~*Broken Rainbow*~






Me:Thank you^^

Sora:Wow, we're making a sequal?

Riku:But the last one sucked!

Me:*pulls out gasoline, pours it on Riku, holds up lighter*Say that again?


Me:BWA HA HA HA! DIGITALDREAMER STRIKES AGAIN! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this, as I'm enjoying writing it, and it will be longer then the first one most likly, seeing as the plot is far diffrent, I have many geust chara's to introduce, and a big plot to bring out, and lets just say the little keybearer is gonna have alot to do! Yeah, I got the idea for this a few nights ago, when I was really sick. And just before I went to sleep I read a REALLY angsty Yu Gi Oh fic, and a REALLY angsty KH fic. That night I had a dream, and it was a really angsty countiuation of SR, with Yu Gi Oh charecters, and I decided it would make a good sequal, so here it is!

Me:Anyways, I'm gonna write the Disclaimer ONCE and ONLY once!


There. Now enjoy^^


A shadowed figure sat on a blackened throne. He wore a black cloak, making him nearly invisable in the dark room. The hood was pulled back, however you could not see the mans face, for it too was over shadowed. The room held various stone gargoyles with gem eyes that seemed to glare at you.

"Computer on."A clear sharp voice stated.

A whir filled the room, and the gargoyle gem eyes began to glow. Then beams of light shot from the gems, and all hit in the same spot, where a huge beam shot from the earth. When all of thease beams connected, they created a holographic image of millions of little stars. Half of them were white, the other black.

The figure on the throne smirked coldly.

"It's all coming together..."He murmered.

It was then that another figure entered the room. He too wore a hooded cloak, on;y this one actually had the cloak up.

"You called Sir?"

"Yes Solus."The first figure replied. He held out a black gloved hand, and touched one area on the computer map."So your saying the power reading's came from here?"

"Yes sir, the Kingdom Hearts Universe."

The throned figure smiled and touched a small star on the panel. It drew in closer.

"And you are sure this is where the power wave's origin is now?"

"Yes sir."

"Then who or what-"

The two were interuppted as two muscular men in black armor stepped forth, dragging with them a small boy. His amethyst eyes were innocent and child like, but now shown with pain and defiance. His hair was spiked, black with crimson ends. His bangs were quite strange, shaped as lightning bolts and golden, framing his face. Various bruise's lined the boy's face, and his clothes were torn and bloody. Dispite the boy's beaten body and small stature, he countiued to fight the gaurd's grip.

The glowing holographic screen vanished instantly as the figure on the throne stood."What is it now? I'm in the middle of something."

"I am sorry master."One gaurd bellowed and they both bowed low."But we seem to have problems with this one."He shoved the Tri colored haired boy before the hooded two.

The hooded figure chuckled evilly and walked up to the amethyst eyed boy, revealing his silver shoulde length hair, and a blindfold covered his eyes."Your obviously new, we've had little Yugi Moto for quite some time now, and he still hasn't obeyed my commands. Too bad, as he has extrodinary light AND shadow powers, a rare talent. Oh well, you should have just gone for some of the newer slaves. This one is still going through....ah...how shall we say, training." He backfisted the boy.

"I'm not a slave."Yugi growled and painfully stood to his feet."And I won't let you take anyone else."

The silver haired man laughed. "Give up boy. Even with your resistance, it's still a minor setback. You know little by little demensions are falling and are bowing to my authority. Oh well, don't worry. Soon we'll have another pet to tame beside's you."

He laughed coldly and put a hand to his head, pushing back some silver bangs. He held out his other hand and the other figure placed a whip in it.

"You must learn to respect your master, and the soon to be master of the universe's, boy." The silver haired one stated coldly.


The boy cried in pain as the whip cut through his clothes and upon his cheast, the blow knocking him to his knees, his legs already too weak to support him. He shook from exsaustain and freash pain.

The silver haired man raised the whip, ready to strike again.


There was a golden flash, and a taller boy who looked much like Yugi only with crimson eyes snatched the whip before it could strike his smaller look alike.

"Don't. Touch. My. Hikari."The taller teen growled, voice holding barely countianed rage.

"Ah yes, Yami, I wondered how long it would take before you came out, didn't Yugi tell you to stay? You cannot do anything, as you are merely a spirit. And thanks to that silver collor I have on your neck, your powers are useless."

Yami growled, but he knew the hooded figure was right. Yami could not deal any physical blows as a spirit, and the coller rendered his shadow powers completely useless. Strange how he could take both kinds of attacks, but he couldn't deal any.

The hooded figure laughed coldly and sent a torrent of black energy at Yami, who winced as the power began to make him rise in the air.

"How pathetic."The second hooded figure sneered."The great Yami can't seem to protect his little aibou...."

"Yami, go back into the puzzle, you don't need to get hurt because of me."Yugi said, small tears in his amythyst eyes.

"Yes Yami, get back to the puzzle, your totally helpless."

Yami just closed his eyes and grit his teeth."No aibou, I won't let you get hurt anymore."

"Yami..please.."The smaller boy begged.

Yami sighed softly."Fine Hikari."With that the taller form vanished.

The blindfolded man snorted."Even the great pharoah cannot handle me." He glared down at the boy.

"You can't make me listen to you. Not me, not Yami, nor any of my friends will listen to you. It dosn't matter what you do, we're not playing soilder for some sick minded freak!"Yugi said, standing slowly and painfully to his feet.

"Wanna bet?"The blindfolded figure sneered. He turned to his hooded companion and nodded.

The other one grinned and pressed a small button."Send in Mr.Katsuya."

Yugi blinked."No."

"Yes it's true child."

The door opened again and a tall figure walked into the room, blonde and muscular, with a black cloak around his shoulders.

Yugi gasped."Jounouchi?"

"Hey Yug....."The taller teen replied, voice sorrowful and sad. He knelt down beside the boy."Are you ok?"

"Who care's about me, what are you doing in a genaral's cloak?"Yugi asked.

Jounouchi opened his mouth to reply but was interuppted.

"Jounouchi, would you care to escort our little friend back to the toture chambers?"

The blonde didn't move, just glared at the man with all the hatred and malice a sixteen year old could muster."What makes you think I'm gonna take my best friend there, or anywhere in this hell for that matter?"

Again the silver-haired man sighed."Unless you would rather I have one of my other slaves escort your sister down to there instead."

Jounouchi went pale. He gently grabbed the smaller boys arm."C'mon Yugi...."He murmered.

"Jounouchi don't..."The smaller boy wispered pleadingly.

Jounouchi closed his eyes to prevent tears from falling from his chocolate brown eyes."I'm sorry Yugi."He wsipered and gentally pulled his friend out of the room.

Again the blindfolded figure sat back in his throne.

The hooded man sighed."This could be a problem, the few strongest duelists we have are refusing to obey, we only got Jounouchi because we have his sister. And if we can't get the rest of them to obey, what happens?"

The one on the throne smirked." They will obey. Even if they refuse to obey now, they won't have a choice soon. As soon as the essance is within our grasp, they won't have a choice. " He laughed.

The hooded one sighed and pressed a butten, revealing the image of a spiky haired brunette with tan skin, deep blue eyes, rainbow angel wings, and a grin that seemed to light up the room.

"Thats him. That is the emboidiment of the Essance of Heart."

"Good. That is all Solus, go back to your duties."

"Yes sir."

The blindfolded man was again alone. He laughed."Soon Essance of Heart. You'll be mine very soon."


To be countiued...


Sora:O.O I'm scared..........

Yugi:Me too....that whip hurt...

Sora:You tihnk that hurt? You obviously never read Shadow Revenge*hand's Yugi a copy*

Yugi:Er ok....

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