At the Tipton hotel, London Tiptonwalks into the lobby and to a desk where Marion Moseby is standing. "Hey, Mr. Moseby. Are we expecting guests today? Because a group of ridiculous looking teens just came in." she ass

"Hey, I resent that!" Carly Shay says

"Wait a sec... you're Carly Shay, from iCarly!?" London asks

"Yes." Carly responds

"I don't like iCarly," London mentions.

"Hey, don't be mean to Carly. Sam, well, fine by me," Freddie says

Sam flips Freddie off. "Back at ya, Puckett!" shouts Freddie.

"Don't be a bi-" Sam says.

"Ah, ah language!" Freddie interrupts. In Suite 2120, Zack, Cody and Carey Martin are in the kitchen.

"Mom, why can't we meet Carly and Sam downstairs? Zack asks

"Because you'll simply ruin their webshow!" Carey shouts.

"You got that right, mom," Cody quips

"That goes for you, too, Cody." Carey says.

"Aw, no fair!" Cody whines. Meanwhile, back in the lobby, the iCarly crew are just beginning their webisode.

"In 5-4-3-2," Freddie says, then points.

"Hey, Hey, hey welcome to iHave The Suite Life!" Carly and Sam say in unison.

"A special webshow where we visit popular hotels starting with The Tipton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts." Sam mentions

"That's right. Spencer, tell us about our first time here." Carly says.

"Well, it was 5 years ago, when mom told us to get in the car..." Spencer says

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Young Spencer says.

"Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?" Young Carly says.

"Shut up, both of you!" Shouts Mrs. Shay from the front of the car.

"Listen to your mother." Mr. Shay says from the front passenger seat.

At the Tipton, the Shays are in the lobby

"Mom, why do we got to be here?" asks Young Carly.

"Because I just got a job down the road," Mrs. Shay says.

Back in the present, the gang is still doing their webisode.

"To make a long story short, she was-" Spencer says, before getting interrupted by Carly.

"Fired, because her boss was a jerk. But The manager at the Tipton was so generous, they took us in until we got back on our feet," Carly says/

"Yeah, after you were done being a grouchy, mouthy 11 year old." Sam jokes

"Yep," Carly says

"Definitely," Freddie says.

"Look at the comments 'I'll visit the Tipton Hotel next year', 'Tipton sounds awesome'," Carly says, reading the comments

"Spencer, Sam, And Carly are like the three stooges!" Freddie says.

"Hey guys, my father owns the hotel." London says.

"I watch the lobby for Mr. Tipton." Mr. Moseby says.

"Look out, Shay!" shouts Zack, who's riding on a skateboard. Carly screams. Crash!

"You know by break a leg, they don't really mean that." Carly says.

"Oops!" says Zack

"See, mom was right, you would ruin the webshow, and Mr. Moseby's career," Cody says.

"So, you care?" asks Mr. Moseby

"Uh, no." Cody says, as everyone laughs and the episode ends.