Revolution is not mine.

I will never forgive the writer's for not giving me Charloe

Sebastian Monroe likes his new life at Willoughby with his family. After the end of the war with the Patriot , they decided to build a new life. Miles Matheson and his became the new protectors of the two because who will be so stupid to start a was against the former President of the Monroe Republic and the Butcher of Baltimore. Rachel Matheson teaches science to young children at the local school while Charlie became a captain of Ranger . She ,Miles and Bass they are something like Batman ,Superman and Wonder Woman of the Willoughby, talking about strategy and drinking at favorite Miles' bar.

He was a lucky son of a bitch. He has his best friend back, he has two beautiful daughters and a fierce warrior-goddess for a wife.

After all the pain and the betray. Bass eaned Miles` trust and forgiveness which it was the only thing he wanted from him. Tney were friends and brothers in arms. Having each other back until Rachel brainwashed into believe that Bass was the devil.

Rachel was never a fan of Bass. She thinks Bass as a killer who killed her family and took her away from her children. What a hypocrite bitch she was, Rachel left her family to be with Miles, abandoned her own kids to be with her late husband`s brother. She could have leave the Monroe Republic with Miles but Rachel decided to stay with Bass.

Her eyes is always be full of hatred and disgust when she looks at him since the moment Charlie had brought him to Willoughby. Definitely since it had been made clear to him that their relationship had changed drastically on the long journey, and that Charlie gave zero shits about what any of her family thought about that. She made it quite clear that she and Bass were together, a package deal that they could either take or leave.

They took it of course, after much screaming and yelling, Rachel pulling out a shotgun, Charlie rather succinctly disarming Rachel of said shotgun, and a fistfight between Bass and Miles. The man wanted to protect his daughter -a big shock for everyone when they found out- from his best friend . Bass knew how his mind worked, especially those dark and twisted corners that were so similar to his own, those unmapable places where Bass had lived for so very long. Where he had been trapped, until Charlie came in like a super nova, throwing light on them, airing them out and making them places he could live again without the darkness threatening and grabbing at him every moment. A not so small part of him could even understand Miles' viewpoint, because that's what Charlie did. She took broken and used things and made them useful again through her own Hurculean force of will and self. When Charlie was with you, believing in you, you felt like everything would be okay, that you would be okay. Charlie was sunlight and warmth after a lifetime of gray, rainy days. It was only natural to want to be as close as possible to that sunshine.

His wife was beautiful. Her eyes were shinning with mischief, and he loved it.

Charlie was an excellent fighter, she could even give him and Miles a good run for their money. And was easily worth 5 of those Patriots dicks any day. But she was also snarky, sarcastic in a way that reminded him so damn much of Miles. It was only through living on the road with her and Miles for months that he also learned that she was compassionate. She kept it hidden well, but after a particularly brutal ambush by the Patriots, she'd come back to their tiny camp covered in red white and blue blood and ran straight to Miles, who had taken a shot to his leg.

Bass was broken out of his reverie by Charlie's warm hand on his shoulder, leaning down to hand him his plate. As she turned to go he snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her into his lap and nuzzling her throat. "Thank you my sweet, docile little woman" he murmured in her ear, while she gave a throaty laugh and hit him in the shoulder.

"Sweet and docile hm? Don't you just wish. Ask that deer on your plate how sweet and docile I was when I shot him in the neck."

" You're right, thank you my fierce, sexy warrior woman" he answered, moving his hand down to squeeze her thigh.

Miles have them a disgusted look from the log next to them. " Your foreplay is disturbing." Charlie just laughed, leaning down to give Bass a lingering kiss before getting up to get her own bowl of the venison stew.

"Where are they?"Bass asked, throwing another log on the fire.

"Causing trouble with Aaron."She answered as she tugged on Bass's hand.

Bass and Charlie were proud parents of twins. Vegas and Alexia Monroe were a pretty pair of blonde girls with blue eyes and stubborn like their mothers. Alexia was definitely a troublemaker, mischievous, conniving rule breaker and a total heartbreaker , Bass had a heartatack after found his little girl kissing someone in her room. Vegas was gentle and quiet ,he used to sing to her almost every night when she was little. A sweet lullaby as he held her rocking Vegas slowly in his arms, as she slowly fell asleep.

Bass was protective just like as Miles, he wouldn't let them wear things, wouldn't let them go places, wouldn't let them go anywhere before letting him, or their parents know

He looked back at Rachel and Mikes, quietly whispering to one another, them back at Charlie.

Bass wrapped his arm around Charlie possesively.

Bass was jealous one. Charlie, the protective one. In extreme situations, their roles can be reversed, but for the most part, if Bass sees anyone glance twice at Charlie (which isn't hard to do… her thighs, her ass, her shoulders, her lips…) he will suddenly forget all of his reservations about PDA and not remove his hands from Charlie for the rest of the night. If anyone actively tries to hit on Charlie, Bass will weigh the pros and cons and moral complexities of cold blooded murder and possibly accidentally break a patella or two.

He does not like share Charlie, especially with the Rangers. His wife's younger Rangers ,Bass realized with mild bewilderment on the second day of Charlie's as a Captain, followed his wife around like ducklings. She was hardly ever seen by anyone without a hint of the Ranger uniform.

It was amusing the first three days and then somewhat irritating when he wanted some time alone with her only to see a younger Ranger carrying her basket of fruits as she kneaded dough for bread. A shy Ranger had offered Charlie a great amount of pillows and blankets that he hadn't been using, and even Bass's right hand ,Ace sought Bass out in the mornings with armfuls of wildflowers and eyes glued to the floor as he asked if there was anything Charlie was allergic to.

Even the boys from school silenced and sat near her knee when she visited her mother after a long training with Rangers and ending up sitting on a barrow to tell them stories of fairies and mermaids, of heroes and villains and of dragons and gods. It was as if the entire Willoughby was smitten with her presence, and Bass had always been a very possessive man. He took what he wanted, and he kept what he liked. When he took a fancy to a woman he was in a relationship with — not that that had ever happened before — he glared at any man who drew near her. He kept his 'possessions' near and dear, and let no one close enough that they might steal what he considered 'his' away.

All but Charlotte Matheson-Monroe.

He didn't beget sharing her affections, but there was still a part of him whose eyes narrowed and pouted as she stroked through someone else's hair.

For the love of God , he is acting like a 5 years old while his daughter who were twenty , are more mature than him right now.

By tbe first moment they arrived at Willoughby, a lot of men tried to flirt with her, to be her partner but unfortunately for them, that spot was taken, and Bass would fight tooth and nail and sword and fist before he allowed anyone else to take it.

From the other hand, . If she sees someone hitting on Bass (*cough cough* Duncan), then Charlie goes into possessive mode. It's the main reason that she ever publicly shows any sign of being with Bass when she starts grabbing Bass and physically pulling him away while telling whoever Bass was talking to to get their own idiot.

Their life was not easy. Sometimes they fight. Oh boy ,when they do that even Miles can not stop them,from killing each other. After every fight ,he calls her Charlotte when he's in the mood to annoy her. In return, she calls him Sebastian or General to get on his nerves.

''Come back!''Vegas screams and Bass looks at his daughter who tries to reach her sister.

Alexia was running away from Vegas keeping Vegas' favorite book.

Bass looks at them while Miles chuckles and rolls his eyes. Fighting between Vegas and Alexia was normal. They were stubborn like their parents and sometimes Bass worried when Miles started training them because they able to kill each other in their sleep.

''GIRLS''Miles yelled at them and the two girls looks down from shame.

Next thing was Vegas' hand shooting out to knock Alexia's head against the wall.

"Vegas Monroe- Matheson!"

"She started it."

"Do try to recall that you're twenty, not two."

"Yeah, Vegas, be all grown up and shit."Alexia rubbed her head, grinning at her. Rachel couldn't keep from smiling as well.

Bass' shoulders had finally relaxed. He'd beaten back the monster again. Charlotte was safe. All signs pointed towards a healthy and relatively easy pregnancy and delivery. His brother was home and by his side again. His world was stable. He had his family and they weren't going anywhere. He wasn't alone

Charlie was standing at the sink and Bass was behind her, his arms around her, hands protectively on her stomach "Thank you." He whispered and she turned her head to him "For what?

He pressed a kiss behind her ear and leaned against her "Everything." He replied "Thank you for everything."