Age of Maturitytc " "

Jets POV

            I remember sitting in that hospital room like it was yesterday. Waiting; Waiting for Faye to wake up from a sleep that seemed to last forever. It reminds me of a Faerie tale of old that spoke of a princess that fell under a spell and awoke when a prince kissed her. Sleeping beauty, that's the title, I wonder if Spike knows that faerie tale. In many ways 'Sleeping beauty' is a dead ringer for Faye, except for the princess part. I wish life was a faerie tale, it would make everything wonderful. Wonderful, now there is a word people don't hear very often any more. Dreams are washed down the drain like dirty water for most people, and wishes never seem to get granted any more. People rarely find things in the world that are wonderful by their standards, perhaps their standards are set too high, or perhaps people's lives just blow. People lose faith in their religion; I remember reading in history books about wars on earth were started by conflicting religions. Now religion is just a shell of its former self, people rarely 'have the time' to go to worship much less, read a faerie tale.

            Spike stood next to me leaning up against the white wall that day. He was smoking in spite of the numerous signs that stated no smoking. I wasn't about to tell him to put it out, because I was smoking one too. He would look at me every so often and I would look back, but no conversation went on. We didn't need words to communicate; we just looked at each others facial expressions and knew what the other meant. Ed was officially prohibited to enter the hospital; she attacked a doctor and bit him because he yelled at her for sneaking Ein into the hospital. I remember counting each day, each hour, each minute, each second that Faye was sleeping in that hospital. I tried to have a concept of time, but time stopped again. I never would have thought that time would stop again after Spike left, but there it was. Time was stopped dead in its tracks again. We waited everyday, no 'buts' about it. Spike didn't want for her to wake up and for him not to be there. I also didn't want Faye to wake up and only see Spike; I secretly wanted her to see me too. Although they would never know, I would just bluntly say, 'I couldn't just leave Spike there by himself could I?'

            One day we visited was a particularly pleasant day, now that I recall. The sun was a large saffron sphere overhead, and the sky never looked more crystal clear. I remember walking up to the hospital with Spike. Spike was as clear headed as the cerulean sky overhead that day. He actually told be right before we walked into the hospital that she would awake today. I remember laughing slightly

'What makes you think she'll awake today?'

'This has been the only sunny day this whole week.' Spike said as if I should have known it, which I did. He is perceptive, no doubt about that.                               


            We checked in as visitors when a young intern came up to us. He looked almost Spike's age, although he wasn't at all like Spike. He seemed too young for this hospital, too young for all the blood, trauma, death and despair. Even though he seemed to be Spike's age, it proves to show that the environment in which you are raised shows your true age of " We checked in as visitors when a young doctor came up to us. He looked almost Spike's age, although he wasn't at all like Spike"

'Hey I see you two in here all the time. Are you like regulars or something? Are your visiting anyone?' He was clearly joking but this dumbass intern got the surprise of his life when Spike and I replied.

'No I just like coming here to look at all the young fools who think they can make it as doctors.' I retorted

'I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you.' the intern apologized

'If you had offended us you wouldn't be alive to know it.' Spike smirked I knew he was joking, but the intern didn't, he turned pale faced and quickly walked away

            I chuckled as we moved past the stunned intern, Spike and I had our fun for the day. I walked into the cleanly kept room, lightened by a florescent light and a half opened window. The sunlight streamed in wispy rays of gold onto the unconscious figure in the bed. She had looked better that day than any other day. The color had come back to her cream colored skin. She looked like she was holding her weight rather than losing it, and her vital signs were all normal. It was just a matter of time. Spike sat in the metal folding chair next to her bed. He just stared at her looking over her body for any signs of potential awakening. I leant up against the white wall shifting glances from Faye to Spike, back to Faye. Spike, every so often, would trace her facial features with the slightest of touches. I don't know whether it was in hopes of waking up, or perhaps he just wanted to feel what she felt like, as if he didn't already know. I remember it was about ten minutes before visiting hours were up and we had to leave. Spike still hadn't moved from the chair, although I knew that he was aware that it was almost time to leave.

'Spike it's almost time to go...' I stood up from the wall slowly

'Hmm.' Spike responded

'Spike c'mon, we will come back tomorrow.' I pleaded, I was starving, and tired

Spike glanced at me irritatingly 'Fine Jet I'm coming.' Spike started to stand up when he stopped suddenly; I turned to look at what it was.

'Spike wha-' Spike stopped me from speaking, Faye's lips were moving ever so slightly

I watched to see if she would wake up or if it just her moving in her sleep. Her lips closed and her eyelids fluttered open lightly. She looked at Spike, and Spike looked back for a brief moment. They were both in shock.

' are you feeling?' Spike barely breathed as he leaned over her slightly

'Never better Spike.' Faye's emerald eyes lit up like a thousand twinkling stars as Spike took hold of her small fame and held her close, making sure not to jostle any IVs. She rested her head on his shoulder and looked as if nothing in the world could harm her. He ran his fingers trough her velvet, violet hair as he kissed her lightly around her neck. He let go after a minute, so that he could look at her.

'Jet, hey you're here too?' Faye laughed in false disbelief

'I couldn't let Spike come alone, you know him and hospitals.'

Spike looked at me grinning as if he knew that it wasn't the reason I was here at all. 'You've been sleep for a while Faye, I thought you would never wake up.' His lips smoothly went over hers as a whisper light kiss.

'Yeah you were the regular sleeping beauty.' I remarked, trying to sound sarcastic. I don't think that it did.

'Nice to see you too, Jet.' Faye smiled, and turned to Spike and kissed him on the lips

'You scared me Faye, I thought I would lose-' Faye silenced him with a kiss on the lips

'You scared me too Spike. Where's shin?' Faye asked

'Shin saved you Faye, you needed a blood transplant and he gave you all his blood.' I confessed as Spike held Faye close to him

'Shin saved me twice, I owe him in more ways than I can count.' Faye's head lowered.

'I owe him everything, He saved you.' Spike smiled as he leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips.  'I love you Faye, I'll love you forever.'

'I love you so much Spike.' Faye said in all sincerity as Spike took her in an embraced and kissed her again

'I'll let you two be.' I turned out of the room and walked out of the hospital.

            I wished I could stay with them, but I felt awkward being there. I felt like the third wheel that wasn't quite needed. I have to admit being needed is a good feeling. I feel needed when I am on bebop, but I know that Faye and Spike will not need me as much, or at all now that they have each other. I am happy for them, I really am; I just wish that I could feel that way with someone. I never would have thought that Faye and Spike would even come close to an object of envy, but then again, I would have never thought that they would ever fall in love with each other either. Although, they will never need me like they used to, Ed will, and I am glad to have someone to depend on me.

'Jet! Lobster will not work!' Ed screamed at the top of her lungs.

'That is because it has no gas in it.' You would think a genius like Ed would know that

'Ok, Ed sprinted to fill up her ship when I caught her by the collar.'

'I don't want you making a mess understand?' I cautioned and the figure in my grasp nodded repetitively

'Yessir captain snaptain snap clap!' Ed bounced as she ran to go retrieve the gas hose.

I left the hangar to come to see that all of the ships were covered in gasoline, but somehow Ed was spotlessly clean.

'Ed what happened.' I yelled exasperated

'I didn't know where to put the hose so I just covered everything!' I sighed as I helped Ed scrub the gasoline off of the Redtail, Swordfish, hammerhead, and lobster. That kid is a handful and then some.

            After Faye awoke the two were always together; almost attached at the hip. They would just spend hours at a time on the deck of bebop staring off together at the cityscape. Spike would always hold her in his arms, and Faye would always lean back on him. Spike and Faye could just spend hours in each others arms, Spike kissing Faye as they talked. It didn't really matter to them what they were talking about, as long as they were together. Ed surprisingly knew that they needed time to be together and to let them be, most of the time. Ed would sometimes break up their romantic moments by chattering insanely about anything. I guess Ed wanted the attention.

            They are perfect couple; on the outside. Before long Spike would sometimes leave randomly, not even bothering to tell Faye or I were he was going, or how long he would be gone. That pissed Faye off greatly, actually it worried her more, but she was plenty mad. I remember one time he was gone for about ten hours, which was a long time for him to be gone; needless to say Faye had enough of his 'outings'.

'Jet has Spike come back yet?' Faye stood meekly in the doorway of my room


'Is his communicator on?'


'If you knew where he is, you would tell me right.' Faye looked a little out of sorts

'Faye I don't have a damn clue where he is. He doesn't tell me anything anymore.'

'Weeeeelllll…' Faye paused

'Well what.'

'I just thought he'd like to know it's blue!' Faye shouted with mixtures of happiness sadness and angertc "'I just thought he'd like to know it's blue!' Faye shouted with mixtures of happiness sadness  and anger"

'Don't tell me…you're pregnant.'

'Yes I am and he isn't even HERE! Does he not care? Does he no-' Faye paused as she slumped down against the side of the hull. I looked at her questionably

'Does he not love me any more…is that it…is he just tired of me?' Faye lowered her head as shadowed covered the upper half of her face, masking hidden tears.

'Faye I'm sure that isn't the case, he loves you. He just…likes to get away some.'

'Thanks Jet that made me feel so much better.' her words were laced with heavy sarcasm

"I try my be-' my words were cut off by Spike radioing to open the hangar door

'That's it I'm gonna go up to him and demand that he tell me what in the hell is going on.' Faye stood up and stormed out of the room I followed her because I wanted answers too.

            Now that I look back on it was actually kinda comical how the whole thing played out. It was like one of those soap operas from the 21st century where they would get into fights that seemed just a little too surreal. I would have never in a million years, with a million guesses would have figured out what Spike was hiding up his red sleeve. When he came in the main room of Bebop he was 'greeted' by Faye and me.

'Spike Spiegel I have something to tell you!' Faye growled

'Wait, Faye I, I have something to tell you first.' Spike put his hand on her shoulder

'I'm back in the Syndicate Faye; I'm the head of the Red Dragon Syndicate.'

'Wha?' I gasped; I didn't see that one coming

'Spike…why on earth would you go back?' I could tell that Faye was devastated she pulled away from Spike's hand and took a few steps back

'Faye please, I have to do it for Shin, and all the others who died, I have to make it right.' Spike went to hold her but she stepped back again

'Spike you just can't let go of your past, can you? What is it? I'm I just not enough for you? Do you still love Julia is that it?' Faye's emerald spherical eyes welled up with angel's tears as she almost collapsed against the hull.

'Faye no, I love you, not Julia. I will love you forever, you're my world Faye.' Spike pleaded with Faye trying to go to her and at least hold her

'I am obviously not if you want to blow me into the wind, all for that fucking Syndicate!' Faye ran from him into her room with tears streaming down her cheeks like warm rain drops; she slammed the door and locked it fast.

Spike beat his head into the wall and turned to me.

'Don't look at me Spike, it was your decision to go back and you have to take the consequences.'

'Jet please, I need you to help me on this one I need to show her that the Syndicate isn't bad;  I need to stay in the Syndicate just a little longer.'

'Why is this Syndicate so important to you?' I asked

'I grew up there Jet, as crazy as it sounds, I did. I can't sit by anymore and watch it being burned down by crazy fuckers like Scythe.' Spike confessed as he sat down on the metal hull. I went beside him and sat down

'I thought that you were doing this for Shin.'

'I am. They grew up there too…' He slumped, his head in his hands, and frustratingly ran his fingers through his matted green hair. I pitied him, I couldn't help it. I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked up.

'I'll try my best to get Faye out of her room but after that you are on your own.' I grinned as I watched the color come back to Spike's pale cheeks

'Thanks Jet, I owe you a million.'

'Nah you owe me like ten million.' I chuckled as I got up

            I still can't believe even after all these months that he went back to the Syndicate. It surprised me, at first I thought that Spike made a horrible mistake and was going to lose Faye because of it. And to top it all off, she was bearing his child, life is really funny. I think I may have gotten some of the dialogue mixed up from the fight, I don't really remember it that clearly, but what I do remember is talking to Faye after it, for some strange reason I remember every single word.

'Faye…can I come in, it's Jet.' I knocked softly at her door

'um hm.' I heard her murmur softly

I looked in her dark room to see her on her bed with her head in her pillow; it was damp with her tears, and smudged with her smeared eyeliner. I sat on the foot of her bed and sighed as I ran my hand through my fading black hair.

'What do you want Jet?' Faye weakly sniffed as she turned to look at me

'I want you to not be mad at Spike.'

'Ha, he is deserting me Jet; he doesn't love me he only thinks he does.' Tears streamed down her cheeks again

'I know that is bullshit, Spike loves you more than life itself, and you know it too. You also know that he would take you over Julia in a heartbeat.' I tried to be convincing. It's hard cheering someone up

'Would he really choose me over Julia?' Faye stopped crying and sat up on the bed

'I wouldn't be in here trying to cheer you up if he wouldn't.'

'Oh…then why is he going back to that damned syndicate?' Faye starred at me

'Listen, the syndicate was a big part of his past, he had friends there, he grew up there. He is just making sure that the syndicate doesn't fall into the wrong hands.' I scratched my head hoping it would cheer her up enough so that I could leave.

'I see; I still don't know though…'

'Then why don't you go out there and tell him he's a father and see.'

Faye smiled and went to her mirror 'You can't make me go out there with smeared eyeliner on though.' She smiled at me as I left the room

            I felt surprisingly happy after I had that talk with Faye. It made me feel like I made a difference in her life than just making her bell peppers and making sure that her ship was filled up with gas. I felt like she confided in me, like I was the dad trying to help his daughter with a boyfriend. I feel foolish for thinking that, but I can't help it, I like seeing Faye and Spike happy together, they deserve happiness. I won't forget either the shock on Spike's face when he figured out Faye was pregnant.

I was down the hall 'trimming my bonsai' I was actually listening to what would happen.

'Spike…' Faye looked at Spike, who was a wreck.

'Faye I'm sorry, I love you I really do.' Spike went to hug her but stopped himself, I suppose in fear of hurting her more.

'Spike, I don't need you to apologize, I need to tell you something.' Faye sat beside Spike on the floor of bebop and held his hand tight.

'What is it?' He squeezed her hand back gently as his garnet eyes looked into Faye's emerald ones

'Spike…please don't get mad…' Faye awkwardly spurted out

'Faye I would never get mad at you.' He brushed his lips over Faye's lightly

'Spike, I'm pregnant, you're a father.' Faye looked away from Spike's eyes

Spike looked at Faye with amazement, and he took her in his arms and held her tight. 'Faye I'm a dad, why on earth would I be angry at you?' Spike kissed Faye passionately on her soft ruby lips as he held her petit frame in his strong arms.

'Spike I'm so glad your not angry. I don't know what I would have done if you were. I love you so much.' Faye kissed Spike back on his lips, knocking him on his back on the floor. Spike ran his fingers through Faye's violet locks as he kissed her all over her neck and shoulders.

'I love you too Faye, you know that you have some competition.' He looked down at her stomach and kissed it tenderly. Faye laughed and her emerald eyes glowed.

'Yeah I guess I do lunkhead.' Faye smiled coyly as she kissed him quickly on his lips leaving him wanting more.

'You're not going anywhere shrew.' He took Faye back in his arms and picked her up as he kissed her full on her lips slipping his tongue in and out. He then took Faye back into his room all the while still planting kisses all over her.

            I could not believe I was being the mediator in their relationship. I felt like the referee in a boxing match. I was the person that people turned to when they had no other place to turn. I was, and am still the trump card. I am still the rock of bebop even though Bebop is much different than it was when I found it. I know deep down they like it here, and they think I'm their comrade.

            I knew there was no way that Spike and Faye could be mad at each other for long. They were back to normal before I knew it. Well, as normal as a pregnant woman and a Syndicate boss could be. Spike spent less, and less time at the Syndicate as it got better and better. He told me that they signed many peace documents and even merged Syndicates with the smaller White Drake Syndicate. He promised that when the baby was born that he would sign over the Syndicate to someone he trusted. I knew Spike would be fine in the long run. He and I would stand out on bebop together, when Faye was napping, and talk about whatever. I remember one conversation we talked about in particular.

'I can't believe it, I'm a father; it's like a…' Spike struggled for appropriate words

'A faerie tale?' I imputed

'Yeah, only better, I would have never dreamt in a million years I would have a family, especially with a woman that stole all my money when I first met her.' Spike laughed as his eyes lit up when he thought of Faye

'You know Ed wants to name the baby tomato.' I chuckled

'I know; she won't be quiet about it, I think Faye is going to explode.' Spike smirked

'What are the names of the baby?'

'Well, if it's a girl, Sandra. If it's a boy, well we actually haven't gotten that far.' Spike smoked his cigarette

'You know what's a great name?'


'Edward.' I nearly dropped my cigarette with laughter. Spike just stared at me with his classic 'you got to be kidding me' face. He looked down at the cigarette

'I can't believe I have to smoke outside…of my own ship!' I exclaimed noticing what life has come to.

'Hey you have it easy, Faye has to quit all together, including drinking.' Spike retorted

'My god, she is going to get moody isn't she?' I rolled my eyes

'She already has strange food cravings like a bowl of raw onions to snack on and a steak at three in the morning.' Spike noted

'You know, red meat is supposed to mean it's a boy.' I explained as I sucked my cigarette, Spike turned to me with a serious expression on his face.

'Jet, you know when the baby is born we are gonna hafta leave here don't you.' Spike took a long drag out of his cigarette

'Yeah I hope so, I don't want a screaming baby in my ship.' I smirked at him as I took an equally long drag out of mine.

'Yeah, I bet it hurts to see you little chicks leave the nest.' Spike smirked back as he exhaled smoke rings

'I wouldn't be talking; I'm not the one with a baby on the way, kid.' I matched his smoke rings

'Yeah remind me to ask you for advice with the baby, dad.' Spike grinned and stomped out his spent cigarette.

'Don't make me kick the both of you off my ship now.' I growled

'I didn't mean anything bad about it, you are the 'dad' of bebop whether you like it or not.' Spike looked at me with a gaze of laughter and seriousness.

I just stared at him and stomped out my cigarette, I guess I am the father, whether I like it or not.

            I hate admitting to things that I don't want to be true. I never wanted to be the dad of bebop; it just ended up that way. I sometimes find myself late at night pruning my bonsai, wishing that I wasn't the father figure I am now. Spike, for once I am right to say, he is lucky. He is lucky to be the type of person to fall in love and to actually start a family. I am not saying that he has had a flawless life by any means. I am just simply thinking over, why couldn't I just settle down like the rest of them. I sometimes think at night to myself if I will ever settle down, but I think it's too late for me. I couldn't imagine a girl who would go for an old cop with one arm who doesn't even have 10 woolongs to spare; rather than a daring young guy who will whisk them off their feet. I know for a fact, girls don't like guys like me… I've had enough experience to at least know that. At least, I have someone to look after though.

            Ed and I have been getting along great, I think. I don't think I remember a time where she was ever angry with me, or rather be somewhere else besides Bebop. She turned into a real interesting person. She is the only person to bring life to the ship like she has. She makes every day an adventure, even if those adventures aren't wanted. Spike, Faye and I could be lying around doing nothing and Ed could pop in and make us all liven up. I have to say, Ed rounds bebop off with a quirky edge. I remember Faye and Spike were gone for Faye's bimonthly check up. I was watching some TV when Ed came up to me with a peculiar expression on her face.

'Jet I have a question for you.'

'Shoot Ed.'

'Do you want a family?' Ed gazed at me with her wild amber eyes

'Why would you ask that, Ed?'

'I see you look at Faye and Spike, do you envy them perhaps?' Ed fiddled with her springy red puffball hair

'I am happy for them Ed, I don't envy them.' I sighed

'Why don't you envy them?' Ed flipped onto the chair opposite me

'Because Ed, they are much different than me.'

'How so?' Ed tumbled from the chair to the couch beside me

'They lead different lives than me, they are a couple. I was never meant to find anyone, that simple.' I have to admit it pained me to admit that to myself

'I think many ladies could like you Jet.' Ed smiled as she bounced over to me

'Why is that?'

'You are one of a kind Jet father, and I think that you will meet a lady who will think the same.' Ed smiled largely

'Jet father you haven't called me that in a while.' I was thinking about what she had said to me just then. I am I really that special of a person, or is Ed just being Ed? I don't know but it did feel nice to have someone say that to me.

'Silly Jet father, just because I don't call you that doesn't mean that you aren't Jet father.'

            "Jet! Come quick!" I heard Spike call from his room. I had been day dreaming again. It's hard not too when you are docked on a sun lit ocean with the breeze at your back. I have been daydreaming a lot about the past lately. I think I should snap back to reality.

I ran down the hallway wondering what in the hell he could be yelling about now. "What is it Spike?" I turned in his room to see him with his arm around Faye, whose stomach was a big as a basketball.

"My water broke; can we get to the hospital?" Faye bit her lip as a contraction set in. Spike held her up so that she wouldn't fall.

"Ok I'll go get Ed's lobster; it's the only one big enough to fit more than one person." I ran to the hangar and opened it, Ed immediately popped out.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" Ed bounced up and down

"Faye is going to have her baby; we are going to have to use your ship Ed." I quickly spurted out

"Ok, but I am flying it!" Ed sprinted to her ship.

"Ed I think Spike should fly i-" Ed cut me off "Only Ed flies Ed's Lobster!"

"Fine" I turned to see Spike half-carrying Faye to the Lobster.

"Ed is piloting I hope you wont mind." I warned them

"It's fine as long as I get there soon." Faye grinned as Spike helped her in the ship. Ein, the incredible, opened the hangar by pressing the button with his nose as I proceeded to tail them in the hammerhead. I laughed as I saw the Lobster take 90 degree turns and accelerate and decelerate.

"They must be having fun I chuckled to myself." I soon found myself wondering if is going to be a boy or a girl. Both would be hazardous to society, well, that is if he/she turns out like their parents.

            They landed at the hospital shakily, as I saw Ed flip out of the lobster followed by Spike pulling Faye out. I landed next to them as I ran into the lobby and told them that Faye was on the way. The receptionist, called for a wheelchair and Faye was quickly seated and taken to the south wing.

"Hey wait can't I come with her?" Spike asked as he looked longingly at Faye who was glowing with pregnancy.

"Not now, they have to prep her." A doctor informed Spike, we will call you when you are allowed to enter. Spike planted a kiss on Faye's lips

"I love you I'll be there soon." Spike's eyes revealed hints of worry Faye smiled and kissed him back longer.

"Don't worry everything will be fine." Faye smiled as they wheeled her away

"Faye-Faye make sure you name the baby tomato!" Ed called grinning from ear to ear.

"Ed I don't think Spike or Faye want their baby to be named tomato." I informed Ed

"Ed thinks Tomato is the best name there is, I will name my baby tomato!" I was trying to picture Ed married with children, but the image never came. I almost laughed out loud. I caught a glimpse of Spike pacing in circles

"Spike I am sure everything will be fine." I put a hand on his shoulder and grinned

"If anything happens to Faye or the baby-" I cut him off

"Nothing will happen, you'll see." I turned to see a young doctor come toward us.

"Who here is father?" Spike immediately stepped foreword

"Hey you look familiar." The young doctor studied us "Did you guys come in here before?"

"A while ago, why?" I crossed my arms "I am failing to see what the big deal is." was

"You were the two that called me a young fool about me becoming a doctor, I'm that intern!" he smiled

"Great a young inexperienced lunatic doctor is delivering my baby!" Spike exploded, I laughed

"Well, I'm here to tell you that Faye is all ready to give birth, we gave her a pill to put her in labor. She should be ready to deliver soon. I am delivering her baby and everything seems normal." Spike scratched his head

"Will she be ok? Is there anything wrong?" Spike began to tense up

"She is fine." The young doctor smiled.

"Ok, but as long she and the baby will be fine…" Spike warned

"Don't worry Spike; I am sure everything will be alright." I reassured

"Listen to your father, he knows what he is talking about." The intern said, I nearly exploded

"I AM NOT HIS FATHER!" I shouted as people from across the lobby stared at me. The intern gulped loudly as he walked with Spike down the hallway to the delivery room F67.

            I followed with Ed, but we were told that we couldn't enter so we…kind of patently waited outside. Ed was bouncing off the walls and chattering things that had no meaning like 'Bam!' What in the hell is 'live from Los Angeles is Cooking with Emeril'? I swear she gets the strangest things off of the Tomato II.  

            I found out that I hate waiting so much I want to pull the rest of my hair out. I thought I have been here for days, and Ed isn't making it any easier. I kept trying to make myself calm down, but I found it impossible without a cigarette. I thought I was going to lose it when Ed started to sing some random song that kept repeating 'I love you, you love me…'

"Ed what are you doing?"

"Singing Barney 21st century music, it's fun!" Ed smiled largely

"STOP!" I was a little on edge. Then I saw Spike emerge from the room grinning from ear to ear

"It's a boy!" He yelled as I grinned at him

"I never thought I see the day when I saw Spike have a kid, wow." I went in the room too see Faye holding a little boy infant wrapped in a blanket. I looked at Spike, Faye and the baby together and saw a picture perfect family. They had never looked happier; Faye was smiling, not her usual coy smile, but a real smile. A smile I have never seen before; a motherly smile. Spike had his arm around Faye as he looked at the baby with wonder in his mismatched eyes. Now that I look at him, his eyes don't seem as mismatched as before. Perhaps I am just losing it, ore perhaps he himself is just becoming less mismatched as his life unfolds. Spike bent over and kissed Faye on the lips she kissed back and handed the baby to Spike so that I could see it up close.

            He had Spike's garnet eyes and most of Spikes facial features, his nose, eyes, mouth. He looked like a mini Spike, with the exception of his hair; Pierce had a few longish straight strands of violet hair. I have to admit, the kid is adorable. He was now sleeping back in Faye's arms with Spike hovering over them.

"He's cute Spike what is his name?" I asked

"Is it tomato?" Ed piped up

"Ed I am not naming my baby tomato! Spike and I decided on Pierce." Faye half laughed half yelled at Ed

"Pierce Spiegel I like the sound of that." I said.

"I'm glad you like it. Uncle Jet." Spike smirked as he put an arm around Faye and she leaned her head up against his chest.

"Uncle Jet?" I sighed "What is this world coming to?" I shrugged as Ed looked at me with amber eyes and hugged my legs almost causing me to fall over.

"Ed likes Jet uncle!" Ed smiled from ear to ear

"Congratulations you two, I have to admit I am very happy for you…three." I grinned

"Thanks Jet, you're gonna be my best man right?" Spike came up and patted me on my shoulder

"For your wedding; Of course you lunkhead!" I grinned "Does that make Ed the made of honor?" I laughed

"Can Ein be the ring bearer pleeeeeaaaaaaase Spike and Faye and baby Spike!" Ed blurted out 

"Sure Ed, we will all be in the wedding." Faye smiled

"I know this is gonna be an interesting wedding if Ed is the maid of honor, Jet is the best man and Ein is the ring bearer." Spike smirked as we all doubled over with laughter; that was Bebop for you.

"Well, I am going to let you two be alone, Ed and I will go get Chinese take out and sneak it back." I said grabbing Ed's arm as she was still smiling about being in the wedding.

"Thanks Jet, come back quick ok?" Faye and Spike both said apparently hungry

            I waved as I walked out of the hospital, hiding Ed behind me because she was still technically, not allowed to be here. This was the second time; I had to leave the hospital, and the second time I had to go get Chinese. At least this time I had company. Ed was skipping along beside me singing a tune. I smiled. I decided to walk along the streets in hopes of running into a Chinese take out place.

            The streets were actually not all that safe anymore so I made sure that Ed was close by. I came up around a corner and heard gunshots. I immediately grabbed Ed's arm with one arm and my gun with my other and whip around in search of the disturbance. It was an armed robbery as I saw a clumsy twenty year old run out of a building with a handful of cash cards. I chased after him, even though I was older, I caught up with him thanks to my years in the ISSP. I whacked him in the back of the head with the butt of my pistol and he crashed to the ground.

            I turned to see a woman, probably in her early thirties, run to me. She was actually very attractive, I am surprised how I am reacting to a woman I had never met before. She her chestnut brown hair was pulled back in a long loose braid with wisps of bangs flanking her delicate face. Her skin was tanned golden with the suns rays. She had large dark brown eyes with thick lashes, like those of a child. Her smile was innocent and pure, seeming free of any turmoil. She acted younger and more youthful than she her age, but then again, she also looked good too. Her pale blue dress was a V-neck modest. The dress, not revealing like those Faye wore before she got pregnant, but still showed some cleavage. Her dress flowed like water down her smooth figure and cut at the knees. She wore an half-apron on top of her dress that was stained through use. 

"Sir thank you so much for catching him, he took all our money." She smiled the smile of an angel.

"All in a days work." I grinned as I picked up the cash cards to hand them to her. I look past her to make sure Ed was ok; she was running about the streets pressing her face at every window.

"Here have some, for catching him for me." She handed me three cash cards and her eyes glowed.

"Nah, I'd like to know your name though." I pushed back her small hands I smiled; she blushed as she looked at me.

"My name is Marie Venez . What is yours?" She asked curiously she noticed Ed fly around behind her.

"Jet, Jet black, and that kid over there with the puffpink hair is Ed." I pointed to the approaching figure.

"Ooooh, Jet is that; your girlfriend?" I covered her mouth with my robotic hand as I blushed. "Ed quiet!"

"Is she yours?" she asked hesitating only a few moments

"Nah, her father died so I'm taking care of her." I ran my hand through my black hair

"That's very noble of you, taking care of her." She smiled as she watched Ed jump on my mechanical arm and try to shake her off. She then immediately leaped and stared directly into Marie's eyes

"I have always wanted a child…" she paused very awkwardly seemingly embarrassed as she tuned bright red "I have never found the right man though…" She stared down at her feet; her mind seemed to be reeling.

"I don't want to seem like something I'm not, My friends and I bounty hunters, ma' am not exactly a commendable career choice." I sighed, there goes another girl

"Oh I don't mind, I have done jobs that I haven't found financially rewarding or socially acceptable, but I find that any job you like you can make enjoyable. I can see that you and Ed have more than made up for that." She smiled innocently and looked at me. I think I blushed again…damn. She looked at me puzzled though

"With all respect, you don't seem like a type of person who would be a bounty hunter." She studied me with a curious angle.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked

"Well, you didn't take my money and you seem very kind you helped me out without a second glance." She thought for a moment putting her hand to her chin, she was cute when she did that.

"Well a while ago I was in the ISSP, but that ended when this happened." I waved my robotic arm around slightly

"I'm sorry; I'm sure get along just great though. I friend of mine lost a leg and he just picked right back up and went along on his business as if nothing had happened." She explained trying to put the situation at ease

"I like you! Will you be my mom? Jet's already my dad and he takes great care of me!" She looked at Ed and smiled as she looked back up at me

"Sorry about that Marie, do you happen to know where a good Chinese food restaurant is, I need some good take out." I changed the subject quickly

"Actually Jet…" She laughed and her brown eyes sparkled "The shop I own is a Chinese take out restaurant, kinda funny huh?" She smiled again, that smile… wait did she just say Chinese food.

"Wow, odd. Well Id love to come in and order some food." I smiled as I turned to her and walked with her, Ed trailing just a few feet behind.

"Sure, but it's on me." I don't know what came over me put I reached down and we laced our fingers and held hands as we walked back towards her store. This was the second time I found a diamond when I go for Chinese.

            I think if I never met Spike, Faye, Ein, Ed I would be here today walking down this road holding hands. I don't think I'll ever know if life throws things at you purposely. What I do know is that life can be a faerie tale, life can have a happy ending, and if you stick with life, life will stick with you. I found my place today; I think all of Bebop did. Spike, Faye, Ed, Ein, and I have all found true happiness in one way or another. Our pasts tested our minds, our bodies, our souls and our emotions to the breaking point, and we all passed. If you can conquer your most disturbing, and dreaded obstacles, then you get rewarded. You get rewarded with happiness, love, joy, peace, and most importantly someone to stand by your side when life takes an unexpected turn.

                                                                                                See you space cowboys…

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