Disclaimer: I own none of the characters besides Sky, Akemi, and Akane

Hi! I'm Akemi Tsukino! I'm the older twin sister of Usagi Tsukino. We both have a younger brother named Shingo Tsukino. Our parents are Ikuko Tsukino and Kenji Tsukino.

So, you're probably wondering what I look like. I look a lot like my sister, just this slight difference.

My Hair color: Sky Blue

Usagi's hair color: Blonde

Same hair style: Bunhead style, just mine goes to my shoulders while her's reaches to her knees.

My Eye Color: Green

Usagi's Eye Color: Blue.

So, that's what I look like. As I said, Usagi also looks like me.

How I act. I get A+'s all the way! I'm not a crybaby, and i'm never late for anything.

Usagi on the other hand, she gets F's. She's a crybaby, and late for everything.

Shingo has short, brown hair and blue eyes. My dad has black hair and black eyes. My mom has blue hair and brown eyes. Our family is pretty complicated, not even looking like a family at all.

Well, that's me! My story starts in the next chapter.