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Draco looked at Harry as him shamefully put on his clothes.

"Can you tell me why you had to go and ruin the mood like that, Harry?" Draco said.

Harry's head snapped up. "Well, Draco, how was I supposed to know that he would get all pissy. I thought we were. you know. bonding, man to. vampire to vampire. You know."

Draco sighed, "Did it not occur to you that it would be a sensitive topic? Honestly, Harry, think about it. He really would like to start all over with you, hoping you can forget his trying to kill you." Draco sighed knowing that would be impossible, as great as Harry was taking this he didn't think it would be entirely easy to forgive and forget someone trying to kill you over and over and over again.

"I'm sorry, honestly, I was just curious is all."

"Curious? Curious really." Draco walked over to Harry and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders. "Bloody hell, Harry. How many times has being curious almost landed you in a graveyard, Harry? Umm... let's think." Draco removed his hands and walked around the room as if seriously pondering the thought. "First year, you were so CURIOUS about what the professors were hiding, you just had to find out yourself, in the process nearly getting Weasley, Granger, and yourself killed."


"Oh, yes, and second year, you just were so curious to know who the heir of Slytherin really was. So curious in fact that you went to a demented book try to find the answer. In the process, once again, almost getting you and Weasley killed. Granger petrified."


"Oh, and by the way, next time you and Weasley decided to take a Polyjuice Potion make sure you know a little bit about the person your turning into. Not only could I read what was really happening, but even someone who wasn't able to read minds would know you were not in fact the real Crabbe and Goyle. I mean really getting upset about everything that left my mouth. Honestly, you were in Slytherin territory, you should have been expecting as much."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Harry asked.

"I thought it was funny actually. That's why I purposely made fun of Weasley and Granger, I wanted to see how you two would react." Draco laughed as he reminisced on the second year encounter. "Stomach ache" He mimicked grabbing his stomach.

"Shut it, you tosser."

"My point is, Harry, you're too bloody curious for your own good. The last thing we need is people getting curious about you." Draco kissed Harry and then slipped on his own clothes before grabbing Harry's hand and heading towards the door.

The duo went through the hall and down the stairs. After Harry's blunt question Lucius told them that now was not the time and told them to come downstaris for a real dinner and they would talk then. He promptly left the room and his retreat didn't look too friendly. Neither of the two young vampires was in a hurry to follow him to the dinning room so they took their time dressing,

When they finally reached the room the table was set with what appeared to be another feast of delectable food. Harry thought how it was interesting that the smell wasn't getting to him.

"It's still blood, Harry, only transfigured into something else. The very core of the item is still the same just a different wrapping." Draco said moving over to the table. He held a seat out for Harry and then once Harry was seated took a seat himself.

Harry smiled fondly at the blond. Even though he was thinking it he had a destinct feeling that the older vampire didn't read his thoughts but somehow still knew what he was thinking.

After they were seated they waited nearly a minute before Lucius accompanied by Narcissa took their own seats at the table.

"Ah, Harry. How are you this evening?" Narcissa smiled fondly at her son's Life's Line.

"Fine, thank you, and yourself?"

"I couldn't be better actually. I heard what happened last night and I'm happy to see that you're still with us." She smiled as Harry blushed. "Don't worry dear, trust me, it gets better from here. You just have to remember to have a little patience with us. Lucius and I only want the best for you and Draco."

"Yes, Ma'am," he smiled. He looked over at Draco who was positively beaming with admiration for both his parents.

"Please Harry, call me Narma." The woman smiled

Harry just nodded his head pleasantly.

"I know it's hard for you, Harry. After all I know you have not had the best relations with this family thus far." She paused and looked at her own Life's Line. "That's why I think it's important that Lucius tells you about his relationship with Tom."

"Narcissa," Lucius hissed, "I hardly think this is the time."

"Well, when do you think is the time for this?" She looked harshly at her husband. "When Harry and Draco here are being torn apart and suffering because Harry never got a chance to trust Draco?"

"Certainly not." Lucius said indignantly.

"Well, now would be perfect. If Harry does not understand why, then how can he ever truly trust Draco and this family? He's meant to be with us but I'm not sure that even I would be this accepting if I was in his shoes."

"But Sissa." Lucius whined.

"No buts, Luke. Talk NOW!"

This amazed Harry. Never in his wildest dreams did he picture that Narcissa had this much control in the family. He had always thought that Lucius ran his family with an iron fist. To see Lucius practically beg his wife to yield in her decision flat out shocked him speechless. He was even more shocked when Lucius turned to him and began to speak.

"Harry, it's important to remember that the Malfoy's are a well respected family in the Wizarding World. We are one of the oldest pureblood family and one of the richest, but I'm sure you know that." Harry nodded his head and Lucius continued. "We were anti- Mudblood and anti-Muggle for thousands of years. But, about two hundred years ago my great, great grandfather Wildermoore Malfoy was turned into a vampire by his Life's Line, Thelma. Now, of course, we couldn't just fade ourselves out of the Wizarding World, that would have been to suspicious and as you know we cannot afford any suspicion on this family or risk being hunted and murdered. So we kept up appearances. Our family continued to support the anti-Muggle beliefs even though we no longer believed in the stupid logic." Lucius paused slowly letting Harry gather the information. "So, we were all taught the importance of acting as a Malfoy, acting in public one way and in private we were free to act as we wished. It's the same lesson I taught Draco. I had to make sure that when he went off to Hogwarts that he supported the 'Malfoy' beliefs, even when talking amongst his idiotic friends."

"Father!" Draco snarled.

"Well, you're friends are pretty dense, Draco."

"Lucius, dear," Lucius looked up at his wife. "You're stalling." Narcissa smiled

"Right." Lucius turned back to Harry, "So, I had just finished my seventh year at Hogwarts, and I was not entirely sure what I really wanted to do. Honestly there was no need to work for money so I wanted to do something that was respectable that might bring me some kind of happiness. That's when I met Tom Riddle or, as you know him."

"Voldermort." Harry stated

"Correct. My friends at that time told me about him, and told me that I should come to a rally that he was having. He was in the process of gathering followers. Naturally, being a Malfoy, I could not refuse or it would look dodgy. Why would a Malfoy turn down the opportunity of ridding the world of Muggles and Mudbloods? So, I went, not knowing that this one night would leave such an impact on my life."


"All I'm saying is this better be good. If not it will be both your heads for wasting my time." A young Lucius Malfoy said to his two goons, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Lucius, I'm telling you this guy. He knows his stuff. Trust me. He's amazing, just wait till you hear him speak." The elder Goyle said looking at the blond.

Lucius gave no reply and looked around the room. The room was a little smaller than the Great Hall at Hogwarts and to say it was packed was an understatement. Not only was every chair filled but also there were also people standing along the walls to hear this man, Voldermort, speak his hateful words. Lucius wasn't really surprised.

Many of these pureblood families went thousands of years back and many were just jealous that their magic power was not stronger or in some cases not as strong as the witches or wizards that were Muggle born. The whole concept was really ridiculous to Lucius. People can not control who or what they really are. If people were born as Muggles or if they were born as wizards didn't really matter. Some people are born with the ability to sing, does that make them better than those who can not? Certainly not.

"Oh, there he is," Goyle said, capturing Lucius attention.

Lucius turned to the stage and his breath caught in his throat. Standing on the stage was a beautiful young man a few years older than Lucius himself. He had short wavy brown hair, flawless white creamy skin, and blue eyes so deep one might be able to swim in its depths. The man stood about 6'2 and when he spoke his voice was that of a mesmerizing tune, deep, clear and perfect.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Wizarding World, we are here to stop the tragedy that has become the world in which we live. Our world has become something of a destitute third world instead of the powerful kingdom it should be. Why?" He paused, "The answer is simple really. It is all the Mudbloods and half-breeds that infest our very world with their dirty blood." Many people nodded their heads with agreement. "These savages demand that they be treated equally and respectfully among us when it is their kind that demand that we be kept separate from the Muggle world.

"Now, someone please tell me why do we need to keep our world separate and secret like we are some criminals in the night? Are we not all- powerful, can we not destroy the muggle world with a flick of our wand? Muggles depend on technology and electricity to carry them on the next era when we use our minds. These Mudbloods would have us to believe that we are somehow beneath muggles but we shall buy into these lies no longer. We are the superior beings. WE are the ones who should be ruling and they should cower before us, they should hide from us, not the other way around. If it had not been for our kind and the great Merlin there would be no England."

For an hour the young man carried on his message of hate and superiority, but Lucius was no longer paying attention to the words themselves but at how the words sounded rolling from this beautiful creatures lips. By the time the rally was over and people were signing to help Voldermort in his "noble" cause, Lucius Malfoy was trying desperately to hide his own erection before standing up.

"I want to meet him." Lucius said to his two goons who were on either side of him.

The trio made their way to the front of the room where the young man was busy shaking hands and talking with another pureblood family, the Parkinsons. Lucius sighed with impatience. The Malfoy family was more important than these new money, blabbering idiots. Their blood might have been old but they had just come into the little wealth that they had.

Finally Lucius all but pushed the adults out of the way.

"Excuse me, but we were talking to our Lord." The older woman and man were outraged by this teenager's audacity.

Lucius dismissed them with a wave of his hand not even glancing their way but looking straight into Voldemort's eyes. He knew then that the older man wanted him as much as he wanted the blue-eyed beauty. The desire was clear in Voldermort's eyes, Lucius didn't have to read his mind.

Lord Voldemort broke eye contact with Lucius and looked at the two men at his side.

"Ah, Crabbe and Goyle, I see you brought a guest with you." Voldermort said looking back at Lucius.

"Yes my lord, this is."

"Lucius Malfoy, pleasure it is to meet you." Lucius said sticking his hand out at the man.

"Mr. Malfoy, trust me when I say the pleasure is all mine." Voldermort took Lucius hand softly in his grasp. "I've heard a lot about the Malfoy family. I know that you are a very powerful family."

"I'd be lying if I were to deny it and I do not intend to." Lucius said putting his hand back at his side.

"Having the support of families such as yours would be absolutely detrimental to my war on cleansing out our world." Voldermort said.

"Lord Voldermort," Lucius admonished, "I never said you had the support of the Malfoy family as of yet, and such words coming from you. Half breed, aren't you, Mr. Riddle?" Lucius said, he plucked that information from the man's mind.

Voldermort's eyes burned, "At one point in time I was. However, my Muggle father is no more, and I was born again, let's say. Do not call me Riddle again."

"As you wish," Lucius said, "Although, as powerful as you may be, Lord Voldemort, you will not get the support of my family by a mere speech. I've heard speeches like yours countless times before. I'm not to be impressed by words alone."

"Oh, really? Well if I may be honest, Mr. Malfoy, I do not think I would want such insubordination in my army." Voldermort said.

"Well, so sorry for you, Mr. Riddle." Lucius said turning away. "Crabbe, Goyle let's go." The three walked towards the door much to the surprise of Lord Voldemort.

"Mr. Malfoy, you."

"The Hog's Head in half an hour, Lord Voldemort, and please do try to be there on time." Lucius said walking out of the door.


"Ohhh yes, Harder. Yeah," Lucius was on all fours as Tom pounded into his tight hole. The angle allowing Tom to hit that sweet spot buried deep within Lucius.

"You're so tight. so beautiful." With those words Voldermort began to pound relentless inside Lucius making him scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Lucius body jerked as he came on the bed beneath him. Voldermort followed shortly after, shooting his load in that wonderful heat of Lucius Malfoy.

"Wow." Lucius said as he collapsed on the bed. He could feel the sudden emptiness as Voldermort slid out of him. The bed sank in next to him as Voldermort fell next to him. "That was. that was great Tom." He said as he curled in next to the older wizard.

"Yeah, it was, wasn't it?"

Lucius just smiled as he snuggled in closer to Lord Voldermort, he savored the feeling of cum drizzling down the inside of his thighs. Voldermort wrapped his arms around the beautiful young Malfoy.

"Will you follow me now?" Voldermort asked before he kissed Lucius softly, yet passionately.

"I'll follow you anywhere." Lucius said as he returned the kiss.

**********END FLASHBACK*********

"We spent the following months preparing Voldermort's army for an attack that the Wizarding world had never seen, and I was Voldermort's right hand man. We shared everything from the planning to his bed." Lucius paused once again reliving the memories of his younger days. "The more time we spent together the more I began to question the whole Life's Line theory. I believed that Tom was the person I was destined to spend eternity with and that somehow my body couldn't recognized that. So I told him everything about what I really was, and everything about our world and how I felt about him. I didn't know at the time that what I presumed to be lust was nothing more than infatuation."

"What did he say when you told him all that?" Harry asked curiously.

Draco snorted at him.

"Harry, if you haven't noticed Voldermort's main goal has always been having absolute power. It had nothing to do with Muggle-borns, all he wanted was power and he knew how to use the Wizarding World's weakest spot to his advantage." Lucius stated. "When I told him, he jumped at the possibility to be a vampire. After that he never showed any interest in killing Muggles or Muggle-borns except when in public, but the only thing he was concerned about was becoming one of us. He knew that with his Wizarding power and vampiric power he wouldn't need anyone to completely dominate the Wizarding World.

"So we worked, day and night, to come up with a solution, to make him into a vampire. It took us months of research and trying to sort through the myths to get to the actual fact and when we finally discovered the information we needed. that's when I met Narcissa Black." Lucius stopped and looked over at his lovely wife. She smiled at him and he felt his heart melt all over again. "Time stood still and I knew right then and there that I had truly found my Life's Line. I met her, at one of Tom's rallies and as he was ranting and raving about Muggles, I looked over the audience and I saw the Black Family, well almost all of the Black family. I believe your Godfather was attending Hogwarts at the time, and there she was. When I looked back at Tom I realized that I had nothing more than a schoolboy crush. He was beautiful, but Narcissa was heavenly."

"Unlike you and Draco, we hit it off immediately. She became my wife and Life's Line within the year." Lucius grabbed Narcissa hand and kissed it lightly and she smiled at him.

"Was Voldermort mad?" Harry questioned.

Lucius shook his head. "No, he was a little hurt, the same as anyone would be when they loose a lover to someone else, but he understood. It wasn't anything that I could control, and I didn't want to, regardless. However, he became even more determined in his fight for power and I helped him. Maybe out of pity, but mostly because I did consider him a friend and a confidant. For years he and his other followers would go out and kill Muggle-borns and Muggles, me coming whenever my presence was requested. Until one fateful night in Godric's Hollow when one special baby boy stopped Voldermort." Lucius looked at Harry and smiled slightly.

Harry returned his smile and reflexively touched his lightening shaped scar. "Umm... Lucius, you said you two discovered the information you needed, may I ask what it was?"

"Bloody hell, Harry! Did you ever think about writing for the Daily Prophet? You ask more questions than that Skeeter woman."

"Draco, that isn't a very nice thing to say." Narcissa reprimanded, Draco shrugged.

Lucius just leaned forward so he was looking Harry directly in the eye. "Harry, what do you know about the Philosopher's Stone?"

Harry's breath caught, "It's what Voldermort was trying to steal from the school my first year. It's a stone that can turn metal into gold and give the owner immortal life."

"Oh, but with a price. The owner can never see the light of day and has to live on the very essence of life itself. blood."

Harry sat back stunned, "But surely, this cannot be the very beginning of vampires. The stone itself was only 600 years old before it was destroyed. The legend of vampires go back further than that."

"Yes, and so does the legend of the stone. Nicholas Flammel was an old French Alchemist and potions master, he did not invent the stone but heard of its legend. Like you, he only knew of its benefits. Now whether the world of vampires existed prior than that, one cannot be entirely sure. But we do know that the stone is responsible for creating the existence of vampires. Flammel was a man who was fascinated by its power. He spent years toying with different ingredients and stones to find the right concoction and he succeeded." Lucius said

"But if that is the case, how did he die? Dumbledore told me that he they decided to destroy the stone and that Nicolas Flammel and his wife would die."

"But did they really die, Harry? That's the question. When Flammel was successful he stupidly announced it to the whole world. Some people believed him, but many more did not. So he died in the Muggle world but his legend still lived on. 200 years later, Muggles were still so fascinated by him and his works that they decided to dig through his tomb to see if he had his secret of the philosopher's stone entombed with him. But when they opened his tomb they found no secrets but more importantly they found no body. You see Harry, if he could fake his own death in the muggle world, "

"He could fake his own death in the Wizarding World as well." Harry finished.

"Exactly, Harry," Lucius said excitedly. "We all have to do it sometime, my grandparents had to do it, my parents, Narcissa, and I, and eventually you and Draco will have to do it as well."

Harry sat back in his chair, he didn't say anything but let all the information soak in. Finally after five minutes of silence, Harry's voice slid through.

"Does Dumbledore know?"

"Harry, please tell me what Dumbledore doesn't know?" Lucius said sarcastically. "Dumbledore looks after us, he is part or the reason I got off when the Ministry tried to put me in Azkaban the first time Voldermort was destroyed."

"But. in my second year you got Dumbledore kicked out of the Headmaster position." Harry protested.

"Well, at the time I was trying to have you killed Harry, if I must be honest. Besides, I knew it would only be a matter of time before Dumbledore was reinstated." Lucius paused, "Besides, Dumbledore gave me an earful about it. After that little incident in the hallway I had a howler from Dumbledore waiting for me in the Manor. Trust me when I say, you would never, ever want to get a howler from him. It was absolutely dreadful." Lucius put his hand to his head as if the very memory caused him great distress. "Well, now that's all over and done with. Let's eat, shall we?"

Lucius did a quick reheating spell and the Malfoy's dug into the feast set before them. Harry sat contemplating before he joined the family in eating their nightly meal. He had not thought about the fact that Dumbledore knew that he too was a vampire.


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