James and Lily Potter had a baby 9 months before little Harry Potter. Her name was Sophia Potter. Sophia (I looked this up) means wisdom. Little Sophia was kind, smart, and funny. When her little brother Harry came into the world, she said, 'Hi Harry.'

She was pretty intelligent for a 9-month-old. She could speak already!

So, back to the day we're talking about.

On october 31st, 1-and-4 month-old Sophia Potter was listening to her father read a book. She carefully memorized the words. Her mother was nursing Harry, who was 1-and-3-months-old. Sophia walked to the window. Yes, she knows how to walk and 1-and-4-months-old. She looked out the window and screamed at her parents.

"A HOODED FIGURE IS COMING TOWARDS OUR HOUSE!" Sophia shouted. Her father ran to the door while her mother, holding Harry, and herself ran upstairs to the nursery.

Luckily, there was enough time for Lily to grab her wand just in case, and for James to grab his wand.

"You better back off." Sophia distantly heard her father say. She looked at her brother in his crib. She scrambled in with him.

"Avada Kedavra." A distant voice says. Sophia hears a scream. A blinding flash of light-and death. It hits her before Voldemort reachers her mother, Harry, or herself. She tries to comfort Harry, who can only say a few words which are Daddy, Mummy, Voldemort, and Hello.

"Harry, we're gonna be okay." Sophia tells Harry as she scrambles out of the crib. Voldemort bursts through the room and knocks Lily out against the wall. Sophia ran over to her and grabbed her wand. She knew if you said: Expelliarmus then you could disarm the opponent from all of James's reading to her.

"Expelliarmus." Sophia says and Voldemort's wand comes soaring into her hand. Voldemort knocked her out cold, and gave her a lightning-shaped scar on her cheek. Voldemort took his wand back and tried killing Harry. It backfired from James, Lily, and Sophia protecting Harry and he got the same scar as Sophia, just on his forehead.

This is Sophia's past. Now, to her time, as she is about 9 years old, this is her story.