"Dad!" Pim Diffy yelled at her father, Lloyd.
"Not now! I'm trying to drive a time machine!" he yelled back.
"I have to go to the bathroom!"
"Can't you use the one in here?" her mother asked.
"No! It's locked from the inside and nobody's in it!"
"All right," her father said. "I guess we can make a quick pit stop while you go to the bathroom. Just don't take too long."

The time machine stopped in a hangar for starfighters. The Diffys jumped out of the time machine and started running towards a door marked "Restrooms." None of them noticed a battle raging on around them.
A few minutes later, Phil Diffy walked out of the bathroom to meet his family back at the time machine. Before he knew it, the time machine was leaving without him. Phil tried to chase after his family, but they were already gone.
It was then that he noticed he was in the middle of a battle.