Broken Rainbow

By Digitaldreamer

Chapter 17: The Permanent Hiatus


Okay everyone, here's the deal:

I'm not writing this fanfic anymore.

In case you haven't noticed I have several One Piece fanfics up. I like One Piece now. I don't touch the Kingdom Hearts fandom. I still enjoy the series as a whole and I am eagerly awaiting KH2, but I simply don't feel inspired to continue this piece of crap that I used to call a fanfic.

I put a notice on my profile saying this, but apparently none of you pay attention to my profile.

I've come to face facts, it's been nearly a year. Broken Rainbow probably will never be finished. Even if I do get my addiction for Kingdom Hearts back, the plot is just too sloppy, over-angsty, and it just isn't me anymore. I look at the writing, and it feels like I'm reading an entirely different, horrible author's work. The characters all just don't seem right, the whole thing is just one big melodrama, and I just plain old don't want to write it anymore.

It's been a year and I'm an entirely different person now. There's just no point in writing it anymore.

I apologize to the readers who were still waiting for me to update. What I have written will remain for people to see, but there won't be anymore updates. You're free to still review, but stop with the death threats. I'm not writing this anymore. It's over, dead, and buried.

Thank you all of you who actually read it and reviewed it. You made my day during that time. Good luck to all of you.

If you have any complaints you're free to IM me or e-mail me, I'll understand.

Love to all of you.