Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my OC Bianca Robbins and any alterations to the original storyline plot her presence creates to various readers amusement everywhere across the globe during these dark and troubling times.

Bianca Robbins Prologue

People have said a great many things about Bianca. Some of them not very kind. But now her tale shall be told as it really happened. Here own true story.

Bianca was born in a little town to poor but honest parents. She grew up an only child but very happy. Everyone commented on how pretty she was though Bianca was a good girl. And then the worst of ills befell her. Her mother was unexpectedly taken by an aggressive and advanced dose of breast cancer. As if that hadn't been bad enough soon afterward the shock of her death probably proved too much for her father to bear because he quite unexpectedly passed away quietly during the night. Doctors made note that it was probably the stress that killed him, but those who knew the family well already were aware of what truly caused his death.

He died of a broken heart.

Bianca was left behind an orphan at the young age of eleven.

How fortunate for Bianca that she did have one living family member left to take her in and grant her sanctuary.

Her paternal grandfather Vietnam veteran and author Jeffrey Robbins.

Kind, gentle, and warm Jeffrey Robbins did not hesitate to take her in. While the family had lived separately from him they were still very close and loved each other very much. It was the ideal situation for her to move into given her drastic change in circumstances. Despite people's reservations about his condition he manages to look after her just fine. You see Robbins is blind, has been since the Vietnam war since he received the catastrophic injury in the heat of the battle that technically rendered him this way. The two of them developed a routine for each other making them coexist together quite comfortably.

And so for nine years Bianca endeavored to deserve the love and affection he so freely bestowed on her. She was proud and happy in all the reassurance he gave that he would always be there for her. Her beloved grandfather would never leave her willingly. From the time she was a little girl Bianca has never forgotten or been deprived of the love and protection a family can provide.

Sadly their total peaceful existence was not to last.

For during one quiet evening grandfather and granddaughter would receive a surprising, yet not unwelcome, visitor to their quiet and serene home on the waters edge.

This persons name is Hudson…a gargoyle.

Authors Note:

Just a heads up I'm taking suggestions on various shows, books, and movies to write in the future. You see I'm trying to reach my goal of 100 stories on my profile and after this one I'll only have 11 left to go until I get there. So think it over and if I feel a connection with what you suggest I'll do it.

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Yes, yes, yes! Your eyes do not deceive you! At long last it is another Gargoyle story. I know there are many that loved the previous one. So now here arrives another. I've been meaning to get to actually writing this one for a while and only now I've managed to find time and inspiration for it. I'm very satisfied and happy about it. Really do desire for this one to entertain you for a while to come.

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