This is just a little story I thought about. I love reading stories and decided to contribute my own little piece. Let me know what you think.

Harry Potter and all the characters within do not belong to me. I am just borrowing them from J. K. Rowling for a little bit.

Summary: Harry becomes a vampire right before his last year at Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Worse yet Draco Malfoy turned Harry and now Harry has to deal with finishing wizarding school, facing Voldermort, and spending an eternity with his enemy. Once again this is slash. Harry/Draco style.


It was cold. That's all Harry could concentrate on, the crisp could wind that was whipping at his face hard but yet he could not feel it. The more he began to think on it the more he began to realize that he couldn't really feel anything. The cold, cracked, concrete beneath him felt hard and grainy but yet it felt. fake and pliable like sand. That's when he opened his eyes.

The moonlit night was nothing less than a midnight wonderland. Harry felt as though a veil that he had worn all his life had finally been lifted. The night had transformed from dark and gloomy to something beautiful and yet mysterious.

As he looked around he realized he was lying on an alley floor. HE also noticed he could see every crack in every wall in that alley. He could see every roach in that crack, every spider that waited patiently for that certain special roach that would invade its web so it could have its midnight snack. Looking further Harry could see the rats that tried desperately to hide from the light invading from the main road but yet even in the darkened alley, Harry could see them. He could hear them; he could hear the sound of the rats' pitter-patter as it moved. His eyes followed one rat who ran inside a small whole of the dumpsters across the alley and that's when the smell hit him.

The stench of old and rotten food filled his nostrils and burned the hairs on the inside of his tender nose. The incredible smell tramped him like no other and he shuddered with the intensity of the foul odor. Instinctively Harry jumped up from his position on the ground and ran into him.

"Quite strong isn't it?"

Harry kept quiet and stared at the boy in front of him. He was beautiful. Harry couldn't recall every looking upon a face so beautiful but he had seen this face so many times. His skin was as beautiful and flawless as a porcelain doll and it was at that moment that Harry realized for the first time that this magnificent beauty in front of him was not human.

"Ahh, Don't stare." He smirked as he moved forward causing Harry instinctively to back away. "Don't be scared either. I can't hurt you." He paused and smiled. Harry couldn't help but to think of the devil. " Well actually I can if I wanted to but why would I kill my little mate. Now come on we don't have time to dill dally all day. I have loads to tell you." Harry stood and stared at the boy, he wanted to run but seemed unable to move his feet.

He has me under some kind of spell. I can't move. Harry thought to himself.

"I do not have you under a spell and I am not the devil so get those silly little thoughts out of your head." The other boy answered impatiently.

Harry stood there in a state of utter confusion. "What are you?" Harry said surprising himself with the sound of his voice.

The boy looked at him and smiled again, only this time the smile seemed fake.

"I'm the same as you, Potter. A vampire." And with that Draco Malfoy turned and walked away.