Chapter 4: The Pig and The Punisher

Walking the streets of the main market place the Slayer couldn't help but feel out of place, after defeating another one of the Demon King's generals, everywhere he went he was greeted like a Hero. Of course he was thankful for the praises he received but to be confronted by smiles and admiration felt somewhat new to him.

Back in his own world he was very rarely treated like a hero and more like a monster that could go toe to toe with the forces of hell (Given how brutal he was in eliminating them), but giving credit where it was due, the people were at the very least grateful the Doomslayer was on their side. Lost in thought the Slayer stopped in his tracks, looking at the busy market streets. The everyday buzzing streets full of people from all walks of life. It was peaceful…

"People dedicated to their craft are often bewildered by praises, enjoy it. After what you have done, indulging in the limelight from time to time is a must" Samuel encouraged, seeming to make sense of the Hellwalker's odd predicament.



Turning to the source of the scream, The Slayer saw a speeding horse carriage barreling towards an unsuspecting little elf girl. Without a second thought the Slayer dashed at the girl at high speeds and grabbed her in his arms, narrowly missing the speeding stagecoach that sped away.

Gathering to see the commotion, the people of Asterinia came to find their Hero clutching a crying Elf who he had saved from near death. Yet another heroic deed in their eyes.

"He saved the Elf child!"

"He did not even think about the danger!"

"And yet jumped in harm's way to save her!"

"He truly is a Hero!"

Calming the crying elf, The Slayer could only watch with irritation as dust cloud left behind by the speeding carriage begin to settle. Checking on the sniffling Elf child, he saw her emerald eyes still wet from the scare, her worn out blue dress stained in mud all due to the vehicle's wheels kicking dirt behind it, her braided golden locks almost becoming undone. She was safe, yet her crying had not stop.

Raising her arm, she pointed at where she had almost met her untimely end. The Slayer looked at where she was pointing and saw freshly picked apples in a basket crushed and stomped on by the pasting cab and its horses, few had survived but was bruised upon hitting the stone pavement. Turning to her again he saw the sadness in her eyes. Her tears threatening to fall yet again.

"I had worked so hard all morning to pick those fruits from the forest." Said quietly by Young Elf, sniffling "I was to use the money to buy medicine for my mother"

In a desperate attempt to salvaged what little she could sell, the Young Elf picked up all she could carry in her small arms. Her act was proven futile as the apples fell, save for one.

Feeling a sense of hopelessness, the small Elf fell to her knees and hugged the lone apple in her chest, sobbing at the extent of what little she could do.

The Doomslayer saw this and felt pity for the young elf child. Knowing what to do, the Slayer took the single apple from her gently. The Elf girl looked up and saw the Slayer examining the lone fruit before pulling out a small pouch from his side and taking out two golden coins before giving it to the young Elf, The Elf child's eyes grew at the sight of holding two golden coins in her small hands. she looked up at the Slayer bewilder of his act.

"S-sir Hero…T-this is!" the small Elf could only stutter in awe and disbelief. The Slayer only responded by petting her head gently before walking off. The small Elf girl couldn't help but smile at the selfless gift she was given. Letting out a small giggle the Elf girl waved him goodbye before running back home as fast as her smol legs could carry her.

(I'm not correcting this "Smol". That is staying.)

The rest of the Slayer's patrol went better than he could ever expect, any crime was almost non-existent, save for the three thugs that he had encountered before. Catching them trying to rob an elderly man. Of course that was easily dealt with, one of them now having to walk the rest of their lives with inverted legs and the other with less fingers, but other than that it was still relatively peaceful.

Despite the peaceful town's nature, the Doomslayer couldn't help but felt something was out of place. Most of the houses were in bad condition, some in far more worsen state of decay than others. The Slayer could have just chalked this up as how people in this era lived but his time in Argent D'Nur and its people told him otherwise. People here were kind and there was barely any malice yet it was clear to him that they still had trouble in a finical sense. He already ruled out Princess Catherine as a suspect, knowing how much she truly cared and loved the people of her kingdom. But people still seemed to struggle…

…As if something was leeching off them, or rather someone.

This was proven true when he saw the same white stagecoach parked near what looked like a rundown residential area. Two shady looking guardsmen in black knight's armor guarded the carriage, armed with spears, and swords that hung on their hips. Looking at the residents nearby, everyone cowered walking past them. Even a blind man could tell something bad was happening.

The sound of plates and cutlery dropping to the floor was heard. Turning to the sound the Slayer saw an Elven woman that was harshly thrown out of her home and was rolling on the ground before being stopped by a puddle of dirty water.

Her body looked weak and frail. Skin pale to the point she looked like a corpse, her blonde hair contained strips of greys running down to her head. A white dress she wore now stained in mud. The Elven woman held her chest in pain before coughing up blood.

"You peasant rats are wasting my time!"

An overweight middle age nobleman barked as he came out the door. Wearing the finest clothing the kingdom had to offer. His face, a mass of bloated fatty oil, so much so that even his chin consists of excessive fat, resembling that of an unremarkable obese bulldog. His breathing was short and hard like a pig which lowers his overall impression as untrustworthy at first glance. The white hair on his scalp was thin, enough to reflect light on his balding head as he stepped outside.

"If you cannot pay for the taxes, I will be forced to confiscate this barn you call a house" The Pig threatened with a smug sadistic grin as he fiddled with his well-kept mustache.

"Please, I beg you sir…" the Elf woman wheezed before holding her chest, coughing up more blood. "…please…my child and I have nowhere else to go if you take our home"

The so called fat human of a pig snorted, the sound he made akin to a greedy boar as he played more with his facial hairs "I only conduct business in the name of her majesty. If you cannot pay me then I will report this as an act of treason to the crown."

"PLEASE!" The Elven woman flung herself at the royal swine, grabbing his legs and groveling beneath them in a pitiful manner.

"UNHAND ME YOU FILTHY WITCH!" The fat duke raised his arm to slap the woman but was stopped by a cold metallic hand that held his. "Wha-"

The royal swine turned to face the owner to the hand, to see what idiotic commoner had the audacity to hold a noble such as he, and to punish them thoroughly. What he was met with was eyes with the fury of hell…no, it was worse…much worse. What was behind a glass visor, staring him down was a towering beast like none other… yelping as this new comer held his hand nearly to the point of crushing it like paper.

The Slayer grabbed the pig's hand in a vice-like grip. Applying more pressure as the duke fell to his knees and howled like a hog from the pain.

"U-unhand me y-you worthless brute!" the royal swine commanded only to receive a stronger grip on his hand, earning the Slayer a shout. "Guards! GUARDS!"

"Halt! Release the royal duke or we will be forc-"

The black armored guards armed themselves with their spears and rushed at the Slayer aiming for his back. The tips broke upon hitting his armor, getting irritated by the two, the Slayer countered with the back of his hand, yeeting the two guards in the air before crashing into the Duke's white stagecoach.

The Elven woman could only stare in disbelief as this man in green casually stomped on the royal Duke's authority as if it was nothing.

The Duke now stared fearfully at the man that now lifted him in the air with one hand as if he was a rag doll, in a cold sweat the duke opened his mouth speak, but before he could utter another word he found himself flying in the air with a sharp stinging pain in his cheek. time seemed to slow down for him as he only stared at the man in green – just wondering who he was. This didn't seem to last for long as he found himself harshly tumbling in the driver's seat of his stagecoach. Wasting no time, the fat duke stumbled for the front seat hastily and grabbed the straps, setting the horses running at full speed. Escaping the wrath of the man in green, the duke was now safe

…For now.

The Slayer turned his attention to the sickly Elven woman, his faceless visor scaring her. The Elven woman could only stare in fear, unable to move by his intimidating presence. The Slayer lifted his hand at her causing her to flinch and close her eyes. Too terrified to look at the man in green in front of her, she failed to notice him gently helping her up to her feet. Opening her eyes, The Elf woman stared at him confused. Before she could show her appreciation towards him and ask as to why he had helped her a small voice called out to Elven woman.


Turning to the voice, the Elf woman saw a small Elven child running towards them, carrying an assortment of bottled potions and herbal medicines by the hem of her dress.

"My child, where did you get those luxuries?" The Elf woman asked kneeling down to the small child's height.

"I sold the apples that I had picked from the frost to the Hero, and he had given me gold coins so I can buy your medicine, Mother" The Elf girl answered with an innocent but hopeful smile. but her but smile fell after seeing the newly formed bruises along her mother's arms "Mother! What had happened to you?"

The small elf girl asked, frantically looking all around the Elf woman's arms for other injuries. The Mother Elf let out a small laugh and smiled, her eyes showing nothing but despair and a fake smile. She was hurting. If a poor soul in pain ever made a sound she would be someone screaming at the top of their lungs, loud enough to reach the heavens, hoping for someone to hear her pain.

"The Duke came today and asked for payment, we don't have the money…and he-" Her fake smile didn't fool the small Elf girl as her voice choked, tears in her eyes streaming down uncontrollably. Her figure shook as she tried desperately to look strong in front of her daughter. For someone so young the Elf girl quickly understood what had happened and gently hugged her weeping mother.

The Doomslayer looked at the two with boiling blood. After spending eons of fighting demons in hell this was a rare case where he found himself angrier than normal. Knowing what to do, the Slayer set a path and started following the trail left behind by the fat Duke.

The small Elf girl looked up and saw the Slayer leaving, running up to him the small Elf girl bowed "Thank you for saving my mother sir Hero"

The Doomslayer stopped for a moment, he did not turn to her nor reacted in anyway instead he stood there. No one knew what was going on in his mind right now but one thing was certain – Someone was going to pay in blood. A few moments later the Slayer set off with a noticeable stomp in his step, ready to bring his wrath against the wicked that preyed upon the weak.

"Was that…" Elven woman uttered in disbelief before dropping to her knees.

Have my prayers been answered?

"Mother!" Without a second thought the small Elf child rushed to her mother's side

"My child…was that?" the Elven mother asked, her voice shaking with what seemed to be anticipation, her eyes leaking with tears however something new was seen in them….

"Yes Mother, that was the Hero…the legends are true…" The Elf girl's honest answer resounded inside the Elf Woman's heart, years of fear, pain and hopeless was washed away just by the mere utter of his title. Her eyes started to water and a small smile was forming on her face, she let her tears fall…

Tears of….




Duke Ublyudok von Swinia, a man of power, born into a royalty. Whatever he wanted he took, paying people of the law to only turn a blind eye whenever he acted unlawfully. Money, Land, Women….and Power, He had it all. Yet here he was, fleeing in a hurry to the Princess' castle. He was humiliated and denied of power.

"The feeling of being above others…his Right."

"OPEN THE GATES! OPEN THE GATES!" The Duke screamed, demanding the guardsmen to open the castle gates. The guardsmen quickly complied, opening the entrance and letting the Duke in.

"and that Right…was stripped from him by the strange man in green."

Like a hungry hog he was fuming with anger, his face was red like the mark left by the stranger as he ran to the throne room. Opening the doors with a slam the Duke came in, his short time running caused him to sweat like a pig. Alerting the Knights present in the room, all turned to the duke with swords drawn. One particular Crimson Haired Female knight that stood next to the Princess drew out her sword and pointed it at the fat nobleman.

"Who dares enter the royal throne room without being announced?" Luna barked, her stare sending a small chill down the fat duke's spine.

The overweight nobleman breathed in for a moment, relaxing himself before bowing to the Princess

"Forgive me your Majesty, I am Duke Ublyudok von Swinia" the fat nobleman said, suppressing a foul scowl. None of the people present saw him doing so, save for the female knight. Whether it be her lucky stars or her instincts, she knew not to trust the Fat Duke in front of her.

"May I asked, but what must be so important for you to abruptly barged in?" Princess Catherine asked kindly yet she felt unease by the Duke's forming grin. Even then so, every time this man came into her castle a feeling of worry came along with him.

"Your Majesty, I have come to report a barbarian lose in our esteemed kingdom" The fat Duke's tone was like that of a conman, the words that came out of his mouth seemed official yet there was a sense of make believe for every word he uttered.

A silver tongue.

"Oh my, this really is a troubling matter" Princess Catherine's eyes widen for a moment before turning in to a stern glare.

The people present in the throne room all broke out in whispers, some debating whether the duke's claims were real.

"Indeed, I was suddenly attacked whilst tending to the good people of Asterinia" The Duke's shed tears that seemed fake to even a blind man but the Princess needed to be sure.

"Then I shall send out the Hero and a group of my finest Knights to take care of this dilemma" it was her duty as the princess to protect the Kingdoms' people. Despite this man's untrustworthy presence, she could not leave this problem to chance. The Princess could not afford it, with the war against the demon king and his generals going on, the Duke's claims true or not, needed her attention.

The Duke grinned maniacally, With the help of this gullible Princess his revenge towards the green fool that humiliated was all coming together

But fate had other plans for him.

The doors to the throne room suddenly flung open startling the room's occupants. Everyone present armed themselves for a fight but immediately withdraw after seeing none other than the Slayer himself at the entrance. Knights sheathed their sword and gave a respectful bow to him, Princess Catherine smiled warmly at him, Luna's face seemed to heat up and looked away from him bashfully.

DOOM Eternal OST 12: Demonic Corruption by Mick Gordon Starts playing

And the Duke…

His Legs buckled with fear, his eyes shrunk to one fourth of their original size, his teeth rattled like chains, his face had lost all color leaving him to look as pale as a ghost. He felt every single cell in his body screaming to run away, his very soul at this point was close to leaving its rotten vessel.

"I-IT'S HIM! IT'S HIM!" The fat nobleman pointed at him with a shaking finger as he screamed at the top of his lungs in terror. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? KILL HIM!"

All the people present in the room erupted in whispers as they stared at the duke in confusion. The Female Knight stared daggers at the fat nobleman as the Princess's eye narrowed suspiciously at his reaction. Before the Fat Duke could get another word out the Doomslayer dashed at him and held him by his mass of bloated fat neck, lifting him in the air with ease.

"GHa..!ALP! HELP!" the duke screamed helplessly, thrashing his arms and legs in all directions in the hopes of somehow escaping this monster. He looked at the Knights, none of them offered to help him. He turned to the head Knight, her green eyes holding only hostility for him. And finally he turned to the Princess.

She stared at the fat duke with an unreadable expression, eyes that seemed gentle but cold, her radiance was warm but a sense of burning rage could be felt.

"Sir Ublyudok, would you please be so kind as to explain yourself" Princess Catherine asked… no, demanded. Her voice was calm but stern.

"T-this is the savagely brute that I had come to warn you all!" the Duke squawked at her, feeling the hold on his fat neck gripping slightly harder. "Ghha! What are you fools waiting for? KILL HIM!"

Again, he looked at the Knights and none of them offered to help, and what he had said seemed to provoke most of the them, but one of them was far more unrest than the others. The blazing Female Knight stared at the duke with dangerously sharpen eyes as she gripped the handle of her sword hard.

"You must be mistaken sir, for the man that holds hostile intent towards you is none other than the summoned Hero himself" Princess Catherine explained calmly yet there was a growing rage in the way she spoke.

"…n-no…this has to be some sort of- …s-surely you jest?" the fat noble man felt his soul leaving his body as soon as he heard those words for he had realize that he had sealed his own fate. He had acted unjust in the eyes of the Hero. From what he had heard in the reports, The Hero capable of slaying a hundred armies and defeated two of the demon king's five unholy generals with ease.

which meant…he was doomed.

Slowly he turned to face the Slayer, his eyes burning with rage, so much so it felt like heat was coming out of it. With his other free hand, the Slayer drew out his Doomblade and pointed the tip at of the Duke's bloated neck. The Duke trembled in fear but before The Hellwalker could end him a voice called out to him.

"That is enough" The Princess stood up and made her way towards the two. Slowly reaching a gentle hand the royal maiden careful caressed the Slayer's shoulder, almost in a pleading manner. "I will not condone such brutal methods in my palace Sir Doomslayer, I speak for everyone when I say we are truly grateful for all you have done but to attack a citizen, especially a nobleman is a very serious offence. I know you have a good reason to do so but I must practice the Laws of my Kingdom if I am to rule them. Please…allow me to judge him"

This irritated the Doomslayer but he could not ignore the princess' strive to do right by her people, he could see it in her eyes. she was talking to a man that could give Lucifer nightmares and that alone was a brave feat, the Princess was fearful but knew the man in front of her would not harm innocents. Reluctantly the Hellwalker let go of his grip, letting the fat Nobleman drop to the hard floor with a thud. The Duke stood up slowly, rubbing his hind. Now all eyes in the room came to judge him.

"I will give every chance to each person to defend themselves, you will be judged by the myself and my council of wise men" Taking her seat on the thrown, the Princess stared at the fat duke with cold eyes, behind her several elderly men in white robes came and stood by her as the fat nobleman could only sweat bullets. one of the wise men raised their hand and was suddenly enveloped in a yellow light, a ring of light wrapped itself around the Duke's neck and a sound of a bell was heard. The judgment had begun.

"T-this is…!" the fat nobleman panicked and tried to grabbed the glowing collar on his neck only to be hit by a wave of imaginable pain. Falling to his knees Ublyudok gasped in disbelief.

"Yes, a high tier magic spell that only a grand master can use. – 'Lie Breaker' it will only activate if the person afflicted by it is caught lying" all light seemed to leave the Princess' eyes as she stood to gazed at the horrid man.

"D-damn you…" The fat nobleman uttered under his breath. Cursing the Princess with all his being.

"What have you done to earn the wrath of our beloved hero?" The Princess started, her question made the nobleman flinched uneasily.

"W-why I just simply collected the taxes of our citizens" the duke shuddered with sweat pouring out of this face. His hands slightly shaking at the thought of pain he will received again if he answered incorrectly.

"But was it in a justified matter? Did you collect the amount to each class correctly?" She raised an eyebrow suspiciously, not believing a word from this foul pig's mouth.

"I t-took the actions I d-deemed fit to establish y-your majesty" shuttering uncontrollably his own irrational mind was starting to break from the pressure.

"Sir Ublyudok. You have not answered my question, was it in a justified matter?" the Princess stared at the fat duke hostile eyes, demanding answers.

"B-but of course"

The second those words came out of this mouth a surge of pain rocketed throughout his whole body causing him to collapse to the ground with a thud. His breathing became hard, his eyes bloodshot. On his keens he looked up to the Princess to only see her calm eyes now full of fury.

"Ublyudok von Swinia. Admit to your crime and thou shall be spared from thine pain!" Her voice boomed with authority as she demanded the truth from the fat nobleman.

The fat Duke could only let out a painfully defeated sigh. Standing up he suddenly spat at the Princess' way, his eyes turned red, the veins on his face throbbed as it protruded like wild vines, letting out a roar like a savage animal.

A Pig.

"I WILL TAKE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! THIS WORLD SERVES IN MY FAVOR AND I WILL NOT ALLOW A WHORE LIKE YOU TO STEAL MY RIGHT!" showing his true colors the occupants of the room gasped at the blasphemy this fool vomited out of his mouth. The loyal Knights unsheathed their swords in anger but was halted by Luna's command. Heavy silence enveloped the throne room after the fat nobleman's sudden outburst, as if the sound of a pin dropping could be clearly heard.

The Princess looked at him with indifference, her eyes now lacking any sympathy. After what seemed like an eternity she closed her eyes as if meditating on the information she was given only opening them to look at him with disgust.

"Ublyudok von Swinia" her voice was calm, unnervingly calm. "I Princess Catherine Alexandra Ann von Archambeau the forth, shall hereby strip you of your title, your land and your Right. You will no longer hold power to abuse and torment my people" She spoke in an authoritarian way, a far cry from her light hearted personality that usually brought comfort to those who listened.

The duke was left speechless. Unable to believe the events that had transpired in just moments. Was this his end?







"You…you…YOU WHORE!" The fat duke burst yet again in anger as he tried to lunged at the Princess in retaliation, only to be subdued by an iron fist that sent him yeeting across the room like a ragdoll. Guardsmen quickly took incapacitated duke into custody, his men as well. with no will or desire to fight back those who followed in his acts was soon brought to justice.

At the ending of the whole ordeal the Princess breath in a sigh of relief, His corrupted acts will never be forgotten by his victims but she will ensure it will never again, she had to - for her people.

Now only her and the Doomslayer was left in the room with Luna standing beside her. Most of the guards were now posted outside the throne room leaving the trio in an awkward silence.

Standing up gracefully from her throne the Princess gave a slight bow to the Hellwalker who was busy wiping his knuckles in distaste with a ripped piece of fabric that came from the duke.

"I humbly thank thee Sir Slayer, if thou had not uncovered the Duke's crimes, goodness knows how many more may have suffered from his tyranny" with a broken heart, she stared at the Slayer with dull empty eyes "But I fear I too am to be blamed for his crimes, I had suspected his acts for far too long, but I have never had a favorable reason to detain him let alone charge him for his crimes"

"Princess…" the female knight uttered silently as she looked on the two.

The Princess had sent countless watchers on the duke but all came back either empty handed or disappeared with little to no information. She felt inadequate, still lacking a lot to properly serve her kingdom, a naïve little princess that still believes in the best in people. Her heart was in the right place but most would take advantage of such a flaw.

Unbeknownst to her a heavily armored gloved hand had reached out and gently placed itself on her delicate head, gently comforting her.


Letting out a surprised yelp the Princess abruptly looked at the Slayer only to be met by a firm but gentle reassuring gaze, this was her first time to deeply see his visor and into his harden eyes, for a moment she was lost in thought. Those…rugged eyes seem to go on forever, eventually she was brought back to her senses with a growing blush on her face clear as day. Turning her back and covering her crimson face the princess turned to her loyal Knight only to be met by her childishly pouting face.


Author's notes:

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Ublyudok – Russian for "Bastard"

Swinia – Polish for "Pig"

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