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Chapter 12. Fight until the end

"Such a specimen you are," the madman gushed with the widest grin I had ever seen, "I have worked for years to achieve the perfect combination of human and Grimm, but as you already saw I barely succeeded. Oh, my creations are beautiful, the next step of evolution, I'm sure. But you, my little dragon, you are perfect."

Merlot spread his arms as he continued his monologue, "A Grimm with the ability to change forms, to speak and form intelligent thoughts. You are the perfect subject. Something that will give me the tools to further my experiments. Oh, I just can't wait for the fun we will have together."

Damn, I had been wondering how long it would take to meet one of those typical villains who just couldn't stop themselves from monologuing. Not that I was complaining of course. I welcomed any additional time to find my way out of here. If the chills running down my spine were anything to go by, then I really needed to get out of here.

Steeling my nerves I gave a fake snort, "Right... Because I will let you capture me, just like that."

Merlot grinned from ear to ear, "Oh while that would be lovely, I want to have some fun first. To waste such an occasion is a sin. Besides, I didn't prepare everything here just so you could give up," the man waved his finger before the screen, "Oh no, no, no. A specimen like you deserves an equally perfect welcome!"

As the man exploded in a fit of giggles, I took a look around me in hopes of finding a way out without taking part in this "welcome party". I hated parties so thank you very much, but I was getting the hell out of here.

I let a small bit of energy flow out of me and watched as the Hunter Pulse extended in every direction of the room. All this time Merlot didn't notice a thing, no that it really mattered, especially after the pulse returned.

I was in deep shit and even then it was an understatement.

Multiple beings hid behind the numerous thick steel gates. Some small like a young Beowulf, while others could match my dragon form in size. Negativity radiated from each of them washing over my senses. Even then all of this didn't really make me nervous or scared. Why would it?

After all, I already faced hundreds of Grimm in this world and even if they outnumbered me, my current abilities would be able to handle it. Or I hoped so.

Unfortunately, my luck evidently wasn't high enough as some of those creatures had aura activated. How Merlot achieved this combination, I didn't know. Maybe if I searched through the files I gathered a bit more, I could find out what the hell was going on there.

Oh well. Looks like I'm going in totally blind. Just perfect.

I swallowed back the bile rising in my throat and narrowed my eyes at the still laughing madman, "Let's get it over with. I don't have time for your games."

Merlot turned silent, but as another grin grew on his face I instantly got a very bad feeling, "Impatient, are we?" he cackled, "And here I thought we were getting along. Oh well, no matter. I also want to see what you can really do, but first, let me give you an incentive to work hard."

Incentive? Like getting out with my life is not enough.

Instantly I regretted my words as my skin paled when the image on the screen changed. Instead of Merlot's ugly face, it was now showing a picture of very familiar mountains.

"You see," the madman began, completely ignoring my frozen posture, "I found out about you by complete accident. I need subjects for my experiments and in those times it is not that easy to find them. Oh, I could go and kidnap people from villages or cities, but why would I when bandits offer a much easier way of getting what I need."

I still gazed blankly at the picture as he continued, "For years I traded with bandits tribes all over the world without any problems. Until a few months back my providers in Sanus began to disappear," I finally came out of my shock when Merlot gave a long and deep sigh, "They were useful and so I sent a few of my drones to scout the area so I could get rid of the problem before it cost me too much. So imagine my surprise when I discover that a Grimm began the extermination of every bandit tribe in the area. Something I wanted for years just appeared before me. Oh, how lucky I am."

Drones. Of course, he would send fucking drones! I didn't even think of the possibility of someone using technology to find me and now this shitty old man knew where I lived.

Neo! I thought with wide eyes, Don't tell me he knows of her, please. Please!

"I followed your movement from a distance and discovered many interesting facts about you... and your little girl," and just like that Merlot crushed my hopes, his grin almost feral.

My heart began to beat faster as my knees buckled a bit, "Leave her out of this," I growled out.

Merlot exploded in laughter, "But why would I little dragon. I don't know why you even care about her, but that's not important. After all, I wanted to give you an incentive and this is yours. Show me what you can do, survive, and maybe, just maybe you will be able to save your little girl."

I gritted my teeth as my fist clenched. This bastard knew about me for weeks and I just walked into his trap. How could I have been so stupid to think that my actions would be left unnoticed...

And now Neo, the little brat who filled a void in my life after my arrival in this world, would suffer because of my stupidity. I might be able to survive this, but Neo? The girl only began her training a few months back, if Merlot targeted her, she wouldn't survive alone.

I shook my head, No this won't end like this. Think!

Opening my mental link with Bob, I almost shouted, Fly to Neo as fast as you can and protect her with your life! NOW!

When Bob sent back something akin to an agreement I closed our link and glared at the still laughing bastard. If he thought that I would be defeated so easily then he was for a wild ride.

He wanted to see my power and I would give him just that. Game, activate the gamer's mind to the maximum and keep it until I get out of here. I really can't be bothered with my emotions now. So, please.

[Done. Show this idiot what you can do.]

If the Gamer's Mind didn't already kick in, I would have been probably gaping at Game's response. Probably for the first time in months the system was completely on my side with no strings attached. To think that I needed a situation like that for this to happen. Oh well...

I nodded slightly and let the aura flow through my body, "You won't get me Merlot and you definitely won't get her," I said, my voice calm and steady.

Merlot noticed the change and frowned, "Interesting," he murmured, "More and more questions. No matter, I will get my answers soon. Now please enjoy the hospitality of my creations. I have things to prepare, but don't worry I will be watching," he finished with a cackle as the screen turned off and slowly disappeared again.

Silence and darkness fell upon the colossal room again, my enhanced senses the only reason I knew what was going on around me. Suddenly multiple loud thuds echoed through the room. My gaze snapped towards the now opened steel gates. Alright, show me what you got.

As to answer my call at least a dozen eyes opened and I frowned at their sickly green color. The creatures had bodies of normal Grimm, but that was where similarities ended.

Beowolves, Creeps, and at least two large Deathstalkers. All of them had the changed eyes color and multiple green crystals coming out of their backs. Like almost all other Grimm, the creatures changed their focus to me and all kinds of growls filled the room.

I took one step back, let my arms transform into deadly claws, and took a deep breath.

"Let's do it," with this simple whisper I let the reddish Aura cover my body and rushed towards the nearest gate. All of the Grimm immediately snapped to attention and just like me, the three Beowolves jumped in my direction.

I rolled to the right as the first Grimm came crashing in my previous spot. Before the creature could react, I swung my right arm's claws at its unprotected green crystals.

The crystals sizzled and my eyes widened. In a flash, I brought my arms up as the crystals exploded right in my face, filling the room with a green light.

Right, I groaned, Never doing this again in close quarters.

At least now I finally knew what the crystals were for. Also, it looked like the Grimm didn't really care about the explosion and was mostly fine... Well shit, so trying to use the crystals against the Grimm wouldn't work.

Alright then, no use in fighting them when I am at disadvantage, I thought as I picked myself from the ground and released the hold over my human transformation.

Like always my body began to grow with scales filling every part of my form. The room now appeared a bit smaller, but for multiple enemies that weren't too fast, I needed more firepower. And my dragon form gave me exactly that.

Thunder resounded through the entire chamber and light filled my vision as I released my first 'Lightning Stream' towards the three Beowolves and a few Creeps that decided to join the fight.

The nearest monsters never stood a chance and only the green crystals remained after their bodies. Interesting development, but I had no time to think about this now. Instead, I leaped forward and skewered open the few paralyzed Creeps lying on the ground.

I pumped almost a quarter of my MP into the lightning attack and it definitely paid off. One move and I thinned their numbers by half.

Well they were the smallest and probably the youngest of the bunch, but at least now I could focus on the bigger fish and whatever was hiding behind the last closed gate. I just hoped that maybe the mechanism in the door broke and Merlot couldn't release whatever was inside.

Call me an optimist, but I would rather not face the creatures behind those doors.

Between dodging, taking my turn to attack, and keeping my eye on the closed gate it took me a while to at least finish the weaker mutated Grimm running around. The moment the last Creep died, I winced as one of the Deathstalker finally managed to hit me with its stinger. The fucking thing exploded on impact and took another chunk of my Aura.

Growling I swung my tail and fired a volley of spikes laced with electricity at the offender - Thank you level ten in my element for letting me use it with some skills. The Grimm hissed in pain and scurried away. Unfortunately, the second Deathstalker took it as an invitation and decided to run at me with its own claws.

I met its charge with one of my own and the moment I was a step or two away, I switched to two-legged run - Not as easy as it sounds when you were a dragon - and grabbed the Deathstalkers pincers with my frontal limbs.

The Grimm hissed at the unexpected move and I used its confusion to flap my wings. With my already superior strength, the action gave me the needed push and I flipped the Grimm on its back.

The Deathstalker trashed under me, trying to make a swipe with its stinger, but to no avail. I already transformed my tail into sharp claws and pushed them right into the Grimm's weaker underbelly.

The beast's trashing stopped and just like every creature of Grimm, its body began to slowly dissolve.

Alright then. One Deathstalker, one big ass Beowulf remaining. Then I can esca-, I flinched as another thud echoed through the chamber when the last gate finally opened. I jinxed myself, didn't I?

Almost robotically I turned around and faced my new adversaries. Even with Gamer's Mind activated to maximum, I felt my eyes widen when I noticed their form.

Five pairs of sickly green eyes just like the Grimm and humanoid body shapes. Those were the things that registered in my mind first before my eyes settled on the additions to their bodies.

Some possessed fur all over their bodies while two of them had armor plates similar to Deathstalkers. Black claws and sharp blades replaced their hands. Additionally, some of the beings sported familiar crystals on their backs.

Those aren't the victims of the Virus I read about. It doesn't cause that strong mutation, I shook my head, No. Those must be some side experiments that Merlot created. And they have Aura. Fuck.

Hybrid No.1, Level: 10

HP: 1100

MP: 500

Tier: D-

Additional Info: Average intelligence (Greatly reduced by the madness of the subject), Fast, Permanently activated Aura, ?

I groaned, a question mark, just great. Like it wasn't enough that their overall strength probably matched Bob. Add the two remaining Grimm and I almost wanted to bash my head into the wall.

Taking a quick peek at my MP I almost winced. After taking hits here and there, spamming some of my skills, my Mp was already reduced to barely twenty percent. Not good. Time to see how my natural armor matched against their attacks.

As much as I wanted a minute or two to think of a course of action, the new adversaries and remaining Grimm didn't appreciate the pause.

The five new Hybrids closed the distance almost as quickly as Bob and quickly attacked with their assortment of natural weapons. I leaned back to avoid the first claws flying at my face, jumped up, and dodged a wild swing of another's bladed arm.

As much as I wanted to avoid the rest, I just couldn't. I was at least two times bigger than all of them and my fighting style required my ability to fly. Thus the three remaining Hybrids managed to connect their attacks.

HP: 1650/1725

Their attacks stung a bit, but in the end, caused minimal damage. Even then I knew that sooner or later they would overwhelm me. And so I decided to use something that remained untouched for probably too long.

Game, add ten points to every stat except luck. I need the boost if I want to end this quickly... and come out of this alive.

[Processing... Done. Good luck.]

STR: 42 + (25%) = 52.5

VIT: 45 + (25%) = 56.25

DEX: 50 + (25%) = 62.5 (2nd milestone: Improved reaction speed)

INT: 37 + (50%) = 55.5

WIS: 37 + (50%) = 55.5

LUC: 25

"That's more like it," I grinned ferally and grabbed the incoming arm of Beowulf. With my further enhanced strength, I threw the Grimm into the nearest wall and sent a dozen lightning spikes at the stunned creature.

The Grimm dissolved and a loud roar left my jaw. The fighting stopped and for a second I thought that maybe the remaining creatures got scared by the ease I defeated one of them.

Not for the first time today my assumptions were totally wrong.

The five Hybrids and one Deathstalker growled and like one unit moved in my direction. Tired of all this shit I reached into my inventory and grabbed the largest water Dust crystal.

Instead of absorbing it like I usually did, I overcharged the crystal with my Aura and threw it at the approaching threat.

The crystal flew through the air glowing brighter and brighter. Just a second before the explosion came, I channeled half of my remaining mana into my mouth and released another thunderous roar. Let's see how the fuckers could handle my little combo. The last time I used it, I pulverized the entire pack of Beowolves...

The lightning reached the water crystal almost instantly. I turned away as the chamber filled with the brightest explosion I had ever seen. Water and lightning clashed together, combining into one of my deadliest attacks. The room shook a few times and filled with dust when my technique disappeared.

I dropped back to all fours and sighed.

Fuck, I hope I didn't destroy the roof... Now to get- AHH, I shouted mentally when a sharp pain erupted from my side.

[Hybrid ability discovered: Silent killer (Moves almost soundlessly and ignores precognition skills)]

I turned to gape at the two Hybrids who somehow survived my attack and sneaked their bladed arms in between my lower scales. My danger sense finally flared, but I was in no condition to dodge when a stinger came from the dust and pierced straight through the membranes of my left wing. A moment later the rest of Deathstalker's body followed as it rammed into me and knocked me off my feet.

HP: 632/1875 (One negative status received)

Not good, I groaned. Gamer's mind and body blocked some of the pain, but it never went away completely. My wing burned again, the bastard moved its stinger widening the wound.

Do something! I shouted internally. My mind ran through every possible skill in my arsenal that would free me from this shit. Finally, I remembered one particular lightning technique I have been trying to create. It is now or never.

Ignoring the increasing pain, I took the hold of all of my remaining MP and transformed it into my element.

Lightning crackled across my body, electing a hiss and growls from my three remaining assailants. I compressed the lightning even further and at the moment I began to lose control I released all of the mana outwards.


Just like that lightning flew out from every part of my body, creating a dome two times my size. The lone Deathstalker and Hybrids instantly detached from my body as the Discharge knocked them a few feet away.

The Grimm dissolved and the two Hybrids remained unmoving, now dead from what 'Observe' showed me.

With a groan, I collapsed to the ground and watched as multiple notifications appeared before my eyes.

HP: 244/1875(-20%)(Two negative statuses in effect)

MP: 10/1943(-60%)

Status: Destroyed left wing membrane (-50% to flying speed), Exhausted (MP and HP regen greatly reduced, -60% to max MP, -20% to max HP)

[Warning: Both statuses can be removed only by rest.]


-Quest: Investigate the meeting: Completed (Rewards: 2000 EXP)

-Quest: Survive and return home: In progress

-1000 Lien gained

-2 Random Stat Crystals gained

-7420 EXP gained

-1 EP gained

-You leveled up twice (Due to Exhausted status your MP and HP wasn't refreshed)

-Trash loot added to inventory]

Damn, I winced when I read my status page. Rewards were nice and all, but I really hoped for a fresh start after leveling up, but it looked like almost everything was against me today.

"So you survived," A familiar voice echoed through the chamber, "As expected of course. My failed experiments were strong, but they were nothing next to you."

Definitely, they only almost killed me, I scowled but remained silent. I had no time to talk. Neo needed me and it would be a cold day in hell when anything stopped me after everything I just went through.

I gathered my bearings and stomped towards the still closed steel doors that barred me from escaping.

"I could hold you here for a very long time you know?" Merlot's wicked voice again reached my ears, "I built this place to hold some of my strongest subjects, and even with what you showed me today, it would take you hours to get through those doors."

"I don't care," Neo needs me, I added in my mind. I had plenty of dust stored in my inventory and I was pretty sure a proper combination would get me through this door in no time.

"Maybe, maybe not," Merlot hummed, "But you showed me what I wanted. In return I think you deserve a reward, don't you think?"

I stopped browsing through my inventory and focused on Merlot's last words. Reward? I snorted, Madman probably wants to send more Grimm in my way.

"Yes I think you do," he continued, "I will open the doors for you. After all, we both know we will see each other really soon. And then my little dragon, then you will be mine. Besides, I don't have the resources to collect you from your prison currently. It will be much easier if you come to me."

The steel doors snapped open right in front of me and I was left there standing. Why would he let me go?

Against my better judgment, I voiced my mind, "And what if I don't come to you? What if I just disappear."

The voice exploded in laughter, "But little dragon. I know you will come after me. I created a virus capable of ending the world, went after your little girl, placed you in a fight for your life, and maybe the most important part, I know who and what you are. How would you feel if I uploaded a video of what happened here to the CCT network? Even if someone manages to stop my beautiful virus, the whole world would know about you and you would never know peace... Now, do you think I am wrong in thinking that we will meet again?"

No, you aren't, not that I would ever tell you this, I clenched my fists as my form again changed to that of a human.

The bastard knew perfectly what I was going to do. I planned to go to Atlas the moment I discovered the virus, but now? Now I needed to get rid of Merlot. I was not ready for the world to know about my forms and abilities. My Dragon body? Yes, I could handle everyone knowing about that, but more than that would be a security risk at the moment.

I shook my head and sprinted through the door, Merlot's laughter echoing in the background. He might have won this round, but it was far from the end. Now going back was my highest priority. I just hoped that Bob got there in time.

The damage to my left wing really posed a large problem during my flight back. With the decreased speed it took me a good few hours before the massive mountain pass appeared in my vision.

From what my mental link told me, Bob was still alive. Unfortunately with my subordinate's limited intelligence, he couldn't tell me if everything was alright. And so I flew full of nerves and anger directed at the mad bastard. I couldn't wait to find him and snap his neck like a twig. Fucker deserved that after everything he had done, especially if Neo was hurt by his minions.

A silent growl left me when I entered the familiar valley where our cave rested. My eyes scanned the entire area and when I noticed the small aircraft resting in the lower parts of the valley I almost lost control of my flight.

He really wasn't bluffing, I thought as my heart began to race, Bob! Where the hell are you?!

Suddenly a movement in the distance caught my eye and I signed in relief when the familiar form of Bob emerged. My eyes squinted and if I wasn't flying currently I would have facepalmed.

Really a leg again Bob?

Then I finally noticed the entrance to my home. More body parts than I cared to count laid all around it and for a moment I wondered what made Bob so vicious in his attacks. Was it my distress when I gave him the command or maybe the lack of further instructions?

Not important, I thought as my limbs touched the ground, "NEO!" My voice echoed through the area and almost instantly a blur of pink and brown impacted my body.

I looked down at the small girl that encircled her arms around my neck and sighed, "Thank god you are fine."

Neo didn't give any outward reaction except tightening her arms around me. I awkwardly shifted my much larger draconic body and tried to hug her back without breaking her bones.

"Don't worry Neo, it's over now," Well, not really, I added and finally took notice of the blood on Neo's clothes.

"Are you hurt?" the girl shook her head, making me sigh, "Good. It is all my fault you know?"

Neo finally removed herself from me and frowned hearing my words, "I was an idiot to think that no one would ever notice my vendetta against bandit camps," I chuckled bitterly, "I brought this upon us thinking myself invincible. We both could have died if Merlot didn't want to play games with me. And now I have to pay the price..."

The girl's frown deepened as she took out her Scroll and began typing, "I don't know what the hell are you talking about, but you are fine. That's all I care about. Bob helped me survive. Now come and get rid of the body inside."

I opened my mouth, but no sound came out as I watched the retreating form of Neo. The hell is wrong with this girl. One moment she is hugging me like I will disappear and in the next one, she is talking like nothing ever happened here.

I groaned, changed into a human again, and followed the little brat inside. Why was I even worried about her...

The inside of the cavern thankfully wasn't completely covered in blood and human remains like the outside. The only new addition to our interior was a dead man lying in the middle of the floor. Some blood already gathered under the body, but apart from that, the kill was pretty clean.

Definitely not done by Bob.

Glancing back at Neo I saw her looking at the body with a blank stare. A sigh left my lips as I realized what really happened here. Neo might be... different, I supposed that was the right word. But she was still a child and didn't have Gamer's Mind to help with shit like this.

I approached the girl and laid a hand on her shoulder, "Neo. You did this in self-defense, just like I taught you. He would have hurt you if you left him alone," Shit what was I supposed to say? I never had to deal with things like that before and I definitely wasn't the best person to speak with about the morals of killing.

Taking a deep breath I crouched down next to Neo, "Look, you didn't enjoy killing him right?" The girl nodded slowly even if she scowled at my blunt question, "And that's what counts Neo. You care even though he wanted to hurt you," I definitely wouldn't have, "So remember even if you feel bad, you did what was necessary to survive. And survival is what matters the most for us."

Neo stared at me for a moment before nodding once again. Thank gods for small mercies. I was running out of ideas about what to say. A therapist I was not.

"Good girl," I said and patted her head, "Now go and clean yourself, I will take care of our guest here in the meantime."

'Ping' Yeah, yeah, I know.

Cleaning the cave was a quick affair. Inventory and some water dust quickly dealt with any remains of Neo's first kill.

The girl definitely came back a bit happier after our little talk. Her shoulders were no longer that tense and she wasn't looking for a threat from every direction. That took some of the weight off my shoulders too.

I had too much to deal with currently and I didn't know if I could deal with a depressed girl. That was slightly beyond my expertise. I only knew how to kill things and throw lightning all around.

What was worse, I would need to leave again soon and after recounting what happened in Merlot's base to Neo. From the look she gave me, she also realized I would be leaving soon.

I palmed my face biting back a sigh, "We both know I need to deal with this bastard. He knows too much and I really don't fancy the world ending. Now I will be going alone so you can either stay here with Bob protecting you or I will take you to Vale. There I will give you enough money to rent a room in the best hotel they have and after I finish my task I will come back for you. What do you think?"

Don't get me wrong, both options were pretty bad. I knew Neo could survive here with Bob by her side, but our location was compromised. And Vale, well the large city definitely possessed enough dangers for a lone girl, even if she could defend herself to some degree. Unfortunately, I had no other ideas and the clock was ticking...

A few minutes passed in silence before Neo finally typed something on her Scroll, "You will be going after you rest right?" I nodded, "Then I will give you my answer tomorrow."

I sighed. Not ideal, but at least she didn't complain.

"So be it," I answered, "I am going to get some rest. You should too Neo. We both had a very tiring day."

With that, I got up and trailed towards my tent. Of course like always something - Game - decided to destroy my day even further.

[Quest Completed]

Survive and return home.

Rewards: 5000 EXP, 3 EP, EXP Scroll (Small), Legion: Blade

[You leveled up!]

[New Quest Obtained]

Atlas Syndrome!

Objective: Bring Merlot to justice (Killing him will do), avoid/kill Qrow, Glynda, Ironwood, White Fang branch, and Salem's agents, Cure the Virus/Kill off humanity.

Rewards: ? ? ?

Failure: Death, Grimm Hell

Warning! This quest is set to impossible difficulty, are you sure you wish to accept?

Warning! This quest cannot be denied!

Will you accept?


What the fuck Game? I thought we were finally getting along!


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