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7/6/1780(One Day Before Third Birthday)

The thing that I thought was most different between canon Land of Earth, and real life Land of Earth was the landscape and the culture. You see, in canon, Iwagakure is portrayed as 'insignificant', 'somewhat poor', and as 'the bad guys,' due to the fact that the show is played through a Konohan perspective. The truth couldn't be any farther from that.

If I had to use one word to describe Iwa, it would be 'fair.'

Iwa, while poor, was actually a really nice place to live. The ninja here were somewhat friendly compared to the outright hostility of Kiri ninja or the rigidness of Kumo's. In general, the food here wasn't the greatest(biased due to my NY roots), but it was like bar food; quick eats and fattening. The people here, while somewhat rough around the edges, were nice when you got to meet them.

Also, the Land of Earth was a very vast place to live. Up north, I'd heard it was a mostly snowing, but as you went further south towards the village it became forested. Not the dense and lush forests of the Land of Fire, but the terrain became filled with somewhat densely spaced white-barked trees, called Silverwoods, that gave off a beautiful fragrance. I recently got to go visit these forests on a field trip with the orphanage. A couple of genin guided us through the forest, taking us through a commonly used hiking path.

Genin were a rare sight in the village right now. War was rampant between us and Suna, who decided they'd keep pushing their luck even despite Konoha fighting them on another front. It was stupid, and I was sure that the not only the military, but the economic pressure would force the usually food-deprived country to bow out of the war before a larger retaliation was going to put on them.

It was weird to me that Minato hadn't yet killed off a 1000 shinobi and proved himself to the world. All I knew was that he decimated any Suna squad he came into contact with, and had clashed multiple times with the Kazekage, so maybe it was a terrain thing. More likely, it had to do with the way the Suna military organized their troops compared to the way Iwa did, as Iwa valued large 20 man squads over common small 4 man cells.

Although we weren't allies with Konoha, in a roundabout way we were in the same struggle, as the enemy of my enemy was my friend. I wasn't sure what types of communications were going on between my country and the Land of Fire, but I was sure we were at least coordinating attacks with each other.

Talking about military matters, I made a point to visit the Tsuchikage once a month. A close relative of me in my last life was a politician, and the most important lesson she taught me about getting clout was to make sure the people I was trying to become friends with were aware that they were on my mind.

In my case, I'd make sure to constantly reach out to the old man and treat him like he was of my own blood, though I took care to not use my persuasion skill, now a high level. With Onoki, I'd demonstrate that I liked the man and that I saw him as a grandfather figure.

Even though there we were in a war(albeit a quiet one), I made sure that he'd make sure to make time for me.

Onoki - Liked 700/1000

Although I hadn't yet met Onoki's family, I met someone way more interesting a month or so ago.


It was a glum May day in Iwa. No progress had recently been made in the war, so there was nothing to feign interest in. It was a Sunday on top of that, and Rukasu always took a somewhat ritualistic half day off on Sundays.

He whistled aloud bird calls in the middle of the street, allowing his legs to take themselves to wherever they wanted to go. 'Ain't seen Old Onoki in awhile, maybe I'll check in with him.'

Making his way towards The Stone Palace, he noticed it was packed to the brim with people, way more than the main street usually had. Not thinking much of it, he kept his casual pace towards the imposing structure, getting jostled around a bit by the citizens. A group of the state-run media jockeys waited outside of the building, excited for some meeting or something inane like they usually were.

As he waded his way through the reporters, they gave him sneers and such.

Rukasu just flipped them off, and the guards, already knowing who he was allowed him into the building.

He plopped down in the lobby, waiting for the clerk to signal him over into the main office. He looked up, counting the amount of ANBU on duty.

Sixteen lights, that meant... eight ANBU! His eyes shot wide open, wondering who the hell was the with the Tsuchikage in his office.

Maybe I'd finally get to meet one of the Jinchuriki's, because lord knows you need tons of firepower to bring down a transformed Jinchuriki.

He was in the process of signing to the clerk about who was in the building when he heard laughter and two pairs of footsteps on the stone floor; one near silent, like a ninja, and the other short and measured.

Rukasu knew the measured one was the Tsuchikage, but Rukasu didn't recognize the other person's.

The creaky door to the lobby swung open and out came a tall, white-haired man with a familiar book in his pocket, and Onoki.

"Oi gramps!" Both ninja had already been facing me, knowing I was there just like I knew they were approaching the lobby. "Did you have a meeting with the pervert writer guy from the leaf, or was it just a book-signing session?"

Crickets. Bummer, that it looked like I was wrong.

"Ahh, no. My name is Hatake Kakashi, the Head Jonin of the Leaf. And you are...?"

In my defense, I kinda didn't know how the anime characters of my last life looked in this life. This wasn't Naruto after all, this was a real world where I could get hurt easily, and where I didn't really recognize people. Onoki, for example, genuinely looked like a Danny Devito with whiter hair and a more bulbous nose.

"Oh." I made sure to clearly pronounce my words, as I was trying to put a memory in his head of myself. I subconsciously activated my Persuasion skill, "I'm the future Tsuchikage, Hayai Rukasu."

While not exactly flustered, the look in his eyes changed a bit, in a mischievous way. "Oh really?" He continued in a polite tone, "What Tsuchikage level skills do you have to speak of?"

I smirked to myself. I planned this conversation out from the first sentence and was now going to troll the shit out of Kakashi right here and now. Bragging in a way only kids can, "I'm certain I have better Calligraphy skills than you, and when I learn how to use fuinjutsu it'll be better than your sensei's," I stopped for a moment, and deciding to tempt fate, I added on "Believe it!"

This elicited a surprise from not only the Hatake, but my own village leader. "Rukasu, please apologize to Jonin-Dono." Turning to Kakashi, "I'm sorry about this one, he can be quite excitable. I'm afraid I haven't done a good enough job teaching him to respect his elders." He gave me a look saying; we'll talk about this later.

Kakashi, unfazed by the apology, turned to me. "Please, let me see this 'Tsuchikage-level' calligraphy you speak of Rukasu." He slowly pulled a medium-sized piece of paper, and gave me a brush with an ink pad. "Please be my guest and go right ahead."

The Tsuchikage glared at me, not aware at the time that I was prodigious with the strokes. In fact, I'd barely had time to practice calligraphy in this life, having only done it twice in the orphanage.

Irregardless, I took the brush gracefully from the one of the most powerful men alive. I dabbed it in the ink, lightly but not too lightly, and held the brush securely but loosely. It felt like something I had done a million times before.

In five crisp, efficient, strokes, my name was there. Not a glop of paint had fallen off the brush, nor was there a smudge of paint outside of the letters. By all accounts, it was perfect.

Not knowing me, Kakashi was only a little bit shocked. But the Tsuchikage, on the other hand, made a literal guffaw noise, one that certainly did not unnoticed by his fellow ninja.

"Now that you see I'll be a great ninja, don't diss me." He slowly made to grab the paper from me, but I wanted to keep it as a momento. "Please let me keep this paper, Kakashi. I wouldn't like it if my signature was forged in the future." I respectfully continued, "It was nice to meet you and I wish you well, Hatake Kakashi."

I put out my hand to be shaken, and received a firm grasp in return. "You too, Rukasu. I wish you well as well."

Flashback End

Hatake Kakashi- Neutral/Amused - 360/1000

Regardless of past happenings, today was an important day. Why, might you ask?

Only one last day till I unlocked my chakra bitches! I was excited as hell to become a ninja, experiment with superhuman steroids and my newfangled speed hacks.

Although the tutorial didn't explain it too well, I would be able to use my Swift Release upon unlocking my chakra. Swift Release would then become a permanent speed modifier, with the unlocking of my chakra system enabling me to go 5 times my normal speed before any additional chakra amplification.

And I also had one day left to get my Movement skill, which was at level 99, up to snuff.



Gamer's Body - Passive - Level MAX

Grants a body that allows the user to live in the world like it is a game. Restores HP, CP, and weak status effects after sleep. Allows you to ingrain muscle memory at a faster rate than normal humans in conjunction with your dexterity.

Gamer's Mind - Passive - 10% Intensity

Grants a mind that allows the user to view the world through unbiased lenses. With this skill, you can think actions through logically and calmly. Immunity to weak psychological attacks and all mental attacks that try to pry into your memory. The intensity level dictates how much emotion you can feel, with 100% shutting off your emotions and 0% allowing you to feel naturally.


Calligraphy- Active - LVL MAX

Evolved from writing, Calligraphy is an artistic writing skill used primarily for fuinjutsu. At MAX level, in conjunction with your dexterity, allows for high speed and high quality writing.

Max Level Bonus - 20 DEX

Observe - Active - LVL 32

Activated by saying or thinking Observe. Shows the info of the target. Shows more info at higher levels.

LVL 32 Bonus - Allows you to see basic info of people up to 32 levels higher than your self and to see the stats of those 16 levels higher than you.

Chakra Sense - Passive - LVL 19

Allows one to possess a sixth sense enabling one to differentiate certain types of chakra from your surroundings.

LVL 19 Bonus - Enables one to sense chakra signatures from 38 meters away(in any direction) with clarity.

Bloodlust Sense - Passive - LVL 6

Allows one to possess a sense enabling them to tell who around them has the intent to harm another.

LVL 6 Bonus - Enables one to sense harmful beings from 12 meters away.

Flexibility - Passive - LVL 58

Allows for a greater range of body control.

Level 50 Bonus - Allows for great body control and efficient bodily movements.

Halfway Max Level Bonus - Allows you to take all physical attacks with 20% damage reduction.

Persuasion - Passive - LVL 52

Allows for a greater understanding of speaking convincingly.

At Max level, in conjunction with Charisma stat, allows you to convince others at higher rates. Works better on weaker-minded people, and on the Non-Blessed.

Level 52 Bonus - Allows you to persuade others 52% of the time. Modified by Reputation and Wisdom of target(s).

Halfway Max Level Bonus - People tend to think less clearheaded in your presence.

Movement - Active - LVL 49

Allows for greater degree of body movement speed and activity.

Level 49 Bonus - Passive +49% to Speed.

Heightened Senses - Passive - LVL 64

Allows for greater perception of one's surroundings from their body's natural five senses.

Level 64 Bonus - 64% to Perception Stat

Halfway Max Level Bonus - Night Vision

Thievery - Active - LVL 32

Allows for greater ability when it comes to taking items that aren't in your possession.

Level 32 Bonus - +32% boost to existing chance of thievery success

Stealth - Active - LVL 13

Allows for less of a possibility of being detected by others.

Level 13 Bonus - +13% boost to existing chance of thievery success

Physical Endurance - Passive - LVL 28

Allows for less damage as the body's durability increases.

Level 28 Bonus - -7% to Damage taken

Crafting - Active - LVL 5

Allows for construction of items such as weapons or tools.

Chance of Success, 10%, Dependent of Materials and Tools

Level 5 Bonus - Allows for a 5% increase in chances of success.

I had other skills besides these ones, but they were mostly useless skills. Teasing, for example was a skill of mine that I had created but not used much of as there was no to tease.

I had one day left before my meeting with the Tsuchikage, and I needed to get my Movement up to Level 50(for the bonus), or it'd be awhile before I'd actually focus on training my body again. After all, once I got my chakra, I'd be using the hell out of it.

I stretched before my run, and started with a brisk pace from the northwestern exit into the nearby old Iwagakure ruins. It was just a half-mile outside the village walls and from what I remember hearing from the Tsuchikage, it was currently being considered as a spot for expansion of the village walls. Also, the dilapidated buildings made for an excellent parkour spot, and for a fast way to grind my last level.

Cold winds and a light drizzle peppered my face as I picked up the pace. I jumped on the roof of one building, not slipping despite it's shingles having crumpled under my feet. Quickly, I went to the next building, having a path pre-thought out in my mind.

My utmost concentration was on the task. If I slipped, I'd probably break a leg or worse. The only reason why I hadn't fallen yet was because of my high dexterity and flexibility allowing me to land in awkward spots.

After about 30 minutes of exercise, I reached a crossroads between two jumps, the left one with a distance of fifteen feet and the right with a distance of probably eighteen or so feet. Every time I reached this spot, I'd always go for the easier route and make it with my feet on it by the skin of my balls. This time though, I had to go big.

I turned to the right pathway and put everything I had into the last few steps. On the last one, my small body soared as I left the ground.

It wasn't enough. A muted sense of horror filled me. That was a thirty foot drop I'd been jumping over.

My feet weren't going to land on it, so I raised my arms up in a last ditch effort to see if I could pull myself over it.

I jammed all my fingers on my left hand when colliding with the wall, but I was able to pull myself over the ledge despite that.


Movement now LVL 50!

Catching my breath as I sat down on the side of the building, I calmed my body down and slowed my breathing.

'Skills, Movement."

Movement - Active - LVL 50

Allows for greater degree of body movement speed and activity.

Level 50 Bonus - Passive 50% to Speed.

Halfway Max Level Bonus - In conjunction with Flexibility skill, allows one to perform lower body movement in any direction(backwards, sideways, forwards) without interrupting any upper body movement.

I went down the slipshod fire escape of the ruined building, eager to try out the Max Level Bonus of the skill.

Taking the crummy metal knife I'd made out of my pocket, I began running with it. While running I flipped it open and made random stab motions with it. It felt weird using it, because usually when you go to stab it's a full body movement, with your feet boosting your hand into the movement. But with max level bonus, it allowed for me to make a stabbing motion with the same strength as it would give off had I'd stabbed with using my whole body.

It was like my hips had a mind of their own. Immediately ideas were drawn to my head. I could throw kunai at the same time as kicking someone and neither movement would interfere with each other. And if I used a weapon like a crossbow?

Or how about writing seals while I was in combat? I could be running away from somebody whilst making a seal that'd blow their face up.

This movement ability would change my combat abilities forever.

Wait a second, this was like multitasking in a sense. One part of your body does one thing, and another part does another thing.

I went about trying to make this ability working, using something I vaguely remembered seeing on TikTok in my past life. I tried making a hammering motion with one arm and a sawing motion with the other.

It sounded easier than it looked, but after a few minutes of trying, I produced the desired skill.

Multitasking - Active - LVL 1

Allows for your mind to focus on multiple tasks at once.

Level One Bonus - Able to focus on doing two simple tasks at once.

At it's current level it was kind of crummy, but as I raised my level a bit more it was certain to be useful in combat.

My work in the ruins complete, I looked to the sky. About an hour more of daylight, huh.

I scourged the ruins for scrap metal in order to increase my crafting level. Using a hammer I nabbed from a construction site while nobody was looking, I went about changing a dirty piece of rebar into a rapier.

Crafting Success!

Sturdy Rapier - Attack 22


Crafting Level 6

Crafted with an old piece of rebar, this rapier is too sturdy to be a proper rapier. If felt closely enough, you can feel the smoothed our groves.

Smiling at my success, I put the rapier I made in a worn down gutter and made my way back to the village as the sun was setting.

The Next Day

Happy Birthday Rukasu!

50 HP, 100 CP

Please Note: You are now allowed to unlock your chakra. It is recommended you do that as soon as possible in order to not fall behind your peers.

I wiped the eye crust off my face as I rose out of my stiff orphanage bed. Today was the day when I'd finally be able to start amassing power.

Putting my toast into the toaster, I rushed to the bathroom in order to brush my teeth and use the loo, having already showered last night in preparation for the long day ahead of me.

After doing so, I grabbed a bottle of water with my toast on the way out of the building.

As fast as possible, I sprinted towards the building, using my maxed out movement to eat and drink as easy as it'd be if I was standing still.



Name: Rukasu Hayai

Age: 3

Level: 0

Title: None

Health Total: 200/200

Chakra Total: 400/400 (Locked)

Chakra Control: 0%

Chakra Potency: 10 (Locked)

Strength: 13

Vitality: 12

Dexterity: 31

Intelligence: 23

Wisdom: 12

Perception: 18

Charisma: 10/10

Speed: 44

Stat Points: 0

The stat sheet didn't show it, but as a result of my LVL 50 Movement, my movement speed was actually 66. And after my chakra was unlocked my speed would be... 5(13 31) = 220?! And then after my max movement buff it'd be doubled and at 330.


Mathematics now Level 47!

I stopped in the middle of the street for a second. Once my chakra gets unlocked, I'll be as, if not more, broken than an Uchiha. It was crazy to me. And what if my Otherworldly Potency helps boost it on top of that?

Getting back into a walking pace, I thought to myself: 'Perks, Otherworldly Chakra Potency.'


Otherworldly Chakra Potency - Your Chakra Potency starts at 10 and increases by .4 for every stat point.

Increases effect of most chakra-based skills by 100%

Reduces damage taken from all attacks by 10% when using chakra to defend

Harder time hiding chakra from sensors due to having a stronger chakra presence than Jinchuriki

As I arrived at the Stone Palace, I recalculated the numbers. If OCP helped with my speed calculation it'd be... 660.

What kind of fuckery was this! With any hope, I'd be faster than the average Jonin of this world at three years old. All I'd need was a Chakra Mode of some sorts and with any luck I'd become the strongest man alive.

But speed wasn't everything. If I went too fast in a fight I could probably hurt myself just punching something to hard for me to break. If I were, say going at a speed of 660 and crashed into a wall, I'd die. Even if I was only going at like 100 or so, I could seriously hurt myself running into a wall, let alone a sword or knife placed by someone who could react fast enough.

The cool AC hit my face as I entered the main lobby. I had reserved a slot today, as opposed to usually just barging into the room. I planned today out so well that I was on time as soon as I entered the lobby. I gave a nod to the familiar-faced head receptionist and went right to the Tsuchikage's Chambers as he liked to call it.

I've tried to tell him before that it just sounded like the name of a sex dungeon, but he didn't want to hear a dirty thing about his oh-so 'esteemed chamber'. A weird mental image popped into my head, 'He's probably used it like that before.'

I gagged to myself, but I would honestly be tryna' pull a Monica Lewinsky inside of 'The Chambers' once I became the Tsuchikage.

Weird thoughts for a now three year old aside, I knocked on the man's door.

"Come on in Rukasu." I walked into the room, excited as ever.

I took in the familiar sight of the room. It was brightly lit, with natural lighting the of the sun streaming into the circular-shaped room from all sides. A regal desk, made of the local variety of Silverwood, had the prominent crest of Iwagakure carved into it. The room had a high roof as well, with stone beams holding it up and a fancy chandelier to tie it all together.

He had a client with him, so I went towards one of the couches in the corner of the room.


Tsubasa Zeiken


Tax Collector

A small and snarky civillian man who was born into a good family. He is new to his job of a tax collector and is close-minded enough to get chosen by the Earth Daimyo for the job.

From the tone of the fish-eyed man, he seemed to think he was some hotshot, but I'd have him out of the room in two minutes tops.

"Hey Gramps!" I interrupted the civilian during one of his tirades. He glared at me, but I continued before he could open his mouth. "What happened to the lava pit? Y'know the one we put the last stupid-ass civilian who stayed past the end of his meeting."

Now, it'd be a bit ridiculous to say that the civilian shit his pants and screamed for mommy. But the man did blanch up and seemed a bit fearful. He looked to the stone-faced Kage, used to my usual antics by now, and gained a bit of confidence from whatever he thought he saw on Onoki's features.

"Brat. I don't know who the hell you are, or what you're doing here, but if you don't leave the room now... I'll send somebody to hurt you." He emphasized the 'hurt' part, trying to sound like the big, bad, wolf.

He made it too easy. "You're gonna send somebody to hurt me?" I asked, in a feigned innocence. I oozed a bit of sarcasm into the following sentence, "If you do that, my Grampy will hurt them." Changing into a more mocking tone, "Oh. And aren't death threats illegal also? Or how about threatening a ninja-trainee, isn't that a bad idea too, or maybe ev-."

"Silence. Tsubasa-san, please don't come back to my office again. You were supposed to hand me a document pertaining to a small tax-claim issue between a restaurant and the Daimyo's tax laws, not talk about pointless shit that is simply unimportant. And Rukasu, please refrain from scaring my clients." Pausing for a moment, he turned to Tsubasa, "You are dismissed, leave now." Leaving no room for argument, Onoki opened the door with some sort of ninja-fuckery.

Safe to say, Mr. Tsubasa got the hell out of the room.

I moved up out of my comfy couch position to sit across from him on the desk. I was now able to see over the edge of the desk, a testament to how fast Gamer's Body and my max Charisma made my body grow. At only three years old, one could start to see how my body would develop in the future. I had the frame of a swimmer, judging by my height of 4 feet and my light weight of 50 pounds. It was almost freakish, having the body of a seven year old as a three year old. I didn't fit in too well with the rest of the orphans, as I seemed too old and mature for them.

It was sad in a sense. When I went to this new world, I wanted to re-experience being a child with not a care in the world, but the world had other plans. Now, it was almost like I had more responsibilities. I had to train everyday to make sure I wouldn't get killed by some other person who reincarnated into this world. I had to steal food from places other than the orphanage because I still felt hunger pangs as a result of lacking food production.

But my situation would get better once I started ninja training. As part of an orphanage program, I'd be assigned a room in a building nearby to the academy which provided food and board free of charge.

"Are you ready, Rukasu?" The old man asked me.

I looked to the old man. "Yeah boss. Born ready."

"Alright then. Copy my hand positions." He steadily put his hands into a hand seal I'd seen multiple ninja do before. "This is called the ram seal. Try to imitate me by putting your hands together vertically, and with your left thumb over the right.

I put my fingers in the exact position as his own. He critiqued it for a moment, but finding nothing wrong with it, continued. "Now, the ram seal is used for manipulating your chakra, and is one of the most important seals. It is found in almost every jutsu with shape-manipulation."

"Close your eyes, but move your body into a more loose position." I slumped into my chair, "Too relaxed, just make sure your body is loose and you're focused on the warmest point in your body."

This time, I achieved what he was telling me to do. It felt like I was looking inwards in a sense, almost like Naruto's sewer-mindscape from the show, minus the giant fox and the feeling that I was actually present within myself.

A distant echo from Onoki broke my musings. "When you find the warmest point of your body, make sure to imagine willing it open. Think of it as opening a door or a gate, and it'll be sure to work."

I went up and down my body, and found warmth I'd never felt before at my navel. A door, huh. I pushed it a little bit, and found that it wouldn't give way. 'There should be a push-pull sign on this thing, stupid chakra.'

I pulled on the entrance, and found it was more like a floodgate to a river as I felt the chakra coursing through my body, rejuvenating me.


Chakra Unlocked!

Chakra System - Unlocked!

Provides a flat increase to physical and mental stats that allows you to surpass normal humans.

+500 CT (Now 900)

+200 HT (Now 400)

+10 STR (Now 13)

+10 VIT (Now 22)

+1 HR (Now 1)

+10 DEX (Now 31)

+10 INT (Now 33)

+10 WIS (Now 22)

+10 PER (Now 28)

+1 CHA (Now 11/10?! #-!# _+% error, auto-keep to 11/10)

Speed calculation changes after Chakra Unlock

For non-Bloodline:

2(STR + DEX)

(This is visible only to people with bloodline modifiers) Speed calculation changes for your Bloodline:

5(STR + DEX)

Health Regeneration - Unlocked!

Allows for one to regenerate their health.

1 Health Regeneration is given per every 10 base VIT, Regeneration is given continuously at five seconds a piece

Chakra Control Mastery - Passive/Active - LVL 1

Allows for control over the superhuman feats you're able to perform with Chakra.

Used in conjunction with CC and WIS.

Reduces wasted chakra on jutsus without flat amount by .5% per level

Speed Release - Unlocked!

Speed Release - Skill Has Been Added!

Speed Release - Passive/Active - Tier One

Allows the body to reach inhuman speeds and the mind to process the world in slow motion.

Normal speed Calculated by 5(STR + DEX)

Allows for usage of speed-boosting skills at only 5% of the original cost

Slow Motion Vision - Due to optimization, Slow Motion Vision will be categorized as a different skill related to Speed Release

Speed Release: Slow-Mo Vision - On/Off - Tier One

Allows for one to view the world in slow motion, created as a result of natural selection within the Hayai clan.

Allows you to perceive 1 second in 1.1 seconds (1.21 due to OCP)

Costs 2 CP per second

It felt like a machine that hadn't been used in awhile starting up, surging with power. I could feel myself, my body, change. Looking at my body, I noticed a bright hue of blue surrounding my body. This three year body of mine would kick my last life's ass easily, and I haven't seriously trained this one yet.

I'm gonna be a beast. If I trained as hard as I did in my last life in this one... I may have a chance coming out of this life alive. Too bad the chakra equation changed for the average person, otherwise I'd be broken with speed. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Woah... is using chakra always like that?" I asked, childlike wonder in my voice.

Onoki gave a hearty laugh, "Ahh, I remember my first time using chakra. I felt much the same as you did." He paused for a moment, "Do you feel different?"

"Like I could beat any ninja in this village in a race. Seriously speaking, I think I'll be the fastest in the world in a year, tops."

Onoki shot me an indescribable look. "I never told you this, but you're of the near extinct Hayai clan. I didn't want to tell you about it in case your bloodline didn't manifest, but it seems like you got lucky."

My mood shifted immediately. Despite the pop-up saying something about Hayai clan, I didn't know much about it, and was a bit miffed about him not telling me more beforehand. "Near extinct as in I'm the last one alive, or as in I have relatives?"

"There are a few civilians left that branched off from the main clan, going so far as to change their last names when the main clan started dying in droves in the Second Great War. They want nothing to do with the ninja side of life. I can introduce you to them, but they won't permit you to become a ninja."

"Why tell me? If I really wanted to, I could live a comfortable life with a family, and you'd be robbed of a potential ninja." I was confused, I thought the man wanted me to become a ninja, not become a civilian.

"I know you, Rukasu. You aren't pleased with an average life, you want to be a ninja, you want to be someone special. Even at three years old, you're leagues ahead of where I was." He began putting out spittle while speaking, but the old man caught himself, "Don't fool yourself, if I thought there was even a small chance you didn't want to be a ninja, I wouldn't of told you until you joined the force. You know, ANBU frequent the old Iwa ruins, and they see you every day out there training."

The way he worded it sounded off to me. "Are the ANBU watching me in particular?"

"No." Lies.

The conversation died down for a bit as I experimented with my chakra for a bit, playing with it and trying to direct it.

"Ehem." I looked up at Onoki, seemingly wanting to say something, "There is a vital mission to ending the war, and you're the only guy in the village fit for the job."

I stopped enjoying myself there, "What do you need from a three year old orphan that nobody else can do?"

Night Time

I kicked a pebble, wandering around the big village.

'Well now I know why 1000 Stone ninjas were killed by Minato.' I thought bitterly, 'It's because the Tsuchikage is reckless and doesn't think shit through.'

He wanted me to assassinate a women that lived in a heavily guarded compound in the Land of Wind.

The sole owner of the company that is responsible for supplying 23% of Suna's food crops was an old, crusty, woman. Her company made their profits off of selling sweet potatoes, corn, and other crops that fared well in the unforgiving Suna climate. She also was a raging pedophile, a self-proclaimed "boy-lover."

Yuck. And my job, as a three year old boy(with Perfect Charisma), was to allow myself to get kidnapped by one of her hired bodyguards from a street they were known to frequently kidnap from. As part of her deal with Suna, they look the other way whenever she does pedophilic actions.

I had to kill her without anyone noticing, and then escape to an evacuation team.

It was total bullshit. How I could I hide the fact that I'd killed a woman after it happened, when I'd not even had previous training.

But at the same time, how could I say no. The quest rewards; 5 levels and 20 bonus stat points sounded great to me.

The cold Iwa wind blew into my face as I contemplated the mission. It wouldn't be too hard, as there was a plan besides just poison the lady and run. Still, it seemed a bit crazy to me to send a three year old to kill one of the most important figures in the Land of Wind.

The power to stay alive as the world only got stronger, or a very real chance of death?

A hard choice to make, but now I have to make tough choices.

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