Chapter 1:

Isabella Swan couldn't remember what had happened. The doctors said that she had been in an accident yet know one would say what it was.

The man sitting next to her claimed to be her father.

The doctor kindly stared down at her.

There was a pounding pain in the back of her head that wouldn't go away and beeping of the machines only increased the stress. She wanted to return to the darkness. It was less confusing; less chaotic.

A nurse would come in every hour and check on her vitals while her father disappeared off to somewhere else.

The doctor always stayed.

She didn't know why.

"My head hurts." Isabella sighed.

The doctor gave her a sympathetic smile. He said, "I know, sweetheart. We've already given you medicine though. In about for hours we can give you more."

Four hours my ass! Isabella thought bitterly.

She couldn't make it four hours. She might just have an aneurysm. The doctor wouldn't budge though. That annoyed her to no end.

"How much longer do I have to be in this bed?" she decided to ask this time. "I'm tired of the tests. I don't want to go back in that big machine."

The blonde haired man chuckled. He put down the crossword puzzle on the table next to her bed. Isabella was fed up and tired. She wanted to rip out the wires that poked into her skin. She wanted to stretch her legs and walk around. But the doctor said that it was too early. She had only woken up two hours ago.

"I promise that you'll get out of here soon." he said. "I know that this must all be very confusing for you."

He didn't know shit.

"Nobody will tell me what's going on." Isabella huffed. "I just want to know what's going on."

"The police will be here in a few minutes and they will explain everything."

"Well, why can't you tell me?" she argued. "I'm not stupid you know. I can't remember anything after 1995. You keep avoiding my questions and my dad has disappeared off to god knows where. All I want is answers-"

"And you'll get them eventually." he leaned back in the chair and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

His tone told her that he was done. That he had reached his limit with the endless amount of questions.

They were both frustrated.

"Why are you here?" she couldn't help but ask. "From what I know most doctors don't sit in their patients room."

He opened his blue eyes and stared at her. His lips pursed and she thought he wasn't going to respond but surprisingly he spoke. "You're like a second daughter to me." his voice was low. "You always have been. My wife and children are equally distraught. You are family, Bella. That's why I am still here."

She keeps her mouth shut, opting not to respond. He was telling the truth that much she could see.

Isabella didn't ask anymore questions after that.

Beds were supposed to be for relaxing.

Or sleeping.

Or just laying in.

Isabella couldn't relax. Her mind was fuzzy.

A doctor stood to her left and another man with a mustache and spiky brown hair stood at her right.

She had woken up no less than five minutes ago. Everything hurt. It felt like seconds that she had floated in the empty dark abyss. There was nothing around except for her and her thoughts. But suddenly she had been ripped away from the darkness and thrust towards the harsh light.

Isabella didn't appreciate it.

In the darkness it was quiet. She was alone. But it was the good type of loneliness where you were never really alone and didn't feel like you were alone. Time didn't seem to matter in the abyss. You could be there for years and have no idea.

But now Isabella could feel every single pain. Every needle stabbing her in the skin. She could hear the blood rushing through her ears. She could feel the twisting and churning of her stomach.

A nurse gave her medicine but that did little to decrease the pain. But Isabella knew she should be thankful. Her manners hadn't disappeared.

The doctor asked her a series of questions.

"Who is the U.S. President?"

"What year is it?"

"Can you tell me your full name?"

She responded with confidence, "Isabella Marie Swan."

The only president she knew of was Ronald Reagan and the last she recalled it was 1995- the year she moved to Forks, Washington.

Her mother and Phil were dead- car accident. That's what the police determined at the end and it did nothing to make her feel better. She was still just as lonely and depressed and now her entire life was uprooted. Isabella was forced to move from Phoenix, Arizona to dreary Forks, Washington.

She remembers being on the airplane. She couldn't fall asleep. The woman beside her loudly snored like a freight train and Isabella tried to tune it out.

A flight attendant had been assigned to her and she was supposed to help her with whatever she needed. Right then all she needed was a good nap.

But the woman wouldn't shut up.

That was the last thing Isabella remembered- the piggish snores of the blonde haired woman sitting in the middle seat.

"We're glad you are awake!" the officer exclaimed.

She jerked at the sound of his voice. His head was bald and his smile was too wide for his narrow face. His partner stood beside him with much less enthusiasm.

She liked the woman officer better.

"My name is Officer Waylon Forge and this is my partner Officer Maria Santos."

Officer Santos greeted her with a tight lipped smile. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun and was about a foot shorter than Officer Forge.

"We are some of the officers that have been working on your case for the past month." she said. "Has anyone told you what happened?"

Unfortunately, no.

She shook her head side to side.

Beside Isabella, her father, Charlie Swan squeezed his hands into fist. He was raging. Everyone knew how frustrated he was. He was the Chief of Police and couldn't even work on his own daughter's case.

Conflicts of interest- that's what everyone said.

Taking a deep breathe, Officer Forge sat down beside her, the doctor moved out of the way. "Exactly a month ago, you were found unconscious in the forest at six o'clock in the morning by a lone hiker. Your arms and legs were tied up and you had a big gash on the back of your head. It was determined that you had been out there for at least several hours." his voice was soft and careful as if he was afraid of hurting her. Isabella didn't like being talked down to.

"The last people you were with were your friends but they all claim that they don't know what happened. They said that when they woke up in the morning that you were gone."

Isabella felt her heart drop to her stomach. Her breathing was rapid and shallow and struggled to contain the rising bile in her throat. Her body was suddenly drenched in a coldness. Tears sprung in her eyes.

She couldn't breathe.

"You're ok, Bella. You are just having a panic attack." the doctor was suddenly beside her; touching her. His fingers rested on her wrist. "Listen to my voice, honey." he said. "I want you to count with me."

A meek whimper escaped her lips.

Somebody tried to kill me.

"One: you are ok… Two: you are at the hospital in Forks… Three: your father is sitting beside you… Four: Nobody is going to hurt you… Five: You are laying down right now… Six: your breathing is starting to become regular… Seven: the beat of your heart is starting to slow…"

He counted until ten, slowly watching as she decompressed. Tears stained her pale face and her brown hair stuck to her skin and in her mouth. She held onto the doctor's hand with all the strength inside of her, afraid that if she let go, she'd lose herself in the panic again.

"You're okay, sweetie." his thumb grazed over her hand. "I'm here."

Her pink lips wobbled as her head nodded, acknowledging his voice. The officers stood at the door watching with pitying eyes.

"We don't have to continue this conversation right now." the doctor said. "If you need more time, just say the word. The police will leave." he spoke to her as if the officers weren't even in the room.

Taking a shaky breathe, she muttered the words, "no… we have to continue." she looked up at the officers giving them a silent approval to go on.

They shared a look and then hesitantly, the woman spoke. "We don't have anyone in custody and tell the truth, we're kind of stuck at the moment. We've interviewed all of your friends and anyone else involved but we've come up empty. All of this time we were waiting for you to wake up in hopes that you would be able to tell us what happened."

Isabella looked down at her lap and fiddled with her fingers, she knew how serious this was. Somebody tried to take her life. There was an attempted murderer on the loose. Only she had the power to find him/her; her mind was the only roadblock.

"We're going to give you time to heal and hopefully your memory will come back. However, if you remember anything or are suspicious of anyone, we need to know. It doesn't matter how small, every detail counts."

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