bastard. Knock me up on top of my best frie-" A loud moan erupted from her lips as she got what she wanted, feeling him thrust into her and making her press against Nagato's body harder in the process.

Getting fucked from behind is exactly what Konan wanted out of her day, a bright and seductive smile coming to her lips as she gazed down into Nagato' eyes. "He's fucking me right on top of you. It feels so goo.~" The bluenette was completely shameless as she chewed her lower lip while getting nailed from behind, her body grinding against his. "He's going to knock me up and you're going to know the exact moment he does."

By this point, Nagato didn't know what to do, tears forming in his eyes as he was completely and utterly heartbroken by what was happening. However, despite that, the young man enjoyed the feeling of his friend's body grinding against his own while she was getting fucked on top of him. His dick, hardened once more, rubbing against her stomach staining it with precum.

Her tongue hung out of her mouth. A lewd and lost smile on her face. Konan was clearly being pounded into far more violently than she was back in the air. Wrapping her arms around Nagato's neck, the young woman snuggled closer to her friend, letting her cheek rest against his own, their lips only inches apart while things ramped up.

"I can't believe you're still getting hard, Nagato. Usually you're out after a spurt or two. Don't tell me. You wish you could do this, couldn't you?... You fucking cripple." She whispered to him. Throwing her head back in pure and utter bliss, a loud scream left the paper manipulating woman as she cried out. "I'm going to cum! Please fill me up, Nanashi! I can feel it boiling up inside you. Knock me up! Make me your mate!" A final thrust slammed its way into her, Nanashi's cock finding its home in her womb judging by how deep he was inside her. A musical scream of joy left Konan's lips as a result of the cum flooding her womb, as well as a look of happiness that Nagato had never seen before. "Oh, fuck… OH FUCK~" Konan's grip around his neck hurt, the way her nails dug into his skin, the way she was screaming and shaking and shivering.

All of it hurt.

Nagato came. His semen spilled out at the same time as the tears in his eyes and Konan…sweet, dear Konan who'd been with him since he was a child, licked his tear and smiled. Smiled at his pain. Nanashi stole her away from him, kissing the woman deeply before he threw her to the wall. Instead of colliding against it, the woman sank into a dark black and purple like substance. The man snapped his fingers and his appearance changed. Markings on his cheeks appeared, his face changed to resemble an old target thought to be dead, but much, much older and red hair, far darker, bloodier, wilder than his. His eyes were that of a famous fox's and the man grinned like one too.

"Not the first time I've done that, but really this pathetic? At least the ones before you were raging and promising to kill me." He was putting on his pants as Nagato raised his hand.

"Almighty Push." The gravity in the entire room shifted for a second and then a great force was let out destroying the far side of the bed he was on, the walls, the exterior beyond the room and the rain fell in. Naruto Uzumaki stood unscathed as he brushed the dust off of him.

"Well, that was just sad." Then Nagato felt immense pain as he felt a hand over his mouth, breaking and crashing through the wall. Another wall and then several more till pain had completely overtaken his body. His arms, back, head, shoulders, neck, chest, stomach. All of it felt excruciating. It was as if his entire body was set on fire and he could not break free from the grasp of the monstrous Jinchūriki. Finally it stopped when Naruto Uzumaki slapped him through another wall and his teeth came flying out of his mouth. A numbness in his mouth settled in, while a sizzling headache took over. Nagato needed to connect to his Paths.

He needed to…get to the room he was already in. It was the Chamber of the Six Paths. All his Paths were strewn apart. Broken and in pieces. Tendo, the legacy of Yahiko, was in the worst shape with it being sliced into fifty or so pieces. The pods themselves were beyond ruins and Nagato found himself being looked down upon by a pair of Mangekyō Sharingan before ripples began to emerged as he stared into a pair of Rinnegan with tomoe on them.

"Why didn't you ever use the Naraka Path to heal your body?" Naruto Uzumaki asked him before he laughed. "Oh right. You don't have subconscious chakra control. Shame. If you did, you would've been able to use your own body and not rely solely on the Outer Path so much. And who knows, you and Konan could've even been a thing."

"Universal Pull." Just a moment after that Naruto Uzumaki appeared right in front of him and he grabbed on to his foot. First he needed to find out what he was capable of and the power of the Human Path, stressful as it was on his current body, he could do this much.

And then the horror came. The truth of it all. Who Naruto Uzumaki was. How he survived. How he obtained his powers. What his goals were. What he did to Konan. What he was going to do to him. What he would do to the worlds. Everything that there was to know about himself, chakra, the universe, and all of creation overwhelmed his brain and Nagato let go, clutching his head and screaming.

"Disturbing, isn't it? The burdens I have." Naruto helped him up and placed him in one of the pods, but deep inside his head all the images, all the memories, all the pain and suffering and torture and loneliness. To be hunted down after being the last of your kind. To atone for your mistakes and failing over and over again. Only to find solace in madness. To find an answer in the chaos of it all. "Shh. Shh. Shh. It'll be all over soon."

"You ruined her." Nagato openly cried as the images and memories of him breaking Konan down and turning her into…into his…thing. "You did all this just to hurt me."

"Nagato, I'm offended. I let you watch me having sex with her. And I could've attacked you so many times, but I didn't. Why? Because this is the closest you'd be to actual sex. Now, be a good boy and close your eyes. You know you don't have a chance against me and I'm just a clone. Right about now Boss should be done with Kumo, and all your shinobi inside the village are dead. He doesn't even have to destroy this place, your people will do that for him."

"I curse you, Naruto Uzumaki." Nagato unleashed all his chakra into his eyes, but all of it was absorbed by the absurdly powerful clone and his own pair of blessed eyes. "May you never find peace in your life. May your eternal journey be damned. I hope you will suffer just as much as I did."

"I was just gonna choke you to death, but now, I'm gonna make sure I hurt you plenty." Something appeared in his hand. A black cloth with a metal plate on it. The symbol of the Leaf clear as day on it. Nagato screamed before it was muffled by the Uzumaki's hand covering his mouth. His gut was bleeding, and the man was repeatedly punching everywhere on his upper torso using the headband as a makeshift brace. Skin and flesh were coming off, as the sound reaching his ear lessened, it got darker, but a slap to his face woke him up and Naruto Uzumaki sat on top of him, his bloodied hand raised in the air.

The man formerly known as Pain looked at the iron fist that brought his death. And the symbol of the Leaf was brought down upon him delivering judgment to him as the same headband did to his parents.

"Tell me something, just what sort of jutsu did you use on him to control him like this?"

"Do you think anyone can control him?" Her own question made the pinkette grumble before taking a sip out of her hot chocolate. There'd been heavy rain since the morning which was expected from the season, but the brunette knew deep down the closest thing to a god she'd ever met had a hand in it. In fact, she was willing to bet since the man had a flair for the dramatic. Naruto Uzumaki was, as they say, so extra.

"I don't believe her." Mei Terumi had a lot to say whenever the Brides of Uzumaki, as they liked to call themselves, would almost interrogate her. "What makes you so special?"

"Must be some special ability she has." Karin pushed her glasses against her face, as if she'd figured something out about her. "That has to be it."

"To be honest with you, I really don't know." Ameno looked at her cup of tea and finished the last of the hot refreshing liquid as the stares of Sakura, Mei and Karin were almost hyper focused on her. It was always these three that hung out together more than any of the other girls. If one looked closely, the hair color got deeper from one end to the other. Her caretaker laughed very loudly when she pointed that out to him. A Metsu came with a tray picking up their cups when Sakura asked the faceless, genderless being a similar question.

"Metsu," the former Leaf kunoichi started, "do you know why Naruto favors her over us?"

"Lady Sakura," the emotionless voice began, "our Lord doesn't favor any one over the other. If anything, and I apologize for stating this, he seems to grant you and the other she copulates with more favors than Lady Ameno here."

"Metsu, you're not getting it." Karin sat the poor thing down, refusing to let him go. "Every single woman here has a purpose. Well, the same purpose but what we're asking is why is she here without getting fucked?"

"That I'm afraid is something beyond me, Lady Karin."

"Unless," Mei Terumi spoke with a wicked glint in her visible eye, "He loves her."

"Please!" Sakura was the loudest detractor to that statement. "Everyone knows I'm his first crush. If there's anyone he loves, it's me."

"Hey, pinky, I seem to recall you rejecting him each time." Karin said before cupping her own cheeks with a blush, irritating the Haruno. "Besides, I'm the only Uzumaki here. And guess who's been getting more dick than all of you."

"That would be Shion. And as if the both of you are good enough to live up to his standards." The former leader of the Mist's rebellion hugged herself. "I'm half Uzumaki just like him. And way better than both of you could ever be. Maybe he sees a little bit of him in me."

"I'll leave you girls to figure out this debate." Ameno excused herself to not get dragged into this same conversation again. They were brainwashed, but their personalities didn't seem anything like it. According to the Uzumaki, he only imprinted loyalty and lust for him inside their minds, everything else was all them. Free to do whatever they want as long as they didn't go against him and loved no one except him and in return he would love them and give them peace and happiness. When she called him a cruel manipulator for such a thing, he only said, 'God did it first. I'm just copying His style.'

She could not argue with that statement.

The answer she gave to the trio was her honest answer. She truly didn't understand why he kept her around. What was he getting out of all this? Over and over she came to the same conclusion: nothing. No tactical advantage, no deeper meaning, she didn't have a precious bloodline, chakra, or any Bijū. He wasn't even sleeping with her nor did he make any advances of such a nature. And the worst thing about it all…she found him funny. The man who nearly killed her, destroyed her village, dashed away any hopes for a normal life, basically turning her into a puppy without a leash, was funny. There was no point in even hating him. Doing that would lead to her trying to kill him, which was impossible. Ameno herself was surprised at how quickly she acclimated to her bizarre role in all this. At first she was sure it was a jutsu controlling her, but it wasn't. No, when she really thought about it, she'd always been this way.

Then why?

The train of thought led her to pass by his room. He insisted on not having guards outside his door, because why would he need guards? And there was no door for that matter. Just a large open hole in the wall for anyone to enter and the sight of it made her stop. She couldn't deny he was attractive. No, that was an understatement. He was perhaps the pinnacle of peak physical perfection, and as a former student in the art of anatomy dissection, she could tell not all of his body was just chakra. Chakra was energy; a largely obese person could destroy a mountain with chakra, but keeping your body in a condition like that took a ridiculous amount of effort and he would often fly out of the palace saying he had to work out. Wherever he went to work out that is.

And when his body was naked, even Ameno had a hard time not feel…excited. Right now he was fucking the former Tsuchikage's granddaughter. His muscled back was flexing as he kept pushing himself into her and the sound of her scream, signaling her climax, tore through the air. Ameno sighed before she started to walk, however, another sound in the air stopped her.

"If you're going to peep, do it up close. Or so Jiraiya used to say." Ameno stopped while the sound of flesh smacking against flesh kept going. She took a few more steps before she realized something had wrapped around her midriff and pulled her to the room, conveniently placing her on the couch opposite to the bed. "I didn't say you could leave."

"Naruto," Ameno started trying to focus on the ground and not at the naked couple in the bed, "I was just passing by. And then I saw what you two were doing-"

"I was doing her. She was just screaming." The sound of his hand smacking against flesh, subsequently followed by Kurotsuchi loudly claiming she had arrived to that blissful place once more forced Ameno to look at them. First and foremost, Ameno was a medic nin, so when her eyes did finally meet that one-eyed monster between his legs, it was hard not to look away. She'd read and heard they could grow very big, but it seemed absurd some girl would subject herself to taking all of it in and enjoying it. The pain alone was a turn off…or so she told herself. "Now watch." The thick cock pushed its way into Kurotsuchi's pussy without hesitation, sinking forward and drawing eager moans from both of them as Naruto began to rock back and forth, pushing more of his cock with each careful thrust into the waiting pussy.

"Fuck," he groaned, his hand seizing Kurotsuchi's wrist and pushing it back against the bed again as he stared her down. "I've heard of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I'm gonna be using your pussy as an analogy from now on." Again, Ameno found it funny. Maybe she was too sheltered. Refocusing, his eyes were heavy with want, his body tense as he drove forward, no doubt feeling the incredible tightness and the heat of her slick pussy embracing his cock if his reactions were something to go by; he seemed desperate and hungry. All he could do to sate that was to push further beyond, and he pushed forward, shoving his way in deeper as the unflinching need to keep this going drove him and the girl under him mad. "I'm going to fuck you until you're not so tight anymore."

"Own me~" Kurotsuchi pleaded to him, her cheeks going flush as she stared up at him, biting her lip and watching as he pushed forward. "I'm so glad you caught me, Naruto. Please, fuck me with that huge cock and make me into the submissive slut you deserve."

Ameno shook her head at the words. She knew how passionate he was, but up close it was like nothing that she had ever felt before, something that made her nervous, but she felt like she would be in a dangerous spot and resisted the urge to show any form of heightened curiosity.

Kurotsuchi's face showed a perfect blend of comfort and desire in being pinned underneath Naruto and his huge cock. There was something just so right and exciting about it, as if all the former Iwa kunoichi really wanted was to be in the throes of excitement, and she couldn't get enough of it. As Naruto pushed into her more, Kurotsuchi began to meet his thrusts a little more boldly and eagerly, letting the pleasure swell up inside of her as she was taken so steadily.

Naruto wasn't immediately rough or harsh with Kurotsuchi. There was a grace to all this savage passion. He wanted to build up to it, savor the chance to give Kurotsuchi what she craved for so desperately. Like a professional he did what so many women loved him for, the pink eyes of the kunoichi were full of a special kind of excited want and hunger as he pushed onward, fucking her steadier, his lips shoving against hers some more and wanting to kiss her harder and more eagerly.

Ameno pursed her own lips, occasionally looking away before Naruto would clear his throat to make her watch him rut with her. A dick move, but he held power here and knew somehow he would just drag her back here to watch all this. Also, there was his Wood Release which would've restrained her to witness this.

It was all so natural to him, to do all this and not feel an ounce of hesitance or shame or embarrassment. Why would he? The man, it seemed, had perfected the art of making love as he pushed boldly onward, fucking Kurotsuchi harder, hotter. The feeling of the big member rocking into her no doubt left Kurotsuchi feeling almost a little bit delirious. She wasn't ready for this kind of pleasure at all, Ameno doubted anyone was, as her cheeks burning brighter and redder as he took to fucking her so eagerly, her body alight with more pleasure than the woman ever expected.

"It feels so good!" Kurotsuchi whined, breath tightening harder as she squirmed beneath him. He held her hands down against the bed, letting her know she wasn't going to get the leverage against him to push out, but she couldn't stay still. Not as the pleasure throbbed through her body and she was succumb to it so intensely. The very temperature of the room was affected by it. She was not spared either. Aching, hot lust burned through Ameno's body as Naruto fucked Kurotsuchi, the pleasure consuming her, bucking back and forth as the sensations rocked the kunoichi to her core, frustrated and eager as the tension built up hotter. Ameno closed her eyes and rubbed her head, sighing and trying to drone out the noise, but to no avail.

His hips built up a quicker, more feverish pace as Kurotsuchi moaned and twisted in delight beneath him. There was something different about her; she wasn't just letting him stay on top, she seemed to be losing her mind (even more if it was possible) to the pleasure, to the thrill of his cock fucking her. Everything about how she carried herself and how she worked through the pleasure seemed different in ways that excited the redhead more than anything, and he was eagerly pushing on and keeping up the aggression, fucking Kurotsuchi harder and hotter, his fingers pressing down tighter against her skin as he stared her down.

"Harder, please!" Kurotsuchi pleaded, even if she was getting it harder than before, even if she was going to have her body broken in half. "Please Naruto, fuck me harder, make me yours!"

"You're already mine," Naruto growled back, but he gave her what she wanted, hips bucking forward even hotter as Kurotsuchi squealed in hot delight and ecstasy, while shivers raced up Ameno's spine like electricity as she watched the woman being taken so harshly and feverishly.

It was like Ameno had invaded the mind of someone and was baring witness their most personal desires manifest into reality. It was so intense and desperate. His touches, his thrusts, his kisses and gropes left Kurotsuchi just aching for more as he pounded her so hard and so fast, her head was spinning out of control. Moans followed, rising up in needy whines as she sank deeper into the frustration and want of her impending orgasm, and all she could think to do was keep pushing forward as she raced on to give in completely to the pleasure, overwhelmed and fraying at the ends.

"I am! I'm yours, Naruto! I promise, I'm your toy and you're my master, just please cum in me right now!" Kurotsuchi's voice picked up in speed and desperation, her eyes almost rolling back as her cheeks burned bright and her expression seemed slack, almost loose and empty. She was drunk on the thrill of his cock, burning up in desperation as the excitement and the heat throbbed up through her, something primal and so intense she didn't know how to handle herself. Kurotsuchi felt no shame and no patience, just fiery want. As if this was her only purpose in life. Ameno found it disgusting and arousing at the same time.

She was begging him for his seed, and that was exactly what Kurotsuchi got, as Naruto shoved down hard, pinning her body down hard to the bed as his cock buried itself down to the hilt inside of her waiting pussy. He came. A lot. Groaning and shivering, eruptions of hot, gooey cum flooded deep into Kurotsuchi's waiting hole as Ameno silently gulped watching his balls almost grow for a second while his shaft seemed to vibrate in a natural way, setting the woman alight with bursts of hot, feverish pleasure and need too intense for her to control or handle. Feverish bucking and twisting on Kurotsuchi's part was effortlessly halted by Naruto's body holding her down, and that only made Ameno's frustration worse when Kurotsuchi was staring up at him full of want and need before they closed in self satisfaction.

Something about the way he had filled her up made Ameno feel…hot. Annoyed. Frustrated. And as if he was reading her mind, Naruto turned around, naked, still erect and looking at her as if he'd heard every word in her mind.

"So, you enjoyed the show? " he asked, pulling out of her slick pussy with his semen almost gushing out of the woman's slit, "It's funny how this is the second time this happened today. Except in your case you have functioning legs."

"I'm not sure why you made me sit through all of that."

"You were peeking."

"I was glancing." There was a difference. She was about to walk after all. Well, she intended to.

"Ha! Liar!" Naruto pointed at her with his finger, while his larger-than-usual cock pointed at her too. He then looked at it and started talking. "What do you think, Sir Biggus Dickus? She lied, right?" The penis wiggled, as if it was nodding. Ameno really was not liking where this was going. Being accused by a big dick was not something she imagined happening in her life. Worst of all, the pungent smell of his seed was overwhelming and filling the room, and her nostrils were stained with his stench.

"I should go."


"I have to something to do."

"Oh really? Do tell."

"Please cover yourself first."

"My body, my rules. I decide what to wear."

"You're flashing."

"Well it can't be flashing, if I'm naked in my room." Ameno grumbled as Naruto took the seat beside her. Oh and he was still naked as he took a swig from a bottle. She wasn't sure why he did this; he couldn't even get drunk. "Want some?"

"No." She was refusing the drink and whatever else he was offering. Despite not wanting to, her eyes still went there and it jerked the moment she looked at it properly. Then his red eyes came into view.

"You said you had something to do, you didn't tell me what though." His face was very close to hers and the heat rushing to her face wasn't just from embarrassment. No, there was something far more…primal about it.

"I was going to ask Sakura for some lessons." A lie she made up on the spot.

"You're not a very good liar."

"I can be." Ameno tried to get over the stigma a fully naked man sitting near her, but the fragrance of sex in the room was messing with her. Didn't let her think straight. And the neon lights weren't helping.

"Nope." He poked her forehead with a finger of his. "You're not a good liar because you don't like to lie. So, tell me the truth when I ask you this. Are you horny?"

Ameno stayed silent.

"Hah! Denial through silence. Classic."

She was not going to respond to any of it. She was above such things.

"I bet you touch yourself each night listening to me." How he knew that was beyond her. And in her defense, it was hard not to release herself considering she was exposed to his debauchery day and night. The man was insatiable. "And I bet you want some right now, but you're mad. Mad at the fact that you're horny for a guy who you just met not even a week ago. Mad that it's the same guy who destroyed your village, but he also healed you and didn't swerve your mind like he did to every other woman in his life. Mad that you're friends with him, but mad that you're not being able to bang him. What a crossroad of bullshit you're stuck in."

"I hate you." Ameno punched his bicep and immediate a finger broke. She was going to heal it, but at the slightest bit of his touch it healed up. Her pinky was good as new. He was still staring at her, wiggling his eyebrows so annoyingly. She had no choice but to spill. "Everything you said was right, but how do I know you didn't put anything in me that makes me think this way?"

"Well, you're right there. Telling you the truth would seem like reverse psychology." He rubbed his chin and summoned a clone who was taking the heavily sleeping Kurotsuchi back to her room. "However, I think both you and I know, I don't like to wait for women to come to me. I make them come. Man, I am dropping a lot of puns today."

"Why did my life turn out like this?"

"Because a rabbit eared bitch couldn't just stop being paranoid."

"Aren't you doing all this because you're paranoid?"

"Please," he ran a hand through his hair and magically summoned papier-mâché to show dramatically offended he was, "I'm solving a lot of civilizations' problems, but let's focus on yours for now. Are you afraid of me?"

"Not anymore." Ameno answered him truthfully.

"Well, then what's stopping you?"

"Incentive." It was an arrogant thing to say, but she said what she wanted to. Why should she lay with him? Naruto laughed at her words, her challenge and then he poked her. A second. That the was the entire time his finger touched her arm, but that short span of time was…enough. Her pussy roiled. An awareness of lust knifing between her thighs; rising up and up and becoming a cauldron of cyanide syrup boiling back over in her hips in a relentless saw-toothed cycle. A long slow breath came out of her. It was just skin contact, yet it blanked her mind out. Heat. His sweat and scent and hair and... And his presence. Hunger, candid and totally guileless. He'd corrupt her; she was sure she would; maybe he already did. She found him smiling. Then her focus shifted to his entire body. Elusive; enticing. Every other thought was wrung out of her in that one second. She was a woman. He was a man. She jumped off of the couch and wobbled before falling down. Ameno was quivering on the ground, reeling from the after effect of it and…she wanted more.

"I think that's enough incentive, don't you think?" His deep voice was hitting a part of her ears she didn't know existed. It was commanding. Alluring. Powerful. "Now imagine what would happen if I gave you a full dose of the Amorous Palm."

"Couldn't you just seduce me normally? You had to resort to mmmphh this~" Ameno moaned as she felt the aftermath of the jutsu. She needed more. She'd been attracted to him, physically, but kept it down. This on the other hand amplified all she was repressing. And she hated it.

"Again, incentive. And besides," he shifted his legs, they were more spread now and Ameno leered in its direction. "You forgot I can sense emotions. And have you been a naughty little girl when no one's looking. I felt your arousal since the day after you woke. I mean sure one has naturally heightened hormones after being knit back together from a giant sandworm falling on them, but I felt it. I heard the thunder raging in your heart whenever I'd fuck one of my girls. And now…you get to choose, if you want to experience the same thing. Tick tock, Ameno. Make your choice."

"Oh fuck this." she whined taking off her crop top and yoga pants, a sheen of sweat covered her entire body while her pussy had already grown moist. She knew from the moment she'd learned everything about him, this would be inevitable. Ameno bit her lip, staring up at Naruto and crawled over to the space between his legs. It was still rock hard and completely rigid, but when he wasn't leaning back, gravity had a pronounced effect on it if only due to how long it was, making it sink lower a little bit, dangling in front of her face, slick and covered with a mixture of his seed and Kurotsuchi's juices.

There was something hypnotic about staring at it, something that left her unable to focus on anything else. Especially as a little residual trickle of cum ran from the tip, drooling down onto the floor, leaving Ameno to whine and shudder, wishing her mouth had been there to catch it all. She had never looked at a cock this way before, certainly face to face with plenty of them before, but never hit with such an overwhelming urge to worship one with her mouth.

Leaning in close, her tongue lapped at the tip briefly before she took the cock into her mouth. She couldn't help it and she didn't start slow either; the urge to lavish this amazing dick with all of her attention and adoration was a powerful one; a way of showing her newfound affections toward him and she would lick his cock in every way to express it.

He seemed to have the same idea.

Naruto pulled up forward over her body and pushed a couple inches of cock into her mouth. She'd expected him to pass right by her on the way to settling into position, but it seemed instead Naruto was bracing to start feeding cock into her mouth, as if he was going to bury it in her for hours.

"Keep sucking," he groaned, a hand gripping her hair tightly as he began to push onward. Expecting him to take it slow was a bad assumption on her part as he was pushing his cock into her mouth rather roughly, taking advantage of her obedience and her comfortable position to start testing the boundaries. He was going too far too quickly, but Ameno began to obediently suck on his cock, her lips tightening around his shaft and her tongue slithering about in want and excitement. With each lick, each shove, each inch Ameno slowly realized just what was going inside her mouth and throat.

Ameno had no idea how to handle this much, but she didn't want to stop, she kept moving on instinct and on the guidance of all of her wants and desires. Ameno wanted to submit, ready to handle whatever Naruto did to her within reason, and trusting that he wouldn't do anything to her here that was too rough or too out there, Ameno happily began to suck on his cock, moaning as she stared at his abs.

The more she marveled at him and his huge cock, the more she wondered why she had been holding back, and not thinking about how there was no option other than him, because now, as he fed more and more cock past her lips, she was so excited and full of want that she could hardly control herself.

Deeper Naruto went, his cock finding the back of her throat before long and very little resistance or tension meeting him as in her eagerness. Ameno even went that extra step of shoving forward to take him down her throat outright, a shiver bucking up her spine as throbbing thrills overtook her. Moans rose hotter and needier as Naruto pushed Ameno's head down but guided his hips forward in time, keeping himself down her throat as he pushed on deeper. The sound of her gagging on his cock as he pushed his way down made her ache with need, amazed by the pleasure she felt and the tension twisting inside of her. She needed more, pushing on quicker, getting into a place where she wasn't really sucking his cock so much as she was just sitting there to take it, as Naruto fucked her mouth and she so happily accepted it.

Faster and harder he rocked, her knees were leaving their mark onto the ground as his hips hammered against her face harsher. "You're doing so good, Ameno. Honestly I expected you to back off after the first few bumps, but aren't you a fighter." She did do well. But not without struggle. Spit bubbled up around Ameno's lips as she choked loudly on his dick, and Naruto was pulling out of her throat enough to let her breathe in between bursts of thrusts. The spasm of her throat around his cock and all of the delirious noises of excitement she made as she choked on his dick were signs of panic, but of her determination too; Ameno was holding out against her body and its better instincts for the sake of pleasure, and it was paying off in the best of ways as she held herself tight and pressed on eagerly, careless and hot through the pleasure aching up from within.

Even if she was being overwhelmed with more than she knew what to do with, Ameno found herself unable to stop, moaning loudly as she happily serviced Naruto's cock. not even worrying about the little moments in between of struggling to catch herself and her breath. In truth, this was everything she wanted, her fingers even reaching down between her legs to finger herself, toying with the cum leaking out of her pussy as she felt Naruto hammer her throat, his balls smacking against her chin as he went on, fucking her face so well that she didn't know why she hadn't asked for this outright.

Hooked on Naruto's cock and overwhelmed with more lust and want than she had ever felt before, all Ameno could think about was getting more as she succumbed to Naruto and his aura, having no idea how to handle all the pleasures taking hold of her and how good they felt. She'd been looking to submit thinking it'd be some quick, hard sex with her on the bottom getting railed, but it was so much more than that, and as Naruto dragged her down into the madness she found herself wanting so much more still, unable to shake the sudden delirium and want overwhelming her. This was too good to be true, but it was true enough that Ameno couldn't even care about the idea she was losing all control and sense of decency to this madness.

"Oh you're doing very good," he groaned, fingers tightening in her hair as he pounded on harder. "You're a natural born cocksucker." Being talked to like this was something she would have never imagined, but now, it only egged her on further, the words almost reinforcing her vigor as he shoved on and let the pleasure speak for itself with Ameno fingering herself even faster. She was so close. So very, very close. Her fingers were pinching that sweet little bud which sent a million jolts across her body and his cock was deep inside her throat now, reaching the back as he kept slamming into her until finally on the cusp she was freed and he pulled her face all the way to his crotch as everything went white.

It came. The moment she'd been waiting for. IT was as if she'd fallen off a cliff and all her senses peaked. Falling into an endless pit of tingling ecstasy that attacked her from every corner, washing her with bliss. And she lost control of herself, screaming, shouting, incoherent noises muffled against the invincible cock that drove her to this state of frenzy as her legs went numb, the rest of her body followed and she felt like a global earthquake was shattering the planet.

Naruto pulled back and finally allowed her to breathe, Ameno's mouth was wide open as she sucked down desperate, needy breaths, gasping for air as she watched, focused entirely on him as he shot his load right into her face, which led to her almost inhaling some of his spunk as he blew thick ropes of cum all over his face and blasted some into her mouth for good measure. She'd caught on quickly enough to avoid it at least, and got to swallow some of his cum as he wrung out the last few drops on her now messy face. Wearing his cum on her face, marked by his stain, Ameno shivered and squirmed , unable to regain her bearings and having no control over her limbs. "God! OH GOD!"

"Just Naruto is fine." Ameno tried to get up, failing hopelessly and hilariously as she slipped in a puddle of her own making. She'd squirted shamelessly not even realizing she did due to the numbness that took over her body. He helped her get up and she leaned against him and moaned when the erection returned with a vengeance, rubbing against her womanhood as she clamped her thighs around that monstrosity moving along the length. Ameno looked up at and reached for his face, and their lips met.

Their lips smacked against each others. Ameno's hands wrapping around his neck as she deepened the kiss while Naruto trailed his hands up her back, drawing a moan from her before giving her ass a firm squeeze. Ameno felt Naruto gently bite her bottom lip, taking things a bit slow, allowing her to breathe for she knew, he was far from done, and she opened her mouth, his tongue accepted her invitation, exploring the confines of her mouth. Her own tongue moved, brushing against his. Their tongues wrapped around each others, twirling around as they kissed and slurping sounds echoed. Ameno was further turned on by this. Such enflamed lust and soothing passion was the perfect mix. It made her feel flustered like the first time she had a crush on a boy. She pulled back a little bit, an effort to regain some air and her cheeks were set on fire the moment his thumb began rubbing circles on them. She expected rough sex….not this. She went for another kiss, their tongues clashing out in the open, saliva strands forming and fading with each new touch. Ameno's brown eyes made contact with Naruto's crimson slitted orbs, and for a moment she thought she saw blue before it disappeared just as quick.

He grabbed hold of Ameno and held her up, walking towards the edge of the bed and placed her there. He flipped her over, letting her legs dangle off of it as he tugged her cute butt up high, holding her in place and groaning, "You did great. Now, let me do my part." Ameno didn't get any more warning than that before Naruto buried his cock into her waiting pussy with one brutal thrust, slamming into her balls deep from behind. She had no idea what Naruto was doing until he did it, shaking her down to her very core as he began to pound harshly forward, fucking Ameno with a sense of purpose and need that overwhelmed and intoxicated her. There was no way to be prepared for it, no way to handle the excitement as he began to hammer away at her waiting, needy pussy. He just did it, just got to work at fucking her and her mind couldn't take it. The pleasure of gagging and choking and sucking his dick was amazing, but it was nothing to the sensation she was feeling right now and before she knew it, the walls of her innards clamped around him so tightly that Ameno couldn't breathe for a second. She felt his thrust's force all the way up to her neck, screaming in pleasure and joy.

"OH FUCK! How am I cumming again?! Your cock …is too much! Please don't stop!" She slammed her hands down against the bed, biting hard on her lip as the intense, throbbing lust surged through her so powerfully that she couldn't hold herself back. This was almost too good to be true, and she wanted to embrace it all thoroughly as she let herself go, giving in to the pleasure and the madness all at once. She wanted Naruto's cock, all of it, and she wasn't ashamed now to admit it as arousal like she'd never felt before ruled her and drove her actions.

Occasional strikes came down across Ameno's ass each time making her yelp "How cute." Her head snapped back, her spine arching and shivering in excitement as Naruto pushed on, fucking Ameno without mercy or care, just ramming his cock into her needy pussy as she felt like giving herself completely up to him. I already was when he brought me back here. She was ready now, confident and riding high on something hotter and more intense than she'd ever thought and felt him feeling the same, burning up with excitement as she shook her butt and her hips pressed back to meet his. "I'm going to fuck you a lot from now on. Make sure to enjoy every moment."

"Yes, Naruto, I love it! Please fuck me whenever you want to! You should've seduced me earlier if I knew it was this good! Fuck me like the rest of your sluts!" Ameno had never thrown out dirty talk like this before, imagined it, but never voiced and she'd also never had sex with someone of his caliber. Naruto was perfect, she'd decided, shivering in heat and burning need, bucking through the heat and panic of being pounded into as she let her body go and accepted the searing bliss. Someone she trusted as a friend (well the only thing closest to a friend she had now), but handsome and hung enough to really make her want to whimper and beg for his dick. There was nothing better she could have asked for than Naruto, and she was so happy to now be getting so roughly taken by him, so happy that he wasn't only willing to dominate her, but doing an excellent job of scratching that itch and commanding a very natural kind of dominance. The world was his, everyone else was just living in it and its only fair she submit to him. In heaven and on earth, he alone was the honored one and she…belonged to him. Her life nearly ended by his hand, brought back from the brink of death by his, and now the same hand was smacking her ass.

The despair of losing her village was nothing compared to the pleasure she was feeling now. There was nothing she could do now, but take it all. And him. He kept up the pressure just like she wanted and let her have it, her whole body in feverish motion as he took to fucking her into an orgasm that would obliterate her once the moment arrived. His hand came down harder across her ass, still not too aggressive but definitely getting rougher as Ameno moaning louder and hotter with each strike. He could do whatever the fuck he damn well pleased, and that applied to her more so.

Everything just burned so right inside of her…him…them that she felt neither could stop to think about anything now the lust. The burning, aching heat took hold and refused to let go, their bodies in constant motion as she embraced the darker urges and let the sensations burn her up from within. This was everything to her, and Ameno couldn't have even begun to imagine that this was the tone her night would take when she had first opened her eyes this morning. He'd gone above and beyond in letting her have everything she wanted, and for it she felt like a pampered girl getting fucked just right, even if Naruto was entirely in control and doing it his way.

"Ameno." Even his voice was making her tingle. "Who do you belong to?"

"You!" There was something prophetically earnest in her quick reply, as if this was destiny waiting to happen. Yes, she was definitely hazy in the heat of the moment and drunk on the prowess of his cock, but it was the kind of drunk she didn't think she'd ever sober up from. No. She wanted this forevermore. Wanted him. "And you…belong to me." If he was brutal before, he was a nightmare. The speed, the thrust, the in and out of it was beyond her mortal thinking as she came. And didn't stop while he kept ravaging her insides, completely being restructured by his ungodly fucking power to fit him and him alone. She should've been in pain, her insides should've been deformed, her bones should've crumbled from the strength with which he kept at her. Why? Why was this feeling so good? He spanked her over the ass again and again and she could not even explain the waves of pleasure that rocked down her body. What was wrong with her? Instead of growing weaker, she felt stronger, better, as her cunt began tightening more and more around his cock. Determined to make him come. This time inside her. Oh god yes, she wanted him in more than just her pussy, she wanted him in every crevice and every hole, all over her, caressing down her form and pouring down her with reckless abandon.

With one last thrust into her hot, waiting cunt, she made Naruto let himself go, letting out a powerful groan as one more hilting thrust into her waiting pussy was all he needed. He came, another messy flood of cum, this time pumping deep into Ameno's twat and filling her up with all the gooey, hot relief she craved, pushing her over the edge to a powerful, unrepentant orgasm. She couldn't hold herself back, thrashing and twisting in ecstasy as the sensations bubbled up inside of her like fire and she twisted up at the very height of her brazen and needy high. This was everything Ameno wanted, and she was happy to finally have it.

"Thank you, Naruto," she whined as Naruto's cock withdrew from her pussy. She was about to tell him that she was happy to be his, but before she could say anything he was tugging her off of the bed and dragging her down to her knees, his cock suddenly flush against her face. Sticky, wet, and aching as she stared up at him, breathless and still wearing his cum.

"You can say welcome by cleaning this," he chuckled, and this time Ameno didn't hesitate, her tongue going to work immediately before a shout stopped her.

"You bitch!" Sakura Haruno stood at the threshold, her face pink as her hair with a wicked gleam in her eyes as she walked forward. Menacingly. Then she was pushed and a wall of earth rose to close the gap. Naruto sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Sorry about that. You know, it's funny how she rejected me at every turn when I was younger, and now after one eyewink, she gets mad at me having a good time with someone else."

"Didn't you say," Ameno stroke the little monster between his legs as it twitched back to life and she licked a bit off of his thick, creamy seed, taking a good taste before swallowing it "Lustful Coercion makes you their object of desire?"

"Well, yeah, but here's the thing, the jutsu doesn't constantly dictate her to behave like that. What you saw was all Sakura acting up."

"Huh." A thought crossed her mind. "What about the Amorous Palm?"

"Well, the cumulative time needs to be ten seconds. That's the minimum requirement. There's also Luscious Venom Ink which works faster, but it kinda looks disgusting. You should ask Konan. Oh and also," his finger was under her chin and a cheeky smile on his face, "I belong to you? I've only known you for a week. Quite the bold statement you made."

Ameno tried not to blush. Tried. Failed, but she fought back. "It's not bold if I can back it up."

"Oh really? What makes you different?" he leaned back arms behind his head, smirking with his eyes closed. "What makes you so different to make a claim like th-UGH" Ameno didn't let him finish as bounced on top of him. Her pussy swallowed his cock up whole, while her lower legs shook uncontrollably. Her fingers clasped his shoulders before they shifted to his hair as she ran her hands through them and found him staring for the first time in a surprised way.

"I may not show it," she leaned forward giving his lower lip a lick before moving away, "but I'm way more stubborn than you, Naruto Uzumaki. Now, fuck me before I change my mind."

"Oh you are so fucked."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," and the thrust that followed would be among the countless many that would rile her up for the rest of the night.


If you can't finish it in under three minutes, move on. Those were words of wisdom Shikamaru Nara lived by and it applied to everything. It was why he was frustrated and sat down after experiencing his four-hundredth attempt at failing. The shadows were his to control. His. He wasn't theirs. It'd been a good three years since he experienced this much failure. Having people he grew up with getting injured on a mission was cardinal of a sin enough in his eyes, but to have the death of a comrade lying on his shoulders motivated him in ways that his formerly annoying mother would not berate him anymore.

And now he was annoyed. Annoyed that all that grief and trauma he held was a lie.


"Jōnin Shikamaru Nara." The voice of the ANBU operative diverted his line of thought. "Lady Hokage has summoned you to the detention center." He didn't waste any time moving. The shadow binder moved from rooftop to rooftop until speeding his way down a cleared path and found himself at the doors of the Konoha Correction Facility. A lot of words for the term 'prison', but as he learned in the last few years such was the nature of bureaucracy and given the system that had been in place long before he'd been born, and his father and his father before him, he would no doubt become a part of it.

Unless someone who you thought was dead had been busy going around wiping out entire villages and by default erasing the status quo. There was too much information in his head. Too much to process and too little to conclude from. Before long he found himself in the presence of the Hokage, the Toad Sage, his father, Ino's and Choji's dads, Asuma, Maito Gai and a whole squad of ANBU as they entered the lowest underground level of the 'facility'.

Danzo Shimura, an elder on the shinobi council and a person his father told him to steer clear of at all costs, awaited them with another squadron of ANBU. Wordlessly, the two parties joined and the old man opened the metallic gates to reveal a room filled with innumerable paper seals stuck to the walls, floor, and ceiling. In the cell sat a man with white snow skin with scaling like that of a snake, yellow eyes, long black hair tied into a pony tail and purple markings prominently around his eyes.

Orochimaru. Revived. Stronger. A sage, like Jiraiya, once he took over Kabuto's body. Apparently his former apprentice gladly gave it up; Shikamaru believed it, with a pinch of salt, given how desperate he was, going so far as to take the maximum isolation chamber along with…Sasuke. To say he didn't like the Uchiha was an understatement and thankfully, Lady Hokage spoke on his part.

"Now, have you two decided to change your story? Or do I punch you into telling the truth?"

"Dearest Tsunade." Shikamaru felt himself cringe, so he could only imagine how the addressed person felt. "Why would I lie? Tell me, have I ever lied about anything?"

"What about all those children you plucked from orphanages to experiment on?"

"Again, I never denied it. You just found out late. Or rather, Sarutobi sensei chose not to be wiser."

"Orochimaru," Jiraiya's tone promised a world of pain. "If you're here to bullshit, we can send you to our esteemed Elder here. He's got more interesting accommodations for you in mind."

"Oh I'm sure." The man's eyes darted towards the older man as if he knew all his dirty secrets. He probably did. Not now. Focus on the snake. "But I will not change my statement, everything I've told you is true thus far. And if you remember what I told you, we need to prepare. Naruto Uzumaki promised he's going to be here in less than two days."

"Orochimaru." Tsunade's foot cracked the surface of the floor as she barely kept her legendary temper in check. Shikamaru, meanwhile, was thinking of which shadows to use and bind the two should the Senju's emotion cause a crack in the seal regulator. He had this. "You utter his name one more time and I'll kill you."

"Tell me something," the shirtless man stood in front of the opened gate and a blue veil made itself known as he got closer, "Why would I return to Konoha, with the ninja I made go rogue, where I know everyone will have blade pointed at me? Why would I willingly surrender? I'm many things, but stupid is not one of them."

"Delusion on the other hand," Jiraiya remarked cracking his knuckles. "I don't know about Tsunade, but I'll personally rip you apart if you utter that lie one more time."

"Please don't say things you'll never do, Jiraiya."

"Why? Is it cause I'm 'soft'?"

"No. You're just too good of a person. Makes me want to puke."

"Lady Hokage." Sasuke Uchiha spoke for the first time. Sealed bandaged wrapped around his eyes, just in case.

"Oh, look who's being respectful now. You're three years and a Chidori too late for that."

"I killed Naruto." Shikamaru's fist clinched and his father clasped his shoulder, shaking his head. Cooler heads were needed here. "And every day since then, I knew I would be facing the consequences for that. After I would be done with Itachi, I would return and take my sentence. For the last three years, it's always in my mind. I remembered the look in his eyes and the wound I gave him. There was no way he should've survived and my eyes…never let me forget that."

"If you really want to die that quickly," Jiraiya's hand was shaking with rage, "we can make that happen."

"You can kill me, imprison me, or torture me. Whatever you want." That sounded more like the Sasuke he knew. "But it won't change the fact that Naruto is alive. And he said he'll be here. Not with the best of intentions."

"How do we know you're telling the truth?" Shikamaru spoke for the first time and while Danzo looked like he was about to say something, but Tsunade motioned for him to continue. The young jōnin stepped forward. "For all we know you two pissed off the wrong people after you killed Itachi. Or so you claim, was killed by Naruto. I think you two are on the run from Akatsuki. And the only logical conclusion on your end would be to go to a village which might keep you alive longer while you regain your strength. You probably have a squad or two waiting to spring you. Possibly infiltrators inside the village tracking your whereabouts and feeding it to them."

"Nara and their brains." Orochimaru commented. "Fascinating and terrifying when forced to work."

"Shikamaru," the Uchiha took close, calculated steps towards the veil and stopped. This guy even blindfolded probably had a map in his head of the narrow room. "It's him. I don't know how he survived, or what the hell happened to him, but it's him. No one else pisses me off that quickly and he killed Itachi. He took away the one thing I did all this for, simply because he wanted to."

"What did he do after?"

"Oh, he soundly beat Sasuke-kun into the ground." The Uchiha was probably glared at Orochimaru under the blindfold. "Oh come now, Sasuke-kun. Surely we can admit how much stronger the boy has become. As the kids say these days, 'Learn to take the L.'"

"He said he's going to visit the Raikage after and when he's done Kumo will be in ashes, like the other big three villages." He paused. "I don't know how strong he is, or if he's got a secret weapon capable of destroying villages, but he will be here and whatever else Orochimaru told you."

"Let's say, we did believe you. Let's say Naruto is alive as you say," Shikamaru sighed. The next line of thought was truly troublesome. "Why would he go around destroy the villages? Why would he destroy Konoha? This is the same guy whose entire reason for existing was to be Hokage. Do you even realize how stupid you sound?"

"It is what it is." No sooner the words left his mouth, Konoha's torturer in chief arrived with a grim look on his scarry face.

"Lady Hokage. I have some new that's urgent."

"It can wait, Ibiki."

"I'm afraid it can't." The sadist then said the words no one in the room wanted to hear. "Kumogakure has been destroyed. Our spies reported…a red lightning god came down from the skies to erase it from existence."

"Red." Sasuke said as if it solved all their problems. "I forgot to mention. Naruto's hair is red now."

Hours had passed since then and now at the dying vestiges of dusk, Shikamaru was at Yakiniku Q with Teams Eight, Gai and Ten as he munched down on the salted beef tongue. He didn't hide anything from them. How could he? It was the death of a comrade that brought them all closer together, and now that same comrade was apparently coming for them all.

"Shikamaru," Choji wasn't eating like usual today, "maybe it's like you said. They're lying."

"Yeah. Besides, why would anyone trust Orochimaru's words?" Ino backed up his most optimistic line of thought. As did the others. Hinata Hyuga on the other hand simply rose, excused herself and left. The Nara let out a sigh; the Hyuga had taken the latest information (true or false) into account in a far more better way than he imagined. After the news of his death came, the usually reserved girl had fallen into quite the slump. It was depressing. It wasn't until roughly eight months ago that the girl had gotten some of her color back. And now she was hit with this news. "I'll go after her."

"I would rather you not." Neji, the only other jōnin in their age group, said the words he wanted to speak. "She'll be needing a lot more time to process than any of us."

"She took the news well. I mean, she was quiet about it." Tenten spun the kunai's sharp end on the table. They'd have to give the charge for this. "Still, I can't blame her. Quite the bomb you dropped on us, Shikamaru."

"Naruto was a most youthful companion." Lee added his two cents, along with his signature phrase. "It's hard to believe he'd do something like this. At all."

"Yeah!" Kiba's claim was the loudest, but there was also denial. "That idiot would never, never, do anything like that. It's Naruto. If this was anyone else I'd believe it. And now I'm saying the stupid thing he used to say. Damn it, but you get my point, right?"

"I do, but there's only one way to find out." He looked at the only person who hadn't yet made a comment on the whole thing, granted he was the quietest among them, but the Aburame had more access to the prisoners more than any of them. Shikamaru had lent a little bug from Shino after Orochimaru and Sasuke arrived, today he let it loose as it went through the vents and was with the prisoners. He wasn't sure if it was back yet. Then the hooded young man held up his index finger intently staring at the small insect comfortably nested on it. Ino let out a 'ewww' as usual. "Well, Shino, now would be a good time as ever to let us know."

"They weren't lying. At least that's what their words are saying. Orochimaru is concerned." Now that was news to him. "About Naruto."

"You guys really aren't buying this are you?" Ino slammed her hands on the table. "They're making this up. Sasuke killed him. We all know that."

He could understand why the Yamanaka was more incensed by it than others, her and Sakura. The latter was still missing and Shikamaru really hated how all the pieces were adding up. Before he could continue, a jōnin appeared and requested his presence along with Neji's at the Hokage Tower. Scurrying their way from the restaurant, the two young men stood before the Hokage, the Toad Sage, the Elders, the Clan Heads, his father the Jōnin Commander, the Chief Captain of the ANBU Black Ops and, surprisingly enough, Orochimaru with his hands and fingers tied with seals.

"Shikamaru Nara, Neji Hyuga." The Hokage addressed them and she looked extra scorned. He'd hate to be someone who pissed her off today. "You are to escort Orochimaru to a disclosed location five clicks away, along with you will be six prisoners who are on death row. Shikamaru Nara, I learned recently that you can manipulate people into moving their limbs without you mimicking their actions. Is this true?"

"Yes, Lady Hokage. Though the process is," he resisted the urge to say it, "bothersome. It only works when their completely stationary."

"Neji will help in making sure they don't move. You'll be making one of the prisoners do a set of hand seals the traitor here will tell you."

"That's fine, Lady Tsunade, but if you don't mind me asking," he asked with all the legal authority he was bestowed to inquire with, "just what are we going to do wherever we're going?"

"A ghost from your life is returning, Shikamaru-kun." He did not like how he was being affectionately referred to by the rogue Sannin. "It's only fair we bring back other ghosts to fight it." Shikamaru hated the life he had. All of it was so annoyingly troublesome.

Look at them wandering around. He stared at the people hustling and bustling around. Look how carefree they're enjoying it all. Three of the remaining four Great Villages had been wiped out in the last seven days and Konoha was still so damn normal. The smarter civilians had been leaving the village wisely, making excuses out of fear and worry and superstition. A large number of Metsu had been working through the civilian ranks to get the truly innocent ones out of there. The same people who hated and shunned him for existing. The same symptom in every other village who hated Jinchūriki. He'd made sure to give them a running chance. Those who chose to be patriotic assholes and die for their village on other hand, well that was on them. Why would he try to give them a shot at life when they forfeited it?

Except them. They were stubborn, foolish and headfast. Like him. It was why he chose to take them out of the equation himself. He owed them that much. Opening the sliding doors, Naruto Uzumaki stepped inside the modest shop and the familiar smell of broth, pork, spices and….it overwhelmed him.

"Well, young man, are you just going to eat the smell or take a seat?" Naruto laughed under his current disguise looking like an unassuming brown haired teen.

"Sorry, I got lost for a moment."

"Our food does tend to do that. Menu's there on the counter. Let me know when you make a choice."

"I've already got one in mind. An extra large bowl of the special miso you have." And the old man looked at him for a while before nodding. A while later she came through the door and it was truly a joy seeing Ayame again. He gave her a wave and a nod. She returned the greeting. So many phantoms filled the seats as he waited for his ramen. Every now and then they'd change, except the outlier. A blond haired boy starting from the age of six growing older while seated in one particular stool gobbling up bowl after bowl of ramen. His comfort food. Consuming joy with two chopsticks at a time.

"You alright?" Ayame asked him, following his line of sight to the particular seat. "If you like our seats that much, wait till you have our ramen."

"Best in the world, I'm sure." He raised his hands in defense. "I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it. Someone I know told me on good account that Ichiraku's has the best ramen in Fire Country by far. Or any country for that matter."

"Really?" Ayame crossed her arms, trying to examine him. "Have I seen you somewhere before?"

"It's a small world. I'm sure you've seen me a couple of thousand times in the village."

Soon enough old man Teuchi returned and with him was a bowl filled with happiness that all the power in the world could not get him. He didn't even bother to hide the fact he was salivating; he'd been avoiding Ichiraku for the better part of each time he came in the village for a report from Metsu or just casually strolled around when he had free time on his hands, knowing that a part of this would tug at his hearstrings and unravel something which went against his goals, but for tonight he'd have it. After all, today was the last working day of Ichiraku's in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He thanked the old man for the food and…fucking killed it. His ramen eating game was still on point and no matter how much he cooked or any of the other girls cooked, none of them were a match for the superior ramen made by the hands of noodle god Teuchi. And he was done. Letting out a burp and excusing himself for the actions. Instead of laughter or bewilderment, the father and daughter duo simply had a strange look on their faces. Of being reminded of memories. Of nostalgia.

"Well," Teuchi broke his silence first, "you sure like ramen."

"I love it. If I dare to speak on their behalf, ramen is food of the gods." And with those words Teuchi came closer to him and took long, hard look at him. Ayame was staring at him too. "Something wrong, old man?"

"I only knew one other person who ate ramen like you and he used to say the same thing. So you tell me who you are, or so help me God if you're here to mock the memory of someone I loved, you won't be eating anything for a while." Honestly, he was touched. This nobody in the eyes of the world, this common ramen chef in the middle of Konoha with no ties to any clan or power in the civilian side of things, still had a heart larger than most people could ever claim to. His eyes were itching and he closed the door as an array of seals appeared and the knife in the old man's hand was firm. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I think you know who I am and what I want is a Naruto Uzumaki Deluxe Special." He snapped his fingers and his appearance changed. His true self with blond hair though. They weren't ready for the red yet. It could be a bit too much to handle. This alone had caused both the man and his daughter to stare at him for a whole minute before they rushed him, hugging him tightly and Naruto just stood there taking their embrace.

"I thought we'd lost you, boy!"

"Where the hell have you been?!"

Among so many other questions thrown at him. The only emotions he felt from them was relief, joy…love. The familial kind he'd never gotten, or he thought he didn't, but they did. Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke all expressed shock when they saw him return along with a little bit of regret, disbelief and fear. Of all the people in the world, Naruto could honestly stake his life to claim these two cared about him the most. Took to his ways before anyone and never treated him wrong. They treated a child like anyone normally would and for that he would protect them for all their lives; all his Metsu children in the village would become regular customers at the shop, and they didn't need to food to survive, but they wanted to make sure the Grand Chef of the Allfather stayed in booming business. Their words, not his.

After a lot of convincing, shedding tears on their part, a loving bonk on the head with a ladle as Ayame traditionally used to do, he got what he wanted. A Naruto Uzumaki Deluxe Special ramen bowl filled with all kinds of ramen conceivable to human comprehension and he finished it. Now came the hard part.

"I need you two to leave the village." He said it as bluntly as he could.

"Why? This is our home." Ayame was the first to respond. "Even if we wanted to, we can't leave."

"Naruto," Teuchi started, "there'll be curfew from tonight. Moving the civilians to safe zones for something."

"Konoha is going to be invaded." Naruto drank his glass of water while they processed the shock. "And there is no way they will fend off the forces."

"We need to tell the Hokage-"

"She can't do anything about it, I'm afraid." The seals on the door deactivated, his appearance changed back to the disguise and two men stepped into the shop. "These men here will escort you out of the village. They'll be staying with you for the remainder of the passage all the way to Wave Country. I hear it's become a lovely place to live in. Don't worry about your business, old man. I've left you enough money to start a business six times over. You'll be taken care of."

"Why are you doing this?" Teuchi asked him and Ayame looked to him for the same answer. "What's going on?"

"Listen closely both of you." And his eyes changed to the Eternal Mangekyō. "You two need to leave. Now."

"Okay." Naruto sat on the counter and rubbed his face. He felt like a dick; he could've just used a genjutsu from the start, but he wanted to talk them. Him. Not some brown haired schmuck. Guess I needed a little bit of closure. Well time to go slap myself. And by that he meant slapping himself with some titties in the face. Fortunately, he knew just where to find some. Disappearing from the store and reappearing in his old apartment in his true form, Naruto Uzumaki clapped and entire scriptures glowed in the apartment before fading.

One of the best things about his apartment was the view. The windows while awkwardly angled had a benefit to it; he remembered as a child he would stare straight out and find the Hokage Monument looking right back at him, always leaving a generous amount of moonlight for his room. Naturally, the boy used it to his advantage and would rarely use lights once the dark of the night settled in. Those bastards used to raise his tariffs exclusively. Hatred mixed in with making a profit off of him resulted in a form of capitalism and personal prejudice he did not like one bit. Filthy greedy bastards.

Taking off his clothes, Naruto entered his room and found her waiting. It was nothing but a wild coincidence that he met her while she and her team were on a mission some eight months back. She'd been separated by a troupe of Kumo nin and she would've been a good valuable hostage, but they had chased the girl all the way to a lake where Naruto decided to take a little break. Naturally, the Kumo nin had to die and when she saw him, she fainted. Just like with Ameno he conducted an experiment, only of loyalty this time. He told her he'd meet her again, in a month's time in Konoha—which he did and she did not blow the whistle. For another month they met while he masqueraded in disguises as they hung out in his room. Two months later he gave her what she wanted. Four months since then whenever Naruto would pop up in the village, he'd leave her satisfied and whole all the while conditioning her with the Amorous Palm, just in case the family love in her heart grew bigger than the itch in her pussy.

Lying in the bed with moonlight caressing her fair skin, Hinata Hyuga was naked as the day she was born with only the sheets covering her holier than thou parts. Something he'd seen one times too many, but her shyness was cute in a pathetic kind of way. He felt bad for thinking that, but it was what it was. Even before I put all that lust in your head you clung on like a little puppy. He got on to the bad as she hugged him, her head rubbing against his chest. Was your fascination with me so erratic that you lost all rational thought? That you'd put your entire clan on the line just for my sake? She looked up at him with eyes that he was NOT a huge fan of. Courtesy of several Ōtsutsuki trying to stab him. Or are you Byakugan inheritors born to be one of two shades? Seekers of power or slaves of those with power.

His hand traveled lower to her nether regions and his finger found her womanhood, moist and ready for him and his digits rolled around inside her as the woman stroke his cock, making it rise to full length and Naruto found the little bud he was looking for, channeling the Amorous Palm and injecting her with a full dose of it as he pinched down on the clit. Hinata Hyuga came, helplessly, hilariously, as her juices squirted out and she flopped around like a fish out of water, grabbing the sheets of his old bed and screaming into pillow, her legs shaking non-stop until she finally got a break and reached for the wall. Rising steadily, the Hyuga heiress rested against the wall, her massive mammaries swinging, her wide hips laid out before him, her thick ass cheeks spread apart and her glistening pussy beckoning him inside. The head of his hardened member was just a whisker away from her entrance, and crossing his arms, he cockily began to push his way inside her.

"Aaaaaahhhh~" Hinata squealed out in euphoria, her eyes crossed a bit when her insides started spreading far and wide with the penetration of Naruto's cock. She bit down on her bottom lip feeling him burrow steadily into her with ease setting off many weak points of sensitive pleasure inside her pussy as she got a feel of it. "Oh Naruto!" She cried out with an utterly blissful smile as he grinded his pelvis into her luscious buttocks. Naruto relished the tight squishy feel of her pussy wrapping tightly around his cock. He could feel Hinata shiver and shudder in ecstasy as he continued to wriggle his pelvis into her ass before leaning in close to her ear.

"It's only been a month since we last met. Don't tell me you missed me that much?" He whispered to her, pulling himself out of her pussy leaving Hinata to whimper when it was out. With a thick loud plop of wetness and flesh his cock slipped out of her cunt leaving it gaping as the woman around to face him. Hinata was facing him, leaning back into the wall looking at him with a mopey look for taking his 'thing' out of her 'thing' (those were what she called it) until his hands reached for her buttocks grabbing his fingers into her soft doughy cheeks making her squeal.

"Ah~" Hinata moaned from the suddenness of it and purred with her arms around his shoulders. "You shouldn't tease me so much, Naruto-kun. Please fill me up. A month without you is like a year to me~ Turn me into your little breeding cow!" Little Naruto throbbed intensely and he leaned down onto hes lips for good this time kissing her full on the mouth. She mewled at the action, kissing back with just as much passion and vigor leading to their tongues openly rolling over each other in unrestrained bliss. He'd grant her wish and fuck her brains out.

Naruto kept Hinata in his hands with his fingers sinking deep into her ass cheeks, massaging them and making Hinata moan hotly into his mouth with tongues erotically rolling against each other. Her fantastic breasts squished into his chest nicely making Naruto mentally note at how her tits were far superior to anyone else he had so far. 1A Tier. Best of the best. Speaking of the best, his thickened length grinded gently underneath her buttocks and her fold making her even hornier than she already was.

Naruto kept his hands gripping her buttocks tightly as he carried her away from the wall and placed her on the ground wrapping up the lip-sucking frenzy session of theirs, and, subserviently, Hinata suddenly jumped off from his body and dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hands spreading parting his thighs as his appendage stood erect in front of her face. Hinata blushed nervously and her slack-jawed face staring at his member in stupor each time she confronted it made him feel very content.

The only thing larger than his dick was his ego, and he was sure both were connected on a spiritual level. Gently grabbing it by the base away from her hands, he smacked it across Hinata's face making her gasp in surprise. Hinata yelped out rubbing her cheek and he felt her become more aroused by his little action.

She was feeling it with the gentle caress of her fingers. Admiring it. Adoring it. Her heart was throbbing a mile a minute if the gasps were any hint to go by, almost as if she couldn't believe she was going to have sex with him, as if she would be losing her virginity to him again. Hinata had become a dazzling beautiful woman over time with large tits that almost rivaled the Legendary Sucker's and here she was worshipping him. Honestly, he felt a bit objectified.

"Don't just stare at it, Hinata. Use your breasts." Naruto ordered her and the Hyuga meekly nodded, obeying him, doing everything he told to give her some of that sweet, sweet dicking she was craving. Grabbing her breasts, she slid closer and picked them up to be placed above his waist, sandwiching his throbbing shaft. Naruto instantly sighed at the sensation of her smooth full breasts squishing into him from the sides.

"As always your breasts are like a shrine of comfort, Hinata." Naruto told her, making Hinata blush even harder as she started pushing up her breasts squeezing them up and down the sides of his shaft making him sigh in pleasure. The soft doughy mammaries slid smoothly up his shaft at a steadily increasing pace. He also felt the heat in her chest rising as she continued to push her tits up and down on his length; the Amorous Palm could be transmitted through any sort of skin contact the warmth of his dick she felt along with the throbbing veins pressing into her skin was doing just that.

"I'm glad you like them so much, Naruto-kun." Hinata was pushing them harder together as they continued to slide vertically on his length, pumping up and down more frenziedly as the girl was moaning and gasping, tossing her head about in blind euphoria as the jutsu took more hold of her. Her melons continued pushing up and down his member swiftly while his dick felt every single ounce of full bouncy tits. Lovely as this was, he needed more and one of the things he disliked about her was her unquestionable obedience. The girl would keep doing this until dawn if he didn't tell her to stop.

"Go on. Now use your mouth."

"Ah…okay." Hinata dipped her head down onto the head of his penis. She parted her lips wide open accepting the round nub of flesh into her warm hungry mouth. "Mmhmm!"

"There's a good girl." Naruto groaned at the feeling the wetness of Hinata's mouth swallow him up whole starting with the head of his member. It slipped in past her lips entirely leaving it vulnerable to the spongy slimy strokes of her tongue. She closed her eyes and concentrated humming as she pumped her tits up and down his length combining to give him more pleasure. Naruto patted her head loving while pumping his pelvis into Hinata's face fucking her mouth. Wet loud slurping noises soon followed, the woman kept her lips sealed tightly around his meat working her head in light back-forth strokes while still fondling his cock using her tits.

"Mhhmhhmhhmhhmhh hmmm~" Hinata moaned pleasantly as she worked his dick back and forth into her throat in constant cock-sucking fashion. Now he did not speak gag, however, he had received enough blowjobs and could figure what she was saying 'Ahhh! Naruto-kun is sooo big~ I can barely get my lips around it at all!' Or something along those lines. She gagged a bit while gurgling his thick length cock into her gullet slurping her tongue and lips all over its surface. Her lips squeezed and squelched along his length feeling his thick member beginning to throb the longer she went on.

Feeling the need to fill her throat full of his member, he shifted his legs making her breasts roll smoothly off his legs as he pulled back until only the tip remained in her mouth. The girl looked hurt and confused while Naruto's fingers settled nicely into her midnight hair, getting locked with the strands nice and tight before grabbing the back of her head and pushing her face all the way into his lap! "Mmmhhh!" Hinata was howling like as she took his monster dick to the back of her mouth covering every thick inch with her gullet. Well he gave her, but credit where it was due. The girl could suck his dick proficiently and was giving him the utmost pleasurable sensation her throat could offer while wrapped around his dick.

He whistled as the woman began bobbing her head constantly into his waist. Her nose reached as far as his groin while her lips stayed wetly sealed around his length as she began to throat Naruto's dick with a frenzied gusto. Damn, she's been practicing but on what? Carrots? Radish? Audible gasp! Cucumbers! Naruto smiled in appreciation of Hinata's diligence to give him a pro class blowjob.

Truly the GOAT of the throat.

Her head pushed in and pulled back more, increasing the pace of her dedicated deepthroating and sucking his dick hard each time she pulled back in. Puckering her lips tightly she began to bob her head into his lap even harder sucking every inch of his dick tight feeling the shaft of phallic flesh throb inside of her mouth as her tongue slithered around his length. Her Byakugan eyes were sparkling with lust as she tasted every inch of it pushing down her throat. Choking on it, but refusing to stop.

Drawing her head back in last hard slurp making Naruto raise a brow as to why she would stop now, her lips hovered above the tip of his dick and pushed her head back down into his lap literally headbutting his waist and taking his monster all the way to the back of her throat. Naruto instinctively grabbed her head and started pumping himself into fucking her throat since Hinata's mouth felt like an actual pussy to him. He groaned pleasurably pushing his pelvis up and down into her face making her swallow and slurp loudly on his dick as it violated her throat.

"Mmmppnmmhhh! Mmpphh! Nnggghh!" She hummed and sucked voraciously tasting his dick with great leisure as he was still fucking Hinata's mouth several more minutes feeling himself burst as he interpreted her gags. 'I'll break my jaw if I have to! But I don't want to stop!' Such dedication. Brought a tear to his eye or in this case, his dick as his member beginning to throb dangerously while resting inside her gullet, Hinata's eyes went wide and she must've felt the thick bulges of sperm traveling up his shaft ready to blow out inside of her throat as she quickly wiggled her tongue underneath the large shaft of his member pushing him over the edge and causing him to grip her hair tightly.

"Here it comes, Hinata. Don't waste it." Naruto's pelvis subconsciously bounced into Hinata's face feeling his balls bloat as he deposited a thick payload of sperm down Hinata's throat. Burst after burst of his cum bloated her mouth and larynx as she was forced to swallow it all down her mouth. Hinata squealed internally at very high volume as she took it with utter surpris. Closing her eyes and concentrating on guzzling his sperm, she wriggled her head further into his waist keeping her lips sealed as she swallowed every single last drop of discharge down into her mouth. Loud swallowing noises followed with Hinata Hyuga, pride of the Hyuga clan and the stern, respected daughter of Hiashi, rotated her head, getting as much inside her throat as humanly possible. Her lips were tightly sealed so as not to drop a single ounce of cum as if it was nectar sent from the Gods.

"Mmmhmmm~" Hinata mewled loudly with eyes leering up at Naruto with her gulps filling the room. Her cheeks remained bloated as she continued to ingest his payload for the rest of the minute that it went on.

Good Lord. I should probably whisk her away to the Palace now. Nah, I want to see everyone's face when the innocent one turns out to be the traitor. Naruto thought to himself feeling Hinata's throat suck and swallow the rest of his cum until he was completely finished. When his seed stopped pouring out, she closed her eyes and slowly pulled herself off from his lap trailing wet spongy lips along his shaft with a loud wet pop of saliva. When her eyes opened, she held her face in bliss as her eyes looked like as if she'd peered into the truth of all creation and found the meaning of life. Technically, she did swallow children. Sperm is love. Sperm is life.

"Naruto-kun you're so good to me. I should've been doing this with you since we graduate and- Oh my~ You're hard again." Hinata interrupted herself when seeing his member remain standing rigged like the Hokage Tower. Between the structure and his dick, he was pretty sure if he smacked his member across the legendary base of the Hokage's office it would crumble. Such was the power of the Magnum Dong.

"Hinata, if there was a cocksucking tournament held, I'm sure you'd get first place." He watched her sigh happily as she licked some residual cum off her lips and cheeks with a cute, but sultry smile. Her all-seeing eyes leered hungrily at him as though wanting more sex, almost begging for it. Hinata swished her tongue around the remaining semen making him grin. His dick was already still steel-hard from all this and when she tilted her head back, gulping down everything she had pooled in her mouth with one go, parting her lips wide to show him nothing remained, his dick almost spoke to him. Take her. Fuck her. Break her. She even licked her tongue around her lips seductively all the while looking so cute. "Get up. Now." Hinata then stood up wiping her lips clean with her tongue some more and awaited her next orders as he got a full view of her moistened pussy lips. Naruto's hands grabbed hold of her tits cupping each of them in his hands and digging his fingers into the smooth doughy mounds of her breasts.

"Kyaaahhh~ Aaahhhh...oohhh Naruto!" Hinata cried out as his strong firm fingers squeezed each of her tits into his palms. He loved breasts, especially big fluffy ones like Hinata's and they deserved some good loving. Deciding to play with her a bit, he fondled them in circles around in his hands, playing with them while motorboating his face between both breasts. Hinata panted hotly in soft rising ecstasy and was getting weak in the knees as he continued playing with them at his leisure. Her eyes were threatening to drift up into her head while lips curving even wider nearly giving her an silly smile that Naruto wanted to see very badly. He smirked as he felt her snatch moisten even more making her hornier than she'd ever been in her entire life through his touch. He slowly let go of Hinata's breasts letting them bounce as he kept going back until he landed himself onto the bed behind them.

"Get over here." He ordered with a smug smile and held his hands behind his neck. I think I'm growing too narcissistic these days. Eh, what the hell. Who's gonna stop me anyway? Hinata nodded making her lips form a lovely smile as she sashayed over to the bed, climbing onto it and crawling over his muscled body admiring his frame, raping him with her freaky eyes and salivating as she ran her right hand around his cock.

"I'm so glad those Kumo shinobi separated me from my team. I wouldn't have gotten this chance with you, Naruto-kun." Hinata purred, getting up into position planting her feet just outside of his hips, and hovering her hot dripping pussy directly above his member sensually grinding her moist lips along the head of his meat. She hovered herself over him, on the cusp of straddling him and with the intent to fuck herself on him until she passed out. The nymphomaniac behind those cute pale eyes emerged as Hinata completely gave in to her inner desires, licking her lips lusciously and planted her hands down on his chest. Slowly, she lowered herself down onto his length, taking every moment to feel the bulbous firm head of his dick push open her moist squishy folds as he felt her swallow him up completely into her snatch.

"Aahhh! Ohhhh yes! Mmhh! I can feel everything pushing into me d-deep!" Hinata screamed out her joy loudly while her nails dug into his pecs while Naruto simply relished in with great pleasure upon feeling the moist vortex of pussy gobble up his dick with the warmest of receptions. The moistness of her pussy wrap tightly around his dick when he sunk all the way into the hilt inside of her, feeling her vaginal muscles tenderly constricting his length, trying to suffocate him in coital pleasure. Hinata was already lost in a euphoric haze of lust, as her body acted on its own instincts with her buttocks rowing back and forth slowly riding his waist with manic passion. "Oohhh Naruto-kun! You fill me up so good!" She purred those words while rocking her hips back and forth along his waist making the old sturdy bed steadily creak. Hinata let out an orgasmic squeal of elation as she pressed herself tightly onto his waist.

"Fuck. You are tight, Hinata." He questions how she'd gotten this much better.

Was it a jutsu? A body modification or…internal Jyuken. Was that possible?

Pushing the question aside, he felt her walls squeeze down on his length even more as Hinata began to roll her pelvis around back and forth in circles. Naruto was feeling his cock churn her insides as she rode him wildly in a blazing passion, truly becoming someone worthy of being put into the higher ranks of his girls. The bed creaked louder and faster with Naruto feeling the tightness of her pussy trying take him literally for a ride, he groaned and huffed loudly as the woman fucked him like her life depended on it and he savored the sight of her breasts jiggling wildly above his face.

"Ahh! Ooh yes! This is what I've been missing all these days! Naruto-kun's cock is all I need in life!" Hinata shamelessly admitted it with her face changing into a very delirious expression. Naruto's member pushed roughly into her warmer spots as he began thrusting up into her waist. The sounds of skin slapping coitus echoed and echoed throughout the room, Hinata's body humped and rolled itself all over his waist allowing his length to push deeper with every movement.

Hinata had been riding him voraciously for so long, her mind must've fallen into the abyss of utter nirvana, as she held her hands behind her neck sitting herself up as she fucked herself on him crazily with pleasure. Her large tits bounced up and down wildly in front of him making him lunge for her tits with both his hands squeezing the large doughy mounds into his palms once more. Hinata rolled her head around in circles squealing in sensational delight as his fingers worked her more sensitive spots.

"Oohhh Naruto-kun! That's it! Fuck me hard! I've been so lonely without you around! " Naruto chuckled, bucking his pelvis up into her womanhood even more beastly, making her practically bounce on him with bodies slapping together in a primal rhythm. Hinata moaned and huffed loudly in bliss, eyes closed in deep ecstasy and uttering nonsense that he couldn't fully translate, but decided to keep on playing with her tits, feeling their large fullness and soft fluffiness as a little idea popped up in his head. Sliding his right hand down from her chest he reached over to Hinata's side feeling up her ass as she bounced constantly on his waist. Smirking and squeezing her right tit again making Hinata mewl Naruto raised his other hand up and the sound of a smack made everything in the apartment shake.

"AH! It hurts, Naruto-kun!" She said deliriously, there was mild pain yes, but the lust burned brighter with that. Her body was still running wild with adrenaline and pleasure after that spank, and raised his hand again bringing it down to make that ass cheek jiggle, making her scream in pain all the while fucking her to a new high.

"Consider this a lesson. The only thing that will ever go into you, other than your fingers, is me. Got it?" Naruto slapped her ass some more making Hinata shiver and node in ecstasy while her hips continued rolling along. Her body moved with stronger, more intense motions. Her buttocks slapped repeatedly down onto his frame as Hinata continued riding him like there was no tomorrow. Her snatch squeezed down on his member even more every second.

He resumed spanking the sides of her ass again, making her squeal as she began hopping herself up and down on him. The squelching sounds continued with skin slapping noises becoming faster and erratic with passing time of which he didn't keep track of all the while keeping one hand at all times on her glorious breasts and the other spanking Hinata's wide supple ass while she rode him with all her dedication.

Hinata came, her whole body experiencing a very powerful orgasm, shuddering so much he thought her soul had spilled out of her mouth because of her screams of bliss. He growled as well, feeling her vice-like walls squeeze his cock and luckily for her, he was reaching his moment too. The sight of Hinata's eyes rolling to the top of her sockets, the look of her wide-open mouth hanging agape as her tongue rolled out of it with lips curved upward in a mind-broken smile was what pushed him to the edge.

"Here it comes, Hinata. All you wanted and so much more." Naruto Uzumaki pumped his pelvis upward into her body, raucously drilling into her pussy as he unloaded thick globs of sperm into her fertile depths. Hinata writhed and shuddered in ecstasy, grinding herself wildly on Naruto's waist and savoring the sensation of the intense orgasm. Shortly after, Hinata, huffing raggedly with a dreamy expression on her face, collapsed on top of him breathing tiredly with a blissful sigh escaping her lips.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." The Hyuga heiress snuggled up against him and then said what she said every single time they met. And the words were honest too. Even without his lustful touch in the equation. "I love you."

"Love you too." It was a lie. He fancied her certainly and he agreed to their original deal, sparing Hanabi and Neji from the storm he'd bring in two days. And without a doubt she was the embodiment of the classical wife with her busty features adding only more bonus points, but…he just didn't love her. Why should he? Was he obligated to love someone back despite having no feelings for them? No, but he would take her if she was willingly offering herself and even before he started injecting her with his chakra's effect, she was showing all the telltale signs.

Getting up, he clapped his hands and a minute later a Metsu appeared. He named this one Meio because this was the same Metsu who had been masquerading as Utakata with the rebels; Mei Terumi was quite happy to hear that and even insisted Meio call her 'Mother' and he respectfully refused. "Meio, I expect there were no problems."

"No, Supreme Daddy of All Things Thicc and Easy." Okay, he seriously needed to stop with the names. It was hard to keep track of all of them. "Though, they wished they could see you one last time."

"Stupid old man and Ayame. Still getting through despite the genjutsu."

"Will you be leaving, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked clutching the sheets to hide her womanly parts, giving a wave to the Metsu who bowed before her. Now, this was interesting. Ever since the Metsu learned that Hinata Hyuga loved him in a romantic way long before anyone acknowledged him, Met-chan had led a religious crusade where they proclaimed Hinata to be the All-Mother since she believed in their father first and deserved respect of that order. It was funny, especially when it didn't go down well with the rest of the girls. Karin in particular didn't like Hinata despite never meeting her.

"Yeah. I have some things I need to take care of. After all, I do have to make an entrance." Hinata seemed incredibly wary of that. "Now, now, Hinata. Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about this?"

"No. I would never go against you." It was true. She couldn't betray him even if she wanted to. It was like having a puppy. Always happy to see him. Maybe I should treat her better. "It's just…do you have to kill so many people?"

"I've been spreading fear throughout the civilian ranks through the Metsu. I've been tricking those knee deep in village loyalty propaganda bullshit to leave. I'll even give people a chance to run once I get here, but for those who stay, wanting to die for their precious Konoha, I'll grant them that wish." He sat on the bed and used the Power of Creation to make something out of nothing. A white lily which he placed in her hair and he could swear that Hinata looked like she was about to explode out of affection. "Don't worry. Neji and Hanabi will live. Your father on the other hand. He's too embroiled in the old ways."

"I wish things hadn't come to this." Despite the workings of his jutsu, despite her loyalty, this was the real bit of Hinata speaking. A pacifist. Or as he liked to call them cowards with delegation. He squeezed both of her cheeks. "Hey!"

"Cheer up, Hinata. In two days you'll be going to your new home." That seemed to bring the girl out of her slump as she got dressed in a short, sleeveless battle kimono and shorts with thigh highs. He stared at her legs for a while before clapping his hands and bowing before those thicc thighs in thigh highs that spelled demise while saving lives. She was a stuttering mess before his actions.

"G-Get up, Naruto-kun! Don't do that."

"The power of the thigh compels me. Restraint, Naruto. Restraint. Just two more days and then everything ends." He sighed before capturing Hinata's lips for a quick, heated kiss. "And then a new age begins." Saying his goodbye Naruto Uzumaki appeared in his room and he forgot to wore clothes. Meio would probably take care of them, or Hinata would take them home and drag his clothes along her pussy. It was a strange kink, but he didn't shame people for it.

It was a good thing too since the mammary monster known as Samui was just waking up as a sheen of sweat covered her body and her womanly juices covered his bed sheets, maybe the mattress was ruined too given the amount she would let out. She was a soft one despite her calm personality. That big boobied, cool-headed, blue eyed, fat-assed, short haired bimbo of a kunoichi had become a quivering, squirting mess the moment he touched her with the Amorous Palm. He hadn't even fucked her yet, so he left his clone with a duty. Slowly inject her with his lust fueling jutsu every thirty minutes. And change the bed sheets while they were at it. Her hands were tied to the head of the bed so there really wasn't much she could do either, though he was sure she tried.

"Had a nice dream, Samui?"

"You!" That was uncharacteristically loud of her. Those blue eyes of her were dark, the irides in particular looked nearly blank and the drool from her lips pooling around her glossy melons was endearing.

"Yes, me." Naruto got up on the bed and stood over her. His foot rested on her supple thigh and the girl shivered from the touch. Dragging his toe along her silky smooth skin, his toe rubbed Samui's pubis and just from that, the woman screamed before squirting out her sweet nectar once more. He started laughing and she looked so offended. "I'm sorry, this is hilarious."

"I will kill you….Ah~"


"You ruined meeeeee~"

"Oh please, Samui, I haven't ruined you yet." He got up on the bed, exposing his cock to her mouth and forced it squarely down on top of it. On the very first thrust Naruto forced it right down into her throat. His hands were locked at her hair at the sides of her head, and when he slammed her mouth down against his cock and bashed her nose into her lap he made sure to hold it there for a long, painful moment. A predatory growl erupted from his throat as Samui instantly started to struggle, trying to free her hands from the shackles to remove herself from Naruto's lap, to force herself away. Her throat bulged with cock, the sides of her mouth drooled lines of spit that matched the path of her tears, and the sweat covering her naked frame. The taste of his prick filled her senses, and she was utter unable to pull away as he forced her to hold down into his lap, making sure she got full dose of cock.

"That's it, Samui. Take it in. This is what you needed. You came so many times, I bet this is a nice change of pace for you." Naruto smirked, as the woman's blue eyes crossed, borderline suffocating on his cock. "Also, I'm measuring the blowjob standards around here and so far, so good. Don't disappoint me."

His words must've shocked and frightened Samui down to her core as she looked like she was begging for mercy through her eyes. A foolish mercy he refused and began to slowly, brutally, violently fuck her face. His hips rocked back before slamming forward and his fingers tightened within her blonde hair, battering his prick back and forth and making her throat bulge from the large sculpt of it. Samui's voice could finally be heard in the air but only in the form of strangled gasps and gurgles; the noises conveyed a message of her wanting more air.

Silly Samui already giving up. You can do better. Spit sputtered from her lips and drooled across her massive breasts, dark lines trailed her eyes from her rapidly running mascara, and tried as she might to push away from Naruto to get some air, his hand would not let her. This was happening, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Besides, she would be thanking him for this later.

Naruto groaned in abject primal lust as he ravaged Samui's mouth, rocking wildly back only to slam himself in with every ounce of strength. She had been so calm and precise with all those words of her when she was captured. Hearing her gurgling whimpers, feeling her trembling throat try desperately to wrap around his cock, listening to her frequent noises of gagged was all a rich pleasure for him to enjoy. The hand tightened his fingers into Samui's hair while the other held his shaft at the base, and he afforded her a few brief seconds to catch her breath while he pulled his cock out of her throat. While her face remained a spit and slime covered mess Naruto slapped her face back and forth with his cock, only bringing a higher pitch to her sobs as he spoke out in that same tone.

"Isn't this so much better, Samui? Now you get to cum while getting something getting back in return." He grinned in triumph, and forced her head back so his thickened, hardened cock rested on her face, this time squarely at the bridge of her nose, rubbing it back and forth. As it slide down across one of her closed eyes his cock moved over it, wiping it away and smearing it across the rest of her face. Once his tip lined up against her lips again he was ready to force himself down her throat anew, and he did just that with a thrust that left his balls slapping the soft, tender flesh under her chin. "Fuck. Your throat is so hot."

Utterly helpless and under the daze of the Amorous Palm, Samui slowly, but surely started to move in rhythm with his cock, easing herself into being throat fucked. Her tears continued though it was because of keeping her mouth stretched open so wide and her jaw aching no doubt. Samui submitted. She did the only thing that was within her power: become a competent cocksleeve for him, letting him have free reign of her mouth and her hair in the hopes that when he was finished she could slink out of his life in shame and regret. It was what he felt from her and Naruto grinned at what he felt.

She wouldn't pursue vengeance for her dead brother. Nor make him repent for attacking Kumo and destroying it. All she wanted as she knelt there with tears and spit masking her face was to forget she had ever been a kunoichi of the cloud. She was reaching her peak, a goal she achieved through his cruel thrusts. His cock locked down as deep as he could manage and his fingers interlocked at the back of her head, forcing her down until her nose ached against his lap and she screamed a gargled, muffled cry from the ache.

With a few short grunts Naruto began to cum straight down poor Samui's throat; his member throbbing while that tender chute of flesh bulged from the rush. A few squirts of cum shot straight down into her belly was a swift punishment, but Naruto was nowhere near done and soon his cock was flooding her mouth to the point her cheeks puffed out and rushing her senses until it splurted from her nose in a disgraceful display.

She cried out again in a moist scream while cum flooded her, and Naruto's cock finally broke free of her lips as she started to desperately cough and gag. As she spat his cream onto the bed below and shuddered with the heartache of her trial Naruto just kept cumming; splashing cum over Samui's face, her smooth and lovely, large breasts, and most noticeably her hair. Those pretty golden locks were streaked with white by the time Naruto was complete, and he grinned as he moved his fingers out for the other side.

"Whew. Better clean my cock off before I fuck you." Naruto smiled to the trembling woman, his fingers moving into Samui's hair and scooping a handful of the few remaining clean threads. While Samui continued to sob and tremble Naruto openly wiped his cock off in her hair; smearing what was left of her spit and his cum into the silky blonde fabrics and letting it fall back into place. A hearty laugh filled him and he stretched a bit, spreading his arms while his prick mimicked his action by bobbing back to life, garnering her attention and telling her to get ready for more. "Today has to be Mommy Milkers Day. With all the big tits I'm seeing. Okay, maybe not since Kurotsuchi is little bit lacking in that department. Still, 'Thou shalt not titty shame', so it is written in Icha Icha. Now, Samui, I'm going to get rid of those shackles when I do, I want you to be a good little girl and bend over, then lift that mighty ass of yours. Spread your pussy out wide for me, and tell me how much you want Daddy to bury it in you."

"Y...You...I…" Samui, with dark lines on her cheeks and cum still smeared across her face, was still at a complete and utter loss, still coping from the orgasm she had mixed with the gullets he'd made her swallow. She was typically a woman that always had a comment behind her teeth beneath that cool and calm exterior, but this time the only thing filling her mouth was the indomitable flavor of his cum. She nodded and he flicked the two chains binding her hands as she use one of them to wipe away some of the cum oozing from her nose, and whimpered as she moved to do exactly as she was told. In utter obedience Samui bent down on all fours on the bed and spread her knees out wide; even letting one hand slink underneath her body to the tender folds of her pussy. She spread herself wide just as she had been told, and spoke with a blushing, frightened tone. "...Please…bury it in here…"

"'Please' what?"

"Please…Daddy." Somehow her pussy was wetter than before after she said that word. That arousal kept growing, uncontrollably when Naruto locked himself into place behind her, kneeling on the bed and slapping his cock right on top of her curvy ass as the ripples spread. A few grinds of his hips helped to tell her just how deep he'd be going into her—uncomfortably deep at first glance, but all she would ever need. She must've underestimated him a bit, for once he lowered his shaft and pressed the tip against Samui's pussy, a heat rushed through her, one that made her cheeks burst into a vibrant blush and made her quiver with a lust that she could only scarcely comprehend.

"This is what you wanted all along, Samui." Naruto smirked, and let his fingers once more sink into her short, but silken locks. He wished it was longer, but eh. Leaning closed he held on tight, and allowed his cock to ooze in slowly, steady few inches to rile her up. "And now you'll get all of me inside you. Here's to your pussy getting Naruto Uzumaki." And with that declaration, Naruto rammed himself into Samui's tender, frightened, but very wet core.

From the very first strike of cock into her tight and delectable fuckhole, Samui was frightened and her body reacted in that manner. Her eyes went wide and her teeth clenched, hot gasps escaped from her throat, and every muscle in her body tightened up. Suddenly, she started shaking and those twin globes on her chest shook in natural resonance, as Amorous Palm did its magic making the woman feel goosebumps on every spot along her frame.

Naruto's lengthy and thick shaft was something she could hardly handle it all, and when he drove in so hard his balls swung forward to slap against the sensitive, raw folds of her twat, she was already reaching ecstasy and his little jutsu only helped her get there faster. Her clit literally shivered with pleasure and her pussy ached as it stretched, and yet within the shameful display he felt her accept it.

She liked it.

Samui kept her head down for the moment, no doubt trying to sort through all the feelings swirling through her as his cock dug in and out of the walls of her pussy, slathered in her arousal stolen without her consent, throbbing with the weight of his lust and desire to break her. Even though he had just unloaded in Samui's throat and across her hair, not to mention fucking Hinata before, he was just as hard as ever, and that member forced a tight seam with the tight entrance of Samui's pussy. Her knees spread a little more as Naruto began to press his weight into her, and he pulled back on the slut's hair to force her face away from the bed so her shameful face with her smeared mascara and spit-stained features was more visible.

"Don't hold back Samui. Moan as much as you want." Naruto consoled her as he thrust back and forth, plunging into her hole with a series of moist, audible thrusts. Every time he pounded inside her, Samui's senses flared with hunger, and Naruto was making it sorely tempting for her to give in and allow herself the chance to verbalize her pleasure. He reached one hand around to squeeze viciously at one of Samui's large, cum and spit covered bountiful breasts, tweaking a nipple until the point it was sore within his fingers, making her quiver more intensely. "Scream for me, Samui. Be the woman you were meant to be. Let go."

"I… I… ca.-ahhhh!" Samui's voice rose up into the air as Naruto slapped her hard across the ass; so hard that it left that visible imprint across both of her cheeks. Afterwards he spread both hands against her rear and stretched it out, exposing the tight pucker of her ass and spitting squarely onto it. Though he had every intention of finishing inside her pussy, it didn't hurt to press his thumb against that rear entrance to give her the threat that he might shift gears yet again. Samui, whimpering and giving another tiny sob, looked over her shoulder with pleading, desperate eyes lined in runny black makeup. "Please...not there…too big…"

"Then moan for me, my big tittied blonde friend. Otherwise I'll be fucking your ass…without any lube." Naruto combined his threat along with a squeeze of his thumb against her ass just enough to make her squirm while he thrust deep into her, and started to pick up his pace faster and faster. His hands moved from Samui's ass and locked firmly against her waist, slamming her back into him just as she launched forward.

Samui became his. Broken and depraved, she gave into the deepest, darkest desires burning inside of her. She hadn't resisted moaning out of any semblance of shame or fear that the others in the compound might hear them. She had held back because the woman must've deeply feared what her own body would do once she started. Such a sinful, lustful body meant for fucking endlessly.

She must've terrified that once she started moaning, once she gave into the pleasure of being used as one of Naruto's girls, that she might not be able to go back being sane. The fear of the cock and the addiction that came with it terrified her. Aroused her. Now that her hand was forced and her throat tightened with a swallow of aching emotion, she had no recourse but to look up to the ceiling and let those filthy, dirty words flow from her tongue.

"Fuck...fuck me! Please fuck your worthless slut!" She groaned, speaking past lips still flavored seasoned with his cock. "Fuck my dirty cunt! I'm nothing but your cocksleeve! Oh, God feels so fucking good! My pussy's so hot, your cock is so big, I'm...I'm going to cum! Your little cunt is going to cum on your big, hard, cock!"

Sure enough, as soon as she said those words, it was impossible to stop, as a swift, violent climax followed. Naruto had only asked her to moan, and yet her desires in that moment had brought out something far, far more depraved. As her finger sank into the sheets and her knees spread a little further Samui had an intense orgasm that he promised her; her pussy clamping against Naruto's cock as she began a sudden torrent of relentless squirting. Her thighs twitched in erratic patterns and her nectar shot straight to the sheets below them, hitting the fabrics as if it was some form of Water Release jutsu. As her nectar rushed to the bed and her desperate cries filled the air, her solemn vow of being a shameless whore of his was followed by Naruto's triumphant laugh and another fierce slap to the side of her ass. God, that ass is amazing.

"Wow, I asked for bronze and you fed me gold. So cute." He grinned, his fingers sinking in against the soft curve of her rear and giving her a fierce squeeze. "Guess what your reward is, Samui? More fucking from me followed by a full dose of Uzumaki baby batter. Don't you want that?"

"Yes, yes, Master! Yes, Master, fuck me anywhere you want! Please keep fucking me!" Samui's eyes were open and her blue pupils tiny; her body still quivering in the aftermath of her intense orgasm. Her throat ached with the volume of her screams, but yet they echoed no doubt into the hall. "Use your whore! Fuck my mouth, my cunt, my ass! Just...just fuck me, Master! Fuck her with your huge fucking cock~"

Naruto, with a triumphant grin on his face, granted her request. He already broken her, and it hadn't taken all that long. Just one good fucking after a long day of doused with his touch and she was already swearing to be his loyal bitch. Forget love, she had an aching for a dicking. Smiling widely, his hands left Samui's waist to sink both into her hair, and as he pulled back on it like, forcing her to arch back while his thrusts came faster and harder, each time making her moan and her entire body shake from the force.

He pulled on her so far that her hands left the ground and she was suspended by her knees and the tension yanking at her hair, and those big, sloppy, glorious tits bouncing with each powerful thrust. It was as he held his little Cloud girl in such a prone, painful state that Naruto spoke up once more and delighted in how she gripped his cock at his action.

"I'm going to make your pussy sink in cum, Samui" He laughed as his own orgasm starting to rock through him. "And you're gonna love it."

"Yes, yes, yes, Master! Yes, Master, put it all in me~ Sink my pussy with your cum! Sink me in your cum!" Fully lost to the overwhelming heat running through her, Samui's most primal impulses took over and tore away the calm personality that once lived inside of her. She didn't even flinch at the announcement of her words, of her wanting to be Naruto's breeding bitch.

The only time she did flinch was when her pussy shivered from the final thrust. All she wanted and all she was promised came in that moment, with her mouth open and drooling and her tits flopping back and forth, was to be filled and bred by this dominant young man. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt one more orgasm rush over her while white, sticky and hot fluids rushed into her cunt, painting her insides and had it not been for the seal he placed on himself, she'd be giving birth to triplets with the amount he'd blasted into her.

Her body was sore and trembling, her pussy was filled and overflowing with cum, and her throat ached from all of her depraved screaming. The only motion running through her save for the rapid breathing was a gentle swinging of her hair and that too because Naruto was using those blonde locks to clean off his cock.

Looking at the passed out trembling, still leaking woman, Naruto Uzumaki smiled as he put on some trousers and a t-shirt as he flew to the top of the White Tree and sat there in silence. The fragrance of the trees, the smell of water hitting the shores, the sound of small animals going about in the distance. All this had been destroyed…by his own hand of course. A mistake he would rectify shortly. He'd taken all the necessary steps. All the pieces were in place. All he would now is wait.

Just 48 hours to go.

He'd waited so long for this. Hundreds of years of effort, pain, loneliness, coming to gripes with what he would have to do, until finally he'd reached the Zero Moment. For the consciousness to go back in time, to weld his soul and strengthen his resolve, to get back the chakra he paid for coming back here. All the lives he'd taken, and all the more lives he'd have to take for things to be right.

He found a joke in there.

When he'd been alone for so long he contemplated, what was 'right'? Was it the momentary lapses of period without wars but still conflicts happening as Konoha preferred? Was it the way of the Sage's that brought about peace through cooperation, only for that cycle to anew again? Or was it the will of Indra that sought power to keep everything in line? Or the goal that the Ōtsutsuki had to become Gods of such a massive scale that no matter how many trees they consumed, how many planets they wasted, how many fruits that ate that it would not keep them sated? They're all wrong, Naruto. He told himself. You know it. Where there is light, there is darkness. If you didn't change, if you didn't take that tree for yourself, you would bring that so called 'peace' to the lands. Then the Ōtsutsuki would come for you when your guard would be down. Or maybe Sasuke would've disagreed with you after you'd beat Kaguya. This is was necessary. If you're the bad guy so be it. Besides, you're doing what you want. Everything else is just a byproduct. Ugh, I sound like Danzo. He slapped his cheeks, banishing thoughts of self-doubt as he felt someone reach the top of the tree.

"You're back?" Ameno was in beige shorts and a creamy white tank top, letting out a good amount of cleavage for his highs, but honestly it was her thighs he focused on more. Once more he clapped his hands and sat in prayer. "What are you doing?"

"I'm praising the Lord."

"You pray? To who?"

"I pray to the God of Fertility. Or Goddess of Fertility. I don't know. Whatever out there created you and thighs." Ameno sighed while pinching the bridge of her nose. "Hey, hey, Don't hate the kink, hate the kink-shamer."

"I will try. Though, I do like the attention you give them." she raised her legs, slowly, before crossing them and sitting alongside him. The little cock tease. "So, how was your visit?"

"They're out. Along with other civilians that don't want to be in the crossfire. As for the 'patriots', well I guess I'll give them the death they crave." Naruto looked up at the moon and pondered in thought. Every time he would look up at the little satellite outside, a sense of rage, dread and melancholy settled in. It was after all the trigger that lead to the beginning of the end. Not to mention, it now housed one of his most important bases.

"Do you really hate Konoha?" Ameno asked and it really was a question for the ages. "From what you've told me, I don't see any reason for you to hate the village. Seems a bit edgy, doesn't it?"

"You get a pass for that comment cause you're cute." She gave him a thumbs up. Maybe she was getting too comfy around him. It was a nice change of pace though. "As for hating Konoha. Hmm. How do I put this? I hated a lot of the people. A LOT OF THEM. Sure, I eventually grew out of it, or rather suppressed it cause you know they finally opened their eyes. I don't hate Konoha, I hate what it stands for. It's THE hidden village. What was supposed to be a beacon for cooperation between warring clans to stop the widespread battles instead turned into allegiances of militarized nations looking to strike against each other. The game changed yeah, but it was still the game. Only now instead of one clan, you're going against a whole federation of them. And Hashirama Senju, that foolish cunt, he went ahead and hunted down the Bijū. He had no right, NO RIGHT, to capture them and then sell them off. I know, eventually the villages would've went for them, but that doesn't change the fact how he willingly went after them. What was he thinking? 'Here take this giant chakra beast you can use to obliterate villages. Make sure you don't hurt each other.' The idiot. To think I was once him."

"You were once him?"

"I told you about the sons of the Sages and how they got reincarnated?" She nodded. "Well, I remember everything from their lives. Everything. And let me tell you, if the Uchiha were arrogant pricks, the Senju were self-righteous ones. And their corruption was of a different kind. One that didn't just go through their blood either. Memes, Ameno. Memes. The DNA of their souls passed through ideals."

"How? Can you give me an example?" And with that he revealed the truth of his lineage. To say she was shocked was underwhelming it. "I don't know whether to be awed or disgusted. They did all that just so-"

"Yup. And while Madara is still worse with his little 'I want to be God' plan, they're not exactly saints either. The Will of Fire in many ways fanned the flames that gripped all the nations. And the only way to fix it, is to get rid of it. All of it. Everywhere." Naruto ran his hands through his red locks and grabbed her by the waist, jumping down all the way to the ground of the palace as they walked towards the Morphing Chamber. "The only way to go is forward and I for one am not afraid of change. The road we've all been walking had been predestined for all of us. Through a cycle of hatred. A cycle of fate. Until I happened. The price for freedom is high, but believe me, the price will be worth it. Freedom. True freedom. Untainted by the cursed blood of those vile, wretched Ōtsutsuki."

"You're very angry, aren't you?"

"Absolutely livid."

"How do you keep it all inside?"

"Sex." He put a hand on her rear, squishing it, making her shudder a bit before she settled into his touch. "Lots of it. Also, how are the Girlboss Wars going?"

"…Girlboss? Wars?" Ameno clearly required more context.

"The other girls in my-"


"-Palace." He corrected. He'd rather call them mistresses, paramours or even cock-sockets instead of a harem. "From what I heard, they have a betting ring going on about which girl I like the most. Apparently, you're a heavy favorite."

"They have too much time on their hands."

"That they do."

"So, am I your favorite?" She asked a bit cheekily. He merely laughed it off. As if he'd let her know who best girl was.

"Who knows, but I can tell you this. What you're about to see now is going to wonderful." And with that he opened the door to the room containing the Morph Chamber. The threshold opened and revealed darkness. Dank, endless darkness. "After you."

"I'm not sure about thi-" Her interruption was followed by her scream as he pushed her through the door and he followed. Dropping down as Ameno was still screaming. It carried on for about a minute more until she looked at him with a frown. "You did that on purpose."

"The Morphing Chamber exists in a pocket dimension. Time here flows differently. Give it a few more seconds and then you'll be-" Naruto hit the ground as did Ameno. Neither were injured though as the ground cushioned their blow by moving like jelly until they both stood on their feet again. "There before you know it."

"Did the ground…absorb us?"

"That's right."

"How'd you do that?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? Now come on. Let me show you the best part about all this." He offered her his hand and she took it. Ameno was looking around curiously at the wide, expansive hallway to which there was seemingly no end. Thousands of Metsu were going about and in front of them sat a much larger version of what Nagato used to call the King of Hell. The other massive difference being how much more bare bones it looked. Gone was the color palette of white and black and gold, only a grey sheen covered the whole thing as a green fluid of energy constantly glowed in the mouth of the King. "Behold."

"A giant head."

"Not just any giant head. THE giant head. Do you know what this does?"



"Morph what though?"

"Excellent question." Naruto slapped his hands as natural energy that was stored in his body came to one of his palms. He then concentrated chakra to one finger before cutting his palm and a drop of growing green droplet fell. The fluid solidified quickly before turning into a green and white seed the size of an egg. "This is an artificial seed made from the natural energies I'm always absorbing. And this baby goes into that thing over there." He chucked it in and the glowing swirl green energy got much brighter and then the brightness took over the entire room with a brilliant jaded shade covering everything.

And then it dimmed until a small white hand, pale as death, emerged from the green center, the same green fluid from earlier covering its entire body and the little child like Metsu crawled towards him. "Come here, kiddo." He picked up the adorable little thing as it said its first words.


"They grow up so quickly." He motioned for fifty and one Metsu to come over as he handed the little one over. "He'll be growing up fast this one."

"Would you like to name him now, Father?" Metsu #57912 asked him, better known as Muyo.

"Hmm." He pondered in thought until he turned to Ameno. "Got any ideas?"

"I'm not sure." She hummed like him before it was evident she had something in mind. "How about…Tsukki?"


"Yes. He's pale as the moon." Ameno pointed out and the newly born Metsu gave a thumbs up.

"Tsukki it is then. Now as for you, kids, get inside. You know what's coming next." One chorus of 'Yes, Father' later all fifty of them stepped into the green core and Naruto began going through hand seals. "I can talk while I'm doing this."

"What are you doing?" Ameno fired off. "I thought the Morphing Chamber was just for creating Metsu."

"Well, that's just one function of it. This is the reason how my Hounds were born."

"So you can change their shapes with this." Ameno looked fascinated.

"And their nature. Observe." And the green core glowed once more before five figures stepped out. Five Metsu. Larger than before, stronger, faster and each coated with a paint of colors on their while they all bore black from their toes up to their hips. The red one had fire sparking in his hands. The blue one had a ribbon of water floating around him. The yellow one released sparks of electricity from his back. The brown one produced a shiny black rock in its hand. The green one released a soothing breeze. "Meet En, Sui, Rai, Tsuchi and Kaze. The Elemental Metsu."

Ameno instead of replying looked around. He smiled as her eyes danced around all the Metsu in the chamber and she caught on quickly. "Are you going to unleash them on Konoha?"

"They'll be the first wave. And not all of them will be just for Konoha. My vision is far beyond that of the Leaf's."

"So it all ends in two days."

"Oh Ameno," he stood behind her, pulling her close, his chin on top her while his hands settled on her breasts and exposed midriff. "Don't sound so gloom. After all, all endings are just new beginnings."

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