There is a young girl named Hilary. She is a nine year old girl who ran away from her parents because they have abused her and now she has had enough. She can't stay there and have her life lived for her.

She made a home from a cardboard box and she lived by herself for a few weeks till she came across a little seven year old girl named Penny. She doesn't want to be sent to a foster home. She had her pet frog and salamander and her teddy bear and doll with her.

Hilary decided to become an older sister figure to her. Their love began to grow.

Few weeks have passed and they came across another girl. Her name is Clarissa and she lost her parents from a car accident and she was forced to live in the streets.

She became part of Hilary's family and their bond of sisterhood began to grow stronger than before. Penny has tannish skin and they didn't judge her. Hilary hopes that they will have a family.

A loving type of family.

Then few days went by and they saw two girls who are a year older than Clarissa. Clarissa is only the same age as Hilary. They're named Emily and Victoria. They're sisters.

Their parents abandoned them and they were surviving in the streets. Their sister bond has become stronger than ever before and they made a little home from a tent that no one has used.

Ever. Penny's parents lost their lives from an explosion. Penny doesn't like to talk much about it.

Then two more girls were there. One is called Nadine and the other girl is Bella. Now there is a total of seven girls. They're the same age as Emily and Victoria. Like them, they're sisters also. Along with them are two little boys who are their brothers named Arthur and Buster.

Arthur said that his parents named him from the king of England. With them in all, it's the total of nine. Hilary told them her story and they felt bad.

Their lives were about to change forever.