The initial plan had been to just rewrite all of my old stuff and only then work on brand new material, buuuut I got this idea a while ago and it wouldn't leave me alone, so here we are! I don't know what to do with this, where this is going, how long it will be, update schedules, or anything like that. I'll wing it as I go, I guess akjhasjf I just... Love when my OTPs have kids

Title comes from Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind, a current favorite.


i. the beginning

The smell of sugar and roasted coffee beans attracts passersby into the small coffee shop with promises of a hot drink and sweet baked goods. It's a bit nauseating, if Amy may be so honest, but then again, everything has left her feeling nauseous as of late.

By the entrance of the building, under decorative dark blue awnings, a group of businessmen take a break from work, their voices drifting in the air. A few girls in school uniforms push open the door to the inside of the shop, giggling to themselves with small shopping bags hanging off their arms as they enter the cozy space illuminated by warm yellow lights.

Near the metal fences that mark the outdoor area of the coffee shop, Amy watches as the small silver spoon falls from her friend's grasp to clatter on the saucer of her drink. Objectively, she knows the quiet sound was drowned out by the rush of voices and passing cars, and yet it seemed too loud in her ears.

She shifts uncomfortably as Rouge's wide eyes rest upon her and, Chaos, she is so happy. "Oh Amy, that's wonderful news!" Quick as ever, the bat reaches over to grab her hands. Amy returns the hold just as fiercely, if not more.

Before the drugstore test showed her the result and confirmed her suspicions, she'd been elated, too, until doubts started swarming her head once again. The happiness was short-lived and, confused and scared, she called Rouge and asked to talk to her. Rouge is older, wiser, more experienced - especially in this area. Amy hadn't even stopped to consider if the bat would be available on such short notice, considering she has a toddler of her own to look after.

Thankfully, Rouge was more than willing to quickly meet up with Amy in the coffee shop that is halfway to both their houses. She's sure the slight panic in her voice was the majority of the reason why Rouge agreed to it leave as soon as she'd called, but while embarrassed at her lack of composure, Amy's glad for her presence all the same.

Some of the panic and doubt must be showing on her face, if the way Rouge tilts her head to the side means anything. She releases Amy's hands to wipe the drool on her kid's face, the little boy grinning up at her from behind the pastry he's been nibbling for the past ten minutes. He looks a lot like his mother, except his fur is red and the growing hair is styled much like his father's.

"I don't mean to offend, hon, but you don't seem happy," Rouge points out, frowning at Amy even as she continues to fuss over her son.

Amy puts her hands in her lap to fiddle with her fingers out of view. "I- I'm scared," she admits quietly, averting her eyes. "I don't know how he will react."

Rouge hums in contemplation, carefully lifting up her cup of cappuccino and taking a sip as she mulls it over. Amy's own drink remains forgotten on the table. The hot chocolate she ordered must be cold by now. She never planned on drinking it anyway, and doesn't think she could actually stomach it.

"I won't lie to you, Amy, Shadow is unpredictable." Rouge delicately wipes the corner of her lips clean with a napkin. "There's no telling how he'll react to the news, but I don't think it's going to be anything bad."

She's almost too scared of asking. "Bad like... How?"

"Bad like leaving you, or wanting to get rid of it. So you can get these ideas out of your head." The bat offers her a small, comforting smile, and taps her chin in thought. Amy exhales a breath she'd been holding. "Now, in all the years I've known him, he's never ever hinted at wanting to have a family. It was surprising enough when you said you both were dating. He didn't even tell me so himself!"

Amy smiles faintly at the memory. She remembers how Rouge had nagged him when Amy announced their new relationship status, on how she didn't like to be left in the dark. Shadow eventually made up for it by being the one to deliver the wedding invitation to her, personally.

"Yes, I... I tried to talk to him about it before, but I never knew how to breach the topic." She bites her bottom lip and sighs, wrapping her arms securely around her waist. "I don't know what to do."

"Just tell him," Rouge says softly and reaches over the table again, placing her hands on the flat surface with her palms turned up. Amy accepts the offer and clutches to her hands tightly, thankful for the support. "He may be bad when it comes to dealing with feelings and other people, but everyone can see how much you mean to him. He will need some time to get used to the idea, sure, but it's his kid and you're his wife. He won't abandon the both of you."

Rouge's gentle smile turns into a slight teasing smirk as she winks. "And he's not dumb. An idiot sometimes, yes, but definitely not dumb. He knew the risks and possible consequences when he decided to not use protection."

Heat rises up to Amy's cheeks, and she ducks her head to hide her flaming skin. Rouge laughs and releases her hands to tend to her son again, and Amy finally takes the first sip from her drink, shrinking back into the chair. She remembers that night all too well, when he'd returned from a long mission and surprised her with a passionate kiss while still standing in the entrance hall of their apartment. Things had escalated rather quickly from there.

Shadow had actually whispered against her bare shoulder that he missed her. The memory alone makes her chest grow warm with affection.

"Thank you, Rouge." Amy offers her a smile, one that's a little more steady this time, but only slightly. She will always be grateful for making a friend out of the former rival; her life wouldn't be the same if they hadn't gotten so close. "Could you help me?"

"Of course!" She agrees immediately, clasping her hands together. "But only if I get to be the godmother!"

Amy giggles from behind the porcelain cup. "It's only fair, don't you think?"

Rouge nods, brushing her hair over her shoulder. "I did a lot of research when I had to break the news to Knuckles, so I have a lot of ideas. What are you aiming for?" She waves over a waitress to bring the bill and grabs the wallet from her purse.

Amy knows better than to try to split the bill now; Rouge will call it a small comforting gesture to a friend in need, and will say that Amy can always make it up to her later. That's how it usually goes with them. "Something simple, but meaningful and... Not too shocking, I guess. I don't want to scare him."

"You got it, hon." Rouge offers her another wink. "The classic reveal should work just fine."