The storm raged on, and as did the battle. The battle between the Uchiha and the Senju. Everyone fought, as a battle usually consists of. They fought in a clearing filled with lushes green grass. Also not too far from a cliff that led to a forest down below.

On the plains, there stood the two clans that had quite a bloody history with one another. The two had been raging war for longer than either side could remember, but that didn't matter. The only thing that did, was avenging their fallen comrades and family.

It was the cycle that nether could escape, the thoughts of vengeance glued in their minds, just as it was for a certain Uchiha..

This raven haired male happened to be the leader of the Uchiha's. It suited him, his dark attitude, his plain face, the mans features, they all added up to his title.

Madara Uchiha, leader of the Uchiha clan.

He, like everyone else on the field, was face to face with his opponent. That happened to be the leader of the Senju clan, and his ex-best friend.

Hashirama Senju, leader of the Senju clan.

There they stood, katanas in hand, before they were suddenly clashed together, with the intent to kill, or at least injure.

Focused, considerate, brown eyes of the Senju briefly met with the harsh, hateful, red eyes of the Uchiha. Though it was only a brief second since the Senju knew of the genjutsu that could be placed upon himself by the raven that stood in front of him.

Suddenly, both leaders made a jump back, for distance purposes, before the brown haired male could try and jump forward once more, the Uchiha's hands were off his blade and now making signs. In turn causing the Senju to keep the distance. He recognized those signs, having fought with the other many, many times before. Soon, making signs of his own, to counter the on coming jutsu.

As if right on cue, a huge fire ball came hurling towards him. The attack ended up being countered by a familiar water jutsu, used by the brother of the Senju leader.

Tobirama Senju, younger brother to Hashirama. Though that is debatable, since, although Hashirama was older, he acted to be more immature. As for Tobirama, he was the complete opposite, he was far more mature than the older Senju, everyone knew that though..

Soon his younger brother was taken back into his own battle with another Uchiha. Whom he had earlier distracted, but before he could do anything to the Uchiha, his focus had been drawn to his elder brother. To which is probably why he lended the brunette a helping hand.

The older Senju made a mental note to himself, to thank his brother after their battles, as for now. His signs that he had made early were still in action as pillars of wood sprung from the ground heading straight for his opponent. Mostly there to attempt capture, though his planes were foiled as the long haired raven dodged his assault. Though he did fail to dodge one that hit into his chest, probably cracking a rib. Though Madara made no intentions on letting himself be caught, in so jumping back even further, bringing himself closer to the near by cliff.

Soon enough the long brown haired Senju made more hand signs, before more pillars sprung from the ground.

Without either noticing, the ground around the pillars cracked more than expected..

Just as the Uchiha was catching his breath so he could attempt another fire ball attack, they heard a scream, "Brother! Move!" The voice had come from the older Uchiha's own younger brother. That happened to be in battle with the Senju's younger brother.

Izuna Uchiha, Madara's younger brother.

Both their younger brothers seemed to have their katanas clashed but they were both staring in the direction of both of the leaders.

Before the elder Uchiha brother could even attempt to move he heard the cracking of rock below his feet. His gaze snapped to the ground, only to have the rock suddenly give out on him, causing it to crumble beneath him.

With wide eyes the brown haired Senju only watched as the raven desperately tried to escape by jumping on to falling rubble, only to be hit by a rock, that happened to hit the same cracked rip from earlier.

Madara Uchiha has just fallen off the cliff, and from the looks of suddenly having the rock hit into his rib, he was knocked off the rock he'd been standing on. That had been the last thing that the Senju leader had saw before the other disappeared out of his sight range.

Both younger and older Senju only watched as Izuna, brother of the Uchiha that had fallen, ran towards the cliff. There seemed to be tears in his eyes, though it was hard to tell from the distance that was suddenly made. Before he had made it to the cliffs edge a different Uchiha stopped the younger male, saying something to him, before calling for a retreat. The newly appeared Uchiha half dragged half carried Izuna as they made their get away.

The cheers of the Senju clan were heard as the Uchiha's made their get away, most not knowing what had happened, only that the opposite side had ordered for a retreat. In turn leaving most of the Senju clueless, they hadn't had a clue to what had just happened except that they won this battle.

As for the leader, he still stood in utter shock. His rival had just fallen.. to what seemed to be his death.

Without thinking Hashirama had started moving towards to cliff. He wanted to see if his old friend was still alive.

He only stopped to a hand that was placed in front of him, stopping him from moving any further. "Let us go elder brother.." that was the voice of his brother. Though that didn't keep Hashirama's eyes from staring at the cliffs edge.