Author's Note: I own nothing. I decided to change the events of this episode quite a bit since the episode itself was mostly made to fix continuity errors between Ultimate Alien and Omniverse. Those errors aren't here so yeah.

10 Close Call

Rook's tea worked wonders, Jen slept the night away without a single dream, which was good because she wasn't looking forward to the next day. It was Tuesday, and Jen had never quite gotten the hang of Tuesdays. Especially now with school started up again. Most of her classes were simple online assignments that she knocked out in less than two hours but Tuesdays and Thursdays she had a single class that she had to actually show up for. History was never her best subject but when she got the call of a strange ship entering the atmosphere, anchoring just outside the school well she jumped out the window, transforming as she went. She was reasonably certain that her history teacher hadn't believed the news when her ID had been plastered all over the world. At least if the look on her face was any indication.

But the ship had appeared to be empty. But it wasn't, Jen and Rook ran into both of the Vreedle Brothers apparently having been kicked out of the Plumber Academy after blowing it up. Argit was here too attempting to acquire a weapon of untold power. Then of course the people who hired Argit showed up the Emperor of the Incursion Empire. A simple struggle and the small box went tumbling through the air. Jen lunged slapping down the dial on the Omnitrix not really caring who she got as long as they were powerful.

Rook blinked as Jen changed. It wasn't the same as usual. It was as if she was swallowed in a void of stars that reformed into a female form made of space itself. The hands wrapped around the weapon and the figure went deathly still. The surrounding villains were frozen with fear. Rook understood why. This was the transformation that was whispered about in stories. To date there were only a handful of beings in the universe that had seen an actual celestialsapien. Rook couldn't help but wonder if they usually had green eyes like that or if, like many of her other transformations, it was a quirk that belonged only to Jen's aliens. A soft breeze blew through the Mr. Smoothie parking lot and Rook marveled at how the celestialsapien's hair moved. It seemed that with every movement a new star flickered into view. No one moved, no one dared. The whole universe seemed to hold still, staring at the frozen figure and the weapon held tight in starry hands.

Jen blinked around the now familiar starscape. She looked around and spotted Serena and Bellicus. Neither of them was looking at her. She frowned.

"Uh hi?" Bellicus snorted.

"Oh so you're here again! Locked us away for long enough have you?" Jen frowned.

"You know I had a good reason to do that!"

"She is right about that Bellicus, we talked about it. It did hurt our feelings being locked away but we need to forgive her! We both know she does care." Jen nodded.

"I do. I just couldn't trust myself not to use the powers for my own gain." Bellicus snorted again.

"I still say we should bring back that man who killed your boy and teach him a lesson." Serena sighed.

"That won't help any Bellicus dear! What matter did you want to bring to us today sweet Jen?" Jen frowned slightly and nodded.

"There's a weapon. We're currently holding it. If what I've heard is true then it could…"

"The Anihilargenesistoriafimiaorgost, yes we know." Bellicus griped. Jen blinked.

"They are calling it the Annihilargh these days Bellicus dear." Serena supplied. Bellicus rolled his eyes, a difficult task for an eyeless mask but somehow he managed anyway. "I don't like the name change so much, its used for so much more than destruction after all. Well once upon a time anyway."

"I like it! It could blow up the entire bloody lot." Bellicus stated loudly.

"Yeah, we're trying to avoid that!" Jen cut in.

"I agree with Jen, Bellicus. I like this timeline the way it is. We should save it!" Jen raised a hand.

"Seconded!" Bellicus huffed again, outvoted.

"How exactly do you plan to do that?"

"Break the Anielargh." Jen suggested.

"Anihilargenesistoriafimiaorgost dear." Serena supplied patiently.

"Yeah that. Break it so it can't be used for destruction." Serena smiled.

"I second that." Bellicus sighed.

The stillness couldn't have lasted for more than a few minutes. Argit was starting to inch away from the crowd until Rook caught him by his arm, eyes still fixed on his partner. The Vreedles grew impatient first.

"Seems that the most opportune thing to do here would be, as they say, to take the whole package." Rhomboid said moving towards the statuesque figure. Rook took aim at the repo man but everyone went still again as a tripled voice echoed around them.

"Motion passes!" There was a snap and then silence once more. The group blinked around at each other. Octagon Vreedle rubbed his head.

"Um what happened Boid?" But it was the Emperor of the Incursions who answered.

"We aren't sticking around to find out." He nodded to his guards and they all quickly disappeared onto his ship and left at high speeds. Rhomboid pushed his hat back slightly.

"I think I'm inclined to agree with his royal amphibian-ness. I believe our business here is concluded Octagon." They too fled as though for their lives. Another moment's silence persisted then Alien X moved for the first time, floating over to the tether that held the ship that the weapon, the Annihilargh, had been on. The starry being laid a hand on the tether and it vanished into sparkling dust. The effect quickly spread to the rest of the ship and soon the whole hulking structure had vanished into stardust, blowing off in the wind. Only then did green lights flash again, Jen reappearing the Annihilargh safely in her hands. She blinked.

"How long was it?" She asked but Rook was a bit in shock still. Argit answered.

"About ten minutes I think Jenny. That was truly badass."

"Don't call me Jenny Argit you know I don't like it." He nodded slightly trying to pull away from Rook. He snapped out of his amazement and slapped a pair of cuffs on Argit's wrists. Jen smiled at Rook.

"I told you Alien X was real. Now we need to get this thing to lockup." She said nodding to the device in her hands. Rook nodded.

"What did you do, there was a snap but nothing happened?" Jen shook her head.

"Oh something happened alright. I broke it." Rook frowned. Jen held up the device. "The Anielargh."

"Annihilargh." Rook corrected as they loaded Argit into the back of the Proto-truck and set off for the base. Jen chuckled.

"Yeah, that."