Phineas and Ferb are lying in their backyard under the tree. Linda Flynn-fletcher walks out. "Hey, boys, we're all going on a vacation to Boston for a couple of weeks" she says. "So, we'll have to pack up and go by tomorrow!" Says Lawrence Fletcher, Phineas' stepdad. "Where are we staying?" Asks Phineas. "Someplace called 'the Tipton I believe." Says Linda. "But Perry has to stay, the manager doesn't allow pets!" Linda exclaims. "Really? Who'll watch him?" Ask Phineas. "Who cares? We're going in Vacation" shouts Candace Flynn from her bedroom window. Meanwhile, Perry is sneaking away to his secret, underground lair. He whips on his ultra-cool fedora and slides down a tube. "Ah, Perry the Platypus, Doofenshmirtz is up to someting evil, but we dont have a report on what!" Says Major Monogram on a large screen. Perry salutes and heads off to fight evil.

Phineas and Ferb are getting into the station wagon to go to Boston. "I've never been to a hotel in America before" says ferb. At Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry smashes down the door. "Perry! Your timeing is impeccable, and by impeccable I mean COMEPLETLY PECCIBLE!" Says door as he traps the blue duck-billed beaver. He shows off his inator that reads "D. .H.-inator" Perry has a shocked look on his face. "Relax, it's just an acronym fo Do Everything A Timekeeper Has inator. It means that I'll be a timekeeper, and everyone will do as I do!" Door says as he clicks a button. "Oh, no I accidentally clicked self-destruct button! She's gonna blow!" Door says, as his balcony blows up. Perry takes off! "Where you going? I thought this was supposed to be a special crossover episode!" Shouts Door at the sky.

14 hours Later:

The Flynn-fletcher family arrives at The Tipton Hotel in Boston. "welcome to Tipton, my name is Marion Moseby, but call me Mr. Moseby, please" says Mr. Moseby holding his hand out. "I'm Linda, this is my husband Lawrence, and these are our kids Candace, Phineas and Ferb" says Linda. "Great, more children!"says Mr. Moseby sarcastically. "Zack, Cody get back here!" A voice shouts. One of the boys runs into Phineas. "Oh, sorry, I'm Cody, and this is my twin brother, Zack. And you are...?" Ask Cody. "I'm phineas and this is my stepbrother Ferb" Phineas responds. "Nice to meet you. Hey, let's go cause some mischief" says Zack. "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea!" "Gosh you sound like mom!".

Later, in their suite, Phineas and Ferb hears a knock. "Hello, Phineas, would you like to have a sleepover?" ask Zack and Cody. "You will get free food from Mr. Moseby!" Says Cody. "Wow, thats so... suite! Ha, ha get it 'suite' its so funny. "No, its really not, Finn." Says Zack. Perry walks up. "Who's that? Ask Zack. "He's a platypus. We named him Perry!" Responds Phineas. "Oh, there you are, Perry!" Says Cody. "Hey, that's my line! Shouts Phineas. "We're going home tomorrow boys, so have as much fun as you can!" Says Lawrence. "Here comes a montage!" Says Ferb. A montage shows the 4 boys causing trouble in the lobby, and Mr. Moseby running for his life! "Boys! Get in the station wagon, we're going home and you'll be grounded!" Yells Linda. "Yay, you guys are busted, busted, busted!" Says Candace cheerfully!

Original Series Voices of Phineas and Ferb:

Vincent Martella

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Ashley Tisdale

Caroline Rhea

Richard O'Brien

Dan Pvenmire (voice, original creator)

Jeff "swampy" Marsh ( voice, original creator)

TSLOZC Original actors

Dylan Sprouse

Cole Sprouse

Kim Rhodes

Phill Lewis