Aria the Scarlet Ammo x Cardcaptor Sakura crossover

A story about the strangest things and creatures of the world.

Sakura and Syaoran travel the world finding out what these strange things and events are and why they are happening. Eriol is there to guide them from London. As the two meet another pair of strange hunters, Aria "Holmes" Kanzaki and Kinji Toyama. What will this story tell?

Blood Drops

Chapter 13

"Sakura!" Syaoran ran out of the hospital calling and screaming for Sakura's name.

So much for trying to give up on her. He went looking for the whole night before the sun came up and it was another day gone.

Eriol was calling, sooner or later, Syaoran would have to tell him.

But he just couldn't do it.

Aria took Kinji back to their place of operations to rest.

It wasn't till the afternoon when Syaoran returned to their place looking so sad and weak.

"Still nothing?" Aria asked.

Syaoran walked over and collapsed in the chair. "No." Was all he said.

Aria sighed. She took the phone from him so he could sleep. The Eriol called.

Aria knew he hadn't told him yet, so she answered and explained the whole situation.

"This has something to do with you and Holmes. So, if you know something, you better tell me now." She said.

Eriol was shocked hearing of Sakura's kidnapping.

"I can think of one person. His name is Jared. Jared Orlock. Back then, he moved from America to here, Japan, and we, when I was Clow Reed, we made the world a different place. But Holmes, he butted it and I had to change. I was still learning magic at the time. So, I left him in prison. I didn't know what happened to him till before I split myself. I thought most my past was dead or dying and wanted to not, be who I was then." Eriol explained.

"So, he was turned, years ago, he got a woman on his side, and now, he wants revenge on you and Holmes, but Holmes is dead, but he thinks you are too." Aria said.

"I guess. But if that's the case, Sakura should be safe. I always am careful with my "children" as they say." Eriol added. "Why hadn't Syaoran tell me when I called the last five times?!" He asked.

Aria looked at the sleeping boy, he was at peace for the moment, till he would wake up.

"I'm sure, he feels blame for leaving her with my partner. Kinji was held back, it was a trap and Orlock must have made a choice. Her or me, and went for her." Aria said honestly.

"I can see that. But Syaoran should have stayed with her, he knows better."

"Thank might be my fault." Aria said. "I said let's split up and told Sakura to go with Kinji. I should have let Syaoran go with her. He has a sword, I underestimated this vampire woman. And Orlock? Yes. This was my fault." She said.

"It's not. If Sakura agreed to it then it's not. Syaoran and her have had these fights many times, she might have just wanted to get away from him and his jealous streak. That is my fault. But either way, you need to get out there and find her. Who knows what Orlock is planning on doing with her and with you when he catches you too, Aria." He said.

"I understand." She knew he was right. "As soon as it's night, we'll do everything we can to find her and Orlock's hiding place. We'll save her and kill him in the process." She said.

"Just be careful. He still needs you to. And he won't hesitate to kill the others." Eriol warned her.

With that, he hung up. Aria put the phone back where she found it and made a plan. While the two were sleeping, she went ahead and went back out during the day and searched for good places to hide. He wouldn't see her coming at this time, but this was just her way of...being careful.