Mina, a nickname used fondly by Tohru was found at the age of three. Being transformed into a three year old in a foreign country was more than just terrifying. Although she knew some Japanese it was as much as a child, probably less. She received a lot of confused looks from Japanese citizens as she walked around by herself. Mina didn't look Japanese at all, she had brown skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. She was of African descent so she stuck out like a sore thumb. Her hair interestingly enough was in long locs like they had been as an adult and she only had an all black one piece outfit and zero shoes to keep her company.

Eventually someone motioned a police officer over and she was placed in one of the boxes they had. It was her first time in Japan and she was alone. She was in what seemed to be a rural area in Tokyo judging by the large buildings and amount of foreigners she could see. The police officer tried to ask her questions but was met with a confused stare and broken Japanese. He had given her a phone to call her parents which she tried and nothing happened. She spent a month in at an orphanage where she cried herself to sleep often and was forced to give her blood so they could find her relatives.

Even sending it abroad, they couldn't find her family. She told the translator exactly where in the U.S. she was from (even different home addresses) and no luck. Some time passed and she was given to a friend of the police officer. She was placed into the hands of Honda Katsuya and Kyoko with their little three year old Tohru. Katsuya was an average looking man with a handsome face. He had normal black hair and dark brown almost black eyes. He worked at a company she didn't remember and seemed to be in his early twenties.

Kyoko Honda was about seventeen years old and always had a big smile on her face. Although they had around a seven year age gap the couple was happy and very much in love with each other. Kyoko had long dyed orange hair, which was oddly naturally strawberry blonde and beautiful purple eyes. Her eyebrows were short and she wore long coats and had few scars which she hid with bandages. Kyoko was a stay at home mom and took care of her adorable daughter Tohru.

Tohru was a cute girl with baby fat. She had a big round face and big brown eyes. Her hair was growing slowly and was down to her neck. She was a slow talker but always had an adorable smile on her face. Her favorite was her father who loved her dearly. Mina was adopted by the family immediately and was given the name Honda Minami. She allowed them to call her Mina as a nickname since it was what she allowed her friends to call her back in college.

Katsuya was a good man and father with a dark sense of rumor and teased Kyoko often lovingly. He dropped a fake smile he often had on his face once he made it home and often didn't smile. He seemed happy with his life but seemed broken. He loved his family and Mina as well. She had the chance to meet her grandfather who immediately seemed to live her. He was an old man who often had a tired smile on his face. He worked at a pharmaceutical company.

Her happiness didn't last long because Katsuya didn't come back after a business trip. Mina had realized she was in the manga Fruits Basket once she met Tohru but couldn't help but feel heartbroken by her pseudo father's death. It wasn't until she saw Kyoko's mental breakdown that she realized how much the man meant to the family. Kyoko was only a teenager and now had to raise two children by herself without her husband to support her. She knew that she had never went to high school and would somehow have to take care of them.

The funeral was held the next day and murmurs of anger and resentment filled the air. Only the grandfather said kind words to them while the rest of the family said angry words to them and verbally abused Kyoko. Tohru remained there with an emotionless look on her face and held onto Mina's hand tightly. Once they had time to themselves and Kyoko was asleep, Tohru cried in her arms. The toddler tried pulling her hair out, biting her arm and hitting herself on her head but Mina wouldn't allow it. Tohru continued to cry quietly and eventually went to sleep.

Mina watched the entire time had Kyoko broken down and begged her dead husband not to leave her like an abandoned child. The girl blinked quickly trying to get rid of her own feelings of abandonment and loss since arriving in the manga and covered Tohru's ears as her mother broke down.

Kyoko spent a week laying down staring at a photo of their wedding day not moving. Mina went into mother mode, mentally being older than almost Kyoko and Tohru combined. She knew what it was like to take care of a toddler, before she had a younger brother with a fifteen year age gap, she knew what to do. Her tiny three year old body got food ready and made sure they had their daily needs. She put Torhu to bed, gave her a bath and made sure Tohru didn't have to worry about her mother.

Tohru seemed to have broken when her mother disappeared one evening. The little girl cried and cried and didn't stop crying no matter what she did. She clung onto Mina like a life jacket and couldn't stop calling for her mother. Tohru stayed up the entire night staring lifelessly at the entrance door waiting patiently while holding onto her sister. The next morning Kyoko returned and Tohru smiled and gave her a greeting. Kyoko held onto Tohru for a long time crying into her arms and then held Mina with her other. Tohru let out a broken cry and the family stood there for a long time.

Kyoko and Tohru did a big 180 from that day on. Tohru spoke more often in very formal Japanese and constantly had a smile on her face. She never looked down and tried to be a support for her mother by being a replica of her father. Kyoko worked long hours into the night and they were placed in daycare. Mina noticed the looks she and Tohru received whenever Kyoko dropped them off. The girls were bullied constantly during daycare and didn't have any real friends. Mina had comments about her appearance from adults and children alike but ignored them, after all she loved her appearance even if she didn't with Japanese standards of beauty.

As she got older Mina made the lunch and dinner for her family. She watched Tohru like a mother but still kept a sisterly attitude. Overall she had spent too much time trying to raise a child to think about herself. She could remember so much of her childhood and even treated Kyoko as her age. She never let a bad moment be seen by her family and constantly put on a facade. She spent many nights crying to herself and mentally hating herself. Sometimes she wondered why she didn't tell Katsuya not to go, why she didn't take better care of Torhu and why she would never see her real family ever again.

She used gloves when talking to Kyoko and made sure never to interrupt her or talk about Katsuya, which was taboo. There became an obvious phobia of colds in the household and Kyoko seemed to have a breakdown whenever they got sick. Tohru did the exact same thing to Kyoko and Mina mirrored that. Tohru mentioned wanting to be a cat instead of a dog and Mina fed a stray fluffy black cat on the streets and gave it a secret home. The apartment they lived in didn't allow for pets and she couldn't risk her housing for a cat.

Mina had the opportunity to meet little Kyo when he was sitting outside of the house. He had bright orange hair and long bangs that hung over his orange red eyes. He had tan skin and wore loose clothes. She complimented his appearance and he immediately became embarrassed. She ignored his reaction and introduced herself.

Daily she met Kyo outside and they walked together in unpopulated areas. The closer they became the more he opened up, he mentioned his abusive father and his mother who killed herself. He blamed himself and spoke about how much he hated being ignored and his family. He ranted and she let his words pour out of him. She showed him her little cat who automatically liked him which she laughed at.

Sohma Kazuma had appeared before her a few times but had said nothing to her. Tohru ended up getting lost one day and Kyo met Kyoko. Mina followed Kyo and watched as Kyo pumbed into a young Yuki with dark grey eyes and matching hair which had a front fringe with the left side of his hair longer than his fringe. He wore much nicer clothing than Kyo and were tight fitting. The boy flinched when he saw her and had the saddest eyes she had ever seen on a child. Kyo dropped his iconic hat and kept running.

Mina accidentally bumped into Yuki and they fell on the ground. She waited for the pop but it didn't come. She pushed herself off the boy and helped him up. Yuki seemed just as shocked as she was and immediately gave her a giant hug. They stayed like that for a minute and she could have swore he was crying. Yuki eventually ran off and Mina stood there stunned.

Yuki returned Tohru and it was the last time she ever saw Kyo or Yuki for a long time. Elementary school came and went. Bullying was an all time high and Tohru continued to have a bright, clueless smile at school but when Kyoko went off to work she would cry in her arms. Mina studied and built larger walls around her. Kyo was her only friend and had left her, she couldn't help but feel depressed after that.

She smiled for her family but was an entirely different person at school. They met Uotani Arisa, who's mother left her family once she got a new boyfriend and a father who drinks. She wore long skirts and a mask when they first met her. Her straight, shoulder length blonde and brown eyes made her rather beautiful. She was tall even at her young age. Kyoko saved Uo from getting beaten half to death by her former gang 'The Ladies'. She was more of Tohru's friend but they had a mutual understanding.

Hanajima Saki met them in middle school. She was a pretty girl with long, wavy black hair that reached all the way down to her waist. Her hair had a fringe in the front and mostly wore her hair in a single long braid for school. She had black nails and dark violet eyes. She was being bullied by some of their classmates. Tohru gave Saki extra food at lunch and they became friends. Mina spent most of her lunch period on top of the roof by herself.

A week after they entered high school they were called out of the classroom and were told that their mother had died. Mina held onto Tohru throughout as she cried, Hana and Uo came with them to the funeral where only their grandfather came. None of Kyoko's family came for her funeral and it was a lonely one.

Mina believed that it would be alright. That things would go back to the original story. She was wrong. Everything that she thought, suddenly changed. It had been a few months since Kyoko had passed away and they had taken seperate jobs. Tohru worked at Momiji's company as a cleaning lady, though Tohru didn't know about Momiji and Mina swore that she saw a blonde head of hair a couple times hiding in the bushes. Mina took a job at a convenience store and as they had spent the first months months with their paternal grandfather, there was news that the house would be renovated and because neither of them wanted to be a burden on the old man, they offered to move out. It was the night before there big move and Tohru had on her happy mask longer than usual.

It seemed that Tohru couldn't take it any longer, that the stress of life and the loss of their mother finally, truly affected her. Tohru cried the entire night, missed work, as Mina held her. They went to sleep and by the time Mina woke up, Tohru was sweating, soaking the covers and her skin was bright red. Mina was about to tell their grandfather, but Tohru grabbed her hands and shook her head. The last thing she said was "I'm sorry…"

That's when Mina knew it would never be the same.. Because… on that day… Tohru got sick and then she didn't wake up again. Just like Katsuya. Just like Kyoko