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Chapter 1: Surprise Surprise

It was amazing how fast time flew at Yale. One minute she was heaving her huge suitcase into the dorm room, and saying goodbye to Lorelai, and next, it was already November. Rory had made some friends, and was doing very well in all her classes. Every Friday night she sat down for dinner with her grandparents, and then proceeded to spend the night at home in her old bed.

Rory hadn't been too busy to find an incredibly smart, incredibly hot guy who was into her as much as she was into him. The best part being that he loved to take her out for coffee and to discuss books. Books and coffee – no better combination. The guy's name was Erik, and he came from "high society" in New York. Making everyone happy was Erik's talent apparently. Lorelai loved him because he was hot and liked buying Rory coffee, Rory's grandparents loved him because of his last name and reputation. Rory wasn't quite sure why she liked him, but knew that things could go much farther than casual coffee dates and crushes.

Rory had just finished researching in the library with Liz, her roommate. She was going back to the room, but Liz was heading out to party. It was one of those "winter is coming" fall days. The air was nippy, and Rory had her "look at me, I'm a diva," scarf on. The research had gone well, boring, but well. Anything having to do with the history of ballpoint pens would have to be. It was her Journalist professor's idea of a project to get them to use resources. Well it had worked. Rory glanced down at her watch, it was already 6:15pm, and she had a lot of studying left to do – especially since it was a Sunday night before a busy week.

She liked the fact that the dorms were co-ed. Well, the dorms themselves weren't, but the building was. It gave a certain giddiness to all the girls, and allowed Rory to see Erik much more often than otherwise. She walked up the steps to her dorm, books in hand. Pulling out her keyring, she went to find the right key while walking closer. Giving a triumphant "aha," she grasped the right one and went to put it in the lock. Rory stopped. Ahead of her sat a guy, in front of her dorm room, hunched over in a leather jacket, reading a very worn copy of Oliver Twist. Rory gasped as she stared down into two mahogany eyes belonging to Jess.

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