By Weasy


SUMMARY: Buffy's dreaming about a powerful magi couple, but when a new boy turns up at school she finds it difficult to concentrate on what it might mean…

AUTHOR'S NOTES: AU. Well –ish. Buffy is the slayer, but this is set way back when in S3 probably after 'Helpless', except that Angel is not a vamp (cos otherwise this wouldn't work) so Spike and Dru etc don't exist as vamps either. Oh and Cordy and Xander haven't come out the closet yet, so Willow and Oz are just fine.

This plot is vaguely inspired by a Charmed episode from ages ago but given my own special twist…lol, and with what I have planned I'm going to turn this into a 'Set Free' series… but not for a while. I'm not supposed to be writing at all at the moment but this plot just appeared fully developed in my mind… and that never happens so I found myself unable to not write it!

Dégagér is French for 'to set free' and inspired the name Dega. Aead, in a round about way came from Felidae, which is a broad name for all types of cats, Apoch is short for Apocalypse. //…// indicates dreams. ~ … ~ indicates lyrics, all from Peppercorn.

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Part One             

~ Hyperventilating watching you I swear ~

Buffy shifted slightly in her sleep, and letting out a soft sigh turned to bury her face deeper into the downy softness of her covers.

//A huge banquet was laid out before them, two vast tables that could have seated five dozen guests each were laden with rich suckling pigs and calf roasts, silver plates and cutlery gleamed in the firelight and the guests chattered amicably amongst themselves, smiling and laughing politely at jokes. There was a strange mixture of guests, thought Buffy, and she couldn't have placed the timeline of the couples seated around the table. Across from her, two five-year-old children spoke fluent Spanish to an ancient Indian couple next to them, the woman laughed, and the silver details on her sari sprinkled firelight reflections across the room, she replied quickly… in Indian.

At the head of the table were a dark haired couple, the woman had pronounced dark features and large soulful eyes, while the man had old callused skin, that announced many years spent working in the sun to the guests. Whenever he smiled, which was often, his face seemed to lose twenty years. Curious Buffy turned to her right to try and identify her partner, her hazy dream filled state didn't allow him to distinguish his features, though her heart lifted at his presence.

Suddenly the room quietened, and every eye in the room was on her. The dark woman with soulful eyes nodded gravely and whispered: "Inshallah"//

Buffy tensed in her sleep, a light sweat had broken out on her forehead and one small hand gripped the pillow tightly beneath her fingers as shivers overtook her body.

//The room shifted suddenly and the feast with the other guests were gone, instead the couple from before were sitting facing each other on a cold tile floor, they chanted in words that transcended the need of language, their eyes glowed and waves of majick crashed through their bodies. They would always be together…//

Buffy sat up with a start panting heavily she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark she scanned her room for intruders. The night lay heavy and oppressive on her mind and soul. Collapsing back onto her bed, she glanced at the time, and frowning fought the urge to call Giles and instead tried to get back to sleep. She'd tell Giles about the dream tomorrow.

The next morning Buffy sat in the Library with Willow and Xander trying to finish her maths homework before first period, and tell Giles about her dream from the night before. "It was really weird Giles… that couple, they were some wicked powerful kind of magicians…"

"Magi." Willow supplied.

"Huh?" Buffy turned on her.

"Uh, well if they were channelling really powerful majick through themselves like that they were probably Magi. They can do much more impressive stuff than wiccas can."

"Yes." Giles agreed, and sighed, chewing absentmindedly on one his glasses, before replacing then on the bridge of his nose. "And you say that this woman said 'Inshallah' to you?"

"Yeah." Buffy's nose crinkled in confusion, "What does that mean?"

"Oh, er, 'if Allah wills it' if memory serves correctly. This is all rather interesting." He let out one last sigh before turning back towards his office. "I'll do some research, but there's been nothing more that dreams as of yet, so we should have some time."

Xander coolly watched his retreating back. "It's odd, why isn't he telling us to run to the hills?"

"Go away Xander." Giles' voice came from his office.

Xander shook his head and turned back to Buffy and Willow who were regarding him with amusement. "So, what's on the agenda today?"


"Oh…" Xander cringed, "Any chance you can give me a hand with that Wills? I'll love you forever!" He pleaded, and Willow smiled widely at his proclamation, while Buffy just laughed.  Xander's begging was interrupted by the library's swing door creaking open, a dark spiky haired head poked through the door. Buffy instantly started choking, eyes wide at the sight in front of her. A boy about her age, the boy was breathtaking his dark brown hair was held in loose touchable spikes over pale skin and chocolate brown eyes, he was probably at least six inches taller than Buffy and his dark shirt revealed a strong build. He let himself into the library, and flashing a smirk at Buffy he leaned over the library counter - and jumped back as Giles stood up from where he had been crouched behind the counter.

Xander burst out laughing, kicking him Buffy stood up and sauntered across the room toward him. Giles rolled his eyes. "Liam?" The boy nodded and Giles presented him with a stack of books. "Welcome to Sunnydale High." Liam just nodded, dumbstruck as he took in the pile in front of him.

"Want some help?" Buffy offered and as they carried the books from the room together they were all ready laughing and joking. Behind them Xander glowered.

As the last of the books was wedged into Liam's locker he slammed it shut with a satisfying click. "So," Buffy said, not wanting to leave the beautiful strangers company. "Your name is Liam, but everyone calls you Angel."

Angel blushed and Buffy nearly started hyperventilating at the sight of his flushed cheeks. "I wish I hadn't told you that."

"Why, I think it's beautiful. Like you." Buffy added slyly, regarding him from under bowed lashes for a moment before continuing. "You moved here with your Mom and Dad from New York, because your Dad got a job at a lawyer's practice here."

"And you moved here from LA last year, because you got kicked out your last school for burning down the gym." Buffy blushed as heavily as he did.

"How did you know that?" Buffy demanded.

"When I first saw you, I wanted to know everything about you." She looked confused. "I asked some guys." He reiterated.

"Oh. Did you really want to know all about me?"

"No." She looked crushed, "When I first saw you I wanted to kiss you."

"Kiss me?" She echoed, and unconsciously stepped closer to him raising her lips to his, Angel lowered his head to hers, and placed a soft open mouthed kiss on her lips. She shivered at the sensual contact stepping closer to wrap her arms around his waist. He leaned her back into the lockers, while one hand skimmed the flesh under her shirt. His other hand gently traced her jaw playing with a tendril of blond hair that hung there. He pulled away slightly and her hot puffs of breath against his swollen lips prompted him to kiss her again, the kiss quickly spiralled out of control fuelled by the passion burning in their bodies. Buffy found herself gripping fistfuls of Angel's shirt in her hands, while Angel pulled her body flush against his Buffy moaned softly in his mouth and panting for breath Angel pulled away slightly.

"Maybe we shouldn't…" He breathed, but the feel of Buffy's hot palms seared his back through the fabric of his shirt and his resolve was broken before he said the words.

"No. You shouldn't." Snyder's voice cut through the personal bubble they had been lost in. The passion died instantly. "This is not a brothel, Summers." He continued and glared at them until they shuffled slightly apart, and then swept his way along the corridor.

"Who's that?" Angel asked Buffy, her hand now clasped in his, conscience of the audience they had attracted.

"Principal Snyder." Buffy scowled at the man's retreating back. "I'm confident that he never had a single date in High School." Turning back to Angel she smiled broadly. "What've you got first thing?"

"Buffy-kissage." He replied, and ignoring the stares of their spectators swept her up in another passion-filled kiss.

By fifth period Willow was starting to think there was something wrong with Buffy, she had been told off at least a dozen times by Principal Snyder for making out with Angel, in the cafeteria, in the quad, by the lockers in the middle of study hall… It was like it physically hurt them not to touch each other. Fifth period English had put a stop to that, Buffy and Angel where in different groups, it didn't seem to be helping though. Buffy constantly fidgeted, and made no show of trying to pay attention but instead stared at the door and the clock alternately. Willow had almost had enough.

"Buffy." She whispered… Buffy didn't respond. "Buffy!" She hissed louder, and the students closest to them turned to stare at her. Buffy turned her attention to Willow. "What's wrong?"

"I miss Angel." She replied, Willow rolled her eyes and looked at the clock.

"It's half an hour since you saw him last." Buffy gave a small half-smile lost in the memory of their last meeting. "Buffy, why are you acting this way? Five minutes after you met this guy you were making out at the lockers. And you guys haven't been able to keep your hands off each other all day!" Realising she was being louder than she intended she lowered her voice. "This isn't like you, Buffy."

"I can't help it… when I'm around him it's like the lights dim everywhere else. When I'm touching him, kissing him. I feel safe, like I belong with him." She sighed. "I love him." Willow's eyes widened.

"What?" She screeched, and the entire class turned to stare at her. "W-what… er, is the uh. M-meaning of the s-speech in. Uh." She glanced at the books on her desk. "O-Othello?"