Music's no good (without you)

Warnings/notes : Schuldich/Ken, songfic, slight fluff, first pov shifts after each songfragment

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. the song 'The music's no good without you' belongs to Cher. lyrics slightly altered.

written at 14th april 2003, by Misura. part 1 of 3 [?]


//The music's no good without you baby,

The music's no good at all,// [Ken]

I don't know why I came here tonight, to this place I only went with you. I feel nothing of the attraction it held for you ; can see nothing of the beauty you swore to me it possessed.

You asked me to come along with you, wanting me to share your world. That's the only reason I agreed to it ; because you asked me. I was never able to deny you anything.

Not even when you said you wanted to leave me.

//The music's no good without you baby,

Come back to me. // [Schuldich]

Everything's the same as always, like nothing ever changes in this place of lights and music. Most of the faces that greet me have been here as long as I can remember. The music may be a bit different than three years ago, the drinks served may wear other names, but the basics remain unchanged. Familiar. Comforting. Or so it should have been.

No one seems to wonder at the fact that I am alone, that you're no longer with me. It's like the night at which I took you with me, to introduce you to them never happened.

Maybe I should read their minds to see if they truely don't recall the lovely brunet that walked in here at my side once. I'd prefer not to however.

In part because I never did so before, respecting their privacy. And in part because I don't want to know how they had seen this coming, how they knew all along we wouldn't last.

//Everyone was watching,

You were the freakiest thing on show.// [Ken]

I remember the first time we met in a place not so different from this one. It was on a mission of course. I was supposed to keep watch of a certain door, when you made your entrance.

Normal people like me don't do that ; we simply 'enter' or 'walk in'. Not you though.


He's even worse than Yohji, Ken thought in disgust as he saw the german striding in, drawing all eyes to his little-revealing clothing. I don't know why everyone's staring at him like he's some sort of star ; he isn't that pretty.

: No? Then why are you drooling Kenken? :

I'm not drooling! Ken blushed brightly.

: Ah, but you are staring at me. Like what you see? : Schuldich winked, somehow making it a very private and personal gesture even if they were separated by at least a dozen people.

Arrogant bastard! Ken thought darkly, hearing Schuldich laugh in reply.

*end flashback*

//There's a lingual crystal hall,

They only love to watch it glow. // [Schuldich]

You were never at ease in places like this. Claiming the music hurt your ears, as the lights hurt your eyes. For me though, for me you visited them. And for Weiss.

I will never forget that first night.


Schuldich had not come there that night to seduce someone. He was here to have fun, to relax and maybe that would include waking up in someone else's bed the next morning, who cared?

As long as he enjoyed himself and didn't have to do anything for it, it was fine with him. Until he noticed Ken, that was. Something in the boy pulled at him, made him want to get closer.

Schuldich liked to play games, any kind of games and his favorite one was the game of love. Though to speak of love would be a lie ; he had never felt more than a passing affection for those he had played this game with before. It certainly wasn't love that made him set out to seduce Ken. The love came later, making him stay.

Making him return again and again until he discovered he was in love some day.

And decided to stop returning. Because he couldn't accept a weakness like that to hold him down, couldn't afford to care for anyone but himself.

*end flashback*

//You were the center of attention,

The eye of the storm,// [Ken]

With you it was different. When I was with you, the noise didn't bother me. I hardly heard it. All I felt was the rhythm that made your frame sway so elegantly, so naturally like you were part of it.

Your body moved mine, trying to make me feel what you experienced on the dancefloor ; the euphorism of being one with the music. I never felt it. All I could feel was you.

Your arms around me, your body pressed to mine ... how could expect me to have any attention left to pay to other things?

I disappointed you, didn't I? You were so different from everyone I ever met ; I never should have hoped for more than a one-night stand, a kiss in passing.

You entered my life like a whirlwind, sweeping me off my feet until I no longer knew up from down, or light from dark. I ought to be grateful you didn't take advantage of my weakness, that you only broke my heart when you left me.

//Whirlwind from outerspace,

Like a twister on the soon.// [Schuldich]

You were unique, without an equal. Your innocence, your naivety, your energy ... they all made you special to me. My world was a dull, ugly place and you brought back the sun.

I don't think you even considered yourself pretty. You reacted with incredulity as I told you how beautiful you were. You blushed a lot too. About the smallest things.

You were like a sparkling, strong wine that went straight to the head. Time spent with you seemed to fly, while I counted the minutes to our next meeting. Too less of the first, too many of the second ... not important anymore.

You're gone and only now that it's too late I discover there's no one able to replace you.

//The music's no good without you baby,

The music's no good at all,// [Ken]

I try to dance on my own but I can tell it's no good. The few people looking in my direction must be thinking this is my first time here. I feel bodies pressing to mine. I don't like that.

I didn't mind it when you did it, but I don't even know these people. I try to back off, create some personal space, even if this place is crammed with people.

Why don't I just leave? I don't belong here.

//The music's no good without you baby,

Come back to me.// [Schuldich]

Surrounded by strangers, I feel oddly comforted in my loneliness. There must be many people here who made a mistake like mine, who didn't recognize what they had before they lost it.

It's easy to pretend we're all friends here. Friends for one night.

Like we were lovers for three months. Without ever really knowing eachother.