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~ * ~ Chapter Twenty-one: Reminiscing ~ * ~

[Sesshoumaru] Bringing Kagome's body to her family was the most depressing thing. But of course, we had to clean her up first. Through the whole process the only word that went through his brain was 'aishiteru.'

"Ms. Higurashi, Kagome died. 'aishiteru' The un-dead Kikyou shot her, with an arrow, 'aishiteru.' It went straight to her heart."

Her mother was shaking her head 'no'. She collapsed to the floor and started to sob. Inuyasha went to comfort her. Even though I knew her mother, it was obvious she was familiar the most with him.

"I'm sorry, 'aishiteru' that I couldn't protect her. 'aishiteru' I will stay for the burial."


Kagome's funeral would take place on the new moon. The worst case there was her brother, Souta. He was bawling through the whole thing, clinging to his mother, saying Kagome's name over and over. I felt the need to cry, but I stomped it down.

*Too proud to cry? Too proud to cry for the one you love?*

I bit that voice in the back of my mind.

'I loved her, and she loved me. Why couldn't I bring her back with Tenseiga? She loved me. Yes, 'aishiteru' she did. Her face was so peaceful. It wasn't supposed to end like this. After this battle we were to go home together.'

Finally, after what seemed to be centuries, I let a lone tear slide down my cheek.

I sensed my brother crying, as well. So, I didn't wipe my tear away.

After the funeral was over, I paid his respects to her family, then went home. I hated to tell Rin and Shippo that their mother was dead. I really did. In fact, I wanted to lie to them. But then, it wouldn't have been right.

When I arrived, the first question was none other than, 'Where's Kagome?' When I shook his head, the two started to cry in front of me. I remembered I wrapped my arms around them and let them cry on my shoulders. I found that I would never forget their small wails, full of pain and loss. Eventually, they settled down and gave me hugs and kisses. I accepted them fully.

Later, I retired to our room. No, my room now. I put that sexy dress under the pillow, so I could feel it when I needed her most. I knew that from then on, my dreams would be full of her haunting image. Before I knew it, I was groping her side of the bed.

My body began to tremble, and hot tears spilled out of my eyes. I didn't care anymore; no one was there to see me cry.

"Kagome! Why'd you go?!" I shouted, then after I let out a bone-chilling howl. I realized that later, I cried myself to sleep.


That was almost a year ago.

Ever since that day, Sesshoumaru fell face first into a deep depression. He had to remind himself that he had two little ones to take care of.

'The servants will do it.'

But everyday, he got himself up to take care of his duties.

Shippo and Rin were in their rooms, taking a nap, and Jaken hadn't bothered to get Sesshoumaru. He had been wondering absently through the courtyards. Looking in the direction of their secret garden, a sudden pang kicked his heart. That's where he gave Kagome his mother's sword. Also where she vowed to stay with him forever. "If it hadn't been for that stupid bitch."


Kagome had been swinging on the swing that was connected to the one sakura tree in the field. He smiled, approaching her. "Kagome come here. I have something to give you."

She hopped off the swing and walked over to him. It was a shiny black box that had silver markings on it. A body could look into its depths forever. She took the box and opened it.

The object was covered in black silk. It had the same depths as the box itself had. Kagome took the cloth off and stared at the sword that was looking back at her.

"It's called Surabashii (heavenly). It was my mother's." The sword was like an overgrown crystal dagger.

(A/N: for those of you who have watched Princess Mononoke, then the sword looks like that dagger Ashitakka's sister gave to him; then he gave it to San, it's so cool looking.)

Bracing herself for the heaviness to come, she picked the sword up. But it was surprisingly lightweight. The swords handle started to wiggle.

She yelped.

He smirked. "It's just adjusting its self to your size. My mother's hand was bigger than yours; why don't you test it out?"

Kagome looked at him quizzically, "Like how?"

He drew out Tenseiga. "On me."

The fight wasn't a serious one; it was used to get her acquainted with Subarashii.

They were lying side by side. "You're pretty good."

Kagome leaned in closer to his face, "How good?"

Sesshoumaru got a necklace that matched the sword and put it around her neck, "Good enough to beat me." Sesshoumaru could see the tears welling in her eyes.

"I wanna stay with you forever. But promise me, after we finish the jewel. We'll come here and live together; watch Rin and Shippo and our children grow up." Sesshoumaru made the promise and sealed it with a kiss. She then moved her hand down-

*End Flashback*

He didn't know it, but while remembering, he tried to relive the past by swinging on the swing.


Once, he tried to drown himself, he made a mistake by going to the hot springs Kagome first bathed in. The only thing that stopped him was her scent in the water. Not even the knowing of his responsibility of taking care of the little ones could stop him.

It was her scent.

That smell.




He was smelling it again. 'No, it's just leftovers.' A strong wind brought it full blown to his nose. 'That is it, but it's not.' He sighed again. Now knowing that the wind was pushing him. He pushed back. Higher and higher, until he felt a presence near-by.

In normal circumstances, he would have hunted the beast down. Normally, he would have thought, 'How dare they enter MY grounds.' But, he didn't care. There was nothing to fight for nothing to live for. So he let the wind push him away on the silly human contraption that Kagome liked so much.

"How could you think that? Of course theirs something to life for!" Sesshoumaru stiffened his back. 'Could that be?' He started to get up, but then sat back down. 'No, she's dead.' Even though the wind stopped blowing and he stopped pumping, he was still swinging. The scent was stronger now, but there was something familiar in it. Like roses or sakura.


His assumption was confirmed when he felt the little hands pushing him. He quickly turned around in the swing. There she was. Kagome. 'But she died. I saw it.' Sesshoumaru was speechless. So she spoke for him.

"The Fates upstairs resurrected me. They said I deserved it. They said that I fulfilled my destiny and did it very well. The Shikon no Tama; now, its just a jewel for decoration."

He stared at her flabbergasted. "What? Aren't you happy to see me? Don't tell me you found somebo-"

Sesshoumaru pounced on her, with a slight edge to his voice; "I would never." He was now licking her face and kissing at the same time. Kagome started to smile, then giggle.

That one sound he loved her to make besides moaning.

"You smell different."

Kagome giggled again, "Well, I missed you too."


She smiled, "Because of the clean-cut job I did with the jewel, they rewarded me. Now, we can really live together forever."

Sesshoumaru sighed and sniffed her again. "Aishiteru koi aru."

Kagome hugged him closer to her. "I love you too, mate. Now... to visit my family." ::groans:: "But first." ::kisses::

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