Miki stayed in a secluded dark corner of her house. It was very dark and the rain began to turn from a gentle patter to a heavy thud. It had been a month since he'd been gone out of their lives forever... Yes their lives... She was due with child at any day now... Why did he have to leave them now? Why now? It had all started the month before... It had been a rainy day like this... She remembered it all... Every fragment every little meaningless detail... That's all she had left to hang onto to keep his presence and memory alive...

:::Flash Back:::

She gently leaned into his side.

"Hey Yuu help me pick out a name for her... She's your baby to." pouted Miki.

Yuu chuckled.

"I thought we'd already decided on the name Tenshi."he replied gently looking at her.

"Why do you want to name her that?" questioned Miki.

"Because she's our little angel of promise."he replied.

"We've wanted a baby for so long now and finally we're about to live our life long wish."he replied.

She nodded.

"Yes our little Tenshi." she said as she gently rubbed her stomach.

"Yes and together we will raise her and watch her grow into the beautiful reflection of her mother."he said as he turned off the lamp and felt her snuggle into him.

He gave her a warm smile as he kissed her good-night.

:::End of Flashback:::

That had been the last night they'd spent together.

Tears streamed down her face... They'd never get to raise her together or get to watch her grow. Only she would get to. There would be no present to give her daddy on fathers day. There would be no daddy to give her kisses and hugs or be there for her first birthday...

The tears began to pour continuously as she remembered back to that horrible night...

:::Flash Back:::

Miki sat in her chair catching up on a book. She gently adjusted her reading glasses then the phone rang. She blinked as she gently arose from her chair to answer it.

She picked up the phone and put the receiver to her ear.

"Hello?" she said as she spoke into the phone.

Miki turned very pale as she slammed the phone on the hook carelessly as it fell off and there was a continuous beeping coming from the phone.

She then remembered she'd got into her car and without question drove to the accident scene.

She then parked her car on the curb and jumped out as she seen a crowd of people then noticed the whole area was blocked off.

She then pushed her way through the crowd noticing policemen trying to keep people from crossing over the rope.

"Let me in!" demanded Miki.

"I'm sorry miss but you can't proceed past this rope!"said an unfriendly policeman.

"That's my husband in there though!"she screamed back as she broke through and then seen a battered car. Fragments of glass were visible every were but she didn't care she ran to see a bloodied bruised face with matted blond hair being put on a stretcher. The paramedics then placed their hands to the side of his neck and the guy shook his head...

He was presumed dead at the scene... Never again to live or breathe or see the birth of his daughter... He wouldn't be there to hold her hand while she screamed in pain or, be there to tell her it was almost over and most of all he'd never get to see or hold his own daughter...

Then all she remembered was they placed that white sheet over him... The one she'd often seen in movies to cover dead bodies... She never thought she'd ever be seeing it herself though... Especially seeing it be covered over the love of her life...

All she remembered was blacking out after that as she fell to the ground and hearing then faint voices as she went into a coma.

:::End of Flashback:::

Miki's sobs turned into loud moan as she fell to the floor and a pool of water surrounded her. She felt the essence of water seep through her garments and onto the floor... It wasn't her tears her water had broke and she fell to the floor unable to move... Then she heard the loud ringing of the phone. Oh how she had wished that ringing would stop... She managed to grab a glass bottle and she threw it at the wall as it made a horrendous crash against the wall and glass went every were. A big bolt of lighting shot outside lighting up the room as she screamed out in agony and pain at the feeling of oncoming child...