(At the clubhouse, the gang are studying for school)

Danny:It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago we got off for winter break.

Sam:Yeah.. But we need to study for school..

Danny:But school's boring!

Sam:School is not boring, Danny

Danny:I meant currently, nothing's really happened lately.

Paige:(sigh) He's kind of got a point there, Sam.

(Then the MBComputer beeped)

Sam:I'll get it (She walks over looks at the screen) Hello?

???:(static) Help.. (static) Me! This is Arctic of the (static) North! (Static) Send help (Message dies)

Sam:Arctic? (Then later, Sam called the Commander Zubin.) Do you know the someone named Arctic?

Zubin:Arctic? He's alive?

Sam:You know him?

Zubin:Of course.. The MBC from the North. (shows a digital picture of 6 friends and 1 alien) That alien is Arctic.. It was thought that the entire fleet went long lost a couple months back.

Sam:Well, we received his message.. It sounds urgent..

Danny:Am I hearing the development of some sort of rescue mission?

Zubin:Yes.. Your new mission.. Go to the Northern Pole.. And find Arctic as well as anyone else if there is any still alive.

Paige:Should we get the others?

Zubin:Yes.. And your new vehicle will arrive.

Danny:New Vehicle? As in one to help withstand the harsh weather up there?

(Then they heard a thump.. The whole gang ran and saw a winter-like vehicle with snow skis and a warm enclosed interior.)

Paige:Hey isn't this one of Dingle's rocket sleighs?

(Chris picks up a tag that's attached to the ship.)

Chris:(reading) "To: the MBC. From: Dingle"

Alex:Are Cathy I going to have to wear reindeer outfits again?

Chris:Not this time..

Alex:(lets out a sigh of relief)

(Then at the north pole, the gang flew the ship to the snowy land.)


Danny:It doesn't look like there should be anything here.

Franky:Does that glacier look weird to you?

(She pointed to the MBC from the North's base)

Alex:(using his Heat vision) Someone's definitely inside that thing.

Sam:Let's go in..

Speedy:Good luck. The door's frozen over.

(See that the door is frozen into the glacier itself. Sam then grabs a heat blaster, A.K.A: The Heater)

Sam:This should take care of it.

Cathy:(Looks at Alex) Is this another one of your weapons?

Alex:Surprisingly no. Zerisa actually built that one.

Sam:Stand back.. (She turns it on)

(the Heater is working but at a pace slower than what's wanted)

Speedy:Is there any way to speed it up?

Sam:I don't think so.

Alex:(Bumps Cathy on the shoulder speaks sarcastically.) Anyone have any chocolate or peanuts?

Sam:Hmm.. Actually that might work. Cathy's Fire breath Alex's Laser vision would help to speed up the process.

Cathy:(Facepalms) You you're big mouth sometimes.

(Cut to see Alex Cathy beside the Heater.)

Sam:Fire at will.

(She turns the heater back on as Cathy's Fire breath Alex's laser vision kick in to boost the power of the heater. This causes the ice to melt off the door.)

Franky:(Trying to turn the wheel in order to open the door) It still wont budge an inch!

Sam:(With a worn out Alex Cathy behind her) What how!?

Paige:How about this? (she knocks, then the door opens)

Sam:(Jaw drops)

Chris:Woah.Déjà vu.

Paige:Well it worked either way. Now let's go.

(We then see the MBC in the North base which is ran down to the ground.)

Danny:Hello? (His voice echos)

(The gang looked at puddles and broken wires on the floor, the wall, and even on the tables.)


(See Speedy Cathy walking as something swiftly moves across Cathy legs.)

Cathy:Huh? Speedy, stop playing around.

(The same thing passes by Speedy)

Speedy:Cathy that's not me.

(Suddenly, Speedy turned around and see two glowing eyes looking at him. He screamed in a girly way. Sam turned the lights on, they saw a white alien lizard with grey spots.)

???:Oh thank goodness. I thought my message would never've gotten out.

Sam:You must be Arctic.

Arctic:Yup! Thank goodness I can see light again! Man, that long nap is so long, I couldn't see anything!

Alex:Hey you're a Gecklonta aren't you.


Alex:Shouldn't you be in more warmer locations like a desert?

Arctic:I'm an Arctic Gecklonta, hence my name.. There are two kinds, you know.

Alex:Oh. I never realized that there would be an Arctic variant.

Juan:Sam got a distress signal from here.

Arctic:Yes! I need you guys to save my crew! The Slithefreeze caught them and now they're frozen!

Franky:You mean there's more people here?

Arctic:Yes.. Sit down and listen.. (The gang sat down) Ahem.. (turns off the light and turns the flashlight on as Arctic then does some shadow puppeteer-ing) Months ago, my crew and I were looking for the cold-hearted alien.. The Slithefreeze.

Mimi:The Sither breeze?


Mimi:The Sitter bees? The Splinter weeze? The Slipper knees? The Sipper trees? Snipper fleas Stiffer cheese? The Sh?

Arctic:yes, The Slithefreeze. Seriously it's only two words.

Sam:Sorry about that. My friend here isn't really suited well to the more colder environments therefore it hinders her a little.

Arctic:Right... Anyways.. The Slithefreeze caught my crew and turned them into forever cold.. I tried to rescue them.. But then suddenly.. I forgot that I'm in my hibernation. Though I've had to continue being on the move otherwise I'd be a sitting duck become one of them. Suddenly, when I came back to call someone.. I kinda.. fell asleep.. Until I had my tail stepped on.

Speedy:Eh heh sorry about that.

Arctic:That's okay, boy.. Now we need to stop that Slithefreeze before it.. You know..

Cathy:Right. Where would he be at?

Arctic:It's a she they're in the boiler room. (Arctic pointed to a giant volcano-like glaicer) Which is where we kept our heaters and coolers.

Franky:Well let's go get 'em.

Arctic:It's not as easy as it sounds. We put out security traps and other stuff.

Franky:(sigh) But I want to punch in his skull so bad!

Arctic:Yeah, but.. The crew told me that I shouldn't enter there because if I accidentally turn on the heat.. Then the base will collapse.. Like the other mistakes I made.

Danny:Wait what?

Arctic:I'm kind of responsible for my team's capture. I wanted to tame the Slithefreeze.. But..

Alex:Don't worry. We'll get them out of there.

Arctic:Okay.. But we need to solve Angelica's puzzle.


Arctic:one of My crew members.. We have to match the wires to the correct place.

Chris:That can't be that hard.

(Arctic showed the control panel with plenty of wires)


Arctic:You going to be okay?

Chris:I'll be fine. Alright let's see..

Alex:This might take a while.

Arctic:Also.. We kinda set booby traps in case (Then they heard a beep) That happened.

(Drones appear)

Chris:Oh boy, that's the wrong wire..

Arctic:Hit the deck! They're armed!

(One of the drones blasts at them.Sam proceeds to hide behind the table as shield)

Chris:Oh boy.. Nothing is easy these days..

Arctic:It will be if you just calm down.. (hides behind the counter)

Chris:Calm down.. Calm down..

(Chris messes with another wire a thing of feathers falls down on them)

Franky:What the?


Arctic:It's part of our Vermal security.

Alex:Oh boy.

(Alex starts to sneeze creating a blanket of snow across the floor)

Arctic:Wait you're a Vermal?

Alex:It's a long story. (Sneezes again)

(Chris tried again, then he set the wires correctly.. The feathers get sucked into the vacuum, as the drones fell and shut down.)

MBComputer:Restoring power.

(the first puzzle opened.)

Arctic:You did it!

(Down in the boiler room we see the frozen members surrounding a nest.)


Danny:Wow.. That is one huge snake.

Arctic:The Slithefreeze..

Paige:It's a girl?


Sam:Look over at the nest.

(See that there are eggs in the center some of them even hatched)

Arctic:Oh not good.

Cathy:You mean there's more than one of those things we need to worry about?

Arctic:Those are Slithefreeze babies.. If they get close to the energy heater, they will burn.. And according to my MBC watch, the heater will be on in about an hour a half. We must bring the Slithefreeze and its young back to the cold.While trying to free my team in the process.

Alex:Cathy I could use our frost breath to keep the eggs cool.

Sam:While Speedy distracts the mother Slithefreeze.

Speedy:Yeah-- Wait, what? Why me?

Danny:Well you would be able to not get caught by her due to your well, speed.

Speedy:Valid point but don't I get a say in the matter?

Alex:Look. We either have you be the distraction for the mother or the heaters will turn on her babies will die.


Sam:And Arctic, you stay here and check on the heaters.

Arctic:As you wish.

Sam:Okay.. Let's go!

(Then Speedy ran in front of the Mother Slithefreeze.)

Speedy:Here snakey snakey snakey.

(The Slithefreeze Mommy looked at him and tried to catch him.)

Sam(grabbing onto one of Arctic's frozen friends while looks towards Alex Cathy's direction): You two know what to do.

(Alex Cathy blasted their frost breath to the Slithefreeze babies. One of the babies which already hatched slithered across Alex's leg.)

Alex:Huh? (looks at the baby) Oh hey there little fella. (The Slithefreeze Mommy spotted Alex and her baby and she slithered to him) Oh boy.. Cathy! Back-up at 3'o-clock!

Cathy:(Stops using her frost breath to talk) Okay! (she runs to Alex, then another baby Slithefreeze hatched and walked near the heaters)

Arctic:(gasps) (he runs to the baby Slithefreeze)


(She shimmies over to her child swipes it away just as the heater's turned on)

Arctic:Oh no! (To the Slithefreeze) You have to go! The heaters are on!

Slithefreeze:I can't! My children aren't ready to reach to the surface yet.

(The Slithefreeze, the nest the hatchlings start to lift up off the ground. We then see Alex using his telekinesis to lift them away from the heaters, while Cathy used her frost breath to keep them cold. The baby Slithefreeze from before purrs is about to fall off a high place)

Alex:I gotchya.

(Alex hurries over to catch the hatchling. He lowers the other slithefreeze to the ground as he carries the fallen one over to the mother) Here you go mrs..


Alex:Yeah that. (He hands over her baby)

Silera:Thank you.

Alex:No need for it. It's all part of my job.

Danny:I didn't think that you were able to talk.

Silera:We do. But not like this. How am I able to talk to you?

Arctic:I managed to get a translator onto you.

(See the Slithefreeze has a circular plate on her back)

Danny:Does it hurt her?

Arctic:No.. It's harmless.

(The Slithefreeze hatchling Alex caught rubs up against his leg purrs like a kitten)

Alex:Aww~ That's she's kind of cute.

Silera:That's a boy.


Speedy:I should say you got burned.. But you got frozen!

Alex:How about I call you.. Sickle-Serpent?

(The baby slithefreeze purred happily)

Silera:Sounds good.

Alex:Oh I'm sorry.. You should be the one to name him. You're the mother after all.

Silera:But I love that name.. Sickle-Serpent..

Alex:Alright. Sickle-Serpent it is.

(Then later, the gang unfroze the frozen busters.)

Arctic:Jake! Lio! Viola! Angelica! Thomas! Rachel! (He hugged his old friends)

Danny:Wait exactly how long were all of you frozen for?

Arctic:For a couple of months now.

Danny:How are they still alive!?

Sam:Danny.. They're frozen.

Danny:Yeah but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be alive after being frozen. I may not be the smarts of the group but I do know that's just common sense.

Arctic:When the slithefreeze froze then it only put them into a cold slumber. So while my friends were in fact frozen on the outside they weren't on the inside. Think of it like a spider it's prey.

Danny:Ohh.. Let's hope that the babies aren't able to do that yet.

(the recently hatched slithefreeze-ling freezes him)


Silera:Oops. I kind of forgot to mention that some of them are at that point.


(Transition to The MBC preparing to leave.)

Sam:So do you think you will be able to manage it out here by yourselves? You're welcome to come back with us to Singletown until the base can be restored.

Thomas:We'll do what we can.

Rachel:Plus I think your sleigh is full as it is with your new friend there.

(See that Sickle-Serpent slithered on)

Silera:It looks like he's taking a liking to you. Take care of him.

Alex:Wait, you're just going to let me have him like that?

Danny:Let's just not question it. The sooner we're out of here the better I'll be.

Alex:We'll that was kind of forced even for you.

Danny:I was frozen today, can you blame me?

Alex:Well now that you put it that way.

(Sickle-Serpent looked at Danny with beg-full eyes)

Danny:Oh alright. He can come with us. (Sickle-Serpent smiled and hugged Danny, freezing his face a little.)(shivering) (Everyone laughed) N-n-n-not f-funny g-g-guys!

Alex:Don't worry Danny I'll teach him not to do that.

(The Marathon logo appears)