bopdog111: This is something that Ulrich thought of in the Q/A of Ascension.

Ulrich362: Admittedly... I've read similar ideas and tried it myself but this is a bit different.

bopdog111: After planning it out piece by piece we're ready to put it together.

Ulrich362: Yup, so with that said enjoy this new fic.

Disclaimer: We don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V but we own the OCs!

It was a calm, and peaceful evening in a big house that belongs to several people. Most of kids with some being adults. All of them had their had their own adventure, and journeys that separates each other but now the memories will be put to the test.

A boy, Dan Kizami, walked in the house holding some DVD Cases locking the door behind him.

"Huh, what are those Dan?" asked a girl with green hair.

"Just something from my home Alex." Dan answered the girl, "I figured after everything with my time I should see what would happen if I'm not around."

"Huh, that sounds kind of fun." Alex smiled. "Can I watch with you? We don't get to do a lot of things together."

"Okay the more, the merrier." Dan admitted with a smile.

"The more the merrier for what?" asked a white haired woman as she walked into the room along with a blue-haired little girl, and a young dark-haired man wearing a purple outfit.

"Dan brought something from his home for us to watch." Alex answered.

"That sounds fun, we can make popcorn and it can be a whole thing little sis." Kelly smiled.

"I think we should ask Dan if he doesn't mind." the man chuckled. "It is his decision after all."

"Like I said, 'the more, the merrier'." Dan said to them with a smile, "It's something I asked Ray for after everything."

"Huh, I wonder how they're doing." the white-haired woman mentioned. "Jarrod why don't we pay the Akabas a visit tomorrow?"

"I don't see why not." the man, Jarrod, replied nodding, "But we should get everyone in the room. Kelly set up the refreshments, Dan pop them in the player with Lance, Alex, Mir tell them to come to the room."

They all nodded at that.

"Come on Alex, let's go get the others." Mir smiled offering her hand.

Alex nodded with a smile taking her hand as they left for their respective tasks. In the Living Room, Dan had walked in to see a maroon haired boy was talking to a brown haired boy, and a blonde haired girl with a golden digital being with blue eyes, and red lines in her Duel Disk.

"Guys!" Dan said to get their attention.

"Huh, Dan?" the blonde girl asked. "What's up?"

"We're setting things up to watch something from my old home." Dan answered, "Lance you wouldn't mind helping me set it up?"

"Say no more Danny Boy!" the digital being, Lance, said saluting.

"Lance, try not to overload the TV this time. Remember what happened when we wanted to watch that halloween movie." the blonde girl mentioned.

"That was an accident!" Lance complained to her making Dan chuckle shaking his head.

"The humor never stops with him right you two?" Dan asked the two boys.

They giggled at that. With that Dan started it as Lance flew to the TV starting it up as Dan put the disc in as Lancer read the title, "Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V? Sounds familiar..."

"It should. Because it's the events of the Dimensional War. The regular events." Dan answered.

"Wait... the Dimensional War?" one of the boys asked. "You mean the one that happened before Ace was born, when Mr. Zarc was possessed?"

"Yeah, Mason. But it's the events of what would happen if we are not around." Dan answered.

"Huh... I wonder which one of us changed things the most." the other boy mentioned. "Do you think it ended up ok for everybody?"

"That's what we will find out." Dan answered, "Until then we had to start all the way to the beginning, and before everything it is the first episode where Pendulum Summoning is born."

"Huh, wait but what about everything that happens before that?" asked a female voice. "If it starts their grandpa is already gone."

"That's where backstories are in." Dan said as they turned to see a pink haired teenager along with a brown haired boy, "Backstories are in anime like this so that we will know about the events that happened to build for the current time."

"Well I didn't live through this at all but I'd still like to watch it if you guys don't mind." mentioned a tanned young man with a blue feminine digital being with yellow eyes walking up to them.

"The more, the merrier right?" Dan asked before asking, "Lance is it set yet?"

"Almost got it, and... done! We're in business!" Lance cheered pumping his arm as the download was complete.

"Thank you Lance." Mason smiled. "This is going to be fun."

"This is gonna be encantador." the tanned boy said with a grin.

"You have a point Diego." laughed a young woman with brown hair and green eyes. "Riku's helping in the kitchen by the way."

"Once everyone is set then we'll start." Dan said before saying, "Lance be sure it doesn't start without us."

"Got it." Lance nodded at this.

A little pink-haired girl walked in only to pause. "I hope Sora is like I remember him... but everybody else remembers him being a lot older than me."

"We'll find out Misty." the maroon haired boy told her.

"Ok." Misty nodded.

A few minutes later everyone had gathered with three large bowls of Popcorn, one with melted butter, one with chocolate drizzled over the popcorn, and one plain.

"Is everyone here?" Jarrod asked looking around the crowd as they nodded, "Lance play the DVD."

After he saw down the screen began where they see a white clothed man wearing wooden sandals, and a red headband has 2600 Life Points before calling, "It's time for Gong's two sword-swinging Superheavy Samurai to say buh-bye, and hit the road! Gong's bringing out the best one of them all, Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei!"

At that two mechanical warriors only to bring out a larger one with 3500 defense points.

"Alright Yuya enough riding around." the man stated clenching his fist, "It's time to take center stage and show Gong what you're made of."

"Oh I remember this one." Stacy giggled. "It's when mom broke the Arc System."

"By accident though." Dan admitted.

"It's showtime! Ladies, gentlemen, and Gong how 'bout I kick things off this round's entertainment with some Carnival Craving Hippos!" a male voice cried riding on a hippo monster jumping on a rooftop showing it's a teen with crimson, and red hair, and having a red shirt with green pants playing a spell. "Get hopping hippos!"

Three different colored hippos appeared dancing in front of Yuya. Gong off-guard yelled, "Hey, what's with all that shaking! We're not dancing, we're dueling!"

"Gah! Quit goofing around Yuya!" a pink haired girl with a sleeveless pink blouse yelled slamming her hands on the controls which to her shock started to short out.

"That doesn't look good." Lance admitted. "At least it wasn't my fault this time?"

"That's true, I guess you aren't the only one who breaks things." the blonde girl mentioned.

Who barged in was a red haired man, "What's going on, Zuzu!?"

"Oh, I just had a wee mishap..." the girl Zuzu said to him worried.

"I told you to treat this equipment with TLC!" the man cried running over, "Our Duel School depends on this ARC System!"

That was when they, a boy with blue hair, a woman, and Gong noticed that the simulator started to static to which Yuya having not noticed calling, "You Hippos sure know how to have a good time!"

Everything in the room vanished with him in the air. He panicked trying to avoid hurting himself as they see he fell to the ground wincing as the boy covered his face. "...Ouch."

"Yuya, what do you have to say for yourself?" Zuzu questioned as though talking through a microphone only for Yuya to look up.

"Huh?" he asked before putting his thumbs on his nose and making a silly face.

A blonde girl with red eyes giggled at that. "Big bro is super funny, right Atem?"

"Yeah he is, Cassie." the brown haired boy agreed chuckling.

Zuzu disdainfully remarked, "Figures..."

Just then various clips appeared as some tunes played in.

(Cue Theme: Can You Feel The Power)

Hey! Hey!
Can you Feel the Power!?
You vs. me competition for the victory, (Wull!)
I could be the best one day and make history. (Go!)
Swing into action, are you ready to play? (Go!)
Challenge anyone, anywhere (Go!), any day. (Come On!)

You wanna take a chance? Go ahead and roll the dice. (Ok!)
See if it's in your cards, if you'll pay the price. (Wull!)
Activate the Spell, let your powers come to life. (Go!)
It's showtime, who will win the fight? (Wow!)

I'm ready to duel, go ahead and make your move.
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)

I'll win this duel,
You can't beat my moves.
I'm in that groove,
I know I can't lose.
Your turn, your tricks,
Now what will you choose?
Can you feel the power!?

I'll win this duel,
You can't beat my moves.
I'm in that groove,
I know I can't lose.
Your turn, your tricks,
Now what will you choose?
Can you feel the power!?

It ended with Yuya, Zuzu, Gong, the man, the boy, along with two boys having on a purple blazer, and a green haired boy wearing overalls with a red haired girl at the show's title card. The screen then transition to a muscular man with purple hair wearing what looked like armor on a screen on the back of a bus.

"The Sledgehammer will fall on all who oppose me." the man declared.

Seeing him Cassie frowned as the screen shifted around the city stopping at a building that said You Show Duel School as the peace was disrupted by the man screaming, "Our duel school is going down the tubes!"

Inside he cried holding his head, "We can't teach Action Dueling without our ARC system! Soon all our You Show students will turn into no-shows!"

He then started panicking and shaking his head rapidly. "Ah times like this I wish I was principal of a cooking school!"

"Ah." Yuya sighed putting his goggles over his eyes. "I was just getting to my most Dueltaining moves when the system went down."

"He's really upset, isn't he you guys?" Mason asked.

"Which one? The jokester, or the overdramatic man?" Jarrod asked sarcastically.

"Your dueltaining distracted me, you should take life more seriously!" Zuzu scolded moving to smack him only for Yuya to avoid bumping into Gong face-first.

"Ouch... Is that you Gong or did someone placed a boulder here?" Yuya asked stepping back trying to pull off his goggles.

"Yuya... doesn't he only put his goggles on when he's sad Stacy?" Mason asked her.

"Why do you have to turn everything into a joke Yuya?" Gong asked.

"Well..." Yuya started before putting his goggles back on his head revealing red rings around his eyes as he closed one of them. "There's nothing wrong with giving the fans a good laugh."

"Or when he's upset." the pink teen, Stacy, answered.

"When fans watch your duels, they're not laughing with you, they're all laughing at you!" Gong snapped to him before turning to a poster of a man dressed like a magician, "When your daddy was on the field he has all the fans smiling. He made Dueltaining, entertaining."

He then snapped back to Yuya, "Your duels are usually just embarrassing!"

While he said this outside the room viewing from a window they noticed someone was watching.

"Well if you ask me my dad's last duel was pretty embarrassing too." Yuya mentioned putting his hands behind his head.

"Yuya!" Zuzu and Gong cried together angrily.

"Haha relax." Yuya smiled before the door opened and a man in a yellow and black striped shirt with orange glasses walked into the room.

"Afternoon all I do hope I'm not intruding." the man stated.

"Who are you?" the red haired man asked.

The glasses man answered, "I'm Nico Smiley, dueling manager and promoter. Currently I represent the reigning Action Duel Champion, The Sledgehammer."

Shocked Yuya said, "Not THE Sledgehammer."

Then it cuts to where the words LID was on before going to the armored man from before with screens saying, "Don't be a wimpy loser, be a winner! Come to the Leo Institute of Dueling and we will teach you how to crush opponents and fill them with fear! Duel to win!"

That made the brown haired woman shake her head tsking, "Yet, another man driven only to win."

"He's not actually that tough." Mir admitted. "I beat him without much trouble."

"Yeah you mentioned that back when... That thing took over." Jarrod said in disgust at the last part.

Mir shuddered at that before looking down starting to tear up. "After everything I did... maybe I should have suffered the same fate as my father."

Jarrod hugged her close.

"The Sledgehammer is hosting a fan appreciation day at the Leo Institute and as part of the festivities he's issuing a one-on-one challenge to Yuya." Nico explained.

Off-guard Yuya asked, "Your inviting me to duel the Sledgehammer?"

"I'm not inviting you to duel his grandma!" Nico joked before saying, "Seriously, though, it's your chance to make up for your father's disappearing act. You remember what happened don't you?"

Yuya made a troubled look as the screen shifted to a arena.

"This crowd's boiling over and I don't blame them! Our Action Duel championship was suppose to get underway an hour ago, but Yusho Sakaki still hasn't show up to defend his title!" the announcer cried to everyone.

Finally fed up the opponent known as the Sledgehammer yelled clenching his fist, "Sakaki has chickened out!"

The crowd went wild at the news at this. A younger Yuya ran to the railing at the edge of the audience with tears in his eyes. "My dad's no chicken, let me duel the Sledgehammer until my dad shows up!"

As he was yelling that a blonde woman in jeans and a green shirt ran and grabbed onto him.

"Yuya calm down son." she told him.

"I'm not scared! Duel me instead!" Yuya cried as the screen paused as he yelled the words.

Cassie, & Stacy both looked down seeing this.

"If this is bringing up bad memories do you two want to go upstairs?" asked a young woman with short blonde hair.

"It's fine. It hurts watching it but... I want to know how he managed to get around it." Cassie said to her.

The screen shift back to the Duel School as Nico said, "You're finally old enough to get your wish! We'll publicize it as the duel of the decade! "The son of Yusho Sakaki tries to clear up his father's name"!"

Yuya swallowed nervously at that.

"Forget it." Skip stated bluntly. "I will never let Yuya take part in this match."

Surprised Nico asked, "Why not? It's what all the fans want to see, plus it'll mean tons of free publicity for your dueling school!"

"I won't let Yuya be humiliated!" Skip answered making Yuya give out a shocked look as Skip clench his fist, "The boy's suffered enough since his father disappeared... Get out of here Nico!"

"Oh I understand Boyle." Nico smiled putting a hand on his chest before leaning forward with a finger raised. "Its a real shame though, cause if you had agreed the Leo Corp. would have donated the newest augmented reality combat system to your dueling school for no charge. As in free."

"Bribery? He's bribing him?" Lance asked in shock. "Please tell me that he isn't so shallow as to let that work."

"Well..." Stacy started hesitantly.

"You've got a deal!"


That commit earned Skip a snack at the back of head by Zuzu who was holding a paper fan. Mason winced, "Gosh... Zuzu from back then is more frightening then I thought..."

"Remind me to stay on her good side." Rocky chuckled.

"You just said you'd never let Yuya duel the Sledgehammer." Zuzu pointed out in annoyance.

"But for the good of the school." Skip argued rubbing his face.

"What about for the good of Yuya?" Zuzu questioned.

"Even back then she cared about him, no wonder they ended up together." Jarrod smiled. "I mean, ignoring the fact that it was fate they definitely would have still fallen in love."

"No joke." Misty agreed.

"Um, well..."

"Yeah, we gotta have Yuya's back." Gong agreed with Zuzu closing his eyes.

"Uh we can't..." Hearing that they looked seeing Yuya's gone as Zuzu finished, "'Cause... he ran off."

"Just like his old man." Nico remarked.

Soon it shows Yuya was sitting on a railing staring at his swinging Pendulum looking out at the arena with his goggles down.

It then shifted to the younger Yuya sitting outside alone sniffing from a whole day of bullying with his goggles down before suddenly his goggles were removed releasing the tears that were building in it surprising him before he wiped his eyes crying as the magician man known as Yusho who was with him knell beside him, "Take your dad's advice, Yuya. Try to laugh when you feel like crying. And when things get tough, respond with a smile. It will give you the strength to keep moving forward!"

With that he removed Yuya's Pendulum as he swing it in front of Yuya, "It's kinda like a Pendulum. If the Pendulum swings one way, you know it will swing the other way, too, like in a duel."

"A duel?" Yuya asked turning to Yusho.

"The key to dueling is to believe in your deck, and yourself." Yusho smiled. "When you're falling behind you can always make things swing your way again."

"Yusho's a great man, Yuya's lucky to have him." Rocky smiled.

"Yeah, dad's one of the greatest people in the world." Atem agreed with his own smile.

"So don't worry about anything. Just have fun and try to enjoy the ride." Yusho finished as the scene showed the Pendulum swaying in front of a sunset.

"Tried to remember what I've told you, Yuya."

With those words the scene faded to the current way the Pendulum is swaying. "It may help you someday..."

"You were right, Dad. I can win if I just have fun and believe in myself!" Yuya said to himself before the star on the goggles spin, and shift making the screen black.

The screen then transitioned to three people, Gong, Zuzu, and Skip, running down a hallway to a bright light before the camera pulled back to show a large stadium full of people with several duels taking place and balloons flying into the sky and a cheering crowd.

"You fans have to been clamoring for this duel and now it's finally happening!" Nico announced as it shows as scene is turning to a holographic billboard of Yuya vs the Sledgehammer, "Three years ago the famous Dueltainer Yusho Sakaki failed to defend his title against the Sledgehammer! Now Sakaki's own son will try to erase that disgrace!"

"Do you think Yuya will show up?" Zuzu asked nervous.

Gong shrugged, "Who knows? But Gong's gut says he will."

"All right! Then we'll get our ARC-" Skip started only for Zuzu to whack him again with her fan with a bandage at the bump as he weakly said, "Never mind."

"Now lets get this grudge match underway!" Nico announced as a card appeared in his hand. "Here goes, time to activate the field, Castle of Chaos!"

"Augmented Reality Combat System energized. Generating Action Field." a computer voice said as a machine below the arena glowed as the arena transformed into a landscape with castles looking like fangs appeared while the Sledgehammer stepped on the balcony.

"Man seeing this really makes your heart stop doesn't it Ace?" Mason asked the maroon haired boy.

Ace just nodded seeing the field in awe. "Wow... that's really cool."

"So that's how they appeared." Rocky said seeing that.

"It's probably just for dramatic effect little rock." Julie smiled.

"Well it is the first one." Stacy pointed out only to frown. "I just hope Yuya can win without me helping him."

"Well we will find out." a brown haired boy (Yudo) told her, "I haven't been at this point."

The others nodded in agreement.

"I tell you people this Arc technology blows my mind! The field it's generating is so real you can actually climb the castle walls, or toss your mother-in-law in the dungeon." Nico Smiley announced with a chuckle.

"Man these jokes, and puns are always funny." Dan chuckled.

A footstep echoed as Nico called, "It's him! Guys, and girls presenting the Leo Institute's top Action Duelist and reigning world champion. He's the biggest baddest bruiser to ever pick up a deck... The Sledgehammer!"

"Whoa man... I would hate to go against this chico." Diego admitted drinking from a soda pop.

"He's not too tough." Mir admitted.

The Sledgehammer roared out a cry as Nico added, "His challenger is a kid with a mission! Everybody give it up for Yuya Sakaki!"

"Yay, Yuya!" Skip cheered loudly.




Nobody was stepping up in silence.

"Kid that's your cue." Nico Smiley mentioned only for nobody to answer.

"Huh, big sis what's going on?" Ace asked.

"The little guy ain't even gonna show up."

"Yeah, he must be a scardey cat like his old man."

"Guess the apple don't fall far from the bush."

"Say what?" Zuzu asked offended wanting to teach those guys a lesson only for Gong to stop her.

"Not now, Zuzu." Gong told him gently,

Zuzu protested as Skip took her shoulder, "But, Gong...!"

Just then Stacy, Cassie, Misty, and Hikari started to laugh.

"I was hoping if I challenge the kid his father would show up for sure." The Sledgehammer said disgruntled as he was unaware a clown was behind him doing funny faces. "I must defeat Yusho Sakaki in a one-on-one Duel to prove I am deserving to be the true champion!"

"Who is that?"

"Beats me."

Stacy smiled noticing a blue-haired boy. "It's Tatey, he didn't tell me he was watching."

"I wonder if it was love at first sight?" Bonnie teased.

Stacy blushed at this while the boy Tate realized who the clown is, "Oh!"

The group from You Show noticed the clown as the scene switched to them as Hikari giggled at Skip's shocked look while Zuzu said in shock, "Please tell that isn't who I think it is."

"Sledgehammer, behind you!"

"What's wrong?" the Sledgehammer asked.

"Turn around!"

He turned around to see the clown only to gasp in surprise at the face he's making.

"Wait, when did the circus come to town?" he questioned.

"With Yuya it kind of always is a circus right big sis?" Alex asked with a smile.

"Yup." Dawn nodded with a smile.

Dan laughed, "Yeah that's Yuya! He's always the best when it comes to humor!"

"It didn't... I'm your opponent." the clown grinned bowing.

The Sledgehammer at that pointed to him, "Do not tell me you are the son of Yusho..."

"Yep, the one and only!" the clown took off his mask, and wig showing it's Yuya with a grin before winking, "Well? Are you ready to get this show on the road? Or, should I say on the castle!"

"That's... quite a way to make an entrance." Kairi admitted with a giggle.

"Agreed, I wonder if we should think about having him babysit for us." Riku agreed.

Yuya grinned more before activating his Duel Disk. "Let's see if you're as nasty as you smell."

"For such a little clown you have a big mouth." the Sledgehammer mentioned activating his own Duel Disk. "You won't be so insolent once the Sledgehammer squashes you."

"It looks like sparks are flying and they haven't even started dueling yet! Okay, duelists, get your five cards in hand and get set to battle!" Nico called as the two duelists got their hands prepared as Nico did some poses, and moves going over, "Our duelists and their decks are primed for an epic showdown like nothing you've ever seen before! As we kick off this contest, the whirlwind will leave you breathless! It'll be the duel to end all duels! Only the toughest duelist will survive this face-off! Are you ready!?"

As he asked that Nico raised his hand to snap his fingers.

"Let's do it!" Yuya and the Sledgehammer called together with their names displayed with 4000 below their names just before Nico snapped and countless cards scattered across the field before the screen faded to black and the cards scattered again.

"Action Cards dispersed." stated a robotic female voice.

"Listen carefully clown boy I cannot wait to pummel you out of those pantaloons." the Sledgehammer declared. "Let's get this battle started."

"All right, show time! Welcome to the Yuya Spectacular!" Yuya grinned making his way to some zip wire standing on the edge before calling, "For my first move, I'm going to make a spectacular getaway!"

At that he jumped on the rope zipping down as the Sledgehammer cried not believing what he's seeing, "What!?"

"And to help make me my escape..." Yuya grinned grabbing a card in his hand which is a different design then what all of them minus several are used too, "I'll summon Performapal Hip Hippo!"

At that a hippo wearing a pink suit, and a top hat along with a star on it's cheek, and a crescent moon on it's forehead appeared as a golden gauge appeared with it. (ATK: 800/LV: 3)

Yuya hopped on before waving to the Sledgehammer, "Yo, Sledgehammer, why don't you try and catch me!"

He rode off after sounding that off.

"They just started and he's already taking off?"

"The kid should grow some wings, then he can fly away like a real chicken."

"Idiots, it's obvious he's looking for those Action Cards." Mir pointed out turning to Stacy. "Are they that stupid?"

"Their just bitter from Dad leaving to stop Mr. Akaba." Stacy explained.

Meanwhile Tate was seeing the match real interested as Zuzu was displeased saying, "I knew letting Yuya duel was a mistake."

"Yeah, but he's not dueling, he's running away!" Gong pointed out seeing Yuya heading off.

The Sledgehammer watched Yuya running off. "You want me to catch you kid? No problem!"

He drew a card as he said that revealing it to be a monster with 3000 points.

"I activate the spell, Feast of the Wild LV5! This will get the crowd crazy for more because it lets me summon two battling behemoths." he called. "I summon Swamp Battleguard, and Lava Battleguard!"

At that the two Battleguards appeared jumping down as they did they dissolved to pixels, "I tribute you both right away so I can summon your ruler!"

At that the trees started to shake, and get knocked down as he called, "No forest can hide you or castle can protect you from the chief of all wild savages! All hail, Battleguard King!"

At that the monster he had drawn was revealed as what he summoned wearing armor, and earrings roaring holding a large club in his hand roaring. (ATK: 3000/LV: 8)

"IncreĆ­ble..." Diego shook his head, "Bet we will see something that can top that thing as we watch in."

"We'll have to wait and see." Kairi agreed.

"The Sledgehammer summoned a monster that's as mean as he is." Nico Smiley commentated. "I wouldn't want to be in Yuya's clown shoes."

Yuya meanwhile raced up to the Battleguard King on his hippo.

"Your father got away from me, but you won't be so lucky!" the Sledgehammer declared. "Now we will battle, Battleguard King bash that hippo!"

The monster roared raising his club only for Yuya to grab a card grinning, "Sorry, but we have to get hopping! I activate my Action Spell, Evasion!"

At that as the club smashed the ground a sequence of Hip Hippo jumping, and rolling around was performed as Yuya declared, "Roll with it, hippo!"

"Why doesn't Yuya stand and fight?" Gong asked his frustration growing, "He can't keep avoiding-"

"I wouldn't jump to any conclusions." a woman told him as they looked behind them to see a blonde haired woman having green eyes, and having on a beige shirt, and black jeans was walking up with a smile her hands in her pockets.

"Momma!" Cassie smiled recognizing her.

"Grandma looks super pretty." Ace smiled.

"Yoko hi." Skip mentioned as he turned to see her.

"Yuya's running is actually pretty cunning, Gong." Yoko mentioned.

Yuya continued running from the Sledgehammer and his Battleguard King.

"That kid knows how to use Action Cards alright, but only to help him stay out of the action." the Sledgehammer noted. "I will force him to battle me now! Battleguard King loves nothing more than a fight so it can attack twice in one turn! Eliminate that hippo!"

Yuya pulled out a panicked look, "No, not again!"

Battleguard King slammed his club down creating a smoke screen as they watched on as Nico announced, "Whoa, that should wipe the smile off that Hippo's face! Battleguard King took it out with a single blow-Wait, they're okay!"

They noticed that Hip Hippo, and Yuya jumped out as the Sledgehammer questioned, "He survived?"

At that it shows on a screen the audience can see as Yuya explained, "Yeah, but barely! Just before Battleguard King landed his blow, I activated the Action Spell, Miracle! It saved my Hippo's hide and halved the damage I took!"

At that that screen turned to Yuya's picture as his Life Point Gauge decreased from 4000 to 2900.

"I can't believe my eyes!"

"I gotta get my hands on one of those hippos."

"Whatever." the Sledgehammer muttered setting a card. "Battleguard King will stomp out both of you next time."

"I guess Yuya's not doing bad, but I still don't see what he's up too." Zuzu admitted.

"I think I do." Yoko replied.

"So do I." Cassie giggled happily.

"That's true." Atem nodded.

"Yup." Stacy added as the three of them smiled.

"For a long time, Yuya's been treating everything as a joke. Clowning around was his way of protecting himself. You see, Yuya felt that people would look down on him because of his father." Yoko explained as clips of Yuya earlier in the episode happened before showing of the younger Yuya with Yoko was there watching Yusho, "He idolized his dad. To Yuya, he wasn't just a great duelist, but a hero."

"What do you say we swing into action?" Yusho in the flashback smiled with a big monster that looks like a white, and purple spellcaster with wings, and having golden rings with him as the flashback faded showing them back in the arena.

"Now Yuya has a chance to be like his father..." Yoko smiled seeing the duel, "And prove he was a hero."

"That..." Mir whispered before looking down.

"My turn again." Yuya called drawing his card revealing it to be a red dragon.

"Huh, wait a second." Alex mentioned. "What monster is that, I've never seen it before."

"That's Odd-Eyes Dragon." Dan explained to her with a smile, "It was the card Yuya originally had before it became Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon."

Alex nodded at that. "Oh, that makes sense."

"Aw yeah." Yuya smiled seeing the dragon before hopping up to the crowd on his hippo as a screen appeared showing him. "Your attention please, my next move's a real showstopper. As some of you may know if I tribute my Hip Hippo right now it counts as two monsters. It's one of Hip Hippo's favorite tricks, go for it buddy."

The Hippo rode off, and vanished as Yuya was falling down but he grinned, "Now put your hand together and welcome..."

He took off his Jester outfit showing his real outfit before saying, "Our main attraction! One of the wonders of the dragon world, the spectacular, Odd-Eyes Dragon!"

The Dragon appeared letting out a huge roar. (ATK: 2500/LV: 7)

Yuya landed on Odd-Eyes Dragon's back. "What do you say we swing into action?"

Seeing that Tate laughed in excitement.

"Your Tatey is super excited Stacy." Terri chuckled causing Stacy to blush again.

"Bravo! That's exactly what his father used to say." Skip mentioned waving with tears in his eyes. "That kid's a chip off the old block."

'You've been waiting for this chance Yuya, make the most of it.' Yoko thought with a smile.

"I will teach you to fear me just like your father did!" the Sledgehammer promised.

A small screen popped up on his Duel Disk showing Yuya is serious, "My dad wasn't scared of you!"

"Oh, yeah?" the Sledgehammer questioned.

"He would've beaten you easy!" Yuya told him, "And I'll prove it, too! By taking you down using all the moves my dad taught me!"

"Ha! I can see you talk a tough game, but your monsters pack no punch!" the Sledgehammer called at Yuya's own screen before pointing out, "Your dragon cannot lay a claw on Battleguard King!"

Yuya chuckled at that. "But after I use this spell here it'll be a different story. Wonder Balloons."

At that a box with question marks on it appeared in front of Battleguard King.

"Oh I know this one." Stacy chuckled, "Ace get ready to watch a fun way how Yuya cut that guy down to size."

Ace nodded with a smile. "Uncle Yuya's super cool."

"Well this kid has my toupee spinning!" Nico Smiley announced as it showed a montage of Yuya grabbing and discarding Action Cards. "He must have a nose for Action Cards because he's finding them like nobody's beeswax!"

Yuya discarded one more Action Card before grinning. "Ok, Wonder Balloons go!"

At that the box burst open revealing three balloons, a yellow one with a green question mark, a red one with a white question mark, and an orange one with a yellow star on it.

"I got a balloon for each Action Card that I found and sent to my graveyard. Next I'll be sending my spell card Wonder Balloons to the graveyard which will cause those other balloons to burst and each one drops your monsters attack points by a thousand until the end of this turn."

He snapped his fingers as the balloons exploded showing smoke as it was shown the balloons trapped Battleguard King as Yuya grinned, "Who'd believe a few balloons could be so dangerous? But they just let the air out of all of your Battleguard King's attack points!"

As he said that King's points dropped. (ATK: 3000 - (1000 * 3) = 0)

The crowd sounded off as Nico announced, "Unbelievable! Yuya just turned Sledgehammer's hero into a zero!"

"Deception is key." Lance said seeing this, "Whoo boy it is a tricky forefront!"

"Definitely." Mason agreed. "Plus Odd-Eye deals double the damage so that's 5000 points right away, Yuya wins."

"Actually, that's not how Odd-Eyes Dragon works." Stacy explained. "Odd-Eyes Dragon has a different effect."

"Now I see that you've been playing games with me from the beginning." the Sledgehammer realized. "You just pretended to run away to find as many Action Cards as your feeble fragile fingers could pick."

Yuya smiled looking at his Pendulum. "It was risky, but I knew the duel would swing my way."

"He's amazing."

"The kids hammering the Hammer."

The crowd all started cheering at that. Yuya smiled looking around thinking, 'The crowd's got my back. They're all cheering for me... Just like they used to cheer for my Dad during his duels!'

"Okay Odd-Eyes, it's not enough for us to win this, we've gotta win in style!" Yuya called as Odd-Eyes roared starting to charge while building a blast in it's mouth, "Hey, Sledgehammer! When Odd-Eyes dethrones your King, you take half it's attack points as damage!"

Hearing that the Sledgehammer muttered to himself, "Half of Battleguard King's original attack points equals 1500. If I lose another 2500 in damage... The total would be catastrophic!"

Realizing this would deal 4000 points of damage which is the amount total he has.

"A one hit kill." Bonnie whispered. "That's one way to set up a main character... Yuya is the main character right Dan?"

"Well... kind of?" Dan answered. "It'll make more sense later."

"I can end this duel in one blast." Yuya whispered to himself. "Odd-Eyes get set to strike. Take out Battleguard King, Spiral Flame!"

At that Odd-Eyes Dragon fired a blast at the trapped Battleguard King creating a massive explosion.

"Yeah bullseye!" Skip cheered.

"Yuya!" Zuzu and Gong called in excitement as the crowd cheered even louder only for the smoke to clear revealing Battleguard King survived.

"Too little too late." the Sledgehammer taunted.

"And of course it wouldn't end that fast." Kairi said seeing that.

The screen faded to black before showing again as the King roared as the Sledgehammer called, "Surprise, clown boy!"

"I... can't believe it!" Zuzu cried with Skip trembling in shock.

It was shown raising up the Slegehammer had used an Action Card which they noticed from it's design is Miracle, "You're not the only one who has a Miracle spell card. I was keeping this baby handy just in case!" (Sledgehammer: 2750)

Only this time the Gauge has a card symbol where the monster's levels are at with a 1 on it.

"Talk about staying cool under fire, the Sledgehammer shows once again why he's the champ." Nico commentated.

"You pose no threat to me boy." the Sledgehammer called as he finally jumped from the castle down to the forest. "Just like your father, you're all show and no grit and this trap is going to prove it."

As he said that he activated a set card.

"Since I took damage, Battleguard Rage inflates its attack points by 2000!"

Battleguard King appeared to grow inside the balloons (ATK: 0 + 2000 + 2000)

Yuya frowned seeing that. "I... end my turn."

"Battleguard King now bursts out of those balloons! The King of damages is stronger then ever!" Nico announced as Battleguard King tore the balloons off him roaring. (ATK: 2000 + (1000 * 3) = 5000)

"Man good thing Jake, and Dystopia wasn't there to make this situation more troubling for Yuya." Stacy admitted remembering that match.

"Well yeah, but if he was there you'd be fighting with Yuya." Dawn pointed out. "The world's best Dracoformer wouldn't let her partner down now would she?"

Stacy couldn't help but smile at that. "Yeah, you're right big sis."

"There really is nothing better than family." Riku smiled. "Right sis?"

Kairi chuckled. "Yeah, you're right about that."

Everyone at that smiled except for Mir.

"Yuya and his Odd-Eyes better do something quick or he's going to be the odd man out." Zuzu mentioned nervously.

"Now I have the upper hand my little friend." the Sledgehammer declared. "And I'm going to use it to crush you."

Yuya grunted as Odd-Eyes started to run off as the Sledgehammer called, "No! You won't escape! Battleguard King, destroy his Odd-Eyes!"

At that King rose as Yuya reached, "An Action Card!"

But Odd-Eyes was smacked by the club roaring in agony shattering as Yuya screaming landing hard on the ground. (Yuya: 0400/Hand: 3)

A stomp echoed as Rage appeared as Sledgehammer stated on Battleguard King's hand, "Because of Battleguard Rage's effect, your Dragon goes back to your hand instead of the graveyard."

Yuya grunted raising up showing the card before placing it in his hand.

"Watch how a winner duels." the Sledgehammer told him. "As I wield Battleguard Magic, it will pump me up with life points as it deflates any chances you had of winning this duel."

As he said the the meter appeared again showing the Sledgehammer's life points went back up to 4000.

"Ok, this is starting to look really bad." Bonnie admitted. "400 life points against 4000 and he doesn't have his best cards? What chance does Yuya have?"

Suddenly Cassie paused. 'Wait, will Yuya use that?'

"Could this get any worse?" Zuzu asked nervously before the screen split showing a worried Yuya and a confident Sledgehammer.

(Yuya: 0400/Hand: 4)

(Sledgehammer: 4000/Hand: 1)

"Luckily for you, my Battleguard King cannot attack again this turn. You'll survive for now." the Sledgehammer smirked to him before setting a card, "But I promise this, you won't last long. It is useless, but go ahead and draw. Maybe you should pull a disappearing act, kid. After all, like father, like son!"

"No thanks! I'm staying-!" Yuya started only to pause looking at his hand seeing Odd-Eyes with two performing animals, and a magician, 'Who am I kidding? It's hopeless, I don't have the cards or the skills to pull this out. Maybe I should pull a vanishing act... After all, I'm not the Dueltainer my dad was, and I never will be.'

"When things get tough try to laugh when you feel like crying." Yusho's voice echoed. "Don't worry about anything. If the pendulum swings one way you know it'll swing the other way too. Try to remember what I've told you."

Hearing that Yuya looked up with confidence back in his eyes.

"It's time to swing into action!" Yuya declared. "Ok pendulum, you swung his way so now you'll swing my way!"

Yuya drew as he said that with his card and Duel Disk glowing gold with sparkles and his Pendulum began to glow.

Ace gasped seeing that. "Big sis is uncle Yuya doing what I think he is?"

"Yeah, that's where it came from." Stacy nodded. "The birth of Pendulum."

The Magician, another magician, and Odd-Eyes began glowing before in front of Yuya's eyes in shock they transformed with Odd-Eyes turning to a familiar card they all know as Yuya narrowed his eyes in confidence before calling, "I'll use Stargazer Magician, and Timegazer Magician to set the Pendulum Scale! I'm taking control of this duel starting now!"

He placed the cards at the farthest part of his Duel Disk's blade as it showed a rainbow word 'Pendulum' as both magicians were rose in pillars of light with 1, and 8 in one of the pillars as Yuya declared, "I'm allowed to summon monsters from level 2 through 7 all at the same time!"

"What's that kid doing!?" the Sledgehammer asked in shock.

"Swing far Pendulum!" Yuya called as a massive version of his Pendulum started swaying between his two magicians. "Carve the arc of victory! My monsters are ready, to swing into action!"

He raised his hand to the sky as a portal opened and a blue, green, and red light flew out of it revealing a snake in a bowtie and top hat (ATK: 1700 LV: 4) , a fish shaped like a sword wearing glasses and a bowtie (ATK: 600 LV: 2) , and his Odd-Eyes Dragon only it looked larger and more powerful (ATK: 2500 LV: 7)

The new dragon roared upon being summoned.

"How'd he do that?" Zuzu asked in confusion.

"Got Gong." Gong answered in equal shock.

The screen then showed Yuya's face as the words 'To Be Continued...' appeared.

"Huh, they can't end it there what's going to happen?" Ace asked.

Dan chuckled, "Don't worry Ace things like that are called 'cliffhangers', and we got the whole series with us we can watch completely."

"Well I'm hooked." Mason admitted. "This looks really exciting and we haven't even met most of our friends yet."

"Yeah, and I can tell it can be promising knowing what they will do without us." Sandy smiled sitting in front of Ace as he sat on the couch.

Suddenly Stacy, Dawn, Kelly, Terri, Lilly, and Alex looked down nervously.

"Something wrong?" Cloud asked them.

They all exchanged a nervous glance.

"... Sardon." Dawn answered. "He's the one who created Pendulum Summoning."

"Oh. Well if you girls weren't there how did they took him down?" Jarrod asked curiously, "Guess we will have to find out as we go on."

"I guess so, do you guys want to watch the next one?" Dan asked them.

"I... think I'll pass." Mir admitted. "You guys can enjoy."

Jarrod frowned, "Excuse me, and her for a second."

The others nodded as they walked off.

"Did it brought up bad memories?" Jarrod asked Mir once their alone.

"All the family talk... I don't know if I'll be able to keep myself from breaking down." she admitted with tears. "This was just one episode, who knows what might happen in the future."

Jarrod kissed her. Mir kissed him back gently.

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