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summary: percy is an orphan, who at a young age understands how the world works and decides to shed his mortal desires and be one with universe.(not the best summary please adjust.)

The night was unnaturally cold for the month of August, the doctors were moving around in a hurry to save the life of both the mother and her soon to be born child. The woman was a beautiful sparkling blue eyes and brown hair who was once complimented by a god in his drunken state that she was a queen amongst mortals.

The efforts of the doctors were giving some results as the child was coming out. With one final push and a scream later there was the cry of a child. But the mother lost too much blood and the doctors knew that she won't survive the night. So they gave the child into her hands and asked her, if she has a name for the child.

The woman also knowing that she doesn't have much time looks at her baby. The one that she has carried for the past nine months and ten days. The baby has a tuft of black hair that is dark as the night sky that was messy looking and eyes that are sea green that are always in motion. She could see that the baby shared his father's looks.

Like all mothers who loves their child from the first moment they lay eyes on them she to loved him. Even with tears rolling down her face she looked at her child and knew would be great and powerful if not the greatest and most powerful of his father's child but also the greatest his father's family has ever seen breaking many previous accomplishments. But she also knew with greatness comes sorrow, enemies and many other unwanted things. It was like they were a ppackage deal. The world will only see the greatness but the person who lives the life will only have happiness once in a while.

So she named him after one of the few heroes who had a happy ending and a hero who had been unstoppable till the last moment and has fallen only due to the godly intervention. She hopes with these two names together he will get happiness and protection. She named him 'Perseus Achilles Jackson'.

After naming him she gave him a kiss that conveyed all her love and her blessings, the first and last kiss she would ever give him, her precious child.

At the same time, deep in the heart of sea, in the city of Atlantis sat a man in his throne with a trident, in his palace thinking about the disturbances in his domain. Some old enemies of his mainly the predecessor of his domain are stirring. He would have dismissed it as them trying to ursup his rule but something told him it was not that. It was something more terrible than that. His little brother has already broken his oath and sired a child and even he himself have broken his oath. Of all three of the brothers, his eldest brother is the one who held his oath and it's quite ironic that he and his little brother forced their eldest to take the oath

After viewing the events of last couple of years he had a guess what is about to happen. He knew that war was upon them, that the prophecy will soon come to pass.

As he was thinking about all these he heard a cry. A cry of a child. He didn't know of any one expecting a child in his city. May be it was his child.

Once he came to the woman's home who was his child's mother. He saw her playing with his child. After seeing this he went back to his palace dismissing what he heard as something else.

Deep in a cave where no man or God can't ever enter without their knowledge, were gods once came for their domain, sat three ladies, one was holding the yarn, another was weaving the yarn and the last one was holding the scissors. The were also interrupted by the same cry of the baby, but unlike the other person who heard it, they knew who this child was. But even they were surprised that they heard it in here. The first woman, Lachesis said "So he has born. More powerful than thought." "We will have to weave his life accordingly, otherwise it will tip the balance of universe. Poor child, he already won't be having a peaceful life now we have to deny him even his childhood. Sometimes I think if we were to look into a mirror we won't like what's staring back at us."Clotho said. She sighs and looks at her other sister who hasn't said a word. Atropos sighs and says "It is a curse we will have to bear, just like Perseus will have to bear his. Power is the curse we have in common with him. Let us hope that strength to bear it is also something he has in common with us."

As they were talking they forgot about the main reason why he could bear it. Bcoz he is the sea and sea doesn't like to be restrained and it will break free if done so.

Thus began the life of Perseus Achilles Jackson.