Part Five

~ Don't you know to err is human ~

               The swing doors squeaking open disrupted Buffy and Angel's peace. Hoping off Angel's lap, Buffy quickly started towards the stacks with Angel. But their pursuer had all ready spotted them. "Buffy. Stop." The voice called, and Buffy dimly recognised it as Quentin Travers, the boss of the Watchers Council. The guy who had subjected her to her eighteenth birthday tests, and the man who had fired Giles. Eyes narrowing in anger, she spun around to face him.

"I don't work for you anymore, Travers, I can damn well do as I please." She hissed, and she felt Angel tense behind her as he recognised the man from her tales of the Watchers Council.

"I'm here to help." He soothed, opening his arms in a friendly gesture of peace.

"Why don't I believe you?" She shot back.

"You're not still sore about that are you?" He laughed lightly, to brush her fears away. It didn't work.

"You let an insane psychotic Vampire kidnap my mother and stripped me of my Slayer strength. You're lucky I haven't killed you all ready. Leave." She stood firm, cold hostility pouring from her every movement.

"You might as well introduce me to your friend." He tried.

"Liam." Angel growled, trying to restrain himself form hurting the man who had hurt Buffy. "I suggest you leave." A wicked smirk crossed his features, "You don't want to be on the receiving end when she's really angry." Purposeful striding across the room and sitting down at the table he smiled. "Of course stay, I'd love to watch."

Travers gave up trying to be nice. A flick of his hand, and he stepped back to reveal Apoch grinning behind him. A momentary rush of panic flashed through Buffy's eyes but she controlled it and quickly flipped over the counter picking up two broadswords that she kept there she threw one to Angel who was running to her aid. By the time they were ready to defend themselves from Apoch he had vanished again. Standing back to back they slowly circled around scanning the room for their attacker. Spotting a shadow flitting through the stacks Buffy took a few steps away from Angel toward it, sword drawn ready to pounce. Angel turned to shout a warning but it was too late. Apoch appeared behind her, and slamming his forearm into the back of her neck watched as she collapsed in a crumpled heap on the floor. 

Angel was alone and faced with a demon that wanted to kill him. "Why are you doing this?" Angel shouted at Travers, making a wide sweep at Apoch with his sword. Apoch easily dodged the amateur blow, and Angel gulped he had no idea how to sword fight.

"Dega and Aead's reincarnations are always important for the world. Good or bad, if they stay in the world they always heavily impact the world."

"So why don't you just guide them to the good side, or some shit like that instead of killing them?" Angel gasped, he managed to dodge Apoch's fist which smashed towards his face, but not his other hand which grasped him around his neck and held him in the air in a bruising pincer-like grip. "And what's up with you? You're not your usual chatty self around your boss." Angel goaded, the grip around his neck tightened and Angel gasped struggling to breathe.

"Because it has always been that way. Dega and Aead never had the ability to follow rules. We can not bend them from their evil path. So we simply eradicate them."

"Buffy's not evil! You fucking Psycho!" Clawing at the hands around his neck he yelled at Travers. "You're supposed to be on the good side! You're just murderers!" Travers shock his head impatiently, like he was talking to a small child.

"There's no other way." Angel snorted.

"You could *not* kill us." Travers just stared blindly at him. "Well take that instead you arrogant bastard." He grinned wickedly as Travers crumpled to the ground. Behind him stood Xander, a baseball bat in his hands. "Go Xander!" Angel screamed triumphantly, and redoubled his efforts to get out of Apoch's vice like grip. Apoch meanwhile was looking very confused. Stunned he let his grip on Angel go, who plummeted to the floor, stumbling to stand up again, Angel could see Willow chanting from a book in the corner of his eye, Cordelia and Giles were holding burning herbs of some sort that smelt heavily of Opium incense.

Apoch spun around, trying to work out why he couldn't shift to the ethereal plain at will anymore.  He was met by Buffy's sword. While Apoch had been busy with Angel Buffy had woken on the floor and managed to receive her sword, she was also very angry. Her double-edged bade cleaved through Apoch's throat in one smooth motion, and before his head could drop to the floor the demon vaporised in a shower or red ash.

The entire Scooby Gang watched in silence as Buffy's sword dropped to the floor, colliding loudly with the floor, the blade vibrated from the force at which it contacted the stone. She looked up, lost and alone, unshed tears visible in her eyes. Angel was by her side in an instant, he cradled her against his chest and rocked her gently. "It's okay baby." He whispered softly kissing the crown of her head.

"Mom saw us." Buffy whispered, her hushed tones rang out clearly in the still of the library and every spectator waited wit bated breath. "She kicked me out, Angel." Angel tensed at her words, and Buffy sensing it started to cry harder.

"It's okay…" He whispered. "We'll sort it out. I promise, they can't keep us from each other beloved."

Giles cleared his throat reluctant to interrupt the couple but feeling things needed to be said. Buffy and Angel turned to their audience, and the grief in their eyes subdued them all. "If you want you can stay with me, both of you. Until you can sort things out with Joyce. I can talk to her, if you'd like me to."

Buffy smiled a smile, a real honest smile that reached her eyes. "Thank you, Giles."

The End

To be continued… Mwah-ha-ha! It will be about a month before I can continue this 'verse, but I rather love it so it definitely will be back!