"I won...", noted Blue Maiden to herself, dropping to her knees in disbelief. Her adrenaline finally subsided, leaving behind a tired girl.

"She did it!", Chazz hugged Jim in celebration, Revolver slowly clapping in silence.

"You...", Don Thousand stood up from the ground, Blue Maiden turning to face him. "How dare you destroy what I've been trying to accomplish... You've inadvertently destroyed the world's hope of continuing to exist, with what you've just done."

Darkness then spoke up, pointing at the blue-haired girl, "You may have won this duel, but both this world and the next are still about to collapse from the blue portals."

Suddenly, the entire world shook once more, the blue portals opening up to reveal other worlds.

"What is happening!?", asked Chazz as he turned his head to see the various worlds revealed.

"Other dimensions are opening up as well, all doomed to face the same fate our world is destined to face", Don Thousand explained.

Suddenly, the many vines from the Numeron Network began disappearing, both Trilojig and Raviel slowly vanishing as well. However, a faint blue light began to shine in the air, forming what appeared to be a card.

"Wait a moment, is that...?", trailed off Axel.

"The first card in existence...", noted Darkness.

It's the Numeron Code!, noted Blue Maiden, standing up with one thing in mind.

She suddenly began sprinting towards the bright light.

"Wait what are you doing!?", Chazz asked with panic.

"Don't you dare touch the Numeron Code; Ordinary humans can't touch it!", Don Thousand shouted, outstretching his hand to no avail.

The blue-haired girl refused to listen to him, close to touching the glowing card.

"Don't touch it!", Darkness also shouted, Revolver suddenly wary of both giants' words. Were they speaking the truth?

The hacker didn't know himself as he suddenly spoke up, "Aoi Zaizen, step back!"

Blue Maiden widened her eyes at the Hanoi leader's words, although it was all too late. She already grabbed the erratic card.


"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!", suddenly screamed the blue-haired girl, the glowing card burning in her hand.

Blue Maiden!, Jaden's monsters shouted.

The girl couldn't let go of the card for some reason, her fingers turning into a violet-brown color. Burnt tissue also began forming in her hand and lower arm.

Normal humans burn upon contact with the Numeron Code. She had powers, but they only slowed the process.

"Don't worry, we're here to help you!", ran Chazz towards the screaming girl, grabbing her back and pulling in hopes of separating her.

But it didn't work.

Blue Maiden couldn't let go of the card.


Akira couldn't help but hear the deafening screams outside the SOL technologies building. It didn't matter what the news said, it didn't matter where people sheltered up; They were still being sucked in into the blue portals above. It was only a matter of time until he was next.

"Aoi... I'm sorry for not being there when you needed me", broke down the CEO to himself as people outside continued screaming. "...I hope you can one day forgive me."

And then he was gone.


The girl could not even let go of her welled-up tears as her arm continued being burnt by the card. She didn't want to end up dying, not when she was close to saving the world.

"Argh; it's no use!", Chazz screamed in panic as he let go of the suffering girl. "The card doesn't want to let her go!"

"This wouldn't have happened if she listened to us in the first place!", Don Thousand stepped in, both him and Darkness now fully recovered from the previous impact. "Do you now see why we didn't want you humans to get involved!"

Ironically enough, the girl wanted to agree with them as she continued trying to let go of the shining card. She could start to see her veins burst in red and purple.

No! She had to remain strong to save the world! It was her only goal at this point; nothing else mattered!

That's all the girl kept saying to herself as she continued struggling.

"Let's just destroy the card!", Axel shouted at his companions. "We have no other choice at this point!"

"No, don't you dare do that!", intervened Darkness. "This is the only thing that can save the world, and I'm not going to let you humans get in the way!"

"Relax, they can't even destroy the card anyway", Don Thousand noted at the dark apparition. "But you should know that better than anyone. In any case, it's just a matter of letting the girl die and then act accordingly."

"Wait what!?", asked the pro duelist.

"She wanted to try and save the world? Good, let her try, and have her find for herself that the world doesn't work that way", stated the black alien. "There are some people who simply aren't destined for greatness, and that the world doesn't want."

Don Thousand then pointed at the dying girl and added, "It turns out that she's just one of those people."

"Why you...!", Chazz wanted to hit the black alien again, only to be held back by Jim.

Blue Maiden, meanwhile, could only curse to herself as she saw that nothing was working. She could literally feel how she was beginning to lose sensations in her burnt arm.

Is his how I'm really going to die...?, asked the girl to herself. I thought I was meant to do something... I'm sorry Jaden, for disappointing you...

The Numeron Code suddenly released a strong air burst, making the marine avatar's cards fly everywhere.

I'm sorry, big brother, for not being able to re-unite with you again..., continued the girl, finally letting go of her tears. She then remembered what Revolver told her about her brother earlier. I'm also sorry for worrying-

The girl was suddenly thrown out of her musings when she saw a specific card fly by her.


She then instantly remembered what Yubel once told her about certain cards having power.

"That's it...", trailed off Blue Maiden. "That's it!"

She then tried reaching for the flying card, but couldn't due to her right arm being stuck to the Numeron Code.

"Dammit!", she clicked her tongue. It was flying away!

Suddenly, she saw a demonic hand successfully grab the floating card.


"Go on, do what you think is right", Yubel stated as she handed the marine girl her card.

Remember that we're all here for you, too, added Infernal Devicer telepathically, Aqua Dolphin nodding in agreement.

The marine girl nodded confidently, before suddenly wincing at the burning sensation. Right, she had to focus.

Her hair floated once more as it flowed in a blue hue, as the girl suddenly shouted. "I activate Sabatiel's special ability!"

She then placed the card above the Numeron Code, both cards spewing out rays of light everywhere.

"Wait, what is the human doing!?", shouted Don Thosuand.

"Sabatiel allows me to grant any wish with its powers!", explained Blue Maiden as she heard a bone snap from inside her arm. She decided to ignore it completely as she continued, "And I'm allowed to activate this effect up to three times!"

"Aoi", Revolver ran up to the marine avatar, the girl turning to face him and say, "Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

She could tell that the hacker was still worried as hell, so she turned to face the Numeron Code and continued, "The first wish; I wish to undo the dimensional collapse! Save all nearby universes!"

The blue portals suddenly stopped moving, the auroras beginning to lose intensity.

"Wait, is the card actually listening to her?", asked Darkness incredulously.

"The second wish; I wish to talk to my brother again!", Blue Maiden shouted, silently wincing again to deal with the abrasive pain. "Bring him from wherever he is, alive and well!"

But this time, he card didn't do anything.


Revolver immediately noticed why the card didn't respond, instead running up to Blue Miaden and telling her, "...Aoi, I might have to cut off your arm to free you, but it's the only way to save you."

The blue-haired girl didn't pay attention to him, instead knowing all too well why the card didn't do anything.

Did I... did I really lose him...?

"Wait you're going to do WHAT??", asked Chazz at the hacker.

"It's the only choice, plus the monsters here are now tangible thanks to the collapsing dimensions!", the Hanoi leader explained, letting go of Blue Maiden's shoulder and summoning a specific card, "This may be our only chance to save her! Appear, Borrelsword Dragon!"

Revolver's monster suddenly manifested above the hacker, letting out a piercing roar that everyone across all dimensions could hear.

Borrelsword Dragon; Link 4, Up, Left, Bottom-Left, and Down Arrows; 3000 ATK

Chazz silently stood there, not knowing what to say. He then looked at the blue-haired girl, noticing how she had tears in her eyes despite not saying anything.

"...Alright, do it, space-man!", stated Chazz, before turning to face Blue Maiden. "Look this may be scary, but don't move! We're gonna get you out of this mess!"

She still didn't pay attention, only thinking about how she lost everyone important to her.

And I never really got to tell him sorry, either...

She could only think about her life, her childhood with Akira, constantly moving everywhere to find a home, finding an apartment after moving to Den City, creating a VRAINS avatar to free herself and bring smiles to everyone...

She then thought about everything else that happened after that; Playmaker's arrival, the battle against Hanoi's Knight organization, the digital virus that infected her, the appearance of Lightning and his AI army, befriending Aqua and immediately losing her afterwards, and her failure against AI.

She suffered even more when remembering what happened after; the abandonment of her brother while depressed, endlessly worrying him afterwards, the meeting of Jaden and learning to have confidence on herself, and immediately losing it again upon Jaden's death.

Not even defeating both Darkness and Don Thousand helped her, saving the world wouldn't bring her friends and family back.


"Remember, Aoi, to always smile no matter what happens", said Akira comfortingly to a weeping child Aoi, years ago on a rainy alley. Her brother was beat up and bloodied from his unsatisfied boss, yet he still smiled for his sister. "No matter what happens, I'll always be with you..."


Big Brother...


"Stay strong, Blue Maiden!", cheered on Aqua as they battled against Bohman and his Hydradrive monsters. They only had few LP remaining. "With our combined power, we are sure to save the world together! We just have to have confidence in ourselves!"




"Do you get it, Aoi? Now do you understand my reason for dueling despite everything that has happened to me??"

Aoi could only stare at bewilderment at the duelist.

"I continue dueling to scream to the world, 'This is who I am! This is Jaden Yuki, the next King of Games!'"



Something mentally snapped inside the girl, she only wanted one thing and one thing only, the wish mercilessly banging in her mind across all corners.


"Borrelsword Dragon, sever Aoi's arm and free her!", commanded Revolver, his dragon raising his head up high.

"Are you seriously going to do that!?", asked Axel, Don Thousand not containing himself anymore and laughing out loud.

I'm sorry Aoi for doing this, but I can assure you everything will be fine, Revolver thought mentally, the thought of failing in promising Zaizen that he would reunite with his sister pushed at the back of his mind. One day you'll thank me for this...

"Attack, Borrelsword-!"

"MY THIRD WISH, I WISH TO SAVE EVERYONE ACROSS ALL DIMENSIONS, AND BRING ALL THEM BACK FROM THE BEYOND!", shouted Blue Maiden inadvertently, the card booming out another wave. This time, all duel monsters except Yubel vanished, both Borrelsword and the two Sacred Beasts now completely vanishing into pure nothingness.

-(OST: YuGiOh - Battle of God)-

"What??", shouted Revolver, watching as his Borrelsword gave a second, final roar as it disappeared.

Everyone then began falling into the ground. Both Don Thousand and Darkness landed without any problems, both Jim and Axel were carried by Yubel, and Chazz just fell face-first into the ground.

"Gee, thanks for the assistance...", muttered Chazz as he stood up.

"Wait, What's going on now?", asked Jim as he separated himself from Yubel.

The floating Numeron Code suddenly freed the marine avatar's arm, although it didn't matter much anymore.

Aoi's right arm would never work again.

"She's falling!", Axel noted.

"Aoi!", Revolver was quick to catch the falling girl while on his D-Board, not paying any attention to her desecrated arm. "We'll get you back home, you did enough for everyone!"

"Wait look!", spoke up Chazz, pointing to the sky above him. Everyone looked up to see the portals begin to approach each other, slowly gathering in tandem. Meanwhile rays of light began gathering at the same spot, slowly forming a glowing ball.

"This is...", Darkness trailed off.

"What? What is it?", asked Don Thousand.

"...The end of this universe."

The ball of light suddenly exploded and expanded, consuming everyone in blinding light.

Everyone's screams were quickly deafened.

And all of the YuGiOh universes have been silenced by light.


Blue Maiden found herself lying in another plane of white existence. But she knew well this wasn't her Deck's consciousness or whatever. And this wasn't Numeronious' white either; This white was different.

"...Where am I?", asked herself the girl as she tried standing up, only to find a surprising revelation.

Her right arm was completely missing.

"How did this...?", asked herself the girl, suddenly encased with fear and remembrance of how she got here. The Numeron Code completely rendered her arm useless.

But then why wasn't her arm there? She would have at least expected to have a broken arm in its place.

The marine girl decided to use her feet to prop herself up, eventually managing to do so with relative ease.

Please tell me this is just temporary, said the girl to herself, although she admitted that she saw no way her right arm could be fully healed after what just happened.

"Hey you there! You 'ok?", suddenly asked a familiar voice, interrupting the girl out of her musings.

Wait a moment!

The girl looked up to see a familiar, brown haired teen with a red jacket.

"N-no way, it's you!", the girl shouted.

"Hehe, the one and only", stated the teen awkwardly, before suddenly being thrown to the ground. He could only see a hugging Blue Maiden with tears on her face as he opened his eyes.

"Jaden, it really is you!", cried the girl in relief. "You're back!"

"Yeah, I guess I am", stated the teen as he sat back up, helping the girl to do the same now that he saw her right arm was missing. They both then sat across from each other.

"You don't know how glad I am to see you again, Jaden", stated the marine girl as she wiped a tear using her left arm.

"Yeah, same but...", trailed off Jaden as he took the time to study the girl in more detail. She was also bruised, tattered, and bloodied, as well as part of her avatar reverting to her normal body. He could also faintly notice the burnt edges on her right shoulder.

"Aoi what happened to you?", asked the teen worriedly, the girl looking up at him. "How much has happened after I was gone?"

"W-well...", trailed off Blue Maiden awkwardly. "A lot, truthfully. Darkness was actually working with someone else the entire time, and they both wanted to use the Numeron Code to fix the dimensional problems relating to the blue portals."

"I'm assuming that his partner was the black alien with long hair...", mused Jaden, remembering when he caught a glimpse of Don Thousand.

"Do you think they were really gonna use the Numeron Code for that?", asked the blue-haired girl. "To fix the world?"

Jaden looked away for a moment, before answering, "Honestly, I don't know. But that doesn't matter anymore, does it?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure", responded the girl. "I used Sabatiel to grant three wishes with the Numeron Network. The first wish was to fix the problem with the blue portals."

"The second wish?"

"To see my brother again, but it didn't do anything that time...", stated Blue Maiden. "Which meant that by then, he was... he was..."

The girl silently weeped to herself, Jaden giving her a moment of space.

"...And what was the third wish?", asked the red-jacket duelist.

"Well, at that point, I almost went insane, and could only think of wanting to see my brother again", answered the marine avatar. "So I wished to revive everyone. I'm sorry for being selfish back then, but it was the only thing I think of at that point."

"No, I understand", Jaden reassured her. "You did the best you could to save the world, that's all that matters."

The girl nodded before suddenly realizing something, "Wait, Sabatiel has 4 activations, doesn't it?"

"Well, yeah, 3 wish-granters and an ATK multiplication effect", stated Jaden. "Why the question?"

"Do you think the Numeron Code did something besides my three wishes?"

"Beats me", Jaden answered, helping the girl stand up. "But the only thing we can do is see for ourselves."

"But... aren't we dead?", asked Blue Maiden, looking around at the nothingness surrounding them. "I mean, are we in the afterlife...?"

"Actually, not really", responded Jaden while scratching his cheek. "Your last wish brought almost everyone from the afterlife to this sort of plane of existence between life and death."

"Wait what?"

"We're even in it right now."

"Then... shouldn't there be more people...?", asked Blue Maiden. She then paused herself before suddenly asking, "Wait, is my brother here???"

"Well, I wouldn't know; I don't know how your brother looks like", stated the red-jacket duelist awkwardly. He then saw how Blue Maiden ran past him in search for Akira.

"Big brother? BIG BROTHER!", shouted the blue-haired girl. "BIG BROTHER WHERE ARE YOU!?"

"Whoa whoa calm down there!", Jaden ran up to the frantic girl. "You don't go screaming around for someone to look for them, you need to be calm first!"

"But... my brother...", trailed off Blue Maiden. "I want to see him again and-"

"Hey, your three wishes should let you see your brother again, regardless of where he is", explained the ex-Duel Academy student. "But first you need to be ready to see him."

The girl then calmed herself down and after a few moments, she asked, "Well, what happens next?"

"Actually, that's why I came to get you", Jaden answered, grabbing Blue Maiden's arm. "We need you for one last thing."

"Me, for what?", asked the blue-haired girl. "And wait, who's 'we'?"

The red-jacket duelist just smiled at the girl, before turning around and beginning to run while still holding the girl's arm. The girl had no choice but to run as well.

"Aoi, close your eyes", said Jaden. "Close your eyes and imagine what your home looks like."

"My home?", asked Blue Maiden. "Why?"

Upon not hearing Jaden responding, the girl simply gave in and began flaming herself even more. She let all other thoughts leave her mind as she focused on Den City, with her brother Akira and Emma. She also thought of Den City High School, and the vast VRAINS network.



"Okay, open your eyes."

Jaden's voice rang through her head as she opened her eyes, looking to see a black plane of existence, in contrast to the previous white one.

"Wait, where are-"

"So you brought her here, Jaden."

Blue Maiden turned to the source of the voice, widening her eyes to see what appeared to be a giant machine with an old human face inside.

And he wasn't the only thing here. There seemed to be a lot of weird beings as well, including a blue-haired man with a red visor and a mangy, tan-skinned man with a long dark cape and wild grey hair.

"Yep, she's here alright", Jaden said as he stretched his arms, then turning to see Blue Maiden. "This is the afterlife's entrance point. Here's where all the dead people are."

"We aren't the only ones", pointed out the blue-haired man. "The rest are deeper inside."

"But we didn't bring you along for that", boomed out the man-machine in a commanding voice. "We brought you here, as the final key."

"The final key?", asked the blue-haired girl.

"You were the one who wished to revive everyone, us included", explained the machine. "But I'm order for that to happen, we needed the wisher itself to be present to unlock it. Look behind me, for instance."

The girl then turned around to see the familiar erratic card, shining brightly in hues of blue.

"It's the Numeron Code!", stated the marine avatar in surprise.

"It appeared here right after your third wish", explained the red-visor individual. "The third wish in particular has to be granted from both sides, hence why the card brought you here in the first place."

"I see...", trailed off the blue-haired girl. "Wait how do you guys know that? Jaden didn't know anything about the Numeron Code, how come you guys do?"

"It turns out they also messed with interdimensional things and whatnot", explained Jaden. "So they probably knew about the Numeron Code back then."

"We did, in fact", added the man-machine. "We just didn't know how to access it, so it eventually became a scrapped idea for our plans."

"What plans?", asked the girl.

"It doesn't matter anymore", the machine stated, instead adding, "What matters is that you're here to grant your wish, and bring everyone back."

The girl nodded, before approaching the erratic card. She was hesitant to touch it, though.

"Don't worry, the card won't harm you", explained the visor-man. "This is the afterlife, after all."

The girl nodded again before turning to face the card. After taking a deep breath, she gently pressed the card, bringing rays of light everywhere.

"So it's been done", the machine mused as the black began fading into white. "I never thought I'd be alive again..."

"Me neither", stated the visor-man. "But at least we'll get to see Yusei again."

"Wait, you guys know him??", Jaden asked with surprise.

The girl didn't pay any attention to any of that, instead thinking about one thing with a smile.

I'll get to see you again, big brother...


Everyone across all dimensions were floating around in a white plane of existence, not being able to think about anything but instead float.

And in the midst of it all they saw a particular blue-haired girl's silhouette. They didn't know why or how, but they instinctively knew that what was about to happen next was her doing...


Paradise City, a year after Zarc's revival

Yuya groaned as he grabbed his head, struggling to stand up. He last remembered having a duel against the King of Games, and immediately being consumed by a bright light afterwards. He then remembered seeing both Zarc himself and a blue-haired girl of some sort.

"...Just what was that all about?", asked the pendulum duelist, before looking around to see that he wasn't the only one. There were many people in the stadium, either still lying unconscious or struggling to stand up. Many he recognized, others he didn't.

Suddenly, a cry of despair rang through his ears, as well as everyone else's.


The pendulum duelist then ran to what appeared to be a circle of people, all seemingly surrounding something. He pushed through to see what it was, immediately widening his eyes at what he saw:

There were two people, a boy and a girl; The boy himself was a blue-haired adult with a neat suit, and the girl was younger, bloodied and bruised and a missing arm.

The man was kneeled on the floor, holding the unconscious girl in his arms. He only cried on her shoulder in despondency, repeating with dying urgency, "Please, please wake up, Aoi."

What surprised Yuya the most was that while he didn't recognize the girl, he could immediately tell that was the blue-haired girl he saw earlier.

So she's the one responsible for this...

Suddenly, the girl began coughing, alerting the older man in surprise. He then turned to see the girl, showing him a weak yet heartfelt smile.

"...Hello again, big brother...", rang out the blue-haired girl weakly. "...I'm glad I could see you again..."

"AOI!", the man cried again, this time in happiness, while hugging what appeared to be his younger sister.

Yuya didn't know what was happening, he didn't know why there were so many unfamiliar people, or why he couldn't feel his own counterparts anymore. But in that instant he could only smile.

Neither him nor anyone else knew yet that this would be the beginning of a new adventure...

To be continued

Author's Note: The end of this story is here. Finally, after so long. I wanted to put this story to a rest to begin what I plan to be an even better story, something I think you guys would like. But first:

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