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"I'm sorry Dallas, but he's dying," The doctor told me. I sat down on the chair letting the information sink in. My youngest brother was dying, and I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't help my brother in any way. All I could do was sit and watch him die. After all he's been through, after all the miracles, conquering the odds, he was going to die.

"You're shitting me. Tell me you're fucking shitting me!" I said looking up. I didn't hold the same macho look I always had. What's the point of trying to show I didn't care. I do care.

"There is an alternative, but the outcome isn't predictable. This procedure has been done before, but it maybe once in a lifetime kind of thing," Dr. Haywood, the doctor, told me. I looked up, his tired eyes met my frustrated ones. "The money, Dallas, I'm telling you as a friend, this is slim to none. This is going to be even more for you to pay."

"If Bryan says he wants you to do the procedure, then I can give you the money. Someway legal, I'll come up with the money," I said getting up.

"How?" Dr. Haywood asked interested.

"No one asked how Bryan survived the accident, he just did. No one asked how Bryan could be perfect, they just knew. No one asked how Doc, not with Bryan. Don't start, because no one knows those answers. I'll call my brother, maybe he could help," I said getting out of the office. I couldn't stand it in there. I couldn't stand the hospital. I needed to get away. Away from it all. Away from everybody, but I couldn't. I'm not a bird, I'm not someone like Bryan, or Ponyboy who can get lost in their own little world. I'm not them, I'm just Dallas. And just Dallas doesn't cut it for a lot of things, but I know one thing. I cut it enough in Bryan's life, I couldn't lose that. Not that too.

I went up to the payphone in the corner of Suton and Greenly. I dialed a number I knew so well, but choose not to contact. Brennan was part of my past. Part of the good times, part of me that I choose to ignore, until now. He had such a good life, a bed to sleep in, food on the table, no worries in the world. He had the life Bryan deserved. He had the life that everyone wished for. He had it all, and for that I hated him. I hate him still, but I knew I needed to do this. This was for Bryan. Funny how some bad times could spark a good. Funny how everyone bonded closer together to help Bryan recover. To watch him grow, to watch him fall, just to help me once more. Everyone forgot their differences for Bryan, and now he was going to die. No! He's not going to die. He's going to live. He has to.

"Hello?" A deep voice said answering the phone. I stood there silent scared to say anything. This was the moment of truth. I was going to have to talk to save Bryan, forget my grudge against my own brother.

"Hello?" He asked again, getting annoyed.

"Brennan.it's uh, it's Dallas," I said stumbling over my words. My voice unfamiliar to my own self.

"Dallas?" He asked surprised. I promised him in front of his face I wouldn't call him if it was the last thing in the world. But now here I am, about to grovel on my knees, all for my brother.

"Listen, can you meet me at the Dingo tonight. We have to talk," I said quietly.

"Yeah, sure 7 alright with you?" Brennan asked.

"Just fine. I got to go, but I'll meet you there. Bye," I said hanging up.

Well that's over with. But I know the hard part is yet to come. Facing Brennan, Bryan, my life. I'm going to have to face reality now, maybe even by myself. I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for any of it! I'm not ready to lose the kid. I'm not ready to face Brennan, maybe I never will. I'm not ready to show the world who I am inside because outside, I look hard, not really giving a damn, but inside I'm crumbling. I'm still a lost kid trying to find himself. I'm still one of those ten year old greasers who try to find out if there's a way to make it somehow. But it's too late for me, it's not too late with Bryan.

"Hey Dally!" Sodapop yelled from behind me snapping me back to reality from my thoughts. I gave a half hearted 'hey' as I started walking again. "I know you're scared Dal. We all are. You know the gang is here for ya though right? You know we are right here all the way," Sodapop said seriously.

I looked Soda deep in the eye. He's soft, caring brown eyes meeting my own, cold, shallow blue ones. "I know Sodapop. I know." With that we hug like brothers. Because that's what we are, brothers.

We enter the Curtis household. The usual rampaging of Two-Bit and Steve arguing for the tv and Johnnycakes stuck in the middle wasn't going on. Ponyboy, who was usually reading in the corner, was outside smoking what looked like his third pack of the day. Darry was paying bills in the corner as Steve slept on the couch.

We haven't gotten much sleep in the last few weeks. Coffee had been a necessity for us now. Even Ponyboy and Sodapop switched from chocolate milk to coffee. I watched Steve sleep. Looking at the rythmatic way his chest moved up and down. Watched how he's drool slowly dripped onto the cushions. I noticed how he looked so much younger as the electric fan blew, his messily greased hair, all over the place. I sat down on the other couch promising myself that I wouldn't sleep, only rest my eyelids, but I was asleep before I even hit the pillow.