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"You feeling okay Mir?" Atem asked her.

"I think so, sorry if I worried you Atem." she replied before smiling. "Do you want to sit with me and Jarrod for this one?"

Atem nodded to her at this as Kairi stand up, "Well before the next episode who needs to use the bathroom first?"

"I think we can get through one more before using the bathroom." Terri admitted.

They nodded as Lance played the video, "Okay it's starting."

"Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V." they heard Yuya's voice said as the title card with Yuya's Pendulum swinging as it passed the screen showing a clip of the cheerleaders.

"Three years ago the famous Dueltainer Yusho Sakaki failed to defend his title against the Sledgehammer! Now Sakaki's own son will try to erase that disgrace!" they heard Nico announced before it shows him taking Castle of Chaos' card calling, "Time to activate the field, Castle of Chaos!"

"Augmented Reality Combat System energized." the computer said as it ray into the castle while Nico added, "The field it's generating is so real you can actually climb the castle walls, or toss your mother-in-law in the dungeon."

He then raise his hand to snap his fingers, "Are you ready!?"

"Let's duel!" Yuya, and the Sledgehammer called with their LP values shown.

"Odd-Eyes, get set to strike!" Yuya called in a next clip. "Take out Battleguard King!"

Yuya's dragon gathered flames in its mouth before shooting them at the Battleguard King trapped in balloons.

"Spiral Flame!"

"Huh? What's going on?" asked a male voice.

"Is everybody doing something together?" asked another male voice.

They looked to see identical boys were there looking confused.

"Ah Ren, boys." Kairi smiled, "When did you get back?"

"Just now. What's going on?" a blue haired boy asked curious.

Dan smiled, "We're watching a show that shows of what happens if all of us are not around in the Dimensional War."

Ren flinched hearing that. "Oh... that."

"Don't worry about it. Come on we'll all watch." Stacy smiled guiding him where he, and they should sit.

"Where are we at so far?" a black haired boy asked.

Bonnie answered, "The beginning of the second episode."

"Oh, can you wait please?" one of the boys asked. "It sounds fun and I could invite Sapphire."

"Okay go ahead, Cloud." Julie said handing him her phone.

Cloud blushed but nodded taking it.

"I wonder what happens with Riri." Cassie admitted as Cloud made the call.

"You two fall in love." mentioned a giggling female voice.

Cassie blushed before saying, "Y-Ya know what I mean."

"I know, but actually I'm kind of worried about that." mentioned a brunette girl in a Duel Academy outfit as she walked over too one of the boys and kissing his cheek. "You didn't want to invite me Ryan?"

"I-I was gonna call you as soon as Cloud is done calling Sapphire." Ryan admitted rubbing his head.

She smiled. "I know. Though I'm serious about being worried about Riley, I mean just think about it you guys."

"Yeah she lived a hard past." Dan admitted, "But at least she has Declan to help her."

Cassie looked down. "But he has to focus on the war, and finding the other Lancers... he isn't able to help her."

"Then... she still would have gone through all of that but in this she doesn't have anyone? Nobody to be there for her?" Kelly asked in shock as Alex started tearing up.

"Hey come on have faith. Help comes sooner, or later which in the original's case comes later. Like with Yuya guiding her?" Kairi assured them.

"Only one way to find out." Rocky agreed.

"Sapphire will be here in a few minutes miss Julie." Cloud mentioned before returning her phone.

"Ah thanks. Why don't you prepare a refreshment for her?" Julie suggested with a smile.

Cloud blushed but nodded walking into the kitchen.

"Locamente enamorado." Diego chuckled.

Kairi laughed.

"I think a lot of us are Locamente Enamorado Diego." Kairi chuckled back.

"What did he say?" Ace asked curiously.

"Madly in love." Riku answered. "Like you and Sandy."

Ace blushed as Sandy giggled kissing his cheek, "That we are."

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Mir opened seeing a blue haired girl wearing a blue formal suit as she smiled welcoming her in, "Good to see you again Sapphire."

"It's great to see you to Mir." Sapphire smiled. "Cloud told me what we're doing and I think it sounds fun."

"Well then why don't you get comfy, we're about to watch the second episode." Stacy smiled. "The first one was how Yuya and the Sledgehammer were going to duel and he just Pendulum Summoned for the first time."

She nodded as she walked, and looked around, "Where's Cloud?"

"Right here Sapphire." Cloud answered with a smile before holding out a small bowl and cup.

"Oh thanks Cloud." Sapphire smiled taking them, and kissing his cheek.

He blushed slightly as they sat down.

"Is everybody comfortable?" Dan asked.

They nodded as Lance resumed the episode where Odd-Eyes' attack connected as Skip called with a smile, "Yeah! Bull's-eye!"

"Yeah!" Gong, and Zuzu cheered before the screen turned to the Sledgehammer who ordered, "Battleguard King, destroy his Odd-Eyes!"

King rose as Yuya reached before Odd-Eyes was smacked by the club roaring in agony shattering as Yuya screaming while the Sledgehammer taunted, "Maybe you should pull a disappearing act, kid. After all, like father, like son!"

Yuya's Pendulum started swinging. "Ok Pendulum you swung his way, now you'll swing my way!"

Yuya drew dramatically at that before gasping as his cards started glowing blue and transformed.

"I'll use Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician to set the Pendulum Scale!"

He placed the cards down as his Duel Disk called Pendulum as he called raising his hand to the sky, "My monsters are ready to SWING INTO ACTION!"

Odd-Eyes appeared roaring ready to start off the battle that is too come as the opening started.

(Cue Theme: Can You Feel The Power)

Hey! Hey!
Can you Feel the Power!?
You vs. me competition for the victory, (Wull!)
I could be the best one day and make history. (Go!)
Swing into action, are you ready to play? (Go!)
Challenge anyone, anywhere (Go!), any day. (Come On!)

You wanna take a chance? Go ahead and roll the dice. (Ok!)
See if it's in your cards, if you'll pay the price. (Wull!)
Activate the Spell, let your powers come to life. (Go!)
It's showtime, who will win the fight? (Wow!)

I'm ready to duel, go ahead and make your move.
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)

I'll win this duel,
You can't beat my moves.
I'm in that groove,
I know I can't lose.
Your turn, your tricks,
Now what will you choose?
Can you feel the power!?

I'll win this duel,
You can't beat my moves.
I'm in that groove,
I know I can't lose.
Your turn, your tricks,
Now what will you choose?
Can you feel the power!?

A monitor appeared showing all of Paradise City as it slowly zoomed out to reveal several people at computers.

"Sir I've picked up an unusual summoning signal from the city's coastal zone. The reading is off the charts." mentioned a male voice.

"Analysis quick." ordered a second male voice.

They were typing before a woman mentioned, "I have the results, sir. If the wave patterns are correct, then someone is using Pendulum energy."

At that a screen showing wave-lines with 'summon forms parsing' was shown as it loaded as it shows in a box 'Pendulum' as the second man questioned confused, "Pendulum Energy?"

Back at the duel Odd-Eyes roared upon being summoned as everyone watched what happened in shock having never seen something what Yuya just done as like before the screen closed on Yuya's face before it transitioned to where a screen showing it with both Magicians are between it as the Sledgehammer said in awe, "The kid summoned three monsters at once. I should be the one flexing my dueling muscles in front of this crowd."

He then told Nico from his Duel Disk wanting an explanation, "I can't believe a puny boy like him can pull such a powerful maneuver. It must be a trick."

Nico appeared on a small screen. "I'm stunned too, but if his move wasn't legit the judges would have intervened."

"Where did he learn this Pendulum Summoning?" the Sledgehammer questioned.

"They wouldn't understand if they know Zarc used his Pendulum to create it with Ray backing it up." Julie remarked shaking her head.

"... Don't you mean Sardon?" Stacy asked looking down.

"Oh... sorry." Julie apologized.

"It's ok." Stacy mentioned.

Yuya meanwhile had gotten on Odd-Eyes back.

"Whip Snake, it's time for you to whip into action." Yuya called. "By activating its special ability it can switch the attack and defense points of your Battleguard King."

Whip Snake pulled a hypnotizing trick as Battleguard King was weakened dropping his mace while the Sledgehammer stepped off his hand calling, "That Snake weakened my only monster!" (ATK: 5000 - 1100/1100 - 5000/LV: 8)

"Oh, yeah!" Yuya added gesturing to Swordfish, "And now my Swordfish will wear him down some more! Using it's special ability, my Performapal can slice and dice your King's attack points by 600."

Swordfish called copies of itself stabbing the ground around Battleguard King zapping him with red electricity. (ATK: 1100 - 600 = 500/LV: 8)

"Whoa, things are looking bad for the champ." Nico announced. "This kid won't stop hammering the Hammer."

"Now for the big finish." Yuya mentioned with a close-up of his eye. "Get set Odd-Eyes, time to power up and attack."

The orbs on Odd-Eyes started glowing to charge power as the Sledgehammer went to counter playing his face-down, "Your attack is about to be extinguished. I play the trap Battleguard Howling! Now your Odd-Eyes must retreat to your hand. But before it disappears, you will take all its attack points as damage!"

"Timegazer Magician you've mastered the deepest secrets of space and time! Use your powers to help protect me from the past!" Yuya countered raising his hand. "Check this everybody, Timegazer Magician's Pendulum ability can rewrite history. So Sledgehammer your trap's been trumped Infinity Gear Reverse!"

Timegazer moved his hand was a clock reversed where Howling was reset as the Sledgehammer grunted, "I better move it or lose it."

He ran yelling grabbing an Action Spell which they can see it's Evasion as he called, "I'm activating an Action Spell card!"

"We've reached the grand finale Stargazer Magician, let's end this duel with a trick fans will never forget." Yuya called as the screen showed his other magician. "Watch in wonder as Stargazer uses his Pendulum Ability. When there's a Pendulum Monster battling Stargazer can stop spell cards from activating. Halting Horoscope!"

The Sledgehammer widen his eyes as the Duel Disk shows the not allowed icon on Evasion being set as he panicked, "That move leaves me wide open!"

He started to run to get something to help him from the attack.

"Everything is set now Odd-Eyes, let's give the Sledgehammer a blazing sendoff!" Yuya called as Odd-Eyes roared running after him and jumping into the air.

"This is it, he's about to win just like when we dueled together." Stacy smiled.

"Spiral Flame Strike!"

Odd-Eyes fired the attack as Battleguard King tried to block as the Sledgehammer raised his arm to block the light saying, "Nice try, but that attack couldn't even toast a marshmallow!"

"Then I guess I'll have to turn up the heat!" Yuya called as Odd-Eyes' orbs glowed brighter, "Since Battleguard King is a level-5-or-above monster, Odd-Eyes' special ability deals double the damage! That's a wrap!"

The attack overwhelmed Battleguard King as the Sledgehammer screamed landing hard. (The Sledgehammer: 0000/Hand: 0)

"Go uncle Yuya!" Ace cried only to suddenly pause and look down with an embarrassed blush. "Oh... sorry."

Dawn, and her aspects giggled as Dawn patted his head, "Don't worry Acey."

"It's ok to be excited, and this was just the beginning." Kairi pointed out.

"They're right." Bonnie added before smiling.

The screen faded black before showing Sledgehammer's points dropping to zero again as Odd-Eyes landed while Yuya grinned, "Odd-Eyes, that was perfect! Good job!"

A holographic screen shows Yuya before it shows 'Win' on it. The field started to disappear with the end of the duel as the entire crowd watched in stunned silence.

"He won?" Zuzu asked in shock.

"Uh-huh." Gong answered in equal disbelief.

"Oh yeah, Yuya making it look easy. You showed him how it's done!" Skip cheered with tears flowing from his eyes.

Meanwhile Yuya looked in a trance for a moment before blinking looking around, "Huh?"

Seeing that Cassie shuddered. Stacy frowned and hugged her. "It'll be ok."

Cassie told her, "Sorry... that is reminding me of..."

"I understand." Stacy whispered quietly. "We all understand."

"She's right." Jarrod mentioned gently while Rocky gently rubbed Cassie's back.

Cassie took in breaths before nodding, "Thanks... I needed that."

"Anytime." Rocky mentioned.

They turned back where Yuya asked, "What's going on?"

"Huh, hey what happened to the Sledgehammer?" Yuya asked noticing he was on the ground.

"You defeated him!" Yoko called as Yuya turned over seeing them, "Your dad would be so proud. Good work, Yuya. You dueled like a champion."

"You were unbelievable!" Zuzu cried with a smile.

Gong agreed, "Even Gong was impressed."

"He's our star pupil!" Skip called out as Yuya smiled.

Yuya's eyes widened before the crowd erupted into cheers.

"Yuya's my main man!" a man mentioned

"For real, he made the Sledgehammer look like a toy hammer!" agreed another man.

"I want to know what that Pendulum Summoning was all about." a woman noted as Tate looked on in awe causing Stacy to blush.

"I've never seen anything like it." another woman agreed.

The Sledgehammer growled rubbing his neck, "No one walks over the Sledgehammer and gets away with it!"

Nico ran over him as the Slegehammer yelped as a comical bandage was there on the back of his head as Nico announced, "Wow, just listen to that ovation! Kudos, to you Yuya. You have to let us all in on your secret. Give us the lowdown on that amazing new summoning technique you unveiled in today's duel."

"Uh... new summoning what?" Yuya asked in confusion.

It then turned to a building as the camera showing it's a building a bit shaped like a hourglass where the words LID was shown on one side while LEO Corporation was shown on the other.

A man with a long red scarf entered from a white light before taking a seat as a suited man walked behind him with a clipboard.

"Good new sir, we just ID'd the kid in question." the man mentioned as a screen appeared showing Yuya. "His name is Yuya Sakaki, fourteen years old. Seems to be your typical middle-school student. Sakaki duels in the junior Arc-League."

He then pressed on the clipboard saying, "I have his win-loss record. Nothing special."

At that the screen shows duels that Yuya duels mostly losses then wins.

"Declan." Dan said realizing who the scarf man is in the next shot where a shadow covers his eyes.

"Why are they making him look like a bad guy?" Ace asked in confusion.

"That's just how characters that are shady are, setting up suspense before their motives are revealed." Bonnie answered to him.

Declan then said, "His record is 50-50 at best. Where does Yuya train?"

"All his training was through one institution. A place called You Show Duel School." the man answered gaining Declan's interest.

"I've heard that name before." Declan said before clasping his hands together on his desk, "Yusho Sakaki! That was his school."

"Precisely." the man said as the screen shows Yuya's stats where it shows who he is, "This young hotshot is Sakaki's son."

"Hotshot?" Dan blinked.

"Do you want to take that one Rocky?" Jarrod inquired.

Rocky blinked at that, "Well hotshot doesn't mean it's a bad thing."

Dan nodded hearing that.

"Apparently he's trying to follow in his father's footsteps." the man noted as the screen displayed Yuya being interviewed after his duel before the image was reflected in Declan's glasses.

"Yusho Sakaki vanished three years ago, and now his son is suddenly using a radical new method of summoning?" Declan noted.

"Honestly there's not much to say." Yuya admitted rubbing the back of his head.

"There's more here than meets the eye. Prepare a background report on this kid, leave nothing out." Declan stated. "Any facts that may relate to Pendulum Summoning no matter how small, should be reported to me immediately."

Soon the screen turned into excited students outside You Show.

"Gee, I wonder why so many people want to enroll at You Show." Julie chuckled.

"Ah, meine gute." the green overall boy said in awe behind the crowd with the red haired girl, "Look at all the new kids applying to You Show."

"They must have our school confused with another school." the red-haired girl admitted to him.

"No they don't, they want to learn how to Pendulum Summon." Cassie pointed out before the screen changed to show even more students gathered around Zuzu.

"The You Show Duel School is highly selective, but if you fill out this form I can almost guarantee you'll get it." Zuzu mentioned just before almost everyone raised their hands in excitement to sign up as the boy and girl walked in.

"What's up Zuzu?" the red-haired girl asked.

Zuzu turned as she smiled greeting the two, "Oh hi, Allie! Hey there, Frederick. Did you guys come out to help me?"

"Principal Boyle asked for volunteers in our class." the green haired overall boy answered before rubbing his head, "Since we are the only two, he 'volunteered' us."

"Where is the principal?" the red-eyed girl, Allie, asked confused.

Zuzu answered to her, "The new ARC System just arrived. We got it free thanks to Yuya's duel. It's the latest model and my dad want to unpack it personally. I think he wants to adopt the machine into our family."

In a room was Skip in tears hugging the case close to him in happiness. All the kids giggled slightly hearing that.

"Yuya saved our school." Allie mentioned. "Now everyone wants to study here."

"They're excited to duel like Yuya." Frederick added. "When he did that Pendulum thingy I jumped out of my seat and started dancing."

"You teach all the students here how to Pendulum Summon, right?" a boy in the crowd asked them.

Zuzu answered with a smile, "Yes, it's part of the curriculum, if you're enrolled in the school. Now who's first in line?"

All the the kids in the crowd started clamouring.

"Right, they teach a summoning method Yuya just invented. That's how it works." Mir mentioned rolling her eyes only to pause. "Actually... never mind, sorry I brought that up."

"Ah." Zuzu muttered seeing that. "One at a time please, line up and I'll get to you. Oh great, I'm supposed to be in today's demo duel but at this rate there's no way I'll be ready."

"Problem solved Zuzu."

"Gong doesn't want you to worry, so Gong'll take over for you in the duel." they looked to see Gong with a twinkling in his teeth as he grinned.

"Oh, no you won't!" Frederick protested causing them to turn to him, and Allie looking angry.

"Zuzu's the best duelist here, so she should be in the spotlight." Allie added.

Frederick turned to her, "Who does he think he is? He doesn't even go here. You're bad for business. Step outside."

As they pushed him out Gong protested, "But Gong wants to stay!"

"We've got you covered here Zuzu." Allie smiled. "You better go get prepped for your duel."

"Thanks guys, you're in charge." Zuzu mentioned before running off only to pause noticing Tate. "I've seen you around here before."

"Coming to admire his true love?" Rocky teased.

Stacy turned bright red hearing that. Dawn gently rubbed her head at that.

"You want to enroll?" Zuzu asked Tate with a gentle smile causing Tate's eyes to widen in awe.

The screen then shifted to another group of students and Skip standing on a bench.

"Here at the You Show Duel School we continue a proud tradition of Action Dueling. Our training will produce a duelist who mixes the zeal of a competitor with the crowd-pleasing instincts of an entertainer!" Skip declared. "The legacy of that great dueling legend..."

"Who cares about this stuff?" whispered a boy in the crowd.

The boy beside him nod in agreement, "Yeah, I just want to learn how to Pendulum Summon."

That made Cloud frown, "Loosening up doesn't hurt to try."

"True, you would know that better than most people." Sapphire agreed with a small smile.

"Friends and fans!" called a voice causing the two boys to look back in excitement. "Gather round."

Ignoring Skip they looked behind them to see a silhouette of someone before a spotlight shined showing Yuya as the crowd went crazy.

"Over there!"

"It's him!"

"It's Yuya!"

"Welcome, one and all, to the Yuya Spectacular!" Yuya declared grinning winking, and pointing a finger at them.


"What!?" A picture of Hip Hippo in a lined fire of comical expression was shown before showing back that Zuzu is armed with a paper fan, and Yuya was stunned with a comical bandage on the back of his head as Zuzu yelled at him, "This isn't all about you! I happen to be dueling in this match, too!"

"Who is that girl?" asked a girl in the crowd.

"I can't believe she interrupted Yuya like that." mentioned another girl before they both turned back to Zuzu and Yuya.

"Go away!"

Misty, and Cassie both pouted, "You go away!"

The gatherers crowd continued yelling angrily at Zuzu causing her to growl and clench her fist.

"All right then, you want to treat me like a villain?" Zuzu asked in annoyance. "Then that's exactly what I'll be!"

Ace flinched slightly seeing that. "Aunt Zuzu's scary."

"Yeah getting her angry is the last thing to do." Cloud admitted.

Zuzu pointed to Yuya who looked surprised, "Yuya, I can see being in the limelight has already soured your ego. But soon you'll be singing a different tune after I own this duel!"

"Uh..." Yuya trailed off not sure what to say.

Zuzu leaned in to whisper, "You need to say something back to me..."

She stepped back as he gave thought what to say before gaining an idea calling out before saying, "Whoa! You must be the Sledgehammer's sidekick!"

That gave an opposite reaction to what Zuzu expected as she asked, "The... Sledgehammer's sidekick?"

It made her imagine herself looking like the Sledgehammer except her hair is pink, and has red markings instead of blue with images of the Sledgehammer in the background.

"I recognize you now, Gavel Girl! I'll use my Pendulum Power to whoop you, too!" Yuya grinned oblivious to the red demonic aura surrounding Zuzu.

"He just made his last will." Jarrod shake his head, "What a fool."

"You expect any less from him?" Mir inquired.

"Listen to them, they're fired up." Frederick mentioned.

"Quick Gong, boot up the Arc-System so they can start dueling." Allie told him.

"I can't believe a heavyweight like Gong is taking orders from a half-pint." Gong complained before looking at the Arc-System and dramatically pressing the button to select the Action Field.

A field appeared as it said standby as it started to appear as Zuzu called, "We're going to duel on the field spell, Plain Plain!"

"Augmented reality combat system energized." announced a robotic female voice. "Generating Action Field."

"This new augmented reality combat system really is top of the line." Skip commented right at a stream freaking out some students with him. "Check out how realistic that stream and those fish look. After this duel's done I'm grabbing my trunks and taking a dip!"

Stacy and Ace blushed at that and looked down in embarrassment. "Grandpa..."

Everyone chuckled but Diego shook his head, "Que vergonzosa..."

"Yeah." Bonnie agreed.

Both Zuzu, and Yuya's Duel Disk prepared as Yuya waved his arm with a grin calling, "Augmented Reality Combat System is set!"

"Duelists prepare for battle!" Zuzu added.

"Only one will rule the duel..."

"...In the ultimate fusion of monsters and mayhem!"

"The Action begins... now!" Yuya called snapping his fingers before he, and Zuzu declared with 4000 points, "Let's duel!"

The screen turn black before shows Yuya holding Hip Hippo's card declaring, "I'm up first. First, I'll start off by summoning Performapal Hip Hippo!"

Hip Hippo appeared to the field waving off his hat. (ATK: 800/LV: 3)

"That hippo's happening." mentioned a boy watching the match.

"Yeah, once Yuya gets him hoofing away the dude's a high speed heavyweight." agreed a second boy.

"Let's go!" Yuya called jumping onto Hip Hippo's back as they ran across the plain.

Zuzu smiled calling, "You're not gonna get far. It's my turn! Hyah! I summon Aria the Melodious Diva!"

A fairy with purple hair, and having on a dress appeared with a melodic cry. (ATK: 1600/LV 4)

"Aria, attack!" Zuzu called as Aria's singing formed an attack, "Bring Yuya's Hippo to a halt. Piercing note!"

The attack charged in at the two.

Just before the attack hit Yuya noticed a card in a tree and grabbed it.

"An Action Spell, perfect." Yuya grinned playing the spell which everyone recognized as Evasion. "Let's rock and roll."

The gathered crowd cheered at that.

"You think you've escaped?" Zuzu asked. "But Aria can still belt out some damage. Since her attack failed she can use her special ability to reduce your life points by 800. Resonating Wave!"

Aria singed at the attack which made it explode striking Yuya who cried out landing hard. (Yuya: 3200/Hand: 4)

"So it didn't matter if Yuya used an Action Card or not." Mason realized. "Zuzu's really smart."

"Well she is supposedly the best student at You Show, and once she... actually, why can't Zuzu Pendulum Summon?" Rocky asked curiously.

"She doesn't have any Pendulum Monsters." Cloud answered.

"Huh, that's weird." Rocky mentioned before shrugging. "Maybe Zuzu and Celina got mixed up by Ray."

"Hahahahaha." Zuzu laughed maniacally before pointing at Yuya on the ground. "That'll teach you not to turn your back on me you wimpy wannabe! Now get up and face the music!

Yuya move to get up as Zuzu said in a whisper, "Get up, Yuya. You can rest later. Everybody's waiting and watching to see you Pendulum Summon. Don't leave them hanging."

"Work your magic, Yuya!" Frederick called from his spot.

"It's Pendulum time!" Allie cheered.

"Pendulum!" the audience started to chant.

The crowd continued chanting in excitement.

"See, I told you. They're getting impatient." Zuzu whispered.

Yuya grinned before jumping back to his feet. "I'm on it, no sweat. It's time to swing into action!"

Zuzu sweatdropped at that, "Yuya, if you're waiting for applause, you might be here awhile."

"Right... Here goes! Now I draw!" Yuya called drawing before seeing it's Timegazer as he grinned looking at his hand, 'Excellent. My duel with the Sledgehammer's a blur, but luckily Gong gave me the play-by-play. I'll just do what I did then.' "First, I'll use my monsters to set the Pendulum Scale. With my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and my Timegazer Magician, I'm good to go!"

He placed them as the word 'Pendulum' appeared as the two rose up as Skip cheered, "Yeah! Crank up the Pendulum Power!"

"Pendulum. Pendulum." the crowd cheered in excitement as the screen shifted too where Allie and Frederick were doing the same thing.

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for." Yuya grinned before holding up two cards as they started glowing. "It's time to Pendulum Summon and Swing into Action!"

"Huh, big sis isn't that wrong?" Ace asked them.

"Yes he's just learning about it." Dan explained to him as a large beep of an error happened as a wind breezed by.

Everyone stared in confusion at what happened.

"Huh?" Gong asked in confusion.

"It didn't work." Allie mentioned.

"How come?" Frederick questioned.

"What happened?" asked one of the kids watching as they started talking to each other in confusion and Tate looked surprised.

"What the, where are they?" Yuya inquired staring at his Duel Disk. "Hey Sword Fish, and Whip Snake get out here... right... now. Why am I getting an error message? I'm using my Pendulum Cards the same way as last time."

"Pendulum Cards?" one of the boys asked confused as another asked, "What are they?"

'What did I do wrong?' he thought to himself trying to think, 'I've got to think back.'

Thinking back to his duel with the Sledgehammer he thinks, 'If I'm remembering right, it was just after Sledgehammer destroyed Odd-Eyes, and I was on the brink of losing. It seemed like I didn't have a chance.'

Realizing something as he stand up, 'That must be it. I was in major trouble and that's when I was suddenly able to Pendulum Summon. It'll only work when I'm in a jam!'

Yuya smiled on the screen. "I'm ending my turn now. Ha, come on Zuzu come at me."

"You want me to attack?" Zuzu asked in confusion.

"That's right, throw everything you've got my way." Yuya answered.

"Wait, that's not how you Pendulum Summon though." Lance pointed out.

"Of course he wouldn't get it, Yuya didn't create Pendulum Summoning." Mir pointed out. "Sardon and Ray did, right?"

They nodded though Dawn, and her incarnations looked down. Seeing that Ace hugged them one by one. "It's ok, things are better now."

They smiled as Skip called, "If that's what Yuya wants, then make him happy! Quick! Fire things up!"

"Huh? If you say so." Zuzu said still confused before drawing, "I'll start my turn now! Whenever there's a Melodious monster taking center stage on my field, I can summon one of my greatest singers that's ever dueled. That's your cue, Sonata the Melodious Diva!"

Sonata appeared from the card letting out a melodic cry. (ATK: 1200/LV: 3)

"Now I'll tribute this duet and combine their melodies to summon a whole new monster." Zuzu said as her monsters joined hands before vanishing in sparkles of light. "She'll blow you away with her musical talent, Mozarta the Melodious Maestra."

The monster appeared in a red dress with wings coming out of her back. (ATK: 2800/LV: 7)

"To start her concert, she'll perform her special ability." Zuzu called. "By hitting the perfect note, I'm able to summon a Melodious Diva that's level four or below."

Mozarta began to conduct before a green beam flowed from her hand.

"Take a bow, Aria the Melodious Diva."

Aria appeared singing. (ATK: 1600/LV: 4)

"Her melodies will overwhelm your hippo."

"Aria, sing a tune that will floor Yuya's monster!" Zuzu called stretching her hand to them as Aria fired an attack which damaged Yuya, (Yuya: 2400/Hand: 3).

"Nice tune." Yuya grinned.

"Now pull out your Pendulum cards to pick up the beat!" Skip called clasping his hands together.

The kids joined him starting to chant, "Pendulum! Pendulum!"

"Now, hit me with a high note!" Yuya grinned spreading his arms out.

Zuzu called, "That's exactly what I had in mind! Mozarta, bring down the house with your most powerful strain!"

Mozarta pulled out a conductor stick as a pattern of a piano appeared on her wings.

"Graceful wave!" Zuzu called as Mozarta fired an attack aiming at Yuya.

The attack flew towards Yuya as he grinned.

"Awesome." he smiled. "Ok it's make or break, it's the perfect time to Pendulum Summon!"

He tried playing the cards again only for the error message to appear.

"Uh..." he started nervously as the screen faded before showing Yuya getting blown away as everyone stared in shock and Yuya landed in a tree.

(Yuya: 0/Hand: 3)

"He needs practice." Jarrod noted.

The arena vanished as Skip asked with a very shocked look, "Huh!?"

Frederick, Allie, and Gong were also silent as Frederick asked surprised, "He lost?"

Allie turned mentioning, "I wonder what went wrong."

The other students were also confused asking what's going on not getting why Yuya's Pendulum Summoning didn't work with Tate also looking stunned while Yuya rubbed his head muttering, "Bummer."

"If that was your idea of a gag..." Zuzu threatened as Yuya raised his hands defensively.

"I wasn't joking around, honestly." Yuya said quickly.

"You better not be lying." Zuzu told him before the screen shifted to Yuya and Zuzu standing in front of the kid who were watching as one of them raised his hand.

"Excuse me, I'm really confused." he said.

"Uh huh?" Yuya asked dejectedly. "What is it?"

"During your duel you said something about a Pendulum Card." the boy mentioned.

"Pendulum Card?" Zuzu asked turning to Yuya.

Yuya smiled. "Well, actually, I'm not sure what they're officially called. That's just the name I made up for them."

"Can I see one?" Zuzu requested.

"Sure." Yuya said handing her his deck where she compares Aria in her Deck with Timegazer Magician in Yuya's.

"I never anything like that before." one of the boys admitted.

Angry one of the other boys said, "Yuya says you can't Pendulum Summon unless you have one of those cards."

They turned to Yuya as the boy of the middle glared, "That sounds fishy. What if this all Pendulum stuffs not actually real?"

"Good point." the boy on the right agreed, "Maybe he hacked into the ARC system before dueling Sledgehammer. I bet that's how he was able to summon three monsters at once."

"Yuya isn't a cheater." Cassie glared trembling trying to keep herself from shouting at the TV.

"That's right." Terri agreed. "He wouldn't do something like that."

Mir however frowned seeing the cards before looking down sadly.

"He doesn't have the skill to beat Sledgehammer so he had to cheat." a girl said.

"Looks like our hero is really a zero." a second girl agreed as they started to leave.

"Hey guys, wait!" Yuya said as he and Zuzu watched the kids leaving.

"Don't go!" Skip cried trying to block them only to be trampled.

"Oh, this was a new tracksuit." Skip groaned at this as Yuya looked down with his eyes being shadowed.

"I... I remember trying to convince them to stay by lying that the Leo Corporation is making them for them to stay." Cassie admitted looking down.

"It's ok, you were just trying to help your brother." Bonnie mentioned comforting her.

"She's right, and everything ended up ok right?" Diego added.

Cassie wiped her eyes and nodded. "Yeah, thanks."

Yuya put down his goggles as Cloud frowned, "Poor Yuya. That got to him hard."

Yuya started to walk out which Zuzu noticed, "Yuya, hold on."

"Those kids were wrong." a young voice declared, "You're no cheater, Yuya."

They turned to find Tate was standing down the hall with Gong, Allie, and Frederick behind him.

"Tate..." Stacy smiled seeing him.

"You're the greatest duelist any of us ever saw." Tate told him. "You didn't need tricks to beat the Sledgehammer. You won fair and square."

Yuya looked at Tate in shock.

"Tell them all your Pendulum Summon was real." Tate insisted as Gong walked up to him and put his hands on his shoulders.

Gong smiled at Tate before looking up. "Yuya, you should stand up and defend yourself instead of making your biggest fan do all the work."

"My biggest fan?" Yuya asked hearing that.

"And your only one apparently." Zuzu chuckled.

"You know, Tate's been coming to the You Show School to watch your practices." Zuzu added with Allie, and Frederick ran to them.

Allie smiled, "He had fun when you goofed around, but your duel against the Sledgehammer turned him into a true believer."

As Tate walked forward Frederick called, "Oh, it was awesome!"

"You were amazing, Yuya." Tate smiled up to him, "When you were dueling, it was like magic. You and your monsters pulled thousands of fans together! I wanna do the same thing someday. I'll learn to duel just like you."

Dan smiled, "And that's why, I have massive load of respect for Tate, and gave him the means to Xyz Summon, Gorgonic Guardian, and Giant Soldier of Steel."

"Huh, you taught him to Xyz Summon too?" Lilly asked. "I thought Sora did, maybe Tate was always destined to be an Xyz specialist."

"Maybe." Terri nodded thoughtfully.

Yuya stared at Tate before the screen transitioned to fans cheering.

'It's the greatest feeling in the world to make people so happy.' Yuya thought clenching his fist. 'And now I'm about to walk away from it forever.' "I don't know, I'd like to keep dueling..."

"Then pick up your deck, and prove to everybody that what happened in the duel wasn't a fluke." Gong told him as Tate looked up with a smile.

"You think I can?" Yuya asked.

"Gong knows you can." Gong confirmed. "You owe it to Tate."

"Right! Und to me, too!" Frederick smiled as he, and Allie wrapped one arm around Tate.

Allie smiled to Tate, "We can start a club, once you enroll."

Tate smiled nodding at that.

"Our open house was a disaster, but we got one new student here." Frederick smiled raising his arm up.

That made Skip snapped out of his dazed state standing up, "New student? Where!?"

"Has he made a tuition payment yet?" Skip asked running to them. "I'm so fired up! Go Yusho!"

Yuya chuckled before taking his goggles off his eyes. "As a dueltainer I guess I can't let my fans down."

Yuya and Zuzu smiled at each other before she handed him his deck.

"I promise you guys I'm going to master Pendulum Summoning." he said. "Hey Gong, Zuzu let's duel."

"Yay Yuya." Ace cheered.

They laughed together as it shows of a paused artwork of Yuya, Zuzu, and Gong running with smiled. The screen then shows of a room full of dart targets as a voice asked, "So you want me to take his Pendulum cards?"

"Sylvio." Stacy instantly said recognizing him.

"All of them?" Sylvio's voice asked.

"That is correct." confirmed another voice as Sylvio threw a suction cup dart at the target. "How you go about the task is your business, but keep my name out of it. Once you've acquired the Pendulum Cards, we will exchange them for the rare cards that you requested."

"Hm... it's a deal." Sylvio smirked throwing another dart as it hit a picture of Yuya and the episode ended.

Atem looked nervous, "I wonder how Doug will go in this version."

"We'll have to wait and see." Kelly admitted. "So... next is Yuya's duel with Sylvio?"

"Yeah." they nodded.

"I dueled him that match." Stacy mentioned.

"So do I." Atem added.

"Well, it'll be something to look forward to. You guys ready for the next one?" Kairi asked them.

"In a little bit." Yudo admitted standing up looking saddened about something, "I'll be back."

He ran off.

"Yudo?" Terri asked seeing that.

"Where's he going?" Sapphire inquired.

"Hey. Yudo told me that during the Obelisk Force attack both Riley, and Carlita were left alone when Yuri beat him." Dan remembered, "He might be feeling guilty about what would happen if he never came to Riley's life there."

"I can understand that." Stacy admitted. "Especially after what happened to Tate."

"I'll go talk to him." Molly said walking upstairs.

They nodded at that. Molly arrived to Yudo's room to hear him crying, "Amy... I'm so sorry."

Molly frowned before walking in and gently embracing him.

"Ah!" Yudo startled turned, "Molly?"

"It's ok, you can cry for a while." she whispered before smiling. "Amy and Carlita are both ok and you can see them whenever you want."

Yudo at that started crying again, "If... If I never met Amy... Would... Would she be okay...?"

"... I don't know, she's really strong though and has Yuya and the others." Molly admitted. "They'll help her."

"Amy..." Yudo cried holding his face.

She just held him gently.

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